Bingo! My prediction comes true as Arpita Chatterjee plays the victim card!

A couple of days ago, Arpita Chatterjee wrote an article in the titled “I worked for Modi in 2014: now I regret it”. Soon afterwards, right wing tweeple dug out her old tweets that suggested that she was lying about being a part of the 2014 Modi campaign. Here is the post that I wrote on the topic:

In the post, I made the following prediction:

Arpita Chatterjee is currently keeping her mouth shut on Twitter. My guess is that in a few days she will resurface, holding a victim card high above her head. Another piece will follow in the DailyO, where she will explain that Bhakts do not respect women.


Dear Friends, today I am proud to tell you that Arpita Chatterjee has resurfaced. And she has written another article in the DailyO. What is the theme of the article? That Bhakts don’t respect women 🙂

Nailed it!

Here is the article I predicted would be forthcoming:

In this she claims she will explain why she wrote that article. Let’s hope she has given us evidence that she actually worked for the Modi campaign. Let’s read along…

I was called all sorts of names – “liar”, “ignorant”, “brown sahib”, “Pakistani”, “hoax”, “Hindu bird on a Muslim tree” and many more things that I would rather not mention – for being concerned about the politics unfolding in this country. Please note, it is also my country. It was quite frightening and I went off social media for a few days.

Yes yes…you are a big victim. We already heard this from you and 1000s of other Commie losers. Take me quickly to the part where you give us evidence of being part of the Modi campaign…

But I really would like to make my stand clear. I am neither pro- nor anti-BJP, neither am I pro- nor anti-Congress. I am pro-India. I am pro-people. I am pro-peace. I am pro-democracy. I am pro-progress.

Ya …ya… Nobody is asking for your stand. You are one of just 125 crore citizens. You are not PM, CM, Minister or MLA. You made a factual claim of working for the Modi campaign: now please quickly give us the evidence that your claim is true…

Also, I will not sit around and allow a group of people to hijack my country and dress her up the way they think she should look. They are just a “group” of people and not the country that is much too diverse and nuanced to be encapsulated by the colour saffron. This group’s leader got a clear mandate but that does not give his followers the right to run riot. Unfortunately, this set of people is determined to cause trouble at various levels.

For the record, I am totally against “sitting around”. I am greatly in favor of doing an honest job and earning an honest wage. Now don’t waste our time…quickly…give us the evidence that you worked for the Modi campaign…

One needs to closely observe what’s been happening with the Dadri and Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) situations over the last few weeks. The reaction of the so-called “common” man has put a wrench in ugly developments that once in place could have taken years to undo.

Hain???? Again wasting time? Madam, where is the EVIDENCE?

In today’s age a single voice is heard so loudly on the internet that the echoes reach the ears of those that need to listen and back down….This government came to power using this medium and I think this very medium can be used to ensure that it is kept in check. ..Senior journalist and a man I admire for his gumption, Rajdeep Sardesai, has been effectively playing watchdog over the past few months. He speaks up against injustices and divisive political movement without vitriol but gets his point across..”

Yes, DailyO is part of the India Today group and Rajdeep is one of their main anchors. Now, if you are done sucking up to your boss or looking for an internship or a promotion or whatever….would you please show us the evidence that you worked for the Modi campaign?

Actor Farhan Akhtar’s Facebook post on Dadri is another example of such a citizen voice. But we can’t wait for celebrities to speak up.

This article seems like a silly way to audition to be an “extra” in some movie. I suggest you try your luck getting into some talent shows on TV. Okay…you are really testing our patience here…come on…too much suspense…now please please show us the evidence we are asking for…

I am sure the “followers” or “bhakts” too want jobs and decent roads and economic stability...”

And I am sure you are also working hard to keep your job… Okay we are reaching the last paragraph now…here comes the evidence…get ready…I am all excited :)…

Mr Modi.. please tell your Hindutva brigade to calm down (once will not do)

Damn! We got nothing 😦 No evidence given! Instead the Prime Minister has to now step in and ask us “bhakts” to stop demanding evidence… 😦 Facepalm 😦

21 thoughts on “Bingo! My prediction comes true as Arpita Chatterjee plays the victim card!

  1. Kudos to u for the prediction…people commenting in dailyo gave perfect replies to this crook. I’m so happy to see comments with links to your blog. Congrats again. Ur blog is becoming very famous like Ravinar’s

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  2. Another sellout to foreign mag.

    Govind Pansare is a secular acrtivist.

    The acclaimed writers and poets allege that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is not doing anything to bring the perpetrators of hate crimes to justice. – But only crimes against Muslims are hate crimes. And the PM is responsible for every crime that happens in every state under every party in this country.

    “I feel it is worse than the black days of the emergency rule in the 1970s,” said author Sara Joseph – Yep, she said it – Emergency was nothing compared to today. What happened to the authors who spoke up during that time?

    Forced conversions of Muslims and Christians to Hinduism have also been on the rise. – Anyone wants to deal with facts or stats?

    When the author quoted A Owaisi, I realized it was all over.

    But no, there was one gem still left:
    But neutral observers are of the view that the cycle of hate-mongering by Hindu groups … – Ah, who are these neutral observers? No one knows.


    1. OMG! He actually quoted Owaisi 🙂

      I always wonder why Commie Pansare is counted as “an activist”. Many party cadres in India die in political violence. Why special consideration for Pansare?


    1. This is how corruption really hurts the country at its core. So many defense suppliers have become blacklisted. The Army cannot get the supplies it needs and the DRDO is a bunch of lazy losers who cant get anything right. Jokers.


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