Dynastycrook Rana Ayyub does not respect India’s sovereignty

Now I have been waiting to write about Rana Ayyub for a while. Of course I have been aware of the insane rubbish that she produces constantly. But I knew I could wait till Rana Ayyub produces a gem of stupidity that is beyond ridiculous even by Dynastycrook standards. Well, it has happened (and another hat tip to reader Shan Sen for alerting me to this)

Here is Rana Ayyub on August 22, 2015:


Now we all know that the Lutyens class is desperate to make excuses for the worldwide violence by the peaceful community. But the mass murders, the televised beheadings, the public floggings all by the religion of peace are in our face all the time, making them really really hard to deny. Close to 2 lakh dead in Syria alone. Yazidis so thirsty that they drink their own blood to survive on top of Mount Sinjar as peaceful ISIS waits below to slaughter them. So Mameluks have to exploit the cases of Aseemanand and Col Purohit to the max. After all, even Shehzada Rahul Gandhi said that “Hindu terror” is the greatest problem India faces! Watch this epic smackdown of Robber Sardesai’s Hindu terror rhetoric by David Cohen:


But this time Rana Ayyub has crossed all limits. The Samjhauta Express blasts took place in Panipat, Haryana, INDIA. The Ajmer Sharif bombings happened in Rajasthan, INDIA. The Malegaon bombing happened in Maharashtra, INDIA. NOT IN PAKISTAN. Why is Rana Ayyub suggesting that Pakistan should have any interest in guys who did this? Is Pakistan the protector of Indian Muslims? Is Rana Ayyub not happy with the slice of India given away to peacefuls during partition? Did she want Haryana, Rajasthan and Maharashtra to go to Pakistan?

Freudian slip, eh? The true loyalty showed 🙂

By the way, the reasons for Mameluk Rana Ayyub’s loyalty to the dynasty go above and beyond the reasons of a usual Dynastycrook like Robber Sardesai or Shekhar Coupta (silent “p”). After all, Rana Ayyub has a special reason to worship Queen Sonia and her European origin. See if you can spot it:



14 thoughts on “Dynastycrook Rana Ayyub does not respect India’s sovereignty

  1. Good presentation!

    This wanna-be -gora- gaand thinks it is hep to make dumb statements and get away with it.

    These so called pseudo intellectual does not realise that they will be torn down by guys like you!!

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  2. Stalin had once remarked “Intellectuals are useful idiots”. These jokers who masquerade as intellectuals are always on looking for US Visa though in publicly they are always bashing the US. They should be deported to Pakistan where such tendency is widespread among the population.

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  3. What was the exclusive 1984 CONGRESS GOONS calculated and organised TERROR GENOCIDE, POGROM of the only kind in India butchering 4000 Sikhs for the death of one woman- was that BLEEDING PILES ?? There is nothing called Hindu Terror because Hindus never dream of 72 VIRGINS IN HEAVEN. For them Heaven and Hell are right HERE depending on your ACTIONS. Hindu NEVER DESIRE FOR OTHERS WEALTH, PROPERTY ETC Their actions if any are always REACTIVE almost a sort of deterrence for the provocation of BLOODTHIRSTY PIGS.

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    1. Indeed!

      Hindus have always given shelter to the oppressed since time immemorial.Never attacked unless provoked.

      There is NO hell in sanatana dharma– we have bad karma and re-incarnation/moksha .
      Nara-ka” means one who is opposed to the Atma. Naraka does not mean hell.

      These guys who believe in heven and hell try to convert hindus from such a beautiful religion.
      Hinduism has never advocated conversion.Hinduism is the mother of all religions.
      Sanatana Dharma respects the planet along with its flora and fauna.Openness is the essence of Hinduism.
      Gratitude is inherent, which makes this religion noble.

      Hinduism is the world’s oldest religion 11000 years old, when the white man’s land was under the quaternary ice age sheets.

      Hinduism is NOT a religion. It is a way of life.

      Sanatana Dharma has such beatuiful philosophy……that one tends to go on writing and there is no end to it!!

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      1. Exactly…. so called Hindu “religion” is a “sanskara”, a way of life. It’s like respecting and loving our parents. It’s not dogma. It’s something that comes naturally.

        The English word “religion” was born in the West and applies only to Abrahamic religions. NOT to Hinduism.

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  4. Srinivas….Good writing…..

    Its very important to spread the message across about Bharath & santana Dharma’s glorious past and history……….

    Hope you admire Captain Ajit vasakayil’s efforts to make every Indian proud about his past…

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    1. Yes it is all thanks to” Captain Ajit Vadakayil”,my knowledge on hindusim and almost any other topic has increased thousand folds.

      It is because of his blog my perception regarding almost everything has completely changed.

      I wanted to reccommend his blog to Chaiwalla and his readers,but I was not sure whether they will be able to tolerate his sailors language.!?


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