Slowly but surely, the secular ecosystem is feeling the squeeze

All too often, we get caught up in day to day politics, missing the forest for the trees. The problem with a “day to day view” is that ultimately very little ever gets done in a single day and it creates the impression that things are moving too slowly … if at all.

So, it is imperative, once in a while to take stock of the total progress, to look at where we started and where we are. And what better day than today, when a BJP man is being sworn in as President for the first time ever in India’s history.

First of all, the very fact that Ram Nath Kovind is the first ever BJP man to become President should give us pause. It should make us think about the extent of the Congress dominance in Indian politics. The RSS/BJP have been around for what seems like forever. But it’s only today … in mid-2017… that a BJP man is becoming President!

In fact, 2014 was the first ever Lok Sabha election in which the BJP polled more votes than the Congress party. For that matter, 2014 was the first election in which the Congress didn’t poll the highest vote % (leaving out Janata Party in 1977, which was a conglomeration of parties). Think about that for a second.

We like to get all impatient, but these grim statistics are a reminder of how hard fought this victory of 2014 was … and how rare and precious it is… and why safeguarding India from Congress in 2019 should be the first and foremost priority of Narendra Modi.

If on the other hand, we are a little patient, we will notice how gradual compounding over the last 3 years is turning into a snowball effect for the right wing already.

Take the media. The English language media used to be the No. 1 target when right wingers first began taking to the internet in large numbers to voice their anger around 2009-10. Most of us know that growling anger in our stomachs as Barkha and Rajdeep would grind their agenda axes on the television screen.

Let’s acknowledge this first. The BJP has tamed English language media. And how!

Times Now and Republic are the only two English language channels that matter today. And they compete over trying to make the Congress party look bad. On Sunday, Republic claimed to have the “news break of the decade” hitting the Congress on Bofors. On Monday, Times Now shot back by claiming to have the “confession of the decade” putting the Congress in a dock over Samjhauta blasts.

For those who remember living through the era of Radia tapes, cash for vote scams and NDTV celebrating its anniversaries in Rashtrapati Bhavan, this is sweet sweet release.

And what of NDTV? They are sinking in fines and reeling under CBI raids.

Sweet sweet release.

When the UPA was in power, Rajdeep saw his opportunity, got out of NDTV and formed CNN-IBN to make hay while Sonia shines. Now that BJP is in power, Arnab Goswami saw his opportunity, got out of Times Now and formed Republic. Tit for tat, liberals. Strictly business … nothing personal.

You know it’s been a while since anyone in the media got even the slightest sniff about the intentions of the Central government. If you listen carefully to the media charchas among frustrated liberals, their No. 1 complaint is “lack of access”.

Access isn’t their birthright. The government puts out all its decisions in the public domain at the time they are enacted. Liberal elites can just read it on Twitter like common folk. The day of durbaris carrying vicious rumors and planted stories back and forth is over. Compare to the time when journalists would broker deals between corporate houses and the top echelons of the ruling party…

The other thunderbolt has fallen on the heads of the NGO mafia. Under the Sonia led NAC regime, these NGO seeds were sown in every nook and corner of the country. Every form of anti-national activity, from mass conversions to effect demographic change to opposing even the UPA policies on nuclear power, was carried on relentlessly.

These NGOs have had their licenses canceled by the tens of thousands. The likes of Greenpeace have had the fear of god…or Modi sowed in their hearts.

India has the most number of NGOs per capita in the whole world. There can’t be that many people working selflessly for “non-profits”. In the UPA years, the NAC culture of “NGO raj” had swelled to such an extent that the NGOs saw themselves as “Above Government Organizations”. These snakes have to be taught a lesson.

Another prominent group of snakes who needed to be taught a lesson were the Hurriyat’s so called leaders. They have been mooching off the state for far too long. Yesterday, I heard that the long arm of the NIA picked up the first batch of them … 7 traitors in all. Geelani remains free but his son in law has been picked up.

Saras che. 

That said, the ecosystem is a 70 year old tree with very deep roots. We have made a start by trimming some of its branches. But the root is still quite intact. That’ll take ten years of uninterrupted rule at the very least.

It may look today that the BJP controls the Lok Sabha, the Presidency, most large states and has begun to rise over the Rajya Sabha … but the reality is that right wing rule in India is in its infancy. It’s still fragile and if not guarded properly… we might fritter it away.

In the year 2019 India will see elections that will matter the most since 1977. One wrong step and Hindus might be shoved back into 1000 years of darkness. This time we might not make it out of there.


4 thoughts on “Slowly but surely, the secular ecosystem is feeling the squeeze

  1. One thing we have to ensure is that the right wing voices do not imitate left liberals in vicious personal attacks. We have to attack based on logic and common sense though other side may use vulgar and personal attacks.This way the floating masses and normal people with sense of decency will tilt towards us.

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  2. Boy am I glad you wrote this blog ! I was getting frustrated by many staunch supporters on Modi losing patient, even Ravinar, but your phrase of Missing forest for the tree is very apt.

    By the way, I keep reading that Mr. Kovind is first ever BJP President, pardon my ignorance but Abdul Kalam was not a BJP President?

    Did you notice the shamelessness of Congress? The CAG report on military preparedness (unpreparedness) is about 2013, which is an indictment of UPA government, yet Congress in Parliament attack Modi overnment !!

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  3. Yes 2019 bettle is do or die for us.. We should take responsibility the Modi does not go by Vajpayi fate.. The shock defeat of Vajpayi in 2004 still make us nervous ..


  4. Yes, there is much to celebrate. We have a good PM, a good President now, a good CM for Uttar Pradesh and a good Chief of army.

    Yet, we have to remember that the train has just left the station and the destination is still far away. The end goal has to be Ram-Rajya (or Dharma Rajya if you prefer). India has to become a country that is the dharmic beacon of the world, the Jagatguru and Vishwaguru. India is the only country with the history, culture and capability to be the moral compass of the world.

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