Modi derangement syndrome morphs into hatred for Durgapuja

Having seen the power of just 17 crore Hindu votes in May 2014, the Indian liberal intellectual is currently suffering from an irrational fear of Hindus. Anywhere the intellectual sees a couple of Hindus gathered, even for some harmless fun, the liberal antennae go up and the paranoid fool sees a conspiracy. I thought  I would be going slow this week, partly because I am on vacation myself and was expecting the Mameluks to be relaxing somewhat as well. Turns out this week is becoming a “Durga Puja special”: on the irrational anger that libtards are feeling towards the festival.

Here is one idiot called Debdutta Bhattacharjee from the DailyO who has an article titled:

The Dark Side of Durga Puja


Let’s see what the author plans to do:

Is the Durga Puja all good and glorious, or does it have a darker side to it? Does it have a diabolical agenda, that is expertly concealed? Let’s put the “goodness” of this popular festival – an unmistakable element of dominant culture – to test.

A diabolical agenda? Expertly concealed? This is gonna be a lot of fun….

The goddess is fair-skinned (and hence, beautiful) and embodies all the virtues of life and is shown as slaying a demonic half-man-half-animal creature who is placed at her feet. The demon Mahishasur is dark-skinned, has a naked upper body and is attributed all “dark” (tamasik) characteristics. More than signifying the victory of good over evil, this very powerfully symbolises the subjugation of the dark-skinned indigenous inhabitants of the region, the adivasis, by the fair-skinned Aryans.

I am less offended by the foolish comparison than by the epic failure of imagination! That’s ALL you got! I see a woman brutally killing and trampling a man. Hey, why doesn’t the idol symbolize militant feminist women using deadly violence against men 🙂 Or better still, why not say that the idol is a prophecy that it is the destiny of dark skinned Indians to be ruled by white queens, from England or Italy? Each of the ten hands of the fair skinned goddess could stand for one of the white Queen’s beloved Mameluk’s channels/newspapers? Surely the dominant hand with which the goddess thrusts the trishul stands for NDTV!!

The goddess impales Mahishasur with her trident and that is what the adivasis have always had to suffer, metaphorically speaking. It is almost taken for granted that they would submit to this physical, cultural and psychological disruption in their lives without much ado. They are expected to surrender to the onslaught of the dominant culture without much of a fight. So their lands are taken away from them, they are displaced from their forest abodes and their cultures undergo forced transformation.

My god! Is the goddess an Ambani-Adani agent too? Keep in mind…he is getting ALL of this simply from looking at the Durga idol.

Contact with the mainstream population, though is expected to deliver the fruits of development and modernity to the adivasis, can also have deleterious effects and activists fear that it may expose the adivasis to diseases which they have never known of, and to which they have grown no immunity.

I have news for you Mr. Bhattacharjee. This is not 16th century America that colonists would infect “natives” with strange diseases. You actually need to meet an adivasi. In your imagination, adivasis are hungry and naked living in secluded forests on tops of trees. They are not; if they are hungry, it is for opportunity. The only one who is naked here is you with your stupidity.

The dominant culture, on a civilising mission, prescribes methods through which the adivasis can “upgrade” their lifestyles, so that they can be mainstreamed. Indeed, assimilating into the dominant culture is perhaps the only way in which the adivasis can save themselves from violence in their lives.

Mind you, he is getting ALL of this simply by looking at the Durga idol 🙂

That is what Prahlad and Vibhishan did, for example. Both of them were born in demon clans, but realised that their deliverance depended upon accepting the mastery of the cultural hero.

Yes, and on top of that, Prahlad is known as “Bhakt Prahlad”. The B-word!!!! Could the agenda be more obvious here 🙂 ?  Incidentally, Vishnu appeared as “Narsingh”, a half-man, half-animal creature to slay Bhakt Prahlad’s evil demon father Hiranyakashyap. What are you going to make of that?

Coming back to the symbolism inherent in the Durga Puja, the fact that the goddess kills the demon is what meets the eye. But what does not readily is perhaps that Devi Durga not only slays the physical form of Mahisasur, but perhaps also the vices that the demon possesses. It is almost a purification ritual that an adivasi has to go through to be assimilated into the mainstream.

“Coming back”? Thank goodness….even you realized that this analogy was stretching to ridiculous levels. A purification ritual? You mean like Ghar Wapsi? Incidentally, when Swami Dayananda started the reconversion movement to bring back Hindus who had moved to other religions, he called it Shuddhi (purification)!!! You nailed it brother!

Here are the most telling lines from the article:

This narrative in itself may be seen to reside merely in the realm of mythology, but the symbolism involved renders it socially salient. It shows that once a group of people comes to possess a degree of power, they try to cling on to that power, the abilities of their leader notwithstanding.

Ruling class trying to cling on to power regardless of the abilities of their leader? Ouch! Even chota mota Mameluks like Debdutta Bhattacharjee are taking a swipe at Rahul Gandhi these days. Burre Din for the Dynasty, really…


11 thoughts on “Modi derangement syndrome morphs into hatred for Durgapuja

  1. Whilst your article is good ( as usual ) but then is it worth spoiling your holiday for every mediocre libtard ???

    Morons and idiots having access to media outlet will always puke shit stored in their brains – because that is what they can do.

    You will be soon overwhelmed if you were to tackle every such twisted mind as they indeed get churned out in hundredz and thousands every year.

    So take it a little easy friend. Target the root/the source/the key devils – and see many such wastrels getting wiped out without a trace !!!


  2. In my opinion an intellectual warrior does not sit down to select his enemy or count the numbers. He has to perform his duty whenever an injustice is perpetrated. Thus at least he shows the way and provides inspiration. Because of these mostly Hindu warriors in last thousand years, Hindus are only true conquerors who are not defeated by the time and severity. And how long we will bid our time waiting for these ultimate intellectual warriors given opportunity to lead as commanders? Where is the army of intellectual warrior army to command? And see these warriors have many albatross round their neck and body and we have accepted to fight by the rules of our enemy false foe blames, pseudo secularism, false majoritism etc. The intellectual war is not just political any more and can not be fought with a single strategy. That is how political treachery increased economical misery our people. Besides war on our culture and our religious belief like Durga Puja by agendits and useful idiots should be taken head on to expose pseudo secularists how blatantly they are hurting the feelings of vast numbers of people. I understand the concern of waste of our precious energy of rare talents but sooner than later we have to channel these energy in huge organized defence as a civilized response by building resources and tools and rewards.

    Liked by 1 person

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