How many Dalit refugees are there in the West?

We have to understand why the parasitic global elite (that works out of the offices of The Guardian and the New York Times) suffers from acute Hinduphobia. These parasitic elites are the dalals who make their living selling victimhood of all sorts to the rich societies of the West. As such, it is natural that they have evolved a symbiotic relationship with population groups in the US and Europe that live to whine.

First, they make their own countries into ungovernable hellholes because they do not have a shred of tolerance in their culture. Then, they escape in droves…by the millions…to tug at the heartstrings of Western nations and demand asylum as a natural entitlement. Why should they get that asylum? Because humanity of course. Funny for these people to remember humanity all of a sudden. If they had treated each other with the slightest bit of humanity back in their home countries, then those places would not have become savage hellholes to begin with.

And then it is the job of the parasitic global elite to take the sob stories of these escaping savages and manufacture a consensus among ordinary Westerners to “rescue” them. It goes without saying that the global elite makes its money, locks itself in gated communities and Ivy League colleges and keeps a safe distance from the savages. It is the regular American or European near the bottom of the social ladder who pays the price for admitting people who are fundamentally incompatible with civilization.

And then there are the Hindu immigrants. Educated, hard working and determined to make their own fortunes. Instead of whining that they are not getting a fair share of the American pie, they work for the American dream. They are quick to work and slow to whine. Instead of enrolling in “diversity” courses in college, they and their kids bust their backs learning math and science and engineering and medicine. The parasitic elite has no use for them. The parasitic elite are the publicity agents of professional victims. And Hindus raise their kids to be professional doctors and engineers and lawyers instead of professional victims. 

Hence the Hinduphobia. If you want to see what it looks like, look no further.


Why such anger and condescension, dear Guardian? Donald Trump is running for President. And like every other politician out there, he is pandering to every duck with a quack. Why are you blowing a fuse over him meeting a small bunch of Hindu Americans? Just read that article and you will find every possible attempt to belittle Hindus: from the statutory mention of caste (they even called Dussehra and Diwali as upper caste festivals) to presenting Hindus as bigoted, irrational, weird people from a weird country.

I want to know why caste is relevant here. Why? When Communist Bernie Sanders went to campaign in Middle Eastern communities in NYC, did you similarly talk about the massacres in their countries of origin? Did you talk about the treatment of kafirs in the countries where they came from? When the Pakistani spoke at Hillary’s convention, did you sit down and go through a checklist of every single group that has faced oppression in Pakistan?

You dare to call the Hindu American grouping for Trump as an “upper caste” group.  Hindus in Pakistan have been slaughtered, expelled and violently converted to the point that Hindu population dropped from 15% to 1%. When that Pakistani came to speak for Hillary, did you ask where were the Hindu Pakistani voices? Or do those voices not matter? Where is your article describing the atrocities that the dominant Muslim Pakistanis have wrought upon the helpless Hindu minority? 

You are obsessed with caste. There are 200 million Dalits in India. Tell me how many Dalit refugees you are seeing in the West? Why aren’t Dalits in India fleeing from upper caste tyranny like Yazidis are fleeing from Muslim tyranny?

All this because Hindus don’t allow you to collect dalali. Because Hindus are making their own fortune in the world, both inside and outside India. The Muslims hide rockets in children’s schools and then you take photos of dead kids to show in the West. And then the West puts money in their begging bowls. The more miserable they can show themselves to be, the more they collect in their begging bowls. But Hindus have their backbones upright; Hindus want to project their nation as prosperous and powerful. And yes, that absolutely includes Dalits. Go ask a Dalit if he wants to see India going around with a begging bowl in the name of Dalits and see what answer you get.

And yet the parasitic elite wont stop advertising their services. Time and again, Hindus have said a clear NO to them all. Dalits are their favorite target. The elite is convinced they can make a lot of money advertising the plight of Dalits. Except you just can’t find the Dalit refugees. The elite tell the Hindus they can get us into the whiners club. After all, we are dark skinned people. It should be easy for us to get a lifetime VIP pass into the professional victims category. How many times should we say that we don’t want your VIP pass? You can give it to the next tribe that is fleeing from Syria.

And let me warn you, dear elites. India is rising. Hindus are rising up. And no, not in the ISIS sort of way which you think is the only way non-white people can rise up. We are rising up the development ladder, we are raising our living standards and our aspirations. And if you do not change the narrative in time, we will rise up and seize the narrative. You think we can never do that because YOU are the real racists. We are not coming for you the ISIS way,  with a suicide vest or some crap like that.  We are not coming for your wife or your cattle, we are coming for your narrative. And why are we doing it? Not for 72 virgins, but for a better life for the 72 generations of Indians who are yet to come. You should be scared. 


