#SamjhautaBlastTwist : How dark was the UPA?

Friends, the last two days have been hard as a citizen of India. No, it is not just about a political ideology, this is more. This is about the fundamental contract of faith between the Government of India and the citizens of India. We used to take certain things for granted. Remember how we used to laugh at Pakistan and say: that can’t happen here in India? No matter how angry we were with the UPA, we were sure that there the results of the General Election would be respected by all, that there would be no tanks on the streets. The key is that we took this stuff for granted.

In the last two days, we have discovered that we got lucky. We were just lucky that the elections were held and transition of power actually happened. 

As the dark deeds of the UPA are now tumbling out of the closet, we now know that the UPA government would stop at nothing to fight its political opponents. First we learn that the Home Minister secretly changed an affidavit about Ishrat Jahan after signing it himself! This was no ordinary case, this was a case of terrorists who had come to assassinate a sitting Chief Minister! And the government of the day was happy to whitewash the  reputation of a Lashkar member to settle scores with Modi.

What is amazing is how many things we took for granted when we should have worried about them! It’s like there were all these dangers around that we never realized. Knowing what we know now, it seems that from 2004-2014, we should have worried about Modi’s security each time he stepped into a Congress ruled state. Except we never did.

It’s like we slept blissfully through a tsunami and have woken up only after the waters subsided. Looking out of the window, we are just realizing how much danger we were in while asleep. Modi had a providential escape folks…make no mistake about it. These people would have stopped at nothing… 

After #Ishratfile on Monday, came #SamjhatuaBlastTwist on Tuesday, blowing apart whatever little faith ordinary people could still have left in the integrity of the UPA government.

A key witness in cases involving ‘right-wing extremists’ has alleged that he was ‘coerced’ to give a statement framing people, including Swami Aseemanand, in the Samjhauta Express blast case.

The man identified as Yashpal Bhadana, a member of Abhinav Bharat, recorded his statement before a magistrate under Section 164 CrPC in connection with the 2008 Malegaon case being probed by the National Investigation Agency (NIA).


And this:

NIA on Tuesday said there was no proof against Lt Col Prasad Purohit in the Samjhauta blast case but investigation against him is underway in connection with the Malegaon blast case. “There is no proof against him in Samjhauta blast case. He was never an accused. I wonder why his name is being linked to Samjhauta blast case,” NIA Director General Sharad Kumar said.


This is simply breathtaking! All these years, folks…so many years…

So many years they built up a whole castle of lies simply to create the ghost of “saffron terror”.

All to defame their political enemies in the Hindu right wing. And what did they do? They decided to destroy the reputation of an Army officer to create this lie!

Folks, they actually made up a story about there being terrorists inside the Indian Army! All because they wanted to create a bogey of saffron terror, so that the liberals could have a talking point in face of endless Islamic jihad terrorism!

Take a moment and absorb the full reality of that statement. Let it sink in.

Let’s think about that again for a moment. Somewhere in deep dark corners of Delhi, the thought process must have unfolded thus:

a) It’s becoming very hard to defend Muslim appeasement policies in the face of deadly terror attacks. What can be done? Any ideas?

b) Idea! Why not create a fake bogeyman called “saffron terrorist”? But how to create the profile of such a terrorist?

c) Ah! Look at that! A deadly jihadi attack that just killed dozens of innocent people.

d) Excellent! Let  the real terrorists be given a pass. Instead, let an Indian Army Officer be picked up and blamed as the “saffron terrorist” behind the act!

That is scary to imagine, is it not?

Today, more than ever, we have reasons to be thankful for May 16, 2014. And more than ever, we have reasons to fear about 2019. Just think what they did because Vajpayee knocked them out of power for 6 years. Can you imagine what revenge they would have planned for the 282-44 drubbing?

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35 thoughts on “#SamjhautaBlastTwist : How dark was the UPA?

  1. CW,
    Fixing opponents thru hook or by crook has been going on for decades in political india ( and for centuries before that in princely states and kingdoms).
    Anything goes foe survival. If bjp is not smart enough to fix its opponents successfully and not get caught- then it deserves its fate.

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    1. Rightwinger,
      ordinarily I would agree with you whole-heartedly. But the revelations from the last two days have shaken me tremendously. UPA was much more evil and sinister than we thought. And we don’t know how much more evil there could emerge. Maybe #IshratFile and #SamjhautaBlastTwist are just the tip of the iceberg. Have you considered that?

      A lot has come out that we couldn’t imagine. In the same way, the establishment opposing Modi could be much more powerful than you or I imagined. It may not be that simple. The exoneration of Col. Purohit and removing the Samjhauta Blast smear from the heads of Hindus is a solid step in the right direction. If you look at the calendar, it is less than 1 year 11 months since Modi took office. Now more than ever, we must give Modi time. The strength of the enemy he faces is much bigger than we could have imagined. So, our prescriptions will not work….we do not know the strength level of the enemy.


