How Mameluk media wanted Gujarat to burn

They couldn’t take Gujarat. So they wanted to burn Gujarat. As soon as some idiot called Hardik Patel managed to create a ruckus in the state, media vultures descended… desperately hoping that the state would go up in flames. All credit to Gujarat for not letting it happen. And thank you Hardik Patel for overshooting so quickly.

Let’s start with Mameluk Robber Sardesai. Now, chances are that the guy he assaulted in the US was a Patel himself. Chances are that the people Robber Sardesai insulted in the US by saying “aapke paas paisa hai magar class nahin hai”(you have money but no class) were mostly Patels. But here Robber Sardesai was full of delight


Mameluk Saba Naqvi was in splits:

Not completely wrong though. Just see how deep and unshakeable the roots of the Dynasty are. Ensures total loyalty of Mameluks even though reduced to 44 seats. Gujarat model is nothing in comparison.

And here is Saggy aunty as usual, desperate to stir the pot:

Yes, 1 job each for Robber, Saggy and Nikhil Wagle, the ones who lost their jobs at IBN. Mameluk Nikhil Wagle has been hurting really bad for a while now and is close to going insane with hatred.

And give Wagle his job back, will you?

Vulture Rana Ayyub was salivating

Let Gujarat be blessed with the power of the secular god. So they can behave like his peaceful followers, right?

9 thoughts on “How Mameluk media wanted Gujarat to burn

    1. The man who changed the perception of billions of people world wide .
      The man who made several patriots in India
      The man who re-wrote the world history
      The man who made Indians feel pride to their motherland
      The man who’s blog site has more readership than TOI
      The man who clarified all our doubts in any subject
      The man who Transformed our Mind
      The man who taught us self pride.
      The man who expose the evil hijackers of world history
      The man who awakened our inner voice
      The man who experienced us the joy of our own being
      The man who taught us that our own conscience is the best interpreter
      The man who reveled the truth which was hided by evil forces..
      The man who gives instant guidence and details on health problems.
      The man who has explained sanatana dharma in macro and micro level.
      The man who taught us gratitude.
      The man who re-wrote the Indian history
      The man who exposed east india company which looted India.

      This is how one of Captain’s reader described captain ….to which I agree hundred percent.

      Captain has written nine hundred posts..He is extraordinary and his wealth of knowledge is truly mind-boggling and he has revealed only 7.6% of the truth what he is planing to reveal!!!!

      Captain calls his blog as a truth exhuming blog.

      I have given below link to his first post

      Welcome to Captain’s blog, have fun and enjoy reading some explosive stuff in explosive language!!!


    2. The desperation really showed. They got carried away in their hatred for Gujarat and tried to project as if the whole state is in flames. Luckily things got under control within a day. Really shocking that 7 lives were lost over something so ridiculous.

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    1. Hehe…if they want to respect “Sabarmati ke sant” Gandhiji, they should disband the Congress like Mahatma Gandhi said 🙂 Remember that Mahatma Gandhi said after independence that to save India, the Congress has outlived its use and must be dissolved.


  1. To connect one group’s agitation for reservation with the development model of a whole state, and wishing that things would get worse so they can get morbid satisfaction against a man who is not even running that state any more. OMG! These people are not mameluks, they are messengers from hell.

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  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha 🙂 All these bakwas academics are so stuck up they cant see anything beyond their own noses. Remember that idiot Toorjo Ghose who was a prof at UPenn? Tht guy took the initiative to prevent Modi’s speech at Wharton. Wonder what that idiot Mameluk is doing now…ROFL

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