One last post before I’m back on April 10


This is a last minute post before I leave for two weeks. Will be back on April 10. See you folks 🙂

If you are  a news junkie like me (and even if you are not), you have probably found your mainstream and social media feeds overflowing with reports of Yogi Adityanath’s crackdown on illegal slaughterhouses in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Here is just one article from leftist propaganda blog


Oh! Such grief! How heartless of the modern Indian state to demand licenses … a whole gamut of licenses from the very finest among us : the operators of illegal slaughterhouses. What is happening to the soul of our society? Such passion for unhygenic food has rarely been witnessed in the history of humanity.

What didn’t make it to “national” headlines is another Chief Minister in a different part of the country shutting down a different bunch of establishments because they don’t have the required “gamut of licenses”.



Will we see mournful headlines about Mamata Banerjee’s “crackdown on education” ? I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Hundreds of schools are on target in Bengal. The education of thousands of kids, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of kids, could be on the line. And there is no doubt that schools run by one particular religious group are being singled out for the crackdown.

That’s where the cameras should be, covering the plight of young kids. But they’ve stuck us with debating whether this or that kabab shop in Lucknow was closed for an hour, a day, a week or whatever. Are their customers getting buffalo meat or are they stuck with chicken and mutton?

Presumably, that stuff matters more than whether 125 schools will have to close their doors in Bengal.

Not only is Mamata Banerjee out to close down 125 schools, her government is going out of its way to showcase the special status of Muslims under the TMC regime.



You can’t have a more clear cut case of religious discrimination. Schools run by one community are hounded and asked to produce a gamut of licenses, while schools run by another are showered with taxpayer money. Even more money than the state of Bengal allocates for irrigation. More money than large industries, textiles and IT put together!

But that’s not worth talking about. Slaughterhouses first. Schools later. Across this nation, elite journalists are anxiously calling up their contacts in Uttar Pradesh, for a minute by minute update on the availability of Tunday Kabab. And social media is going with the flow of the issue of the day.

Somewhere out there, the Break India forces are laughing at us.


19 thoughts on “One last post before I’m back on April 10

  1. Check the minority budget increase and minority Panchayats under Mr Mann Ki Baath. ModiSlaves. And DynastyCrooks. Similar creatures.


  2. Other interesting thing happening in UP is, there is a complaints by Akhilesh Yadav and other Pseudo Secular that so many police officers and constables are suspended or transferred whose surname is Yadav. The facts of the matter is, Under Yadav Sarkar, Yadavs had found “Duzati Gay” (milking cow) in police service where they can extract a lots of money as constable to high ranking police officers. So they had to be neutralized. And Yogi has done exactly that.


  3. Chaiwallah, this is precisely the reason why many of us read this blog and not websites like or Firstpost. The journalism there is dishonest and false.
    Traditional media has lost our trust and is not getting it back.

    Traditional media is filled with dull, predictable, boring journalists from places like humanities departments in JNU. Their phrases and cliches – like unprecedented move – are so stale, they use it in every article these days. As if this was not bad enough, these journalists are also anti-nationals. Reading the first line of the article these days is sufficient to infer that the article came from one of these scums.

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    1. Very good read, thanks for sharing. The key takeaway is the mainstream media is dead and no longer matters. Nobody believes it anymore. And this includes not just the Indian media but also New York times, Wall street journal, Bloomberg, the Economist and their friends.

      Everything happens on social media which the mainstream media has become blind to. The elections are decided there in millions of Whatsapp groups or Twitter feeds. Everyone knows the result but the mainstream media long before it happened.


    2. Really good read. Thanks for sharing. There is a list I maintain and regularly update for articles that I like and that I am likely to read/reference again in the future – this one went straight to that repository 🙂


    1. Shan Shen you are right this post by BC is quite good!…..long ago you had introduced BC with another good post in CW’s blog. I had stopped checking,as he is not very frequent in writing!

      Thanks for sharing!


  4. Friends, The way Yogi Adityanath has started to change image of UP, I think He can be best choice for next PM after Modi. Everyday, I hear some positive news about UP. Like Modi he has been working honestly for development of UP. If he is able to change image of UP even by 50 to 60 % before next LS elections, I feel BJP will surely cross 70 seats like 2014. BJP should think sincerely for him for PM, once Modi retires may be in 2024. He is very aggressive and result oriented. Off course, time will tell about his efforts are successful or not, but I see a positive trend.


    1. Agree completely Mehul. While I thought he would make a good CM, I didn’t expect him to get off to the blazing start that he has. Really positive signs and with Fadnavis and Chouhan out-dueling each other with various stupid laws (journalist protection and liquor ban and what not), Yogi might rise to the top of the pile, especially if he maintains the pace he has set and really starts changing UP for the better.


  5. Agree completely Mehul about Yogi.. its good to learn for other CM how he changed perception within just 2 week …You know he showed work can be done if anybody is honest about that.. I hope Delhi people should learn a lesion and take note from YOGI how to perform in good governance with big mouth shutting just like the Dear MR notanki King Kejariwal is doing in Delhi…. any way.. why CW is not back yet..?… He was about to return at 10 April..?


    1. Thanks DallasUS. This is like food of stray dogs (anti nationals and so called scholars who have spoken against this in this article) is stopped. So, now because of starvation these dogs have started to bark.


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