      1. There have been many similar or worser ‘fixes’ and right from the time of gandhi/nehru ( tilak, savarkar, bhagat singh, bose etc bore the brunt of the politicking then ). Then there was the sudden death of ‘Lal bahadur shastri’ in mysterious circumstances at Tashkent. Then the notorious ‘nagarwala’ case . Then the shameful’ shimla accord’ .. And many many more.

        Whilst our difference in perception could be because of generation gap of over two decades in our ages – but politics got the adjective ‘dirty’ precisely because of the corruption , contrivedness and shady deals.

        In politics even the most honest and righteous ones will have to smart enough to ‘fix’ opponents ( evil beings) . Even Pandavas could defeat evil kauravas only thru outsmarting them. Winner indeed takes all. The end justifies the means ( unfortunately this is the shoddy state of affairs) .

        You would need to keep this bitter reality in mind and not be surprised by any such dirty suprises . yes , either these ( samjhautha ,malegaon , ishrat) were just some attempts or there are many many more.

        And if bjp and co are not good enough for tackling these and counter attacking then many many future shocks inevitable.

        Do Read up some material on the capabilities of chinese armed forces and that of US too.

        Enemies of India are far too many. .both within and external. And each of these enemies has done and will do whatever it takes to implement its agenda. Most are either irreverent atheists or expedient theists.. So there are no rules nor limits ( to stoop , cheat, outsmart). People will do whatever it takes to survive, win and prosper. Dharma, Karma et al – do not matter. Obnoxious selfishness and quest for supremacy drives evil beings.

        And i do not share your confidence on the capabilities and preparedness of indian govt and bjp politicians to counter these. No doubt many of the counter strategies need to be covert but then the fact that bjp and Modi could not fix known crooks and criminals so far ; and have lost many a perception battle in the past few months ( over non issues ) does keep me worried, sleepless and tenterhooks.

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  2. I once read that a country can survive a stupid populace but never survive if there are too many traitors.We are indeed blessed people that everything turned out well.We had better make sure we have a CONgress mukth Bharat by 2019.The idea of these idiots coming back to power is enough to lose sleep over *shudder*.


  3. What is really shocking is the deafening silence from MSM and leftycrooks. Their conscience doesn’t seem to be stirred by this appalling criminal behaviour of the Sonia Regime.
    What will it take for them to acknowledge that perhaps an investigation is needed, or some justice? If the Indian public don’t rise up in anger and demand action then maybe Rudyard Kipling was right, we are just monkeys.

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    1. The silence is sinister. Total blackout from India Today group. Some of the more right wing channels like India TV and Zee news made a couple of noises before going quiet.

      Madam is much more powerful than we thought.

      Take this sinister situation…India Today’s Shiv Aroor has been tweeting about the Ishrat case. But he dare not say one word about it on air. Shows you how deeply entrenched the powers are…

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    2. Conscience, Guilt, sense of responsibility, ethics, morals etc are only for naive idiots.
      If one is honest and conscientious then it helps many others prosper at ones expense.
      I see most of the Hindus ( and Indians ) laid black , complacent, fatalist, blinded by misplaced beliefs and blind faith, preoccupied with inanities, misplaced priorities- these are our inefficiencies. We cannot blame others ( our opponents/enemies/competitors ) for our failings and weaknesses.

      A section of human race has raced light years ahead and majority of us are lagging far far behind.


  4. Hey CW,this is not related to the post but who in your opinion is the most sensible RW person on Twitter?I think it’s Diptarup Chakraborti(@Diptonew).Very sensible guy in my opinion and not driven by emotion unlike other RWs.


  5. So innocent people rot in jail for years just because somebody thinks her countryman Machiavelli was right: everything is justified for gaining power. (Yeah, that’s right, his book The Prince does indeed say that.)

    I wonder if Indians can work up the same outrage as the French did more than 100 years ago in the Capt Dreyfus case. In this affair, an artillery officer Capt Dreyfus was railroaded in an espionage case. He was Jewish and religious prejudice caused him to be found guilty in a scandalous trial. He spent 8 years in a hell-hole of a prison on Devil’s Island, off the South American coast. The writer Emile Zola was indignant enough to publish a front page article titled J’Accuse… against the sham trial. Eventually Dreyfus was exonerated and reinstated in the army in time to see active service in WW1.

    Which brings me to the case of Purohit: Army officer, wrong religion, a judiciary willing to serve as cat’s paw for some Higher Up, wrongful imprisonment for long years, disgrace for no reason…

    Will his story end similarly?

    If Sonia Gandhi ever has to flee to Italy I know one business she can run profitably. The picture framing business.

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    1. Interesting. I had always heard the name Dreyfus somewhere but did not know this history.

      We used to think that the UPA was just a bunch of thieves. They were much more evil than that…


    2. I like your comparison with the Dreyfus affair , but that was a different era, almost feudal. India now is the largest democracy in the world, a free press and independent judiciary .
      Where were the safeguards in the system to prevent this happening? Do you think corruption is so deeply ingrained that we don’t want to believe our country was so rotten.


