Dear brother Rohith Vemula…

I am older than you. Like you, I love science, stars and nature. I want to write like Carl Sagan too. But I am alive and you are not. It isn’t fair. You will never be back on this “pale blue dot”. But, we will never forgive people who used you as a human shield for their ideology.

Brother Rohith, I will always remember your parting words:

The value of a man was reduced to his immediate identity and nearest possibility. To a vote. To a number. To a thing.

I promise you brother that I will never forgive the people who reduced you to just a vote. To a thing. See how they celebrate:


That is Sujata Anandan, political editor of Hindustan Times Mumbai edition. This was only a few hours after you passed away. See how she celebrates: “Gaya…ye bhi gaya” as if a wicket has fallen in a cricket match. When you were alive, they reduced you to a vote. Now that you are not with us, they have reduced you to the level of a wicket in a cricket match. They think your life and death is just a game they are watching for their amusement. But your death is not the same as a batsman getting caught behind and walking to the pavilion. They don’t care for the dreams, the prospects, the hopes and the feelings that died with you. They only see the scoreboard and they see that a wicket has fallen.

They think they have taken a wicket and they hope that our batting order will collapse after this. For decades they worked to create a state where a certain Dynasty would always be in power and us Hindus would toil to build palaces for them. While we Hindus were not united, the ruling class was united in its single aim of keeping its power. Right now, this old ruling class is terrified by the prospect of rising Hindu unity. And they jump at the prospect of dividing us.

And you know why the ruling class and their Commie Mameluks target Dalits like you? Because Dalits are the backbone of our Hindu society. No one, absolutely no one has done more for the Hindu cause than Dalits have. For centuries, in fact, for thousands of years, Dalits have received the worst, most dehumanizing treatment from the rest of Hindu society. Yet, the people who received the very least from Hindu society were always the first to defend us. Dalits never took, they only gave. We have a certain peaceful religion that ruled over us brutally for 1000 years, then they snatched one third of our country exclusively for themselves. Even in the part of India that remained, they physically kicked us out wherever they were a majority. And after brutalizing Hindus for 1000 years, the peacefuls still stomp on our chest, demanding that WE Hindus need to give THEM reparations! For god knows what…And every now and then, peacefuls living in the part of the country they snatched permanently from us send in men with guns and grenades and bombs to take more Hindu lives.

But Dalits have suffered so much in the last 1000 years. That is why when a hateful Commie looks at India and asks himself: “What can I do to destroy India?”, his FIRST plan is to get Dalits on his side. They think that because Dalits have the least stake in Hindu society, they must be the easiest to break. Ha! They are wrong. Because, they just don’t understand just how big the heart of a Dalit is.

And so the Commies always insist on sticking the “Dalit” label on you, treating you as just a vote, a thing to be used and of course thrown away when needed. When angry peaceful mobs displace thousands of Dalits in Muzaffarnagar, they watch the fun. When poor Dalits are forced to convert to a peaceful religion to save their homes from being demolished. They laugh.

As Arund**ti Roy once did, even when a man joins the Indian Army, goes to Kashmir and dies fighting for the motherland, they label each martyr by caste and spread rumors about the nation mistreating “Dalit soldiers”. That is how desperate they are to break Dalits away from Bharat and that is how miserably they have failed. They even insulted the martyrdom of “Dalit soldiers”, it is no surprise that they have reduced Brother Rohith’s death to a matter of votes!!

Brother Rohith, we promise you we won’t let another Rohith Vemula die. We will forge a Hindu unity that will forever frustrate our enemies. We owe it to you.



45 thoughts on “Dear brother Rohith Vemula…

    1. Exactly! Hindu society is under tremendous attack. We have to work on a war footing to ensure that not a single Hindu is made to feel separate or “low caste”. As the idiom goes: if we don’t hang together, we will hang separately.

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  1. The Letter he left behind before he left this world is so sad and also shows ,what a talented guy he was ,sheer waste of life !

    The media is filled with vultures and hyenas,picking on the departed souls be it this student of a Hyderabad university,or the soldiers of pathankot attack.

    The media people are so stupid and shameless and thick skinned, every time they bay out lies ,within no time SM completely exposes them!!

