RSS = ISIS? The outrageous poison in Indian political discourse

I believe that the poisonous argument originated in the gutters of paid academia when Mameluk Irfan Habib said this:

In his speech, historian Irfan Habib said, “There is not much difference between Islamic State and the RSS as far intellect goes.”


At that time, I had blogged about this and the main thrust of my comments was that this is how Mameluks try to legitimize ISIS. After all, they need to find some way to make excuses for widespread Islamic barbarism across the world and they do that by trying to compare ISIS with RSS. After all, if the RSS/BJP which is sitting on the world’s largest democratic mandate can be compared with the Caliphate of ISIS, the image of ISIS’ brutal theocracy will get a tremendous boost. The Mameluks provide intellectual cover to ISIS and the larger global Islamic jihad, allowing it to advance one step at a time.

At the same time, this RSS = ISIS line that originated in the filthy academic cesspools of JNU, Sahitya Akademi and ICHR is now being taken mainstream by the Congress. Mameluks like Irfan Habib manufacture the filth and then it is the job of the Congress and its satellite parties (almost everyone except BJP) to take the “argument” to the masses. It is a system that has worked perfectly for ages now. The relation between the two parasites, i.e., the Dynasty and its intellectuals is actually symbiotic, a mutually beneficial relationship. With Mameluk historians, undeserving Akademi award winners and all other intellectual parasites applauding in agreement, Gulam Nabi Azad now triumphantly announces this:


The dirt that came out of the dirtbag called Irfan Habib is now being taken national. The only person in the Congress who was disappointed was Digvijay Singh, likely because Gulam Nabi Azad took the lead instead of him.

So, it is clear now. The Congress is going to take the RSS=ISIS line national. The bedrock for the argument was created in academia. Always remember that.

Also notice how the same intellectuals who can’t find any meaningful difference between RSS and ISIS are also the first to spring up and say that we can’t compare the CPI(M) with the CPI(Maoist). Yes, apparently we are supposed to care about the minute differences between various kinds of  Commies  but they will treat the RSS and ISIS as one and same! This is not just ordinary hypocrisy, there is another level to this that I would like to point out.

This also reflects the sense of self importance of Commies, much like Islamists. These Commie “intellectuals” feel that they occupy an exalted place in society and as such we the people should care about the minutiae of differences between the various wings of the Commie party, but they are allowed to make sweeping statements about us. Just like Americans expect Indians to know the name of the US President and even something about the US election, but few Americans would know about our PM or our election. Because America is a superpower and occupies an exalted position among nations. The same way with these Commie intellectuals who have declared themselves over and above us. We are required to know the difference between CPI(XYZ) and CPI(ABC) just like Americans expect us to know the difference between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. We can’t just call them all Commies, but they will lump the RSS with Hindu Mahasabha and now even ISIS(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) because they are both right wing.

The Islamists have the same sense of self-entitlement. They place Islam at the center of the universe and expect us to know everything about Shia-Sunni conflicts and Islamic culture. If we cannot tell the difference between towel,  hijab, abaya, nikab and burqa and what not, we are “ignorant”. At the same time, Mehdi Hasan mocks Ram Madhav by asking if he wants to paint the Taj Mahal “orange”! The fact that Mehdi Hasan doesn’t know that Hindus are associated with saffron rather than orange doesn’t make him ignorant. He is from the superior Abrahamic religion, he doesn’t need to learn about us, but we need to learn about him.


18 thoughts on “RSS = ISIS? The outrageous poison in Indian political discourse

  1. Dr. Swamy gave a solid slap to this Gulam of SG. With a single swipe he included support for RSS from PM Nehru about his invitation to RSS for 26 Jan. Parade and Indian voters as they have elected RSS Pracharak as India’s PM. He rightly branded this Gulam of SG as mentally insane. What he said about Gulam of SG also applied to Digvijay Singh (another Gulam of SG without the name Gulam).