      1. These days I’m reading Tavleen Singh’s latest book India’s Broken Tryst. In this she mentions how everyone was shocked by Sonia’s victory in her first term and Delhi became awash with conspiracy theories. One of them was that some mysterious foreign power was funding her rise, her mandate being to run India’s economy (and with India itself) into the ground. Whether this theory was true or not, the facts as they revealed themselves by 2013-14, have turned out pretty much in accordance with these objectives.


  6. One reads about such happenings in novels! But then such a thing has happened under our nose during our life time……this is mind boggling!!

    Lt. Col. Prasad Shrikant Purohit……what the earlier govt. has done to this patriot is terrible!!

    Lt. Col. Prasad Shrikant Purohit has been in jail as an under-trial for over six years under the stringent MCOCA (Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act)

    Aiding the colonel’s defence is the testimony by 50 army personnel in the military court that he was, in reality, an infiltrator and NOT a conspirator.

    Purohit had developed an effective intelligence network and was successful in putting together useful information about the infamous terror group, SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) and its links with Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the ISI (Inter Services Intelligence). Purohit’s service record shows that he had received several commendation certificates for good performance.

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    1. Thanks Srinivas. Just finished reading the letter. Truly bone chilling. I can’t believe I had not read this before. By the end of this week, I want to transcribe this into a typed up pdf file so that it is easier for people to read and distribute. Everyone needs to read this.


    2. A glaring wrong has been done to people like Lt. Col. Prasad Shrikant Purohits,Nambi Narayanan by UPA government,unable to understand why BJP government is not setting it right!…why are their hands tied!?

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  7. Are we complaining about our Presstitute media is silent on Col. Purohit case? I remember our Presstitute media spreading rumor that Col. Purohit stole explosives from army stockpile. Seems like Digvijay Singh revived his political career on one issue of “Saffron Terrorists”.

    Now I have a strong feeling that UPA head hanchos knew (or worse planned) all about 26-11 terror attacks in advance, they had all planned out how to implicate Saffron Terrorists (some of them even started to write book about that), but the attacks got out of hands, a Pakistani terrorist got caught red-handed and the whole plan fell apart. Of course even then they tried every which way to implicate Saffron Terrorists.

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  8. So horrific CW. We are really lucky that we survived tsunami. By the way, it is believed that, kandhar hijack could have been prevented. The congress government in Meghalaya received information but did not pass it to BJP government at center. It is also for sure that emerging leaders like madhvrao and rajshekar reddy were probably killed by the order of madam, so that pappu does not have much competition. If she can kill her own party members, she can do anything for lust of power. Indeed she is very powerful.


    1. Remember how the Dynasty rescued some IAS officer’s son from American jail after Bhopal tragedy. If they can save a man serving jail in America for terrorism, they can do anything…


  9. Dear CW, I guess 16 May should be our Second Independence Day. I have read conspiracies, evil than these, more sadistic than what waitress and her stooges planned, but never in my memory I had suspected this to take place in our Country. As a serviceman’s son, my heart goes out to the family of Colonel. May God give them strength. But is this the first time we are hearing about conspiracy to throw someone out of power by these methods or to defame.. I want you to go and read about Purulia Arms drop. A conspiracy to throw Commies out of power in WB. If something of that degree can be attempted, what we are witnessing now shouldn’t surprise us.


    1. I agree wholeheartedly. Despite all my dislike and anger towards the Congress party, I never actually thought a day like this would come. I underestimated how evil they were.


  10. Its simply terrifying to imagine how our children will live and survive. Sonia seems to have total control on every politician of every party including few in BJP. Otherwise how else Nitish, Laloo, Kejri and many of them, who started their political careers against Congress are now gate keeping Congress doors? What are they scared of? It may be money which always attracts politicians, OR it may be something else too. Chaiwalaji, your articles must be made available in other languages too, particularly in states like Bihar, UP, down South so that the illiterates who elect these scoundrels must be pounded with some sense.

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    1. I have also wondered how she can have so much influence over these people and the media. Does she have a cabinet full of their indiscretions to blackmail them with?
      I truly wish Mr Manmohan Singh comes out and tells the truth because I believe he is a decent human being underneath the cocoon placed over him by the black widow.


      1. Some of the Dynasty’s former stooges like Natwar Singh, H R Bhardwaj etc have actually come out with startling revelations. The media buried them. As and when and if MMS finds his conscience, the media will bury that too…


    1. Now that I am beginning to read about what Col Purohit and all the other so called Hindu terror suspects went through, it is indeed a tragedy that this happened in our country.


  11. It is really shameful that the the HM Rajnath was doing nothing since he assumed power while it was left for the Times Now and News X to expose how the crooks in the UPA had contrived to frame the brave sleuths who destroyed the terror module in the Ishrant case and innocent Hindus in the Samajauta bomb blast case .


    1. I am pretty sure it is the Home Ministry itself that has fed this news to Times Now and NewsX. There is no way they just stumbled upon these exposes that too in the same week…


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