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    1. The vultures are feeding to the best of their ability. But our priority will be to prevent any such sad occurence in the future. Rohith was brainwashed by these vultures who are now feasting on his dead body. Our priority should be to make sure that young minds dont fall for this poison. The suicide of this young scholar represents a failure for all of us.


  2. I am non violent and I am constrained by my Hindu culture to not provoke to be abusive, I would like to express that where were idiot Hindu representatives to let a true suffering Hindu fall into the hands of wolves known as commies and anti national pseudos. By all account and his last letter, he was an arya (true meaning a noble Santana Sanskritik). If you can’t unite and defend true Hindus, what the hack you are doing? To turn the calamities in an opportunity to serve our Dalit brothers, we should announce our first Aryaputra award to a true Arya from South India. Our true destination of Arya is noble native of Sanatan Sanskriti. To make it more rewarding than Bharat Ratna, I commit $1000, if this award is initiated by people organization

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    1. This young scholar has died because we the larger Hindu samaj failed to save him from brainwashing of Commies. We have to fight the prejudice that is around us. I have seen this prejudice in my own family. We have to all resolve to fight.


  3. To further turn calamities into our reformation, we should give opportunity to our Dalit brothers with Arya goonas in arts and film industries. Dalits are as handsome, beautiful and healthy as any other community, so why pseudoscience have promoted ugly, old Pakistani cultured stereotypes in our film media? Further, like Jews, Christians, Moslems and Buddhists, we can combined religious rituals with social and economic opportunities by allowing religious rituals performed by organized Hindu institutions based on cultural literacy and certification for a rewarding career based on sincerity and knowledge of sanatan dharma given equal opportunities to all communities. Let about 70% of Dalits, OBCs are allowed to contribute to our culture and unity by having an organised career opportunity in Hindu Charm, like others.

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  4. Communist world over fooled uneducated, unskilled workers with a carrot-stick tricks. They promised them better life and punishment for their employers. It is human nature to envy and blame bosses, supervisors and employers. They forget who and what puts bread on their dishes. So communists punished employers and businessmen as they promised, many of those businessmen ran away leaving workers jobless. This is the story of West Bengal for last 35 years. Under the circumstance Dalit community will be the easiest to fall victim of these conniving communists as Dalits hate the kind of work they had to do, forgetting without that work they would have starved. Nobody put gun at their head to do that work.


  5. To be honest, I didn’t really pay attention to the whole Rohith Vemula story with the Start up India initiative and other things going on. What is genuinely worrying is how MSM sniffs out any random story (my heartfelt condolences to the family of Rohith Vemula but it is not like student suicides are uncommon in our nation), packages it with the usual “minority” label etc, and snowballs it into a national story before you can bat an eyelid. And the common actors (RaGa, Kejri) move in sync. Amazing how often they play this script out over and over (beef ban, Dadri, now Rohit Vemula) and yet there are many gullible Indians who fall for this c***.

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    1. Of course. They are trying to set up Dadri-2 because elections are coming. But over using the same weapon again and again reduces its effectiveness to zero. The MSM will realize that in 2019.


  6. Chaiwala ,
    Even you seem to have got brainwashed ( like many other hindus ) that dalit have been exploited by rest of Hindus .
    I do not buy this . And there are many reasons disapproving this fallacy.
    First of all , india was over many princely states across different regions, languages , cultures.
    And there are thousands of castes and categorizations.
    There were also many princely states where the warriors of those states ( then ) are categorized as tribals and scheduled castes ( now ) .
    The discrimination and injustices perpetrated, if any, were more on economic criteria than caste per se . one of the kings from the mauryan empire is supposedly from barber community.
    It was a very heteregenous community across various kingdoms. It is post colonization that british started dividing indians by ‘purported’ injustice/ ghettoization ( as per british standards and convenience) .
    Otherwise most travellers to the india of then have always sung praise of how indian communities co existed peacefully.

    And what one could deem as injustice may be an administrative necessity. Even today what would you deem as appropriate/commensurate salary for the municipal workers who clean sewage ? The traffic police that have to put up with pollution, heat ? The mine workers ??? The house maid ??? The plumber ??? And who defines what is fair ???

