Ajai Shukla should break his OROP fast by eating his words

So yesterday, the nation finally got a glimpse of how great a visionary Indira Gandhi was. Had Queen Indira not removed One Rank One Pension (OROP) for the Army in 1973, the hypocrisy of Modi govt for making veterans wait as many as 15 months to fulfil his promise would never have been exposed! Thank you Your Majesty the Queen! Now we know that Modi is not capable of solving a 42 year mess in just 1 minute. Sometimes it takes as many as 15 months! Next time, the people should surely vote Congress so that they can have the joy of waiting 42 years for their problems to be solved!

As soon as OROP was announced, Congressi Mameluks went into a tailspin. Some said that Congress should get the credit for “announcing it” in Feb 2014 with Rs 500 crore budget (as against the Rs 10,000 crore that would be needed for it). Please note therefore that if poverty is removed from the country at some point in the future, the credit will go to Queen Indira for announcing “Gareebi Hatao” in 1971! What incredible vision! Thank you, your Majesty! ABP News went crazy, did a 180 degree turn: two minutes ago, they were blaming Modi for not fulfilling OROP, as soon as OROP was announced, ABP started saying “Sarkar ka waada desh par bhari” (the govt’s promise proves costly for the nation) complaining about how Modi fulfilling his OROP promise is going to put burden on the taxpayer…ROFL!

Nevertheless, the fact that Modi govt had announced OROP made Ajai Shukla very very angry. Now, on an average day, Ajai Shukla spews venom against Modi at a rate that is perhaps higher than Rana Ayyub or Nikhil Wagle. But so far, I have desisted several times from criticizing him out of respect for his service as a Colonel in the Indian Army. After all, even if he has served 1 day in the Army, he has done more for the country than I ever have, no matter what is his political affiliation. But finally, now, he has crossed the line by posting this tweet:

Lies! Ok…ok…is this a trick statement? Manmohan Singh didn’t promise it, but his boss Sonia Gandhi sure did. In that case, you are right, we are not blaming the Dynasty’s family dog, we are blaming the Dynasty. But then Ajai Shukla said this:

Ok…now that’s just plain wrong. ON FACTS. Here is the Congress manifesto from 2004:


It’s from the internet “Way back archive”, because the Congress was smart enough to delete the 2004 manifesto from their website. But, evidently, Pappu isn’t clever enough to know how internet caches work 🙂 So, you can’t turn your back on it, Ajai Shukla. Here it is again, in case your eyesight isnt good:


Instead of eating his words like a man of honor, Ajai Shukla got even angrier and angrier and abusive:

Sir, it is truth nipping at your heels, even if it is “Modibhakt dogs” who are saying it. The facts are for everyone to see. Your claim that Congress never promised OROP is just plain wrong. Please break your “fast” now and enjoy eating your own words 🙂

PS: In the title of this post, I am not referring to Ajai Shukla as a “Dynastycrook”, again out of respect for his service in the Indian Army.


22 thoughts on “Ajai Shukla should break his OROP fast by eating his words

  1. Ajai’s blog Broadsword normally gives a balanced views of military matters. However he has his prejudices against the present dispensation. His blog writings over the past year reflect this. Also before 2008 he was a virulent critic of anything indigenous. But over the years he has become a strong advocate of indegenisaton. Also during the MMRCA trial he had advocated scrapping the whole deal and go for F-35 which itself is facing a myriad of issues ranging from fuel overheating to issues over manoeuvrability. But overall he is lot better than crooks like Saggy,Robber,Coupta, and host of others.

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    1. Agreed. I used to be a huge fan of Broadsword at one point. But his obsession with the F-35 was ridiculous. The F-35 is proving to be a Waterloo for the US military complex. Thank god India did not throw money into this bottomless pit. I remember that Americans were trying to sell us old F-16s with the promise that we would have the “option” to buy the F-35 later. Ha ha…no thanks!!!

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      1. You are right. His arm chair expert comments were ridiculed by Bharat Rakshak forum people. Now a days he is pretty much into indegenisaton and claimed recently in one of his blog postings that he has an agenda and that is to push desi weapons.

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    That was real sherlock holmes detective work..you caught him by his b…!!

    Indira Gandhi was the main culprit!…I did not know that…every were they where blaming it on IAS and higherups in defence who has OROP already.

    ‘crazed dogs fearful for their master’…….this dumboo does not realise that this concept exists in congi and abrahamic religions….not with Bakts and Hindusim.

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  3. The problem with the congress is that they think that everyone in the country has the same IQ as that of RaGa. They cant understand what is archiving/backup. BTW, again a good expose of Ajai Shukla and Indira Gandhi. Though I am not here to judge, I would like to say that your style of wrting and your articles have improved day by day. Keep up the good work.

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  4. Good to know. I had not heard of this guy. If he is so much against ModiBhakts, he must despise Narendra Modi from every cell in his body. Least he can do is, refuse to accept any benefits he may receive because of Modi’s action on OROP.

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      1. Yes, this man needs some medical help. If you visit his Twitter timeline, you will see that he is suffering from pathological hatred towards Modi almost like Nikhil Wagle. Even Wagle accepted that the PM had solved the OROP issue, but Ajai Shukla is still fighting a lost battle.

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  5. He may not be a crook, but he is showing dynasty slave mentality for sure.

    Here’s a new one Ajay S – or is he an old hand?

    An article that gives no data as to what happened, what was written etc but draws a quick conclusion against Hindutva. ANd then draws in Wendy D’s case which actually is a great example of how to counter someone in a legal and peaceful fashion – but stated as if some great calamity struck her.


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      1. Argh! Too (2) many Ajay S 🙂 . It is so bad that we can find multiple morons with the same name. The article from firstpost is by Ajay Singh. Whining about Wendy D and some Kerala muslim person who is writing on Ramayana.

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  6. You are right,this article makes no sense..read it twice!

    His intension was only to talk nonsense about hindutva and make a hero out of wendy the ‘American Jewish Indologist’


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  7. On one side you have this…..ghettos of south-asian studies.(they should have been totally ignored like mangy cats!) (they are like the flea ridden cats at port royale , discussing how the treasure should be divided and which pirate should get what. the pirates do NOT even know that these mangy cats exist.)

    On the other side we have real well wishers planing to welcome PM Modi!!




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