Dear India Today, please give Seemi Pasha a promotion

We have known for a while that under the secular governance of Akhilesh Yadav, the state of Uttar Pradesh is collapsing. With law and order at a standstill, this is what is happening:

An incident that took place less than 25 km from the city has shocked Talheta village near the border of Meerut and Ghaziabad districts. Unknown youths dug out the body of a woman from her grave late on Friday night and allegedly raped the corpse. The woman had been buried two days before the incident took place.”

And here is the reaction of Seemi Pasha, who is an Associate Editor at India Today:

THIS is the level of poisonous bias in our TV studios today. Do I even have to ask what a local incident in secular Uttar Pradesh has to do with Modi?

Dear India Today, please give this Mameluk a promotion. She deserves to be more than just an Associate Editor. She should be your Chief Editor and Chief anchor for all your primetime. I want her venom to spread on the airwaves more, not less.

Because I sense that the spiral of Modi derangement syndrome is approaching an end. Liberals are beginning to snap. From staying diplomatically silent on murder of Hindus, liberals like Rajdeep are now publicly coming out and saying clearly why they are ignoring Hindu deaths. I want Seemi Pasha to be on air, constantly. I want her on the airwaves 24 x 7 attacking the Prime Minister venomously for things that have absolutely nothing to do with him. Let the public see the venom that she is producing. For too long, liberals have been smartly highlighting motormouths from the Hindu right wing, while keeping their own intolerance under wraps, couched in diplomatic language. Modi is causing these haters to snap. Let Seemi Pasha vomit her hatred clearly and let the public see…

By the way, less than 2 months after Modi was elected, this article was published:

It seems ‘acche din’ are yet to come for the residents of Varanasi, the constituency of PM Narendra Modi, as stray dogs and monkeys bite over 400 people every day in the holy temple town

Yes, it started with blaming Modi for dog bites in Uttar Pradesh… the spiral of Modi derangement syndrome has to end somewhere. That moment may be coming…

16 thoughts on “Dear India Today, please give Seemi Pasha a promotion

  1. Scorpions have venom in the tail sting, Snakes will have venom in the pangs, once stung,bitten or spewed the venom they need some time to replenish the venom. Scorpion and Snake won’t harm until they are confronted or intimidated. BUT these “India Today Creatures” have “venom, malice, spite, rancour, acrimony, hatred and virulence” in the entire body with instant replenishment capacity. To expect them to change for good is perhaps a fallacy. Only the genius of the people of India have to unleash their sagacity and strengthen the Nation by their mighty united Vote for its grand survival. A repeat of 2014 is the answer and that will make these creatures to bite the dust and come to perfect senses. That time is in the offing. Jai Hind.


    1. Jaggi is right about one thing though. Modi critics have heavily overplayed their hand. Obama’s critics made the same mistake. Initially, it yielded results. But by the time Obama was up for re-election, people had grown so used to constant condemnation of Obama that they started ignoring the crazy criticism.


  2. Shekar G advices RSS :-).

    “RSS idealism would rebuild a nationalism on Hindutva that minorities happily embrace and start believing that they are happier in Hindustan (The RSS prefers ‘Hindusthan’) than in any Islamic or Christian country.” Isn’t this the Dhimmi system that Islamic countries want? Clever – trying to make it as an Hindu ideology.

    “while learning to live with diversity, you could also homogenise Indian society. His call for common laws, common policies that apply equally to all, is majoritarian, and unsustainable.”

    A common civil law homogenizes society – Did he really say that? Not only are these clowns losing it, they are losing it big time now.


    1. I actually clicked on this article expecting to agree with every line. But somehow the author seems to have picked the wrong examples, at least if you ask me. Things like OROP did become an embarrassment, but once the government declared it, the wind completely went out of the libtard sails. In fact, liberals are probably now regretting making a big deal of OROP, because now BJP is confidently saying : “We did in 18 months what you couldnt do in 45 years”.In fact, OROP has given the BJP a very concrete and tangible achievement they can talk about to shame the opposition.

      Same with Akademi awards. When the first award was returned, it probably embarassed the BJP. But when so many awards started being returned, it kinda has turned into a joke. Liberals looking back will realize that Awardwapsi made them objects of ridicule.

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  3. Narendra Modi is a very shrewd politician. He must be seeing more and more Hindus uniting under the relentless, unfair attacks on him by these pseudo secular crusaders. He may be seeing ‘Maut Ka Saudagar’ effects in all these unjust, unfair, uncalled for attacks. The more Modi remains nonchalant, the more he pushes these pseudo secular to more and more anti-national behavior.


    1. Actually after seeing this ideology driven protest by the writers and relentless media propaganda of laying the blame on Modi for things that are not even in his control has made me to revise my position of qualified support to Modi to unconditional support to Modi.

      The remark by gulzar (lyricist) that he never saw this kind of dangerous atmosphere in the country and mocking the people with “have you found your Ram Rajya” made me change my mind. I respected that man but now I regret that I foolishly extended that appreciation for his work as respect for him.


      1. There is a clear sign among the general public that the Akademi drama and artist/intellectual crap is not going well for the liberals. The Award wapsi is getting mocked among the people to a large extent who simply dont see why suddenly India has become so undemocratic.


    2. This is actually not altogether impossible. BJP’s current communication strategy is so bad that it looks deliberate. The victimhood narrative against the liberal media has worked pretty well for Modi so far in his political life. His critics are blowing all their ammunition on nonsense attacks. Come 2019, they might not have much to say.

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  4. one great quality of Modi is that he walks his own way ignoring the deliberate instigation of these media rag pickers and political crooks. Dardri is one. Such example. In spite of repeated demands for Modi’s comment , he rightly ignored them knowing fully well that these crooks are pimps bent upon multiplying one issue after another. Modi is a past master for these journo rag pickers. These games Modi has experienced for several years since 2002. Modiji’s silence is well calculated and out of choice. That is the best answer.


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