Pakistan and Bangladesh are using the pandemic to starve their Hindu minorities

In what looks like a small village in Bengal, a group of ‘humanists’ have gathered to distribute food rations to the poor.  A man begins reading names from a list. One by one, the poor people of the village come up and collect their humble sack of grain. Hard times also bring out the best in the human spirit.

All of a sudden, the man with the list stops. He has noticed that certain persons have also joined the back of the line to receive food. He raises his voice and tells them to go away.

You are Hindus,” he says, “Go away. This is not for you. Don’t put your names on the list.

See here (after 3:35).

Terrorism has no religion. But hunger certainly can. Anyway, I digress.

For now, you might be relieved to learn that this is happening in some village in East Bengal, now called Bangladesh. No such reports from West Bengal. At least not yet.

Borders are a funny thing, especially when drawn arbitrarily across a nation as ancient as Bharat, tearing it into pieces. We can pretend that this video does not matter simply because it is from Bangladesh and not from any part of the Republic of India. We can close our eyes. Or we could see it as a warning about the grim future of those who will not learn from history. The obsessively India hating Arund**ti Roy is right about one thing. The pandemic is a portal. But not in the way she wants us to believe. Through this time portal, we can see what lies on the other side of this tunnel called “Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb.”

In the last two months, the world has been in the throes of the Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic. And a great crime against humanity has gone unnoticed. Pakistan and Bangladesh have been using this pandemic to starve their Hindu minority.


Do not believe even for a moment that the world is merely distracted, too busy looking at other things to care about a handful of people in a poor country. If media has time and space for silly articles suggesting that saying “Bharat” instead of “India” could be a conspiracy against the world, they surely have time to cover what’s happening to Hindus in Pakistan or Bangladesh. The poison drip of Hinduphobia in the Western media has been up and running as if nothing has happened. A random hospital in India becomes the target of a fake story accusing India’s Hindu majority of ‘intolerance’. The story is flashed around the world in a matter of hours.

And it’s not like the world cared about Hindus in Pakistan or Bangladesh when things were ‘normal’.

The world is looking away from the plight of Hindus and deliberately so.

The interesting question is why Hindus of India also seem to be looking away, at best only vaguely aware of what is happening just across the border.

This is where ‘narrative’ becomes so important. See, Indian liberals know perfectly well that nobody can threaten the citizenship any Indian, whether CAA or anything else. Indian liberals know perfectly well that India is not ‘lynchistan.’ And that the recent riots in Delhi were obviously not a genocide.

Why then does the Indian liberal keep telling these lies? One part of it is a simple profit motive. There is a real desire out there to believe the worst about India. This is in countries which are insecure about India rising to the top 5 of world economies and demanding a place at the power table. And where there is a demand, there is always someone willing to sell. Even if it means selling out their own country. The world is a nasty place.

But the real motive goes beyond that. These lies serve a specific purpose. They keep Hindus on the defensive. Unable to see what’s really happening to them. Unable to see how Hindus are being sent on a one way journey out of history. And definitely unable to hear the screams of Hindus across the border in Pakistan and Bangladesh. They are not spirits of the dead calling out to us from the other side. They are living breathing human beings. We have just learned to behave as if they are already dead.

Remember, every moment that we spend defending against liberal attacks on Hanuman stickers, or sarees, or rasam, is a moment we don’t see the big picture of what is happening to us.

Liberals know perfectly well that sarees have nothing to do with so called Hindu nationalism. They are just baiting us, making us thrash around, tiring us out. When we focus our minds on small things, we miss the big picture. That’s their real strategy.

If one billion Hindus in India spoke up in one voice about what is happening to Hindus in Pakistan, would the world still be able to ignore it? Of course not. That is why they pull our leg, keeping us busy debunking absurd allegations of fascism and intolerance.

On CAA, for instance, they make us repeat over and over again, the same easy justification in favor of the law. They are not actually listening. They are buying time. With each passing day, Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh come one step closer to extinction. And we are one day late in realizing what could be coming to us.

9 thoughts on “Pakistan and Bangladesh are using the pandemic to starve their Hindu minorities

  1. Pakistan will be Pakistan and Bangladesh will be Bangladesh. For them, every occasion is an opportunity for Jihad against Hindus and other minorities. Those questioning CAA now have the answer why CAA is a must. This incident once again highlights the uselessness of organizations like the UN. These organizations are just Leftist dens sucking up money and other resources from the world.

    After the corona virus is over, Modi and Shah need to immediately extend the CAA to all those who entered till 2019. Further we should engage in talks with Pakistan and Bangladesh for exchange of populations. There are many in India who want to go to Pakistan at the drop of the hat (and these numbers swell before elections). This can be a great opportunity for these folks.

