Should we have reservations?

I can’t believe I have waited so long before expressing an opinion on perhaps the most hot button political issue that is possible in India!

So opportunities  are like  a pie and we would all want the pie to be divided “fairly”. I think this nice fable might be relevant here. I am sure most people know it, although I cannot remember if it is from the Panchatantra:

Two cats found a pie and decided to share it. But the cats could not make up their mind how it should be divided. Should the bigger cat get a bigger piece? Should the cat who saw the pie first get a bigger piece?  Should the cat who grabbed the pie first get a bigger piece? Should the cat that is more hungry get a bigger piece? And if someone has to get a bigger piece, how much bigger should the piece be?

A monkey passing by sniffed the opportunity and offered to “help” by dividing the pie. The monkey cut the pie into two parts and then said: oops, this piece is too big. So he ate a bit of the big piece himself and then said: oops…this piece is now too small. So he ate a bit of the other piece and so on until the whole pie was gone!

If you want to understand reservations in this country and the politics around it, there is no better way than to read this story. There is the alliance of the Commie elite, the Dynasty and the peaceful religion. And then there is the hungry Hindu society out there. The Dynasty promises to divide the pie and give us all “justice”. In the process, the country and its resources get eaten up one by one. In 1947, all of Sind, most of Punjab and Bengal were bitten off. Then, Kashmir was bitten off, now Assam and Kerala and the rest of Bengal are in the process of being eaten up. In between, they ate our coal, our spectrum, our thorium…anything and everything they could eat was eaten up.

As for the elite: they are still working on finding the magic formula of how to divide the pie correctly 😉  Some questions don’t have answers. Some questions merely exist to keep us distracted while we get robbed.

In fact, if you look at the history of India under British rule, you will see that at no point did the British ever deny that Indians “deserve” to have self-government. Indeed, the British openly declared that their policy in India is the “gradual development of self-governing institutions”. Great!! Then why didn’t they grant us self government when they really really wanted to? Because the British were supposedly working long and hard to make sure they could create a framework for a truly fair society where every community would get its due….LOL.

Any time you gather a crowd and ask the Brits: “give us our freedom”, they would say: “Absolutely…we would LOVE to give you your freedom. We are just extremely concerned about community X and wanted to see the details of your proposal to protect them after independence. Why don’t you come back on a later date with a concrete proposal on protection of X”? 🙂 🙂

Or as is often said, “divide and rule”. The Indian elite, starting right at the top with Nehru himself, is a direct descendant of the British aristocracy has held on to this policy. The British usually had only around 10,000 men posted in India, who easily kept 300 million under control. The elite understands that a United Hindu vote will end their rule instantly. As such, dividing Hindus by caste is the only way for Nehruvian colonization of India.

So, do I support reservations? 

One has to understand that this question is ill defined by design. Okay, what do you mean by “reservations”? Do you mean reservations in government schools and government colleges? Do you mean reservations in government jobs? Do you mean reservations in elected offices, such as reserved seats in Parliament, in Vidhan Sabhas and in Panchayats?

Maybe reservations in government jobs are fine. Okay, but then what about reservations at each administrative level within government jobs? Would it be fair if all the Senior Managers were “upper” caste and all the Junior Managers were “lower” caste?  Of course not. But then, why not reservations in promotions?

We already have reservations in entrance to government colleges. But why not reservations in passing exams? If it isn’t fair to have the same minimum threshold for entry of candidates, why have the same threshold for exit? Shouldn’t the pass mark also be different for different sections?

And why should we only reserve seats in Assemblies, in Parliament and Panchayats? Why not reservations within the council of ministers, reservations within the Cabinet and finally a rotating CM or PMship among various groups within the tenure of the legislature? Should the legislature be dissolved prematurely, we will need a complicated formula to work out how the “lost period” can be fairly divided among various groups.

As I said, “reservations” are ill-defined and the important thing is that this has been done BY DESIGN. The Nehruvian elite is not stupid. They did it fully knowing that we would NEVER be able to come up with the FINAL MAGIC FORMULA that fairly divides the country’s resources among all sections. And so, caste is always brought up aggressively whenever the elite is faced with the resurgent Hindu. This happened in the 90s when Hindus wanted to take back Ram Janmabhoomi from under the boot of Babri Masjid. And, of course, it is happening again now. After elections in Bihar,  someone I know within the elite told me that he is greatly thankful to caste divisions that have checked “Hindutva”.  It is no surprise that his family used to be super rich before independence, that his ancestors worked in the top echelons of the British Indian government and the Nehruvian administration that followed: but as India democratized, the fortunes of his family also declined. Guess who he has pathological hatred for? The Chaiwala who became PM!

So, what is the way forward? The solution lies in the two things that have ALWAYS created prosperity. In fact, one could argue that these are the ONLY two things that have created prosperity anywhere: CAPITALISM and LIMITED GOVERNMENT.

