Secular terror feasts on more BJP men, media prioritizes life of a horse

After all, it’s a horse, not some lowly cow.  While Indian media yesterday spent its time showing the cruelty inflicted by a BJP MLA on some horse in Uttarakhand, secular terror claimed its latest victim:

It’s only Tuesday, most of the week is still left. I am quite sure that secular terror will eat up more BJP workers by the end of the week. By now, it has become a part of life for right wingers in India. Secular terrorists hunt BJP and RSS workers at will. A few days ago, it was Sujith in Kerala. Then, it was a VHP leader murdered in broad daylight in Agra. Then, it was the BJP worker in Kannur who was driving an auto-rickshaw and was hacked to pieces in front of children. Yesterday it was Raju in Mysore. I heard that BJP’s ex-state vice president was attacked in Kerala yesterday. The BJP’s sitting vice president in Bihar was gunned down in broad daylight and this was the reaction from the ruling JDU:

Nothing to see here, really. Secular terror is just making India better by reducing the load of the world. Whether BJP workers are driving an autorickshaw, riding a motorcycle, selling flowers, standing at a tea stall or walking through the market, secular terror picks its targets at will and hunts them down mercilessly. The only red that our political class can see is the sacred red in the dreaded Commie flag with the hammer and sickle, not the red in the blood of right wingers who are slaughtered day after day in cold blood. The cocktail class would rather talk about a horse getting beaten up than a BJP worker getting his head sliced into two.

Actually I am grateful to Rajdeep Sardesai for his brutally (pun intended) honest response to Prashant Poojary’s murder:

But when we seek to compare two instances without even bothering to examine the political context, we are entering dangerous territory. Prashant Poojary was a Bajrang Dal activist in Moodbidri. The Bajrang Dal has self-admittedly used violence as a weapon against minorities (don’t believe me, meet Babu Bajrangi in Gujarat or listen to him in a Tehelka expose). Poojary has been allegedly involved in cases of intimidation and violence in the region. He was fighting the “beef Mafia” as part of the anti-cow slaughter agitation.


They made it quite clear that right wing lives don’t matter because those murders have “context”. I did a simple calculation that day and asked: the BJP claims 10 crore members. Even if just 25% of them are active members, by Rajdeep’s logic we now have 25 million Indians who can now be massacred without Lutyens liberals taking any notice. For comparison, six million Jews died in the holocaust. So, what liberals are effectively saying is that secular terror can carry out four holocausts before anyone will take notice. Because these 25 million people are not Indian citizens with rights, they are just “Dharti ke bojh” or quite  literally the “scum of the earth” as the JDU would describe it.

But enough of blaming the liberals. It is time to ask the BJP leadership some tough questions. I am proud of men like Prashant Poojary or K Raju who have selflessly and bravely laid down their lives for a cause. Unlike the scum liberals who fight for their queen, Prashant Poojary got nothing…he didn’t get to go on shopping trips to Rome sponsored by dubious corporate donors…he made a living as a flower seller until the day his life was taken by the sacred axe of Indian secularism. Another innocent Hindu life smothered to satisfy the bloodthirst of Indian liberalism…. But the question is whether the leaders in Delhi care about the sacrifices being made by their workers on the ground!  To be fair, BJP Karnataka MPs and MLAs (and in particular Mysore MP Pratap Simha) were on the ground yesterday demanding justice for K Raju:

But, I am asking the question to the leaders in Delhi. We thought we had 282 MPs. Why is our sea of 282 MPs not roaring in the Lok Sabha demanding justice for our fallen cadres? This little clip from Meenakshi Lekhi is all I could find:

The video is 5 minutes long. 5 minutes, Madam Meenakshi Lekhi? 5 minutes? Is that all the time our 282 MPs had for the life of countless BJP workers? 5 minutes in Lok Sabha that too coming from a common MP like Meenakshi Lekhi rather than from a Minister! I am sorry to say this, but I saw Yechury and co. and their 2-3 MPs or whatever bringing the sky down because one of their small student union thugs spent a couple of nights in jail and got lightly beaten up. There are 282 of you in the Lok Sabha sitting with a commanding majority and all we have from you is five minutes of complaining from Meenakshi Lekhi! That amazing, eye popping majority that you enjoy has come out of countless such sacrifices of people like K Raju and Prashant Poojary. Have you forgotten that?