28 thoughts on “How many Dalit refugees are there in the West?

  1. Wow ! Wow ! CW calm down. You are justifiably angry. I agree one hundred per cent with every angry sentence, but we don’t want to lose you to a heart attack. I must say that both in Guardian and in New York Times, they have some useful idiots Indians working against their own community and country. For long this Dalit Issue has been the stick in the hands of parasitic elites of the West to beat India (Hindus) with. Even more than that, they want to hear and report about the snakes and the snake charmers in the streets everywhere in India because not only they want to report that, but also common ignorant public like to read and believe that.


    1. LOL, P.B. Josh. I agree, CW is on fire on this one! As someone who has lived in the US for the past 15 years, I can say justifiably so. The US has long nurtured a Hinduphobia and, in fact, their desire to belittle, demean, or if neither of those succeed, then convert Hindus goes all the way to the top (yes, I mean the White House)!

      Having said that, there is one language that America understands well and respects and that is of an equal. When Modi hugs Obama instead of the hands folded crap, the soft signal he is sending is that you are an equal, I am not here to beg, and you need me as much as I need you! The US respects strength and I cannot tell you how much the general respect for India has gone up since Modi became PM. Through Indian expats, the stories of his MSG speech as well as the address to the US Joint Congress has got decent exposure among the average American and that has upped the prestige of Indians in general in the US. It is just a start but a positive one and something that we need to cultivate over a long period. Like it or not, the US is the big bully on the global stage and influence with them does help (in things like entry to MTCR, potential entry to NSG etc).


      1. Ha ha…I guess my anger really showed in this post 🙂 Honestly, I don’t understand this itch to belittle the Hindus in America. Hindus work hard and let their work speak for themselves. Its because Hindus dont speak up that everyone gangs up on us.


        1. Read Vamsi’s ‘Rearming Hinduism’ to get the background of Hindu hatred/phobia.
          I have a corollary to that. Lack of violence by Hindus.


    1. Haha…I was actually planning to write on Smriti Irani today. Then I saw the Guardian article and the anger just flowed. Poor Hindu immigrants, what have they done to be branded as bigots and racists? Their only crime is that they work hard and don’t complain enough.


    1. I just wish I could shout in the faces of these elite losers. Picking on hardworking, educated, industrious Hindu immigrants in the US. Such cowards. They are bullies kicking the studios kid in school.


  2. CW, a very finely, aptly and furiously articulated rejoinder and remonstration to the elitists all over, not just in US, but also within our own boundaries. Your outrage is shared by all rational, hard working, proud Hindus, who are unwilling to be anyone’s sidekicks, unwilling to compromise their honour and unwilling to be subjugated to the elitist club. Keep it up, CW, you present the pulse of the aspiring Hindus, exerting to soar high defeating the contrarian, anti Hindu agenda of the elites.


    1. Ha! This article in Guardian really made me angry. All the time they keep nagging the Hindus whenever we try to express ourselves in any way. Hindus have to stand up and challenge these bullies.


  3. CW…..Fantastic, superb,lovely etc…..that is the spirit….that is the only language to be used on this ‘the parasitic global elite’…..we don’t owe them anything!!

    The white invaders who started this Dalit deceit against Hindus,and subsequently used by politicians in India and ‘the parasitic global elite’ who uses it to belittle us Hindus!

    Enough is enough…the Hindus have seen through this and will not take anymore!


    1. Hindus have to stand up and vocally challenge the narrative. We are the most peaceful people on this planet and it is time the bullies stop kicking us around. We need to be recognized for who we are and what our civilization is, rather than being insulted at every juncture.


  4. This is the form of racism that Hindus have to put up with. Prejudice against idol worshippers, not believing in the Only One True god etc is fed to them in childhood. But when it comes to criticizing, caste is the old faithful stick to beat the benighted “Hindoos” with. This way they can indulge their favourite racist prejudices and act superior holier-than-thou at the same time. The cherry on the cake is that the Hindus don’t come a-visiting with a suicide vest or a can of petrol. They just ignore and get on with their jobs. The solution isn’t to start those visits with lethal stuff but to make these gliberal racists look stupid – which they are incidentally.


    1. “The cherry on the cake is that the Hindus don’t come a-visiting with a suicide vest or a can of petrol. They just ignore and get on with their jobs.”

