Another RSS worker killed in Kerala : Did he have a name?

Well, here’s a good one for the #NotInMyName crowd :


Rajesh. Age 34. RSS worker returning home from the shakha office. Slaughtered. His left hand was cut off. More than 20 wounds on his body.

Hey there #NotInMyName : Can you tell me if Rajesh had a name?

Of course not. Because Rajesh’s name was not Junaid Khan or Pehlu Khan nor Mohammad Akhlaque.

Now, it is a distasteful thing to pit one murder victim against another, like pawns on a chessboard. No person deserves to be murdered, least of all for his/her political affiliations in our proudly free country. This isn’t Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, North Korea or any of the dozens of Commie/Islamist nations around the globe.

But here’s the even more distasteful truth. More and more Hindus today are losing faith in India’s secular brigade … and perhaps even more with the political system altogether. Because the obvious facts are there for everyone to see. In popular discourse, the life of a Hindu is simply not seen to be as valuable as the life of a Commie or a Muslim.

Here, for instance, are two articles published on the same news website within 2 weeks or so of each other.


They are even authored by the same person… one Amit Bhardwaj. The first article overflows with emotion at the murder of Junaid Khan. The second article is a horrifying piece of work … asking whether the death of Kartik Ghosh in Basirhat should be seen as a serious matter.

What was the difference between Junaid Khan and Kartik Ghosh? Was one life more valuable than the other?

The truth is that Hindu victims of communal violence in India have no names. You’ve heard of Junaid Khan, of Pehlu Khan and Mohammad Akhlaque. You remember the face of the crouching Muslim man from the Gujarat riots of 2002:


Now see if you remember the face of a single traumatized Hindu from 2002. Here’s the only Hindu face you probably remember from that period.


There were 254 Hindus who died in communal violence in Gujarat in 2002. You probably can’t even name one. You probably don’t even know the name of a single person who perished in the S-6 coach at Signal Falia near Godhra.

In fact, an “accusation” is spread against Narendra Modi that he allowed the charred bodies of Godhra victims to be put on display in Amdavad. Yeah… liberal India  wanted them buried secretly, out of sight and out of mind, right?

Here’s a simple quiz:

(1) Can you name a single Hindu who died in the Godhra carnage?

(2) Can you name a single Kashmiri Hindu who was thrown out of his home or killed by Muslims in the early 90s?

(3) Can you name a single Hindu who was killed in a terror attack by Muslims anywhere on this planet?

(4) Can you name an RSS worker who has been slaughtered by Commies? (other than the example just above)

No! Because Hindu victims of Commie/Islamic terror have no names.

But even if a Communist accidentally stubs his toe, the elite media makes sure that everyone hears about it, that everyone cries about it and that Hindus are blamed for it.

And why just blame the liberal elite when the alleged Hindu party itself is mostly quiet on violence against Hindus? Why blame the liberal elite when the BJP itself does the barest minimum possible to keep the Hindus interested?

The problem is that Hindus aren’t good crybabies. As pathetic as it sounds, being a crybaby works in the modern world.

The Israeli military, for instance, stands in front of Israeli kids, the sick and infirm and the disabled to protect them from Islamic terrorists. On the other hand, the Hamas terrorists stand behind Palestinian children, hiding in their schools and nurseries. Inevitably when an Israeli bomb or missile lands on the kindergarten in which Hamas terrorists are hiding, Muslims get to show the world pictures of dead kids and garner all the sympathy.

Shame accrues to Israel. Sympathy goes to Palestine.

Amazing, no?

Because Muslims have perfected the art of playing crybaby. Dozens of Muslim men went berserk in Germany’s Cologne, participating in mass molestation. Who was the real victim? Not the women who got raped/molested… the victims were Muslims!

They play crybaby even when they are the ones committing the crimes. We Hindus have been slaves in our own country for 1000 years … and yet we can’t play crybaby!

Hindus need to learn the art of playing crybaby. When one of their own is hurt, Hindus need to learn the art of closing ranks and joining together and raise a chorus for justice. Till then, nobody will heed the Hindus … not the seculars, not the elites and not even the allegedly Hindu Party.

In 2002, there were 59 Hindus who were burned alive in a train. But these two contrasting faces give the basic narrative of what the world remembers about 2002.