And where is our leader, our general? Our Hindu hriday samrat? The man behind whom we all rallied in hopes of a brilliant new Hindu dawn for our ancient motherland? As Swarajya pointed out recently:

Under his ‘powerful watch’, BJP and Sangh Parivar leaders have been killed with impunity across the country by political and ideological rivals.


Instead this is what we get when RSS is compared with ISIS:

In Parliament, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that nothing is a bigger threat to the world currently than ISIS. “It is using tanks and armies against other religions,” he said. “It offers instructions on how to rape women. To suggest it is like another organisation gives it respectability – this is what you have done, perhaps inadvertently.


Perhaps inadvertently!! My god! Did Arun Jaitley seriously make an excuse on behalf of Ghulam Nabi Azad? You know, I know that Jaitley has never been a very popular man among RWs on social media, but so far I had never seen any reason to single him out. Jaitley has been Modi’s ally since 2002 Gujarat polls. Yes, Arun Jaitley’s manners, way of speaking, the circles he moves in all resemble those of the Lutyens liberals we despise. But, I had always tried to be objective when thinking about Jaitley and not hold this against him. I did not want to be prejudiced against him simply because he doesn’t seem like “one of us”, i.e., purely because of his manners and what he sounds like…  But Jaitley has brought tremendous shame upon the party and done a great injustice with apologetic “perhaps inadvertently” remark. Here is the comment from the Troll writer:

Jaitley is being charitable by saying Azad might have inadvertently erred in putting the RSS and ISIS in the same sentences

Do you see that? Even the writer for Troll thought that Jaitley was being “charitable” to the Congress! When even Troll feels that you are being too generous to the Commie-Islamist brigade, imagine where you have fallen…


30 thoughts on “Secular terror feasts on more BJP men, media prioritizes life of a horse

  1. I am putting my heads down as a mark of sadness of the Hindu lives we have lost & as a mark of shame on our BJP MPs & Ministers. If Modi can’t stop this nonsense, who else can? May be Subramanian Swamy. I have no respect for AJ. If not for him Barka would have been behind bars. Also, AJ is a total failure as he did not win the election. He was in charge of Delhi elections. He is also a failure as an FM. Someone rightly called him as “P Chidambaram in pyjama”. Don’t how & why Modi is still tolerating him. Arun Shorie would have been a better choice for FM.


  2. This blatant attack on Hindus be it by commies/Muslims has reached a atrocious limit added to which the frustration of seeing this inaction of this BJP government!!

    This Govt At Center Has Become Impotent, forget about protecting Hindus, they Cant Even Protect their own People!!

    Being Full Majority BJP Govt At Centre, Hindus Have To Trend & Plead #Justice4Hindus @PMOIndia


  3. Why no action by GOI in stopping the killings,nobody cares for stupid statements by these politicians ,We the people demand action to stop these type of killings …what is the fault of these people who have lost their lives …they were either BJP or RSS worker!!

    Can this be a reason for being killed in Hindu majority country??!!


  4. “There are 282 of you in the Lok Sabha sitting with a commanding majority and all we have from you is five minutes of complaining from Meenakshi Lekhi! That amazing, eye popping majority that you enjoy has come out of countless such sacrifices of people like K Raju and Prashant Poojary. Have you forgotten that?”

    CW very well said!!…..Are these 282 duffers too stupid to realize that lives of the country men are being lost just because they are supporting this government!

    Instead of going into explosive action mode to prevent lose of life ….we get to hear their dumb statement!!


