P M Bhargava fights for freedom of expression, demands ban on RSS


Till now, I have mostly made oblique references to the Dynastycrooks who have been returning awards to push Sonia Gandhi’s agenda, holding the social “scientists”, so called historians and writers mostly unworthy of even a response. But I believe that being a real scientist (not a “social scientist”), P M Bhargava deserves to be countered.

Dear Prof. Bhargava, I hear that you are an eminent biological scientist. I hear that you are returning your Padma Bhushan Award, which you received in 1986. I only want to ask you sir what you were doing for the last 3 decades with the Award which you received from the blood soaked hands of Rajiv Gandhi 2 years after the slaughter of 5000 Sikhs? Being a biologist, did you spend these 30 years DNA testing  the blood stains on that Padma Award taken from Rajiv’s hands, trying to figure out if the 5000 Sikhs who died were human enough for you to outrage over?

You are totally within your rights to pick and choose what to outrage over. Everyone picks and chooses. But when you are returning your Padma Bhushan to spit in the face of a democratically elected Prime Minister, kindly do not complain if we start digging up on your career. In fact, you are a scientist, I thought scientists were taught to operate on “full disclosure” basis. For instance, why not offer up this detail about your institutional affiliations upfront:

The activists, who formed a banner under National Alliance of Peoples’ Movements (NAPM) include four Magsaysay awardees in Aruna Roy, Rajendra Singh, Arvind Kejriwal and Sandeep Pandey, besides former power secretary EAS Sarma and former director of Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, P M Bhargava.”


Aruna Roy is a former member of Queen Sonia Gandhi’s National Advisory Council and Arvind Kejriwal is …well…an extremely prominent member of the opposition to Narendra Modi. Why not tell us upfront about your associations with these elements? Why leave it to us to dig up the details? You may of course argue that this information is in the public domain, but is that what your career in science has taught you, Dr. Bhargava? If a biologist publishes a study finding that a certain drug has no harmful side effects but the author forgets to mention that he works for the manufacturer of the same drug, what would you say Dr. Bhargava as an eminent scientist?

When you publish your scientific views and conclusions, you are duty bound to disclose upfront all associations that may result in “conflict of interest”. The purpose is that the reader of your papers should be warned in advance of any prejudiced that you might have. It’s the only way to achieve a healthy scientific environment. Similarly, when you speak up as a citizen offering political views and conclusions, shouldn’t you reveal all your former associations that might cause you to be prejudiced?

And finally and most importantly, shouldn’t a scientist be able to see the contradiction here:

RSS should be banned for fanning a sense of fear: Scientist Bhargava


You are concerned about the right to dissent so you are demanding a ban on the RSS right to speak? Let me inform you, Dr. Bhargava that the RSS members are just as much of citizens of this country as you are. Members of the RSS have won hundreds of democratic elections small and big across the length and breadth of this country. The epitome of this is Prime Minister Modi himself who is the democratic representative of our 125 crore people. In the electoral process, Mr. Modi, a lifelong RSS member, has received 170 million votes, which may be the largest number of votes received by any individual in history. To suggest that your single voice should be heard and that of Prime Minister Modi who received a direct endorsement to speak on behalf of 170 million people should be silenced is not democracy. Dr. Bhargava, if you want the right to speak, you have to start by accepting that these 170 million people have a right to be heard. If you are intolerant of the people’s mandate, what right do you have to demand their tolerance to your views?


8 thoughts on “P M Bhargava fights for freedom of expression, demands ban on RSS

  1. You know scientists are also human beings and they also have their own political inclinations. Right now we see the former ISRO chief G Madhavan Nair publicly supporting the BJP in Kerala. So you know we can dismiss this and carry on with your good work. As Jaitley has aptly put it these people are pathological BJP haters.


    1. They activated historians, writers and filmmakers. None of these pathological Modi haters could make an impact. Shows how low these intellectuals have fallen in public perception. So finally they activated sleeper cells among scientists.


      1. Dear Sir,
        Its not just Sikhs got slaughtered in 1984-just a month later 3000-5000 people were gassed and died a horrible death in congress ruled MP (deaths still continue to occur)-many of them were muslims. Incidentally, the CM of MP in those days was Mr Ashok Bajpeyi’s (one of the ‘culture czar’ of award wasp fame) mentor, Arjun Singh. Between Arjun Singh and Rajeev, Warren Anderson was given royal escape from criminal prosecution. I am not sure where was Mr Bajpeyi posted then. Further, what did the ‘noted’ biologist-Mr Bhargava had to say about the Bhopal dead who died the most miserable death and about those who were complicit in the escape of the perpetrator in chief? Where was Mr Bajpeyi’s conscience?


    2. Bhopal deaths and 1984 Sikh riots are a tribute to Indian secularism. It doesnt matter if innocent people, especially Hindus have to die as long as liberals remain comfortable and the ruling party is pseudo-secular.


  2. How pseudo secular defend Dr. Bhargava? He had shown dissent against Morarji Desai, Manmohan Singh and Narendra Modi. But who complains about simple dissent? And why no dissent against Rajiv Gandhi? Because he gave him the award? Did he approve Sikh pogrom? Almost all award returnees had attacked Narendra Modi in past even before the election.


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