    Pakistan will probably implode under the weight of the economic destruction caused by China virus. China might also implode with the world seeking vengeance for their unleashing of the China virus.If not now, the next virus that China unleashes (and it has a long tradition of doing so) will destroy China.

    As for the media, the best way to force them to change their behavior in the Internet age is two fold.
    1) One is to install ad blockers – with this simple software, you can get rid of ad revenue that most Leftist newspapers make (e.g. the anti-Hindu, the NYT etc). If the Indian government insisted that every PC sold in India needs to have a ad blocker for all the browsers, the Leftist media will be on its knees.
    2) The other is to fund the dharmic content creators like Dharma Dispatch of Sandeep Balakrishna.


    1. Correction : There are many in India who want to go to Pakistan at the drop of the hat … only on Twitter or Facebook, not in real life 🤓


      1. Yes, only on Twitter and FB. It would be interesting if the government put out stats of Indian non-Muslims who have migrated to Pakistan. Bet the number will be ZERO.

        While the Afghans, Bangladeshis and Rohingyas want to come to India (where supposedly intolerance is high), none of them want to go to Pakistan. Pakistan is such a shitty place that most Pakistanis dont want to be there.


  2. This is a great move. We are not going to get investments from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal or Burma, so the only country this is targeted at is China

    Land borders = clever


  3. I have a disagreement with Kannan’s comment, “…need to immediately extend the CAA to all those who entered till 2019.” Why only 2019? I would like India to have a law, like Israel, that gives ***all Hindus and Sikhs*** the right to claim citizenship in India at any time. It should not be timebound, geography bound. Any Hindu or Sikh should get automatic citizenship from anywhere in the world. No questions asked, just the required documentation. That is what Israel practices and we should, too.

    As for the media, there is steady and increasing documentation in OpIndia about The Hindu, The Wire, The Print, NDTV, etc etc on their perpetuation of fake news. They know it is fake and still do it – with free abandon and with great contempt. What can the government do about this? I repeat what I’ve said before: nothing but the harshest penalty that takes the “3 strikes and you’re out” approach that California instituted in the 1990s for drunken driving:

    1. Form a special court for the purpose that can dispose all cases within 3 months, inluding one and only one appeal.

    2. First Offense: compile evidence and prosecute in the special court. If found guilty, for media organizations (like the ones named above), fine the author Rs.1 crore and the organization Rs.50 crore. Fine amounts have to be immediately collected, including by seizure of property. If author does not have the assets to pay the fine, include this in the organization’s fine.

    3. Second Offense: if found guilty, fine the repeat offending author Rs.10 crore and the organization Rs.100 crore. If the author does not have assets to cover the fine, s/he is sent to jail for one year with no bail. If author does not have the assets to pay the fine, include this in the organization’s fine.

    4. Third Offense: if found guilty, fine the repeat offending author Rs.50 crore, throw him or her into jail with no bail and minimum time serve of 10 years. If the author does not have the assets to cover the fine, include this in the organization’s fine. Fine the organization Rs.500 crore and compulsorily shut them down, acquiring all assets to pay for the fine.

    The trick would be to have the special court dispose the case in every case within 3 months with just one appeal. No further appeal thereafter.

    Become a strong state. That’s the only solution. Else, the likes of the above will run circles around the state.


  4. On a different topic: The Leftists like Arundhati Roy who just gave an interview to a German press medium, pointed out that under the BJP government, there will be a genocide of Muslims. Does she genuinely believe that or that is her wishful thinking? Or these Leftists are saying such things so that when that does not happen, they can claim credit that because they raised flags the genocide of the Muslims did not happen?

    Those Leftists who openly suggest that they don’t believe the government’s figures about thirty percent CVD positive patients are Jamaatis. Is it possible to force all those Leftists to spend some time with Jamaatis? The Jamaatis will be very happy to have a company of their supporters.


    1. We can get the answer by asking the counter question (in the Socratian manner) – What will happen if Arundhati Roy, Gadhanand Dhume etc. praised Modi ?

      We know the answer. Their funding will disappear overnight. Leftists and Jehadis are not fools like BJP who gave a IISC professorship to Ram Guha. They will starve out traitors who dont toe the line.

      After that how will these Roys and Dhume’s earn their livelihood ? They cannot produce anything of REAL economic value. In fact show me a person who criticizes Modi and I will show you a person who cannot produce economic value to society.

      In other words, these commies exist because the West takes taxpayer money and routes it to commies in multiple ways (University departments, think tanks etc). The day the Western countries (and Jehad sponsors like Saudis) stop doing this, the Roys and Dhume’s will start singing the praises of Modi.


  5. Although these injustices are happening not only in Pakistan and Bangladesh but all over the world. However, instead of blaming whole countries, we should try to promote love and disown those promote racism.
    Blaming a whole country would only promote hate not love.
    Hope I didn’t offend you in any way. Take care.
    Love from Pakistan


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