  5. Nobody cares about “hindu life”. Nobody, not even a street dog in this country. If it would havebeen been Muslim life, forget about commies, BJP would have been defending on tv channels stupidly. Less said about jay-Italy (AJ), its better. If congress has pappu to destroy congress. Then bjp has jaitely to destroy bjp. Its irony that swami is sidelined in bjp. While the guy who could not even win his constituency is FM.the peace lovers who killed mysore RSS karyakarta, are still roaming freely. Police under order of congress government is not ready to attest them. Pathetic.


    1. Beyond shocking what is happening in the last 2 big Congress ruled states of Karnataka and Kerala. These two states are the last remnants of UPA’s anti-Hindu rule. Congress has always been pseudo-secular, but the virulent anti-Hindu hatred is new, perfected as a policy during SG era. Karnataka and Kerala carrying on with this policy. My sense is that Uttarakhand and Himachal Congress govts have been going moderately pro-Hindu in order to save themselves.


  6. Nothing worse can happen to Modi ji after having been hounded for 12 long years for Gujarat riots and he came out unscathed. Now leave alone BJP workers tag who are being hacked at will by the communist party murderers. As a Central Apex Govt will you not act upon if a common man is killed on the streets.

    Though being a staunch BJP supporter, am not for all the BJP Ministers just because they belong to a party that I love. We know 2,3 factions within BJP and few black sheeps among them who are equally incensed with Modi that they are not able to enjoy certain privileges (???!!!) as Ministers under the watchful eyes of Modi ji. As a fall out, I believe lot of internal information is being leaked to the opposite camps, thus preparing them well for any eventuality.

    Why are the murders happening every other day?? When the State machinery fails completely (rather encourages these murders) why can’t the Central Govt forcefully take control of the situation than mutely leaving it as a State subject. Absolute jungle raj in Kerala, next only to Bihar.

    Frustrating. Where is the end, more deaths from BJP cadres?? We cannot be so tolerant at the cost of our own lives.

    Modi Ji & Rajnath Singh Ji, what are you waiting for still?? please don’t remain as mute spectators till the last BJP cadre dies. Sickening..


    1. It is better than nothing, but we need Union Ministers on the ground talking about whats happening in Kerala and Karnataka. If a top Minister or Amit Shah attended the funeral of a BJP worker, media would have no choice but to cover. Even a tweet from our PM would have driven the news media flocking there. But disappointed 😦


  7. Sometime I feel that if BJP was not a ruling party but an opposition party, it’s leaders would have raised a lots of hackle if BJP/Hindu activists were murdered. Somehow I feel that BJP is taking ‘it is the state responsibility’ a little too far.

    You never know when the Pseudo Secular would become animal lovers. We definitely condemn any cruelty to animals. All indications are that BJP agitators were trying to force the police to dismount the horse. They started pushing and shoving the horse. Poor horse’s leg gave in and got twisted awkwardly, hurting him pretty badly. I doubt there was any intention to hurt the horse. The BJP MLA with ‘Lathi’ was not even near to the horse.


  8. Very nice post. I have always maintained that supporters of Modi should question him on ones concernd rather than simply and blindly support him even on indefensibles.

    It is only by keeping them on tenterhooks can one sieze the initiativrme back wnd have our elected representatives work in our interests rather than they working on the agenda of dynastycrooks and mediocre media.


  9. ARUN JAITLEY managed always to step higher, through a deliberate cultivation of the media, the power brokers, corporate, the glitterati, and the influence and power that he came to acquire over them, officially and unofficially.

    Media moghuls, many of them ARUN JAITLEY good friends, refused to publish any information that exposed or criticized his questionable, and sometimes corrupt actions.









  10. Good post CW and whole-heartedly agree. I feel Modi is trying to carry his statesmanship too far. Law and order might be a state problem but sometimes the CEO has to bash the rest of the C-suite to get their attention to a serious problem and Modi is not doing that. This will only embolden the left wing cabals to continue with these random and senseless acts of violence, aided by a media that does not give two hoots for our lives.


    1. Thanks! There is something wrong with Dilli. Nowadays I want “Modi classic” back. The acerbic Modi who was not scared to take these people on. Nowadays he restricts himself only to carefully crafted sarcasm. The old Modi who used to be in “full flow” is missing.


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