They owe Smriti Irani an apology!

For the insiders of Lutyens Delhi, Smriti Irani is no less than a terrorist. One can imagine Rahul’s caretakers waking up in a sweat night after night, trembling in fear. After all, 2019 is coming and the clown prince will have to face the ferocious saffron tigress in Amethi. Come what may, Pappu can’t escape from Amethi, no trusted “Ramu kaka” of the family can run as a replacement. Pappu will have to face the tigress himself.

It is therefore no surprise that Smriti Irani has been the second most vilified personality in the Modi government, the first being Modi himself. And her stint as HRD Minister brought her face to face with the academic snake pit of secularism. They tried to drown her in a toxic cocktail of communism, sexism, elitism and rabid Hinduphobia.

As such, if one were to sit down and count the number of ways in which Smriti Irani deserves an apology…Ha! Well, I don’t  know if Pappu can even count that far.. Anyway, here is the latest :


No dear media, it never was a “fake degree case”. She only made a typo in an affidavit, she never created a  “fake degree” of any kind. By still referring to it as a “fake degree” case, you are continuing to be unfair to the minister, but then that is what your supari entails, doesn’t it?

But because she was a commoner and not a royal, the media dragged her through the mud over the alleged “fake degree” and took this ridiculous non-issue to every corner of this nation. The media gave a further impetus to this case after Kejriwal’s darling law minister was found to have printed fake graduation and law degrees. No, the two cases are not comparable, they never were. Smriti Irani made a typo in an affidavit. Jitendra Tomar committed repeated acts of criminal forgery : first he forged a graduation certificate, then a law degree certificate. Finally, when his credentials were challenged, Tomar even forged an RTI reply!


Jitendra Tomar is a certified criminal. But for the sold out media, a typo was as good as 2 forged certificates and a forged RTI!

It is no surprise that yesterday when the Delhi court came down heavily on the petitioner against Smriti Irani for trying to needlessly harass the minister, the media made it a footnote and buried the story quickly. Can you see even a trace of this story on any news channel or in any newspaper today? Do you see any mention of this story on Firstpost or Troll or any other news website? Of course not. Because their bluff has been called. And there is of course no need for media zealots to apologize to Smriti Irani for sullying her reputation in the last two and a half years. After all Smriti is just a commoner and the supari media was just doing what it been hired to do.

Had it been a royal, the media would have been quacking in its boots before speaking up. Just compare the ZERO FOLLOWUP by media in the British Buddhu case to the two and half year long ordeal faced by Smriti Irani. I am willing to be charitable and say that this was just a typo…


But will the supari media give the same benefit to Smriti Irani? Of course not. Because she is a commoner and Rahul Gandhi is a prince. How dare we suggest that India’s royal family is not Indian? After all, their clan has copyrighted the idea of India. So, Pandit Nehru can busy himself with obtaining a “proper horoscope” for Rajiv from a “competent astrologer” Nehru will always be the posterboy of scientific temper. But, hell will break loose if Smriti Irani dares to do this:


Hey supari media, let me tip you off to some big news. You were right. Actually Smriti Irani does have a fake degree. She keeps that fake certificate in a secret locker in England.  To find it, all you have to do is go to  Cambridge University and then look for the “Lennox Cook School”


There in the main hall at Lennox Cook School,  University of Cambridge, you will find a big saffron locker. Incidentally, the code for opening the combination lock is the same as Mukesh Ambani’s Swiss bank account number which you can easily get from Kejriwal.

Oh and if you have any trouble finding the location of Lennox Cook School at University of  Cambridge, you should ask for help from a “competent astrologer”. Just like Pandit Nehru used to.


20 thoughts on “They owe Smriti Irani an apology!

  1. We blame Mumtaz Begum to be a Teresa cheerleader or funding imams.
    Modi does the same.
    They blame the Italian to support Burkha Dutt types. Arun Jaitley does the same.

    Can we start being honest?


    1. I have been saying for a long time that while there are rough edges to her that still need to be ironed out, I definitely see PM potential in Smriti Irani. She is tough as nails, no-nonsense, very articulate, and can be charming when she needs to be – and I mean that in a very complimentary way. Even I think she will be ready by 2024 or 2029.


      1. There is potential. Modi has done the right thing by letting her sit out for a while and cool off in the textile ministry. She is an asset for the future. The constant media vilification was beginning to show on her. She needed a break.


  2. CW…a fine post!….covered all the points….and very clearly brought out the fact that Smriti has been needlessly targeted just because she is a commoner and not from the lousy elite!!

    Last part is epic!


  3. We have Smriti Irani to tackle Rahul Gandhi in Amethi in 2019.We need to find someone for Rae Bareli to take on Sonia Gandhi in 2019.My vote is for Subramanian Swamy.Swamy vs Sonia will be fun to watch.


    1. Ha ha ha… but by 2019, I think Sonia will be too old and sick and it will be poor optics for BJP to fight too hard in Rae Bareilly. Pappu is young and we have Smriti to hit the big electoral punch.


  4. I’ve heard from people who have dealt with her face to face that Smriti Irani is very arrogant. So while she is great at tackling Burqa or causing heart attacks to Buddhu, she might not be PM material unless she reforms her ways. But she is also very young, having just crossed forty, so time is on her side. If she is smart / humble enough to learn from her mistakes then her chances will climb.

    I will make a prediction: In 2019 the barmaid might be too sick to contest from Rae Bareli. In 2019 Dr. Swamy would have crossed 75, and in any case I doubt that voters in Rae Bareli would vote for a South Indian. He should be fielded from Tamil Nadu if at all.


    1. I have heard similar things, especially about Smriti arrogantly checking her phone when senior officials are trying to talk to her.

      But I doubt BJP will ever field Swamy from TN. BJP’s politics there is a love-hate relationship with ADMK.


  5. Smriti may not be PM material, but she does hold her own in a debate. I’ll grant her that much.
    To digress a bit, in the old days when you couldn’t knock an enemy fort, you laid siege and got your sappers to mine a tunnel under the ramparts. Then this mine was filled with gunpowder, and on D-Day – boom – up went the mine and down came the fort’s wall.
    Smriti is such a fort, and as i’ve pointed out earlier in some previous comments in previous posts here, the Ministry of Textiles is riddled with corruption. This Ministry disburses freebies and subsidies in the name of the Holy Father of the Nation. Freebies plus subsidies equals corruption. These are the mines i was mentioning in the last few sentences. Pappu’s minions only have to bring in the powder and fuses.
    CONgress absolutely knows about this corruption – having done PhDs in it for the last 70 years. Why, they’ve virtually written the Encyclopedia Corruptonica on corruption. There’s isn’t a scam or potential scam they don’t know about.
    So Smriti will needs to be careful, very careful.


  6. Smrithi is most vilified person after Modiji, and both survived to rise in adverse situations against their detractors. Considering she is less than 40 years old and with long political career ahead, she will certainly be great leader for the country. The best quality in Smrithi is her fighting spirit and never say die attitude which automatically makes her PM contender.


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