How do we solve the problem of reservations? We grow the private economy. A dash for reservations will exist only as long as government jobs are the most lucrative. Centuries of British and Nehruvian rule have created a system where all power is concentrated in the hands of the government, a mai-baap sarkar where the only people who have anything are those who are in bed with the government. The same works for education: we push for privately owned institutions that become centers of excellence. Not one of Princeton, Stanford, Harvard, MIT or Caltech is owned by the government, yet they have beaten out everyone else in the world when it comes to excellence.

Okay…but there is a risk here. What prevents some slimeball secular from demanding reservations in the private sector? In fact, with RTE pushing into private schools, this is *exactly* what’s happening. The only possible solution I see here is actually one that Modi seems to have focused on: MUDRA and Dalit capitalism. I give him 100/100 on this. A Dalit capitalist has the same incentives as a capitalist from any other section of society. A Dalit capitalist wants to make money. For this, a Dalit capitalist would want to hire based on merit and merit alone. A Dalit capitalist wants not only to choose the best worker, but also to have the best possible pool of workers to choose from. And who trains people to create skilled workers? Schools and colleges. If colleges admit kids based on non-merit considerations, Dalit capitalists lose out on a better trained workforce. Money is the great equalizer, because money doesn’t care what the color of your skin, your gotra or your nationality is.

And capitalists make the money. And money sets the discourse. Dalit capitalists will be the key to setting up a counter discourse within the Dalit community. Right now, the people with the loudest voice on Dalit issues are people like Kancha Ilaiah. These Commies have a vested interest in keeping Dalits as poor and deprived as possible. As Dalit lives improve, their star is setting, which is why you are seeing these people getting desperate. But the knockout punch can only come from a powerful class of Dalit capitalists who have a vested interest not in continued poverty, but in forthcoming prosperity. 

Of course when I said “Dalit” in the last couple of paragraphs, I also meant every other possible backward community: tribals, OBCs and perhaps even women.

If there is one thing that I would call Modi’s “BIG IDEA” of 2014, it was seizing the moment on Dalit youth who are hungry for a new aspirational politics. His next BIG IDEA could be promoting Dalit capitalism. And there is no doubt that he has pursued it aggressively. Secular vultures are praying for Dalit youth to choose death, I am cheering for them to embrace life and prosperity.

There is such a thing as being on the wrong side of history and idea of India liberals are currently on that side. Let me put it straight to you in the most politically incorrect fashion possible: Dalits are not Muslims. If you are hoping for Dalits to come out and say something like: “we love death more than the (other) Hindus love life”, you Commies should prepare to be sorely disappointed. We Hindus choose life and there can be no Hindu life without Dalits. Dalits have broken free of your Commie shackles and are choosing opportunity, life, autonomy and capitalism.

Oh and we promise to liberate Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar too. Forget Rohith Vemula, you Nehruvian colonizers reduced even a brilliant economist like Dr. Ambedkar to votes. Some day, take a moment to read his views on economy, on society, on Islam, on partition.

Not for the last time, Jai Bheem!



23 thoughts on “Should we have reservations?

  1. Caste system is probably the biggest divisive force within Hindu community. The Hindu society has suffered the menace of caste divide for a very long period, and it is time that this archaic and antediluvian concept is finally laid to rest. While we mourn the existence of caste divide within Hindu society, it is also pertinent to observe that there are no religious groups which do not have some kind of class/caste divide. Even the catholic Christians are discriminated on the basis of their caste before converting to christianity. Further, the Christian society is itself divided into so many groups, each declaring itself to be superior to the others. Similarly Muslims have divisions in the name of Sunnis, Shias, Wahabis, Ahmadiyas and the like and some of the hard core Sunnis do not recognize Shias and Ahmadiyas as Muslims. So, it is not simply Hindus that are divided on the caste lines, but Hindu caste system is most decried and berated the world over, and specially within India. Despite existence of such internecine divisions within other religious communities, it is in the best interest of Hindus that they discard this deplorable practice and discrimination on the basis of caste.
    But, there are certain divisive forces which keep contriving to further propagate and nurture this caste divide for their own benefits.
    The first such group is the Politicians, who believe that as long as society is divided on caste basis, they can garner support of certain specific communities in the name of caste affinities. And thus some purely caste based political parties have come up in the political scene of the country. The unfortunate fact is that while polarising votes on the bases of religion is considered illegal and bad, seeking votes in the name of caste is not viewed as divisive politics. It is time Election Commission takes cognizance of this political malaise.
    The second such group is the Proselytizers, Evangelical and Abrahamic groups, which entice the Dalit brothers, resuscitating the emotional hatred on account of caste discrimination. The absence of caste divide is not suited to their nefarious designs. These vultures prey on emotions of gullible dalits and influence and inveigle them into converting to other religions.
    The third are a section of upper castes which cannot reconcile to the idea of equality of castes, since they are hardened sections who having enjoyed the benefits of being treated as superiors and are interested in maintaining the status quo. This section wields power and is responsible for perpetuating a cult of tyranny, oppression and persecution of the dalit brothers.
    The last are a section of Dalits themselves, who are unwilling to accept themselves within the Hindu society. This section has come to realise their political clout, owing to the sheer numbers, in the electoral politics and as such want to remain aloof. A number of leaders come up from this section and these self styled leaders have emotional connect with the Dalits.
    Under these circumstances, it is imperative that Hindu organizations should come forward and pursue unification of HIndu society and explain the perils of divided society. A true mercenary zeal is the need of the hour if Hindu society is to remain on the face of the earth. Further, Radicalism of other religions has caused reduction of Hindu community, now is the time when Hindus also come to realise that Hinduism is not just Non-Violence, but it also calls for relentless and indefatigable struggle in the service of Dharma. So, it is time to hold Gita in one hand and Sword in the other, so that Hindus are not annihilated from the face of the earth.


