Bihar government collapse : special collection!

In 2015, I forgot to celebrate. But I always make up for lost time. So, here is the video of Ravish Kumar celebrating Mahathugbandhan victory in Bihar.

With the physical collapse of Bihar government and the mental breakdown of Arvind Kejriwal, the revenge for 2015 seems complete.

By the way, my bitterness and dislike for Nitish Kumar has not reduced one bit. I don’t care if BJP goes ahead and forms a government with Nitish. If anything, I despise Nitish more than I did yesterday … because now he has only cemented his career choice as a serial betrayer. If you ask me, BJP should keep President’s rule for 6 months to ride out any sympathy Nitish might have garnered.

After that, the election is a cakewalk for Modi. The Yadavs probably will defect from RJD in serious numbers and go for BJP to take revenge on Nitish. Especially if BJP thrusts Nand Kishore Yadav as CM candidate. The Muslim vote will, of course, be thoroughly confused. BJP couldn’t have asked for a better equation.

But that stuff is for tomorrow. Today it is our turn to celebrate. Remember all those articles mocking BJP after Nov 8, 2015?


Two years man… two years… the seculars couldn’t last two years in Bihar.

Does anybody have a screenshot of shining faces of Prannoy Roy and Rajdeep Sardesai when they won Bihar? Here’s beaming Barkha :


They were giving us lessons.

But look who’s going to school now.

The lesson seculars need to learn is to stop celebrating so early. He who laughs last laughs best.

12 thoughts on “Bihar government collapse : special collection!

  1. Hey CW… Earth breaking… Secular Ravish Kumar team will do rudali all night… Lut gaye..ha ..Lut gaye…Modi ki wagah se…hai re…


  2. Unfortunately (for Bihar), most of us saw this coming for a long time. Already, there are signs (based on Modi’s tweets etc.) that the BJP will try to move in swiftly and forge (or should I say re-forge) an alliance with NiKu. There are two ways to look at this royal mess:

    1) As a Modi (and BJP) supporter, I really hope they just let NiKu rot and fade away into oblivion by imposing President’s rule and holding re-elections after 6-9 months. BJP is guaranteed to win Bihar then and put Nand Kishor Yadav and Sushil Kumar Modi as CM/Deputy CM.
    2) As an Indian, I don’t want to see a populous and key state like Bihar keep rotting away for another 6-9 months. We may think it is a short time in the grand scheme of things but look at the pace the Yogi Adityanath govt has set in UP in such a short time (it is staggering to think that it’s barely 4 months since BJP won the election). In this scenario, the only solution is a JDU+NDA alliance, Nitish as CM and someone as deputy. He may be a snake but, with the right people around him, he is also a capable administrator and it allows them to start putting Bihar back on the right track.

    Conflicted emotions so will welcome other comments 🙂

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    1. BJP extending support to JD(U) means it is a decision taken from central leadership, Modi and Shah do not want to give any opportunity for the opposition to become united.

      While that’s a practical choice keeping 2019 in mind, it is not in the best interest of Bihar unit. Sushil Kumar Modi has been a loyal workhorse over many years, he deserves to run a government by himself and people of Bihar deserve proper governance, away from the endless mischiefs of the secular gang.

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  3. As they say in politics there are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies. As much as what we hate, but Modi-Shah and company will weigh pros and cons for all options and make decision. Besides being the part of a ruling government in one more and especially such big state could be very tempting. In politics 8-9 months could be a life time.

    Although Nitish Kumar stuck his neck out by giving (sort of) an ultimatum to Lalu’s son to come clean, I believe he would have accepted any explanation from Lalu’s son to continue Mahathugbandhan, but Lalu and his son refused to say a word in their defense leaving Satish Kumar no face saving exit. Now Nitish Kumar is being hailed as anti-corruption politician, but only naive people would believe that he did not know Lalu and Congress were corrupt to core at the time of Gathbandhan.

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  4. Modi is like Lord Rama.Amit Shah is like Lakshman.Venkaiah Naidu is Hanuman(loyal servant).Yogi is Sugreeva.Nitish Kumar is Vibheeshan(joined Rama’s side after initially being in Ravana’s camp).India is Sita and the opposition is Ravana.Modi and Shah are destroying the opposition and rescuing India.


  5. NDA(JDU included) has 85 RS seats.Their tally will increase to around 95 after the RS elections next year.AIADMK will have 13.BJD will have 8.TRS probably 4.YSRCP around 3-4(not sure about this).Not to forget the 8 nominated members.95+13+8+4+3+8=131.NDA will not need Cong’s support to pass bills.

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  6. Agreed with CW and readers about BJP’s mistake to support Nitish. What, I believe, BJP might have taken this decision considering 2019 elections. By supporting and making Nitish as CM, BJP has got complete command against opposition. Remember, Nitish might have been PM candidate in 2019 from mahathagbandhan. But, by making him CM of Bihar, BJP has almost finished this theory. Mahathagbhandan is past now. I dont think, there are any chances of revival of that. Even if they make it, there will not be any genuine leader. Nitish was only best choice for the top post for this mahathagbandhan, and that is also gone now. Also, Nitish will be working under Modi. It will be big insult to Nitish to work under a guy, whom he was hating too much.
    However, as a BJP supporter, I still think, this is not right choice considering all hard work done by BJP carder in bihar. BJP does not need to become so sympathetic.

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      1. I agree with P.B.Josh’s views that this move is not in the least out of any sympathy for Nitish Kumar. Modi-Shah have him on a leash now and have completely obliterated any opposition for 2019. They have this much better planned and thought through than Vajpayee-Advani did in 2004.


  7. I do not for one minute think that the BJP top brass of Modi and Shah “trust” NiKu. However, the outcome of today’s swearing-in ceremony is the same as it would have been, had the alliance not been broken prior to the last Assembly election. My guess is that NiKu realises that this is the end of the road for him. He cannot climb any higher than CM of Bihar. If the BJP bargains hard in the 2020 Assembly election and insists of projecting its man SuMo as the CM (as it did in Maharashtra with the Shiv Sena), NiKu would have no option but to cave in. The BJP can keep NiKu on a very short leash in case he tries any shenanigans. I agree with Dallas that a major state like Bihar cannot be kept in limbo at a very sensitive time from the security standpoint.

    In other news, today three Congress MLSs in Gujarat quit and joined the BJP. Congress-mukt Bharat might become a reality sooner than we think, and the BJP might have to pick and choose from among the wannabe defectors.


  8. Smash! Fishing NiKu, their greatest hope and prize possession from the pond of anti national mahathugbandhan in itself is no less than surgicle strike. What is left in the game 2019, if the enemy king is check mated to the cries of clones and their masters.


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