      Exactly. They know that insulting Hindus is really safe. Hindus don’t fly planes into buildings.


  5. These newspapers can’t stand success stories be it Hindus, Jews and even their own people who have worked hard to attain wealth. The good thing is no one reads the Guardian, it would have gone bust a long time ago but it gets advertising revenue from the BBC, an institution that only exists due to a compulsilary Tax on anyone with a television.


    1. Hindus and Jews are the main targets because they work to make something of themselves. The PM made sure to hit just the right note in Mandi. Mention of Israel must have increased their heartburn.


  6. Couple of months ago, I visited the slavery museum in Liverpool. It has a dedicated section on slave trading of African natives and the sub-human treatment that they had to face over many generations. It also has smaller sections on ancient Roman and Egyptian slavery.

    And surprise surprise, it has a new section on “Dalits”, who are regarded as modern slaves. According to this museum, mistreatment of Dalits represent the worst form suppression in the 21st century and as such, India is the epicentre of slavery in today’s World. While there are (obviously) cases where Dalits (and possibly other castes) have to work as bonded labours in exchange of repayment of loans, the museum authorities have conveniently forgotten the fact that African slaves had no human rights, must less any democratic rights, which the dalits have in full. In reality, “Dalits” are possibly the most pampered section of the society, with both right-wing and left-wing engaged in a fierce struggle to win them over.

    At the same time, the Museum is mum on the plight of Yazidi’s, who are tortured, raped, mutilated, openly traded by ISIS cannibals day-in and day-out.

    It makes me wonder, who are behind the funding of this Museum. I would not be surprised if the governing committee has links with Saudi Wahabis or Paki Jehedis.


    1. ‘new section on “Dalits”, who are regarded as modern slaves.’…..woah !?….this is extraordinary information! What audacity!

      British east India company did the following and they still have the audacity to show lies to the world! The below info has been erased from history books! Even today descendent’s of these people live in these countries!

      Around 1834 the English speaking white man abolished slavery.

      He then reinvented slavery in the form of Indentured labour from India. 

      Never in the history of mankind has there been a saga of such greed and injustice– where more than 1.3 million innocent humans were duped whole sale , given a life sentence , dumped in far flung corners of the planet and forgotten for ever.  Life was dehumanizing, with no honour, little pay, poor diet, long toiling hours , insults , monetary fines and floggings with cattle whips at the slightest provocation. 

      Countries like Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad, Jamaica, South Africa, Mauritius, Fiji, Reunion , Kenya , Tanzania, Malaya etc had the bulk of Indian labour.


      1. Read the history of British brutality during the Mau Mau revolt which the Bris buried in secret files in a separate location until a court order forced them to declassify the docs.

        Factoid: Obama’s grandfather was among those tortured in the Mau Mau uprising.


  7. See – the Hindu works hard, follows the law of the land – and they stomp on him as he is an easy target.

    And the bible belts hate Muslims but hate the Hindus even more bcos they pray to idols and don’t believe in the “one god” – all the while ignoring their own symbolic worship of the Cross, Mary with the child etc and not understanding the concept of brahman in the veda/upanishads.

    And the liberals love the Muslims as they do these type of things. Which is ok in
    their books and they can pull a million justifications for the same.


  8. Yes we are what is wrong with the world!!
    Never mind that there are hundreds of thousands of churches that preach racism and eternal torture.Never mind that there are just as many Majids preaching death to the kaffirs!!It is the ever improving Hindu society that is what is wrong with the world
    Christie converts in South India have seperate churches for seperate caste groups,but it is us Hindus who are casteist even though we all go to the same temple!!
    These foul people keep hurling abuses at us because of our Brown Coconut elite!!
    As for their allowing peacefuls in hordes…
    Let them do it.
    Vinasha kaale vipareetha budhi
    This is the beginning of the end of the west as we know it.
    What we should be more concerned about is ensuring that these racist and regressive missionaries are necked out of the country and that their superstitions are done away with.
    Let them delude themselves in their own countries if they want to.Our concern should be about the wwll being of our country and co-religionists.
    (I have come to the conclusion that to the white “libral” the poor brown Hindu is a regressive and suprstitious stone worshiper who ought to be enlightened.No point engaging with such foul bigots)
    P.S What is the govt. thinking letting that “Compassion” International back in!!Do we really need these people spreading their illiberal thinking?If this keeps up we will end up with a bunch of Christian Republicans to deal with in addition to the Peacefuls.


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