Did Arpita Chatterjee actually work for Modi to come to power?

By now, Mameluk media articles all parroting the same tired old claims, recycling various hitjobs, stringing together disparate incidents selectively to create a narrative, are so common that it seems futile to even challenge them. But, one of the interesting ones recently on DailyO was this one:


The curious thing is that the author was not some Mameluk working for a media house, nor a two penny “intellectual” who had received directorship of some Nehru-Rajiv-Dynasty museum during the UPA years. She was also not some freak who works for Greenpeace nor some water carrying academic from the South Asian studies department of some American university. This was also not some missionary looking to harvest our souls. This wasn’t even some descendant of Nehru who was protesting by returning some award given by his/her cousins when they were in power. No, this article was by one Arpita Chatterjee, who claims to be a former Modi supporter. The title of the article was:

I worked for Modi in 2014: now I regret it

Here is the relevant part of the article:

I confess here that I worked on a small digital operation of the election campaign that brought the BJP to power – a historical campaign that won the BJP a 283-seat majority in the 543-seat Lok Sabha in 2014. It was a job and I did it to the best of my abilities despite my moral dilemma. I ignored the small voice in my head that said, “The BJP coming to power would be dangerous to the essence of this country’s secular and democratic spirit.” I reasoned with that voice with, “How bad can it be? It will be fine. It will help industry which in turn will help the economy and the people.

The rest of the article is the usual bullshit about Kalburgi and Dadri and all that…we have heard this junk so many times now that there is no need to debunk it further. Instead let us try to see if her claim of being part of the Modi campaign in 2014 is true.

Twitter never forgets and Twitter never forgives. Here is Arpita Chatterjee from Jan 28, 2014:


That doesn’t exactly seem like a tweet from someone who was working on the Modi campaign, does it? Here is more from September 2013:


The plot thickens. A few days after Modi is appointed PM candidate, Arpita Chatterjee continues: here she is, taunting Modi over Gujarat riots.


A Modi supporter? Not just a Modi supporter, someone who worked on his campaign? Here is she, taunting Modi again:


Well, the calculation from Mameluks is simple. Of all the people who will read the DailyO piece in which Arpita Chatterjee claims to be a former campaign staffer turned Modi critic, how many will actually take out time to do the due diligence and find out if Arpita Chatterjee was ever a Modi supporter?

Actually, hitjobs like these are a good sign overall. It means that the Mameluk media is beginning to accept the falling credibility of the well known Dynastycrooks. These days when people see court poets of the Dynasty go on TV and criticize Modi, they simply ignore the rants. When people see missionaries like John Dayal ramble on, they just tune out. The same goes for dalals from Greenepeace, from “South Asia studies departments”, Dilli studio Maoists like Kavita Krishnan and their whole ilk. They are now targets of public ridicule. No one believes them any more. The media is getting desperate, now if you want to do a successful hitjob on Modi, claiming to be an “intellectual” or “distinguished academic” or “human rights activist” wont work….people stop taking you seriously the moment they hear these “qualifications”. It is much better to claim to be a former Modi supporter….that way people might think you are a normal human being, not some footstool from Queen Sonia’s old court.

Here is Arvind Gupta, the man who runs the BJP’s IT team:

He hasn’t even heard of this fool Arpita Chatterjee before. And he has asked this woman to explain:

Indeed Arpita Chatterjee, when did you work for the Modi campaign? Why not let us know?

Let me make two guesses here:

  1. Arpita Chatterjee actually did work for the Modi campaign. But only in the sense that Rahul Gandhi, Digvijay Singh and Mani Shankar Aiyer and Beni Prasad Verma did. Thank you Sonia ji for calling him Maut ka Saudagar. Thank you Mani Shankar Aiyar for calling him a Chaiwallah. Thank you Salman Khursheed for calling him impotent (napunsak). Thank you Beni Prasad Verma for showing to the media that you are wearing chappals with the name “Modi” written on them. Thank you Nitish Kumar for gathering your party members and laughing at the Hunkar Rally a day after six people were slaughtered there by terrorists. Thank you Gulam Nabi Azad for mocking him as “Gangu Teli”. Your words *really* helped Modi push his campaign into top gear. Without your lies and your abuse, Modi perhaps could not have made it past 272. Keep up the good work

2. Arpita Chatterjee is currently keeping her mouth shut on Twitter. My guess is that in a few days she will resurface, holding a victim card high above her head. Another piece will follow in the DailyO, where she will explain that Bhakts do not respect women. This will be followed by several articles by prominent Lefties complaining about the torture of women being subjected to fact checking by foul mouthed Bhakts. And the fact that BJP supporters dug up her old tweets from the public domain will be cited as yet another example of “undeclared Emergency” in the country.

Aside: In her DailyO article, Arpita Chatterjee claims that the BJP won “a 283-seat majority in the 543-seat Lok Sabha in 2014“.  Actually, the BJP is known to have won only 282 seats in the election, not 283! This secret 283rd Lok Sabha MP of the BJP must be Sadhvi Prachi  🙂  Finally we have solved the mystery of why the Mameluk media keeps calling her a BJP MP  🙂 


14 thoughts on “Did Arpita Chatterjee actually work for Modi to come to power?

  1. People are questioning why the mameluks are blaming Modi and BJP for the Dadri incident instead of SP , Mualyam AzimKhan and C0 ,law and order being a State subject and calling it Beefmurder when it could be thiefmurder .


  2. Your prophecy comes true. Arpita C surfaced in dailyo pulling the victim card – *boohoo* – I have been called names. While calling everyone as ‘bhakts’. And not addressing her lie.

    Here’s a rich one: “I will not sit around and allow a group of people to hijack my country and dress her up the way they think she should look. They are just a “group” of people and not the country that is much too diverse and nuanced …”

    Isn’t this exactly what these ‘journalists’ and ‘sickular’s have been doing all along?

    She admires ‘Rajdeep S’. Enuff said.



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