    Humans are born with their intrinsic skills and individual persona. And they evolve as per that in conjunction with the time place environment curcumstances they are born in. No two humans are equal. We all live and die at our own risk and choice.

    But to generalize and bad mouth hinduism simply to preserve hindu unity is a stupid thing. Due to this stupidity we as a nation also has the obnoxious practise of ‘reservation’ ( first on caste basis and now basis gender and religion) … Ultimately merit and objectivity has been trivialized. ..
    There would be millions like me who would have been shortchanged on account of reservation which in turn was on account of false propoganda and fallacies perpetrated and promoted by vested interests .
    And nothing can justify destroying merit and celebrate/ ratify such special treatment based on caste.

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    1. Dear Rightwinger,
      I am sorry but we cannot deny all the evil that has happened in the name of caste in the last 2000 years. While the varna system was mere division of labor, over time it morphed into something horrible. This is not just propaganda from Commies, we can see it all around us, we can see it in our own families, we can read about it from writers like Rabindranath and Premchand. The Commie vultures think they can break Dalits from us because Dalits have got the least from Hindu samaj. Our priority should be to stop them; we cannot deny what our “lower caste” brothers have gone through.


  7. These dramas will continue, until Modi crushes them. Commies are becoming hyper day by day.Hindus will be blamed, abused, hated for each and every thing. Commies are using all tricks. It started with church attacks then intolerance, then beef issues, then malda and so on. The cycle will go on. Do not be surprised if these commies start a big scale riots. This will go on till 2019. They will try to stop Modi by each and every possible way. I belive its not Hindus but its commies who are fighting for their existence. Each and every trick will be tried to divert attention to derail development agenda. Removing commies is like going to routes and stop their nurturing. This will take a decade. By the time temporary solution will be to stop further degrading.I think till congress rule in 2014, we hindus were in divergence phase. Now with BJP (I hope) we are in transition phase, where we are seeing ups and downs. Once transition phase is finished, then we can enter in convergence phase, provided we developed unity in transition phase.
    Commies think that, Modi will also end up like Vajpayee in 2004. BJP has to fight politically with media, commies while we hindus have to fight on social front. RSS can really help here.

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    1. I think that matters are slowly coming to a head. We are seeing the casteist citadels in upheaval. We are witnessing an “aar paar ki ladai” (all out war) for the minds of “lower caste” Hindus. The idea of India crowd has basically given up on the “upper castes”. It will be a tough battle but I am convinced that we are on the right side of history. Urbanization, progress are all destroying caste divisions: Commies are fools if they think they can turn the clock back and return to the era of feudalism and casteism.


  8. To some extent, I agree with DallasUS and Rightwinger. These presstitutes are expert and dangerous and can put any common shot into a package of Hindu bashing and we are now forced to defend ourselves trapped into their games of setting agenda. Otherwise, thousands of farmers, unstable students, housewives,businessmen, ordinary people have committed suicides in the mama Nehru’s dynasty rule, who are actually responsible for inhuman condition of Rohiths of India. But we should turn this game of theirs for our unity.

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  9. In reality, the castes and Varnas were actual distribution of work based on the skills some two-three thousand years ago. At that time there was no currency. Everything was on barter system. Imagine a village at the bank of a river. In the village there would be few carpenter families, few blacksmith families, few farmer families, few protector (warriors) families, few Brahmin families etc. and few totally unskilled families. In a barter system everybody contributes to put bread on their dishes. Totally unskilled people would starve as they did not have anything to contribute. Wise men of that era gave them menial work such as taking care of dead animals, sweep the streets etc. so they get something to eat. Even at that time because of limited resources, skilled people resented that these unskilled people were extracting from the limited resources by doing non-essential works. These unskilled families later became known as Dalits. Without this arrangement the Dalit families would have starved, but today with the help from Communists, Dalits resent that upper castes people exploited them. Now don’t get me wrong. Many upper class people really treated Dalits as dirt which should be condemned with harshest words. But in essence all castes were part of Sanatan Dharma. Even Dalits, so much so that during certain time (such as eclipse), donation to Dalits took priority over any other donation including to Brahmins.