    1. I will say it again. Congress under SG is radically different even from Congress of before. This level of anti-Hindu, anti-national venom inside Congress is a new feature of the SG era.


  2. Chaiwala one small point. The statement that ISIS =RSS was given by Irfan Habib of AMU not the Irfan Habib we see on Twitter. He clarified it the same day. Hope you are pointing to the AMU Irfan Habib.


  3. You can sense that Congress and liberals are getting desperate.Congress realizes that is losing relevance fast and is trying desperately to stay relevant.They will become a lot less relevant from around July-August next year because NDA will have more numbers in the Rajya Sabha and also,a new pro-NDA vice president wll most probably be elected(in fact,I think they will drop below 60 by July this year).After that,INC will become just like any other run of the mill regional party(maybe with slightly more seats).But the mortal blow will probably come in 2019.


    1. 2019 is the real moment. If the BJP holds power in 2019 (and I am reasonably sure they will), its curtains for Indian secularism. The investors in the Dynasty have decided to wait out these 5 years. But there is no way they would be willing to wait out 10 years…


  4. Subramanian Swamy on Sunday said that Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad must be mentally unbalanced for saying something so ridiculous.

    I totally agree with Dr. Subramanya Swamy….I am sure the waitress must be prompting her Gulams to make such statements now and then!Like she is seen often in the parliament encouraging her Gulams to keep shouting when something is being told about her or her husband!!


  5. Dear Sri CW, Everyday i look for your blogs without fail and enjoy reading it.I read today that Pappu has two passports.With the help of British he has a few companies in UK.After Subramanya Swamy’s disclosure I understand that parliament comitee is investigating.

    I think you can write a blog which will be quite interesting for us to read. Thank you.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Indeed, I have to check up on the story of Buddhu’s citizenship and what is going on there in Parliament committee. Will try to blog about it soon.


  6. CW, we should always point out the Fiberal and Islamists’ hypocrisy with regards to lumping together everything they think is “right wing” along with Sanatam Dharma, as you have done.

    However, their this apparent willful laziness or ignorance is only for show. Their sympathizers and Mameluks in the academia study us for constant attacks. We should also reverse the gaze and learn of Sunni/Shia/Ahmadiya, about how the Sharia and Hadiths came about etc. This is not only for point scoring in debate but to build an ecosystem of level headed analysis and criticism of Commie as well as Chrislamist ideology. Without the bedrock of academia, social media outburts and campaigns cannot be long-lived and substantive.


    1. This is actually a good point. I remember reading somewhere that the Left understands the importance of a solid academic bedrock. Not just right wing in India, but RW worldwide does not seem to be able to grasp the importance of an academic establishment.


  7. Sambit Patra retorted to Congress Mameluk who was peddling ISIS-RSS equality to visit RSS head quarters first in India and then ISIS quarters in Iraq because he may not return back from Iraq, if he went to visit ISIS first. So, Gulam should be first sent to ISIS quarters and then if he survives sent to America to preach to Donald Trump


    1. Ha ha…I think Minhaz Merchat was the first one to come up with this line. I laughed hard. Indeed, I suggest that all our seculars go on a “fact finding mission” to Iraq/Syria to write a PhD thesis on why RSS=ISIS 🙂 🙂


  8. These guys will keep saying something or the other. Ideology has nothing to do with it. This Sunday in Indian Express Tavleen Singh has called the SoGa govt as a kleptocracy. And she has identified the beginning of this kleptocracy with the rise of Quattrocchi. Now this Q guy was a nobody; he was just a front man for Sonia. They’re just upset that the open loot has ended.


    1. Indeed the loot has totally ended. With the Modi PMship in full swing, the gravy train has now finally screeched to a halt. No fear or favor. Not one paisa of corruption. Parrikar saves so much money on defense budget that we dont need a hike after 3 decades. Solid achievement of Modi sarkar.


  9. Its more than one day of killing of a RSS worker, and still no persstitute is talking about this. Where the hell is Azad now??


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