Now think for a moment about this helpless man on the left begging for mercy with tears in his eyes. From whom exactly is he begging mercy, by the way? Obviously from the rioters who are standing right behind the dude with the camera, right? Or was the photographer himself one of the rioters?

See what I said about playing crybaby. It always works.



9 thoughts on “Another RSS worker killed in Kerala : Did he have a name?

  1. Not wishing to offer excuses, but any attempts to dismiss the obviously lawless governments of Waste Bengal or Kerala will fail in the Rajya Sabha until and unless the NDA gets a majority there. Those who drafted our constitution simply did not (and perhaps could not) foresee the day when the Rajya Sabha would be full of the unelected and the unelectable, like almost all “senior” leaders of the Congress. Let us not forget that the Rajya Sabha members have a six-year term, with members retiring in a staggered fashion. So the system was deliberately built to have a long-term memory, in contrast to the Lok Sabha where each one starts afresh. So at least one full Rajya Sabha term (six years, starting from 2014) is needed before all the cockroaches are weeded out of the Rajya Sabha.

    It is hardly surprising that with a self-confessed murderer like Pinnarayi Vijayan as the Chief Minister of Kerala, the police look the other way and the CPM goons feel that they have nothing to fear. And of course the sickular press is only too happy to ignore these murders. But I find it appalling that the BJP and/or RSS seems simply to abandon the families of those slaughtered by the CPM goons and apparently does not offer them any financial or emotional sustenance.


  2. Commies, Islamists and Naxalites are no different. They deserve to be exterminated like pests. If supposedly ‘public lynching’ is used by liberal pigs to tarnish Modi, BJP and Hindus in general, why are we Hindus sitting like cowards and wait for law to take action in snail’s pace when a Hindu is murdered? I believe we need to unite in all times and not just during elections. Unity among Hindus must start from scratch. Let us resolve to encourage Hindus from basics, like going to a Hindu shop, watching a movie of a Hindu, etc. Let the liberals scream their brains out. I personally practice this without hesitation. For all that ills happening to Hindus in their own country, no point in blaming others but Hindus only.


  3. Let us not blame others. VHP/RSS have been in forefront of eradicating castes. Let us also try to contribute our mite to that. Siddaramaiah is trying to further divide hindus by declaring Lingayats as separate relegion. What hindus need is intellectual and physical kshatriyas.


  4. By the way CW, the crying, begging for mercy Muslim man is an actor from a movie (I believe Perzania or something). The other day (some years back) a reporter saw and recognized this actor on the street of Ahmedavad. The actor said he is a small vendor and happy to do business and he just did not want to talk about his movie roll.

    That brings me to the point. Quite a few Fiberals are asking Madhur Bhandarkar to make movie on 2002 riots. There had been at least one movie and that was very one sided too.


  5. No point in crying about what the Marxists do in Kerala. Just as mosquitoes will bite no matter what, the Kerala communists will maim and kill, no matter what.

    It is time the Marxist mosquitoes are eliminated. The Modi government will have to talk tough and act tough. Things wont improve till a few senior comrades “disappear”


  6. I was waiting for this. People want to serve the nation but they don’t want to die!

    Ravinar of Media Crooks had the right answer to this cry from the heart:

    Do the RSS/BJP types carry around a massive inferiority complex as Ravinar says? This blog and others like it offer ample evidence that BJP VOTERS do not; but what about their karyakartas?


  7. Now think for a moment about this helpless man on the left begging for mercy with tears in his eyes. From whom exactly is he begging mercy, by the way? Obviously from the rioters who are standing right behind the dude with the camera, right? Or was the photographer himself one of the rioters?

    The last sentence should have been so obvious on seeing the photograph, but admittedly it was not. Thanks for helping see the obvious. How much has the media manipulated the truth is mind-boggling.

    Incidentally, two months back, a TV anchor of a regional channel happened to be a co-passenger. His bias against Modi was so glaring, that he clung to lies in every possible way, despite being exposed in front of his co-passengers.


  8. As the author says Hindus have suffered a thousand year of death at the hand of the nihilistic desert cults. Thus the call of the day must be Hindu Affirmative Action. Just as South African Blacks or Sihaleese Sri Lankans, Indian Hindus have suffered under the tyranny of xtians and muslims and the entire group requires affirmative action policies in schools government and the private sector.


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