Persecuted Hindus welcomed to Bharat

Yesterday, the Government decided to give refuge to persecuted Hindus (and Sikhs, Jains, Parsis, Buddhists & Christians) who have escaped beheading at the hands of peaceful religions and escaped to the communal Republic of India.


While this creates tremendous responsibility on our Government to make sure that this is not abused by secular illegals from Bangladesh using false names, it is indeed our responsibility to make sure that Hindus persecuted anywhere get a home in Bharat. Welcome home!

Also, I am looking forward to the flood of Dynastycrook articles explaining why the “idea of India” is under threat from these communal Hindus escaping from our peaceful neighbors. Let the vilaap begin!


26 thoughts on “Persecuted Hindus welcomed to Bharat

      1. Looks like this guy is whining over GOI not including the major minority peaceful community!!

        He is crazy to suggest something like this quoting example of Syria , Iraq , Libya !!

        These guys have hajjaar countries to move to…..unfortunately nobody wants them.

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      2. Ha ha… see Aakar Ahmed Patel and all are not like us. For this Bekar Patel, Teesta Setalvad etc, Pakistan is very near and dear to their heart. Many years ago, I read an article in The Hindu where the author said he often sits at his desk and longs for the “one great coffee” he had in Lahore! Can you believe it? Now, India has many problems, but surely there are many places in Chennai where one can get a great cup of coffee!!! But these people long for Pakistan….they feel homesick about it…the way I used to feel when I first left home for college. For them Pakistan creates feelings of nostalgia and homesickness…LOL


  1. As Christians and Buddhists who feel persecuted have countries to support them , come to their rescue , the poor Hindus, Sikhs and Jains have no where to go but to India and unlike the sicular Congi run govts , the BJP govt. ‘s initiative in this regard is laudable and should be applauded by the Hindu community.

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  2. Good news!!

    ‘ India shall remain a natural home for persecuted Hindus and they shall be welcome to seek refuge here.’…….page 40 of BJP Manifesto2014


    For the first time in our history, a national political party has included a special provision for Hindus in their manifesto.

    Some Sickulars at manifesto stage itself had objected to making a special reference only to persecuted Hindus outside India. These Sickulars are willing to overlook both reality and logic that for other persecuted minorities like Muslims and Christians there are a host of other possibilities for refuge, but for Hindus, only option is Bharat.

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      1. u see to what level have we descended. something which is logical/natural. we actually count it as watershed!!!
        woe to that Nehru fellow and his millions of litters


  3. Write it down with golden letters, in ten-fifteen years today’s bagging refugees from Syria getting shelters but will start racial riots in European countries and will create numerous Charlie Hebdo incidents.

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    1. That is the very reason why this is happening,they want to dilute Europe,as the Gentile population of europe are waking up to the ploy of these powerful set of people who are controling everything for centuries!!

      If you notice every media which is controlled by these people all over the world is showing the unfortunate Syrian muslim drowned toddler,what about the millions of unfortunate muslim babies killed by these people in Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Syria, Yemen etc.This never shown by MSM.

      This is what called as is “ HEGELIAN DIALECTIC”.

      If a little research is done on the internet it will reveal a lot regarding these powerful people!


      1. Exactly, how come the Europeans are allowing this to happen??

        It is not that they cannot secure their borders!!

        Who is funding these refugees to shift?why is it happening now in such huge numbers?

        Your link clearly shows the problems with these people has started even before they have settled.


      2. I can only feel pity for Germans. They got suckered in by emotions about the helpless “refugees”. Within 10 years, these people will say they feel alienated and demand that Germany should do more to respect their culture. They wont stop until EU is completely Islamized. Poor poor Germany committing suicide… Honestly, this is how the Religion of Peace works. They use the civilized values of civilized people as a tool to destroy civilization.


    2. Totally…within 10 years these “refugees” will start complaining that Germany is not accommodating them. They will demand more space for their “culture” and more “respect”. Poor poor Germany. They have no idea how stupid they are being…


  4. You know this is why I said the left liberals are just the most dangerous set of people in any country. They always have an itch for revolution and hatred for the majority religion in their respective countries. In Europe these same leftist who control the media were supporting the Iranian Revolution. Now they are slowly destroying Europe. I sincerely believe these left libs are the most dangerous set of people who live anywhere.


  5. I do not wish to disturb the spirit of this blog. But, I would like to use caution in inviting or accommodating refugees following any religion. The refugees can affect the culture and economy of natives and influence demography of a nation. That is the reason Muslim countries isolate and return the refugees as Pakistan does with Afghanistan, Turkey does with Syria etc. India has been devastated culturally, economically, socially and politically. Most of the problems in Bollywood stereo types of Hindu bashing, cow eating etc. are the result of refugee syndrome. The abuse, beating, inferiority complex is transferred to natives ( for example, woh saat din). We should not forget though there are millions of true Hindus in Pakistan & Bangldesh and even neo Hindus in USA, but this fact does not neutralize refugees abusing native cultures and economy, together with abuses of vote Bank politics, change of demography etc. European and USA are countries have system developed to isolate, use and absorb refugees immigrants in a controlled manner, India has no concept of appropriation to benefit natives.


    1. But I think we are inviting Hindus from Pakistan and Bangladesh who have pretty much the same values, culture and religion as our Hindus. I mean…Pak & Bdesh are really artificial countries…these Hindus from Pak & BD are Indians anyway…


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