1993 Mumbai serial blasts: Twenty four years to a conviction!

Earlier this week, I wrote an article about the mounting terror attacks in Europe. I spoke of my memories of the 1993 serial blasts in Mumbai and how we used to think that we are a soft state. I wrote about how we used to believe that Western countries would always take revenge if attacked.

And then I mocked the countries of Europe for proving numb to Islamic terror. I even suspected that they might have snatched the crown of dhimmitude from us Indians.

Perhaps I spoke too soon. How else do you explain this?


Twenty four years to a conviction!!!

Honestly, I had forgotten names like Abu Salem…

By the way, looking at the names today : Abu Salem, Mustafa Dossa, Riyaz Siddiqui… I was wondering if any of these people are Gau Rakshaks. What do you folks think?

And mind you, this is only a first conviction for them. There’s any number of appeal levels left over in higher courts. So, if you are hoping for any of these terrorists to be actually hanged… chances are that we will die before any of theses scumbags finds its neck on the business end of the hangman’s noose.

And remember… if these people hang, India’s top newspapers will come out with headlines like “And they hanged …”

Europe is trying its best to commit suicide through multiculturalism and Muslim appeasement. But it seems that we Indians won’t give up the crown of dhimmitude so easily. We have owned this crown for 1000 years. We are not giving it up without a fight.



One thought on “1993 Mumbai serial blasts: Twenty four years to a conviction!

  1. If at one place India needs reform the most is our court system. If anybody needs to learn from other countries for this reform, India can look at almost any countries’ court system.

    Modi government put some deadlines such as an issuing a Passport should not take more than so and so days etc. Similar deadlines should be installed for court cases. At least put some limit on how long a judge can delay a case by “Tarikh Pe Tarikh”.

    Most civilized countries have a justice system based on “Beyond Reasonable Doubt” but no where minor doubt cunningly created by lawyers result in acquaintance as in India. Case in point, in Salman Khan’s case his clever lawyer asked (bribed) his driver to say he was driving at the time of accident and the witnesses claimed Salman was driving. So who was actually driving? Reasonable doubt !! If the cap does not fit, Acquit !!


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