Acche Din! There is no need to read Firstpost ever again

Because the internet and news media is flooded with an unending supply of crooks, it often happens that I think of something and say to myself: “gotta blog about this”. But then more Mameluks show up before the end of the day, doing more outrageous crap and priorities change and I decide to push the post to a later day. Well, there is one post I planned to write long ago, but ended up pushing it for later and later and now it seems I will never have to write it.

Long ago, I planned to write a post called “Dear Jaggi, the buck stops with you“. The post was intended to heavily criticize R Jagannathan, the boss of Firstpost. Yes, I know for certain that The Jaggi is not a Mameluk. In fact, he is one of the few writers in the media with open right wing sympathies. What I planned to say is that The Jaggi cannot shun responsibility for allowing Firstpost to become a filthy rag that the Dynasty uses as a doormat. He’s the boss: the buck stops with him. When Mameluks like Sandipan Sharma crap all over Firstpost with the worst kind of pro-Dynasty drivel, The Jaggi cannot claim to be helpless. Firstpost had become one of the worst hangouts for crooks in recent months, so much so that I found even a bit more sensible. Was The Jaggi being a Manmohan like mask for the Mameluk media? If so, I wanted The Jaggi to come out and admit it openly instead of being a snake in the grass.

And no, Jaggi can’t redeem himself by writing a sensible story once in a while in Firstpost. He’s the boss. He should take responsibility.

Fortunately, it seems that I will not have to write that post after all. Here is some Achche Din:

So The Jaggi is moving. And Swarajya seems to be a perfect, logical home for him. I have been a regular subscriber to Swarajya and I am thrilled by the production quality and writing quality of the magazine. At Dynastycrooks, we are always mourning the lack of a strong Right Wing Ecosystem, but we should embrace good news when it comes. Swarajya seems like a success story and The Jaggi has just added more gravitas to the team.

Since this is an “Achche Din” post, I thought I would also throw in a mention of Smriti Irani’s decision to give an interview to

A refreshing change indeed from watching BJP leaders giving interviews to NDTV for the benefit of its 1 lakh viewers. Some people have more twitter followers than NDTV has viewers. Some efforts by a top BJP leader finally to nurture the Right Wing ecosystem… My very best wishes to You guys have done a wonderful job indeed. And with near zero resources. This interview with Smriti Irani should give Opindia a huge amount of traction and publicity.  Hope the BJP will engage with more RW outlets like IBTL (and revive what happened to those guys, does anyone know? )

Finally, the best news. With The Jaggi moving, there’s no reason to read Firstpost any more !!!

Party to banti hai 🙂 🙂 😉

Now the Mameluks can do whatever with Firstpost. It’s going down the drain. Yes, I’ll keep visiting Firstpost once in a while to call out the Mameluks 🙂 I’ll read Firstpost so you don’t have to 🙂





14 thoughts on “Acche Din! There is no need to read Firstpost ever again

  1. Thanks.. For having to read Firstpost once in a while.. So that we do not have to read. !!!

    I too visit occasionallly only to read comments and upvote right wing commenters who do a great job of tolerating craps like sandeepan and aap / congress trolls.


  2. Good news for us. I occasionally check FP just to check if Jaggi has written something. For garbage like Sandeepan, I only read comments given to him by readers!!. Only to check how mnay have blasted him.. Its also a fun just to read abuses for these jokers. Good that, he left FP. No need to read FP now.
    Another good news is that, BJP is almost winning all municipal corporations in Gujarat.


  3. Surprise surprise ! Now that Jaggi is gone, something seems to have happened to FP. Out of nowhere, come two anti-Dynasty articles ! One anti-Rahul Gandhi and one anti-Shashi Tharoor ! And that too in one post ! Is FP is trying to say to Jaggi that it can do center-right articles without Jaggi at the helm? Is it a temporary thing or FP has done some soul searching? Time will tell.


  4. The important news are that BJP has woken up to claim some space by choosing respectable neutral platforms and granting interviews and interacting with rational journalists in place of bimbos of NDTVs type. Ignore presstitutes and scandalous media, interact with representative and fair media. The millions of people will flock to such options. The business and government advertisements and brand persons should be publishing products and not their own anti national agenda.


    1. Good read!

      Please also do read some very knowledgeble readers comments ,who have given links…Indiafacts…where it explains regarding the agenda to destabilizing India.

      Quote from this article.
      “The crudest of the three demands was by Amy Kazmin who has described conversions by Christians as “freedom of conscience” and conversions by Hindus as “ugly.””

      Hindus never forces anybody to convert ever unlike other religion….this is the greatness of Hindusim!!


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