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    1. Caste became hereditary around 2000 years ago. Analysis of genes proves this….it is around 2000 years ago that we can see Indian DNA separate into classes, showing that the population has become subdivided into various communities that don’t inter marry any more. Caste was born and caste will die. The time is now.


  10. God has NOT created everybody the same.

    Same way , among men — all are NOT equal.

    Some are more intelligent, some are more handsome and some are more stronger .

    So the Vedic Sanatana Dharma system has the 4 classes, or graded inequality to sustain society. Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras .

    The Brahmins’ occupation was to learn, teach and officiate at religious ceremonies. They were supposed to be brainy. They would sit in the current day Computer science class. They could learn and teach and officiate.

    The Kshatriyas’ occupation was to bear arms and to fight.  They were supposed to be firm limbed. These are the ones who would be in the line up for a Olympic Marathon race or a boxing contest. Kings came from this category.

    The occupation of the Vaishyas was trade and business. They were the talented people. They could be called the skilled workers , craftsmen and traders.

    The Shudras’ occupation was to do physical work and menial service. They did NOT measure up to the top three. Like in every beauty contest, the ones who don’t measure up will be eliminated in the first preliminary. They can hardly bitch about it—.

    It was the white invader who created the scavenger , untouchable caste.

    There was NO Dalit system before the white invader came to India.


    The present politicians have continued the legacy left by the white invaders for their benefit of vote bank….pathetic!

    The whole world works on the system of merit ,where as India is the only country working on cast based reservation system.

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    1. Actually, as far as I know, the term “Dalit” didn’t even exist before independence 🙂 The term is not found anywhere in literature as referring to a caste or group of castes any time before 1947.


  11. Wipro Chairman Mr. Azim Premji’s comment on Reservation:

    I think we should have job reservations in all the fields.

    I completely support the PM and all the politicians for promoting this.

    Let’s start the reservation with our cricket team.

    We should have 10 percent reservation for Muslims.

    30 percent for OBC, SC /ST like that.

    Cricket rules should be modified accordingly.

    The boundary circle should be reduced for an SC/ST player.

    The four hit by an SC/ST/OBC player should be considered as a six and a six hit by a SC/ST/OBC player should be counted as 8 runs.

    An SC/ST/OBC player scoring 60 runs should be declared as a century.

    We should influence ICC and make rules so that the pace bowlers like Shoaib Akhtar should not bowl fast balls to our SC/ST/OBC player.
    Bowlers should bowl maximum speed of 80 kilometer per hour to an SC/ST/OBC player. Any delivery above this speed should be made illegal.
    Also we should have reservation in Olympics.

    In the 100 meters race, an SC/ST/OBC player should be given a gold medal if he runs 80 meters.

    There can be reservation in Government jobs also.

    Let’s recruit SC/ST and OBC pilots for aircrafts which are carrying the ministers and politicians (that can really help the country)
    Ensure that only SC/ST and OBC doctors do the operations for the ministers and other politicians. (Another way of saving the country..)
    Let’s be creative and think of ways and means to guide INDIA forward.
    Let’s show the world that INDIA is a GREAT country.
    Let’s be proud of being an INDIAN…
    May the good breed of politicians long live..*

    *Share it if you are against reservation

    Azim Premji


  12. Chronology of publicly known events in the tragic suicide of Hyderabad student Rohith Vemula

    -The Left wing student organization ASA (Ambedkar Student Association), which Rohith was a member of, protested in the University campus on the hanging of Yakub Memon with some very provocative posters.

    -ABVP students take offense of this, one student posts on facebook calling these students ‘goons’ and ‘anti-national’.

    -Member of ASA assault that ABVP student, ABVP complains to the University authorities which constitutes an enquiry.

    -A second enquiry holds 5 students guilty (previous enquiry absolved them for lack of medical evidence which was provided to the second enquiry)

    -ABVP students approach local MP who writes to HRD Ministry for action.

    -University, based on the second enquiry report suspends 5 students (including Rohith Vemula). Please note that enquiry reoprt was submitted before BJP MP wrote to HRD ministry for action.

