Back on April 10 : Keep the faith

It’s almost hard for me to pass a day without blogging now. But I’ll have to be away from you folks for the next two weeks. Well, to be fair, this is *exactly* the time to be away. We’ve all enjoyed the Uttar Pradesh elections to the fullest, no? And we had enough fun here for two whole weeks after.

Right now, the enemies are lying low, still under the spell of the verdict from Uttar Pradesh. The country seems rather peaceful. The big mouths that had worked overtime to malign BJP in every breath since May 2014 have gone somewhat silent.

On social media, it’s like the Right Wing has complete command of the skies at the moment. Modi’s carpet bombing in Uttar Pradesh has the entire army of Congress crooks too depressed to talk.

Say it again with me folks! We won 325/403 🙂 Say it again!

Trust me, they’ll find their voice again. But for the moment, they are hanging on to their Tunday Kabab stories.

Meanwhile, I looked yesterday at how this blog has been doing. Here is the full report since birth:


You know what catches my eye? We are scheduled to go past 4 lakh views today 🙂

Here is the month by month report :


You can see the interest peaking in February 2017 at the height of the UP anxiety. If only we had a time machine, no? Instead of all the worrying, we could just have had ice cream.

In hindsight, it turns out that even if the BJP had withdrawn ALL its candidates in the last 3 phases of the election, they would still have a clear majority in the UP Assembly. THAT is how big the victory was.

Speaking of being away, have a good vacation Ms. Rohini Singh. We’ll miss you.


Hope you get some much needed help on the “policy side” while you are away…

I don’t know when Rohini will be back, but I can certainly tell you that I will be back on April 10. And that I will log in to the wifi at Delhi airport and let you know as soon as I clear immigration 🙂

I leave you with this awesome little report from the Ahmedabad Mirror.


A PM candidate caught up with preparations of civic polls? Is this Achche Din? Those faces say it all.

I have a word of advice for poor Kanubhai Kalsaria. You are an old BJP hand. Stop making a fool of yourself with this pathetic AAP joke. Go, say sorry to Modi and beg for pardon. They’ll take you back. Nowadays they take everyone, in case you haven’t heard 🙂


6 thoughts on “Back on April 10 : Keep the faith

  1. Dear Sujoy,

    Enjoy your trip! While Rohini Singh might have dropped out of sight, her indomitable colleagues at ET came up with this gem of an article: It appears that the retainership money paid to ET was meant to last until well after the UP election. For a change the ET commentators (most of whom are obviously paid hacks) really gave it back to the anonymous correspondent).


  2. CW the bold, heartiest congratulations on the 400k Mark!!!!
    I’m waiting for the 1000k mark, which will be reached very soon with God’s grace!!!!


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