Kejriwal is the Hitler they were searching in Modi

I still remember those days of 2012 and 2013 and 2014 when India’s intellectuals used to lecture us on the greatness of Kejriwal and his new politics. Does anyone else remember those AAPtards on their high horses  and their intellectual footmen? The question for India’s intellectuals is crystal clear: were you fooled then or were you deliberately lying? If you were deliberately lying, what were your incentives for doing so? If you were fooled, how dare you call yourself “intellectuals”?

No, I won’t make this a post about high handed Kejriwal going to Bengaluru for a 10 day vacation as his henchmen were left with the task of physically beating up the dissenters in the party and throwing them out. I want to make this a light, even funny post if possible. First, here we go:


(For readers who don’t speak Hindi, the headline in Dainik Jagran says “MLAs to get more salary than the Prime Minister” )

Yes, the Prime Minister’s salary is Rs 1.6 lakh a month, but AAP MLAs will earn Rs 2.35 lakh per month! Didn’t they say “Never underestimate the power of a common man“? As Delhi government refuses to pay salaries to poor garbage workers, the Aam Aadmi CM has voted himself a 400% pay hike. Ha! Hey…intellectuals…where are you guys? Are you all on vacation? Well, at least Kejriwal has fulfilled his life’s ambition of beating Modi. Now Kejriwal makes much more money than Modi does. At this rate, Kejriwal will soon be able to purchase Ambani and Adani too 😉

Call me an optimist, but I believe there are still honest people among India’s intellectual class. 99% of them are Mameluks, but 1% is honest. And I know that this 1% is embarrassed by Kejriwal’s actions.  Kejriwal doesn’t care. In fact, Kejriwal is spitting on them deliberately. And I am loving it! Hey you intellectual idiots, Kejriwal doesn’t need you any more. He has discovered his natural constituency among peaceful voters and the most underprivileged among the urban underclass. He is their leader now. Mayawati and Mulayam are used to throwing lavish parties at public expense. Believe it or not, in a weird way, their voters actually feel proud about “their Netaji” living life in luxury. That’s what Kejriwal’s core voters are thinking right now. I bet you they are boasting about the 400% pay hike Kejriwal gave himself. Intellectual idiots turned out to be the puppies under Kejriwal’s car. Yay!

I told you this would be a light hearted post. The second thing I wanted to talk about was Kejriwal coming out in favor of a #Jokeban :

Ha ha 🙂 From banning corruption to banning jokes in just 2 years. While intellectuals were worried about the freedom to eat beef, Kejriwal is busy with a Jokeban. Imagine for a second if a BJP Chief Minister or Modi himself had come out openly in favor of banning Santa Banta jokes. Can you imagine the criticism and storm of satire that would have been thrown up? What kind of thought and speech police does Kejriwal want? Will he be taping all conversations in public and private to scan for Santa Banta jokes? And what punishment will be given to those who make such jokes. This exchange is epic:

I suggest this. Call Kejriwal’s “anti-corruption helpline”  1031 and report that you just heard someone on the street tell a Santa Banta joke.




18 thoughts on “Kejriwal is the Hitler they were searching in Modi

  1. Chaiwalla, Kejri himself is a biggest joke to delhi. Recently, delhi government has launched an app to provide shelter to homeless people.This joker believes that, homeless people who do not even have money to buy a blanket will have smartphone to use this app!!


    1. Yes, I read about that. Couldn’t stop laughing. Almost a Kafkauesque situation. An app for the homeless …ROFL! Maybe next Delhi government can book the homeless free hotel rooms at the Ritz Hotel in Paris… as long as the homeless can pay for the airfare to go there 🙂


  2. Kejriwal is reneges on his promise to build public toilets because he does not want common public to write Santa-Banta jokes on their walls. OK. But why he reneges on Colleges ? You can never trust college students about this kind of jokes-ban. And Hospitals? Those hospital orderlies always think they are stand-up comedians. Cannot control them. So no hospitals, no colleges, no public toilets. Na Asti Mulam Kutah Sakha?


  3. Don’t laugh away this Frankenstein. He is not just dangerous he is much more. HOW do you save Delhi which was fooled? A serious discussion to find solutions are called for. He fooled people. He fooled so called intellectual mass. He fooled Anna Hazare who did not realize still. He hugged lalu. Who’s the next?


    1. Kejriwal is the new Lalu of Delhi. It will take a while for the people to figure it out. But fear not, they will definitely figure it out. Kejriwal has come in and started tired old sickular, socialist politics at a time when socialist politics is on its death bed. These are not the 90s.


  4. After yesterday’s decesion to run cars with even and odd number plates on alternate days, kejri has proved thant, he is seriously giving competition to togluque.


  5. Biggest joke is on the Delhi people who voted for him.BJPs media management is pathetic they are unable to cash in on Kejris antics.
    It appears that while BJP is indifferent to the bashing it gets at the hand of Congi sponsered left liberal which has damaged its electoral prospects in Delhi and Bihar election,it’s SM supporters are gamely trying to hit back at the biased MSM.
    God alone knows when BJP top brass will realise the importance of having its own TV channels and news papers etc.


    1. What is interesting is that Congress has actually been much more proactive in fighting Kejriwal in Delhi. The BJP put up huge posters of the Lalu-Kejri hug in Delhi. I was surprised to see Delhi BJP doing something after long deep slumber. But nothing else happening in Delhi BJP. Delhi BJP is perhaps BJP’s worst state unit.


  6. Be it whatever – what if Kejri still wins more seats in punjab and upsets the arithmetic for bjp in 2019? Bjp has to considerably improve its media management and reign in crooks … There is no other option. A


    1. Well, let’s see. A week is a long time in politics. 2017 is very far away and 2019 really really far. I am trying to reduce my own obsession with 2019 and telling others to do the same 🙂


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