    1. Caste became a poison in Hindu society around 2000 years ago. But I am an optimist and I feel we are approaching an endgame of caste. The important thing to remember is that caste is not a permanent feature of Hindu dharma, it was born and it will die. I think we are close to that moment.


  2. Bang on Chaiwala. This is what I am experiencing happening. You see the Mudra policy is a game changer that will empower the Dalits far more than any Govt. policy has ever done. Modi has done the right thing by focussing on this thing. The secular vultures want to keep the Dalits poor and also a vote bank. Thats it.


  3. Good post and good subject!

    ‘Dalit capitalist would want to hire based on merit and merit alone.’….EXACTLY!!

    In this highly competitive world were only merit counts this cast based reservation does not make sense.

    PM Narendra Modi must stop all religion/cast-based reservations in civil and educational institutions – this is nothing but pseudo-secularism.

    Caste based reservations are like permanent crutches. Unless they are removed SCs and OBCs cannot walk erect. These categories should certainly be helped by giving them all facilities, but thereafter they must work hard and make it on their own merit. It is totally unjustified that open category boys and girls who get 90% marks are denied admission or jobs, while those getting 40% get them due to reservations this is reverse discrimination.

    Reservations has helped only politicians by creating vote banks for them, but it has made caste ism more deeply entrenched in our society, and has further divided our people on caste basis at a time when we must be united. It is time to end caste based reservations!!


  4. In my opinion reservation system should be totally abolished..this system even if it was introduced in good faith has already exceeded its usefulness!

    If at all this system is continued……
    Why cant reservation be given simply to all “poor people”?

    So therefore I like to present 2 amendments in the law.
    1> reservations can be used by a person ONLY ONCE in his lifetime.
    2> Reservations are ONLY applicable to all poor people in the country.
    Monetary help can be given to the poor, for their complete study, but they can use reservation only once.


    1. I second you mmsrinivas. I wanted to chose medical field but I missed it by few marks. while few of my friends under reservation category who has less marks than me, easily got admission in medial. I had to chose engineering. This is similar to millions of general category people. Dr. Ambedkar assured to make reservation for only 10 years after freedom. But as we know, we had crooks, who smelled political gain for reservation issue and made it permanent. If it is there, it should be purely on financial condition.


    2. This is actually a fantastic practical suggestion: limit reservation use to ONCE in a lifetime. This could create some fascinating results. Wonder if anyone has tried to systematically study the possible outcomes of this.


      1. You are well on your way CW. But you need to get out there on Twitter world – that’s where the action is :-).

        Btw, even Ravinar gets advice on growing bigger, being in multiple languages etc. Something you should consider as well; along with getting out of wordpress.


      2. Hi Shan Sen,
        Is there a problem with WordPress? I seem to love the smooth interface and there are buttons for sharing on social media below every post.

        Indeed the action is totally on Twitter. But my constraint is that I can’t afford to lose focus on my own work. Twitter is just so incredibly addictive…lol. The other constraint is that I am not really tech savvy…my tech abilities don’t go much beyond clicking and typing on the web…


  5. Nothing wrong with WordPress. Just that it is limited to a blog. You need a site which can be better interactive, I think. That’s all.


  6. Come to think of it all, the idea of reservation is against the fundamental belief of Hinduism, which is “Karma Ka Bandhan”. Today’s Dalits could very well be the Brahmins of previous lives who treated Dalits of that lives like dirt bags and vice versa. What you are is, because of your Karma. Reservation, keeps entire community in a perpetual victim mentality. I read somewhere very thought provoking analysis based on “Karma” and “Kal-Yug” As the Kalyug progresses, the greediness of humans keeps going up and up. So those having well educated, prosperous lives, commit more and more sin resulting in the “down grade” in the next lives, while those having downtrodden lives also keep on committing sin also, so not getting upgrade in next lives. So as Kalyug progresses, rate of “down grade” is keeps on getting higher and higher than the rate of “up grade”. We see now a days, educated and prosperous families have only one or two children, but downtrodden families have multiple children. World’s downtrodden population keep going up and up, while the educated civilized population shrinks. This phenomenon will continue until the end of Kalyug.


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