Dynastycrook Saba Naqvi spits on our national heros

Monday July 27 was a bad day for India. First, there were peacefuls from Pakistan who carried out yet another peace mission in Punjab’s Gurdaspur. After a fierce gun battle, all 3 peacefuls received 72 virgins each, but in the process many policemen were martyred, including Superintendent of Police Baljit Singh. Later that night, the nation received terrible news that our inspiration Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam had passed away. As the nation was grieving for its heros, Dynastycrook Saba Naqvi put out the following tweet:

Just when you thought Dynastycrooks couldn’t lower the bar, the pigs managed to dig themselves deeper into a shithole. The passing away of missile man Dr. Kalam, the martyrdom of policemen in the line of duty…both being compared to the impending death of Yakub Memon! It doesn’t get worse than this. We understand that the hanging of  Yakub is causing Saba aunty a lot of pain and we hope for many more such Burre din for her. Ignoring the shock and outrage on Twitter, this Mameluk continued to twist the knife:

This is one of the rare moments when a liberal slipped off her mask so completely and openly justified terrorism. Her tweet brings to mind this old tweet from ABP News’ Abhisar Sharma:

Yes, Abhisar Sharma did hold somewhat to the Congress party line of talking about “genocide” in Gujarat, but these tweets were still a rare moment of honesty from journalists.

Previously the political editor of Dynasty mouthpiece Outlook magazine, Saba Naqvi is one of the prominent mediacrooks along with Robber Sardesai, Saggy aunty, Nikhil Wagle etc who lost their jobs after the Modi wave hit hard in May 2014.

Till now, this Mameluk was best known for this famous tweet on Varanasi before the Lok Sabha election:


Tell you what? We the people of India are grateful that the support for Kejriwal  in Varanasi stayed “silent” and this travelling circus of AAP was sent back to Delhi. Here is Dynastycrook Saba Naqvi’s assessment of Uttar Pradesh barely a month before the Lok Sabha elections of 2014:


BSP is way ahead in the working on the ground followed by SP.”

Ha ha…BSP was so far ahead that it ended up with exactly 0 seats 🙂 And here’s another gem from her analysis:

A long drive through the landscape reveals the “wave” is yet to hit shoreline.

He he…she should have turned around, because the Modi tsunami was behind her.

Not content with putting Dr. Kalam at the same level as Yakub Memon, Saba Naqvi continues her jihad to support Yakub. She then retweeted this tweet from …who else… Saggy aunty…


Still not enough. Then the Mameluk posted yet another tweet:

A week or so ago, I wrote about how some comparatively unknown Dynastycrook called Jyoti Punwani had taken the lead in the Rudaali brigade for Yakub Memon, but now it seems that the Saba Naqvis and Saggy aunties of the world are playing catch up desperately. As far as I understand the complex legalese, the SC bench today will take a final call on Yakub’s hanging. On one side are the 72 Rudaalis like Jyoti Punwani, Saggy aunty and Saba Naqvi desperately trying to hold on to Yakub. On the other side are 72 virgins calling out to Yakub from jannat. Let’s see which team wins…


6 thoughts on “Dynastycrook Saba Naqvi spits on our national heros

  1. Pl also include T K Arun from Economic Times. Smruti Kopikar and Sujata An and an from HT. Their hearts are bleading too. Sadly no terrorist was captured alive yesterday or else advance petitions would hv started coming in.

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  2. Hear is a comment by somebody regarding the support generated for Yakub Memon,which I liked ,I have copied and pasted..

    ########## QUOTE

    * Why no media is taking interview of the 257 families whose at least one or two member died in 1993 bomb blast orchestrated by terrorist muslim memon family and dawood.

    * Why no is talking about 520 injured people half of whom are permanently maimed and disabled for life.

    * Why no one is asking for the loss of 243 crores (inflation adjusted) that was incurred to us tax payers due to bomb blasts.

    * Why no media asks that only HINDU majority and Gujarati areas were TARGETED to BREAK backbone of Indian economy.

    * Why no one asks if terrorist Yakub Memon was so much in love with motherland then why he was part of the conspiracy and why he did not informed police department before the occurence of bomb blasts – it would have saved lives of innocent Indians.

    * Why Yakub Memon ran away to pakistan, why he and his family were having pakistani passports when they were having India’s citizenship.

    * Yakub mumbled with two passports and was nervous when questioned in Nepal airport, a look out notice and his image matched the description of culprit and was nabbed in Nepal, handed later to Indian authorities. He was caught and if he really wanted to surrender then he would have done so through his advocate,

    so stop supporting conspiracy theories of terrorists. We know what muslims say that 9/11 was not done by Osama, Dictator saddam was killed because he was muslim, 26/11 is not mastermind of hafeez saeed…would you believe these terrorists …”never believe a muslim” A policy of US intelligence agency helped it stop terrorism in USA.

    Who says educated muslims are not terrorists, Yakub was CA and koran made him terrorist, first muslims say 100% muslims are not terrorists but when a terrorist is killed they say a muslim is killed which means they admit that islam is reason for terrorism then why follow such anti-religion…either blame islam or STFU and let Yakub be killed.

    No single muslim org or muslim EVER opposed acts of ISIS or any terrorism activities but are quick to file mercy plea for terrorists, proving that each muslim support terrorism being lenient and moderate towards it.

    UNQUOTE ##########

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    1. There is no connection between education/prosperity and terrorism. Osama came from a family of billionaires. It is communist minded intellectuals who drag in this class war argument into everything. The terrorists scream Allah u Akbar and openly tell us they are doing it for the sake of religion. Yet, intellectuals wont believe, they will say …no no…he is doing it for some other reason. It’s total bullshit…they are telling us they are doing it for religion and we are not allowed to believe them.


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