    -The suspension was revoked after a month.

    -Much later, Rohith commits suicide, blames no one in the suicide letter. Indicates he was academically ambitious and was disillusioned over being used for politics.
    He was on his way to becoming a full blown commie before realising he was being used. Somehow, my sympathy is limited

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    1. He was on his way for sure. But it is a pity we could not stop him in time. It is a pity that we could not uproot this resident Commie evil in our campuses before it took another young life.


  13. Maybe I’m cold-hearted, I don’t know, but I really don’t feel sad for Rohit. As far as I know, he and 39 other students had brutally beaten up Susheel Kumar, causing Susheel to suffer blunt abdominal trauma, and had and his friends had also torn down the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad banner because, in his words, saffron “boils his blood.” Following the event, five members (include him) of the Ambedkar Student Association were expelled from the Hyderabad campus. He then, according to Sumedha’s twitter account, wrote to the Vice Chancellor telling him to give each Dalit 10mg of potassium cyanide. Prior to all this, he received a certificate “confirming” that he is a “Dalit” in 2015 (while, according to his grandmother, he is a Vaddera).

    In any case, if he didn’t want to be expelled, he shouldn’t have picked a fight with the ABVP, nor have ganged up on Susheel. I thought that would be common sense? Violence and conspiracy to murder (promoting suicide by giving others toxins could qualify under conspiracy to murder, IMO) is ground for suspension at practically ANY University.

    When I was in Noida, I saw a starving girl in the heat of the day was trying a hand pump from a water well, but she couldn’t. I gave some food for her and helped her, but I couldn’t get her suffering out of my mind for almost of week. I’ve also seen a boy picking up scraps near the ganda nala in Ludhiana. Witnessing all that, I wondered how people had the will-power to live under such conditions. Again, maybe I’m being cold, I doubt that Rohit had to face the same type of adversity.

    The case of the burning alive of Sawan is more disturbing, IMO. His mother was dead, and he had gotten into a tiff with his father and then left for Pune. He was accused of stealing motorcycle parts and asked whether he was Hindu. When he said yes, they forced him to drink petrol, doused him in it, and then burnt him alive. Reading about the lack of coverage that murder of Sawan recieved simply disgusts me. Moreover, reading the anti-Hindu comments on the FirstPost Rohit article makes me disgusted, especially the comments by Hanuman Redbutt (off topic, but why does India even offer refugee to these videshi Pathan suars like “Hanuman Redbutt”?). Half of my family is Jatt Sikh, and I’m personally not casteist, though my father is somewhat casteist, because he uses bhangi and chamar as insults [e.g. when I would wear non-matching clothes, he referred to me a bhangi]. But at the same time, I feel that if I was beaten by forty people and some of those who attacked me were punished, I wouldn’t feel bad for the individual who was punished because of his/her caste or any other factor. From what I can tell about Rohit, he came from a well-to-do family, was indoctrinated into leftist politics and became violent just like Naxals and Muslims around him, and ended up ruining his life.

    People make decisions and they can also suffer because of their decisions.
    For example, here is a conversation from the Udyogaparva of the Mahabharatam where Duryodhana tells Krishna, “even that much of our land which is pierced (vidhyet) by the tip of a needle will not be given away (aparityajya) to the Pandavas.” To which Krishna responds by saying “Do you seek a bed of soldiers (virashasanam)? You will attain it, just wait. A great fight (vimardah) will occur, with your advisors present.”

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    1. Cr**, I should have written “regarding the lack of coverage,” not “regarding about the lack of coverage,” as that’s redundant. Also, it should be shayanam, not shasanam. Sorry for correcting again, I should have just proofread in the beginning.


    2. I think the point is different. Rohith was born a Hindu. It was responsibility of our Hindu samaj to see that Commies would not brainwash him. He was just a pawn in the hands of those who want to destroy India. These vultures are happy that he is dead. The fact that we could not reach Rohith in time is a shame on us.


    3. I also saw the case of Sawan, the Banjara boy who was burned alive. It is shocking that Maharashtra government, which is supposedly run by our “own” has done nothing in this case.


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