Should Central Govt assume direct charge of Delhi?

Delhi is in a complete and total mess. Yesterday, the rate of positives in Delhi soared to a terrifying 37%. This is worse than the worst that European countries faced during their peak.

Shockingly, Delhi is still doing just 5000 or so tests per day, which is obviously below capacity. We can easily see the result, with even powerful elites in Delhi unable to get tested.

The Central Govt today held meetings with the LG and yes … Delhi CM. The joker that the people of Delhi elected to screw themselves over.

Some immediate announcements include: doubling of test capacity, effective immediately. Tripling of test capacity within a week. Surveying and knocking on every door in a containment zone. Given the economic costs, there wont be a lockdown.

There was no more time. Some adults had to intervene in Delhi before the city and the country were completely screwed over.

First, we have to understand why Delhi is doing so miserably. All states in the country are reeling, some more than others. But there is one crucial difference in Delhi.

Every other Chief Minister is an actual politician. We love to hate politicians, but politicians are actually much better human beings than we think.

You know who is far worse? The NGO jhola brigade. This is the class that takes and takes, without ever giving any. Kejriwal belongs to this class of takers. They can only live off the land, they cannot contribute anything to it. Kejriwal can only take from Delhi, he can’t do anything for them.

The contrast between Mumbai and Delhi is significant. In Mumbai, they are at least trying. Did you see how they clamped down and flattened the curve in a place like Dharavi? That couldn’t have been easy.

It is not just about success or failure. That comes later. Mumbai has converted a dome into a hospital. Has Delhi even tried anything? Delhi CM hasn’t failed. He has done worse. He hasn’t tried.

Unfortunately, it is everyone’s headache now. We cannot let Delhi just spin out of control like this. The city state should have been put under President’s rule a long time ago.

At the moment, there are some political costs and risks associated with imposing Presidents rule. The city is in bad shape. The anti-BJP lobby would love for Delhi to be taken over by the Central govt right now. They could then blame all the failures on PM Modi. You know exactly how they would spin this. Kejriwal would love it too. He hates work.

At the same time, the risks of leaving Delhi to Kejriwal are just too big. He is still busy with his bed reservation gimmick and doing nothing.

There is a middle path and I suppose the Center is veering towards that. Don’t take formal charge of Delhi, but run it indirectly via the LG, appearing to consult Delhi CM for decorative purposes only. In case he objects to any decision and creates a nuisance, Delhi isn’t a full state and the LG can overrule all his demands.

What do you think? Should there be President rule in Delhi? Or can the city be left to Kejriwal? Or should there be “unofficial President rule” where the Central govt starts making all the decisions, without formally dismissing the Delhi govt?

Let me know.

9 thoughts on “Should Central Govt assume direct charge of Delhi?

  1. Delhi is way above the national average income or literacy levels – so the Delhi voter is much better off than the average Indian voter. They also went through the misfortune of having a pAAPi Sarkar for 5 years – they also saw & suffered from the Chest Beating of Jihadi Begums at Shaheen Bagh ! Yet, come elections and they couldn’t resist the greed of Free Bijli, Pani, Bus rides etc. … and ran after Muft Muft Kejru with their tongues hanging out 🙄 They well & truely deserve Kejru – why should anyone else bail them out ? 😏


  2. Warren Buffet once remarked that only when the tide goes back can we see who was swimming naked. The tide of good fortune of not having a serious pandemic for a century disappeared with China virus and now the governance flaws are getting exposed.

    AAP is a bunch of Leftist juveniles run by a meglomaniac, it is not a political party. Kejriwals solution to every problem is to blame others and look for a scapegoat – as he did with the outsiders in Delhi hospitals question.

    Now Delhi is paying the price for electing these Leftist juveniles. Delhi has brought it upon themselves – cheap subsidies are now exacting a terrible price. And the AAP government is floundering badly.

    BJP should let Kejriwal sink and then impose other solutions. Delhi will pay a terrible price – but electing juvenile Leftists has a cost and Delhi should bear that cost. If BJP takes over now and the situation worsens, BJP will take the flak and will be bailing AAP out of the mess they created.

    Maybe the government and ministers can shift to a safer location like nearby UP. The LG can be used to take care of constituencies that voted for BJP.. These are the saner constituencies which can understand the gravity of the situation and take precautions. The other constituencies cannot be helped and should be left to its own fate.


  3. Delhi is like “Holi Ka Nariyel” right now. It tastes good, but before the taste burning will have to be suffered. This is the time when almost all CMs, PM, and political party leaders suffer. I bet Kejriwal hates himself for duping Delhiites. As far as Modi-Shah is concerned, providing Railway carriages, etc. kinds of help is appropriate right now.


  4. Looks like the Chinese are going to have to eat crow. This is what happens when you ignore reality and are too caught up in the glory of your own power.

    The Pakistanis learnt this humiliating lesson in 1971 when they discovered that one Pakistani soldier was not equal to ten Indian soldiers. In fact, one Pakistani soldier proved not even equal to one Indian soldier. Indian soldiers never surrender. Pakistan effected the largest surrender in military history in 1971. The so called Ghazis cooled their heels in Indian jails.


    1. You see China has cultivated a lot of trojan horses in India. Starting from CCP – Chinese Congress Party, Commies, Leftists, Urban Naxals, Presstitutes, Businessmen, Bureaucrats, NGOs, Print and TV media, self styled military experts, self styled strategic affairs experts, etc. who promote chinese agenda through various forums, media and other ways to wage information warfare. For those who are in the know, the evidence is in plain sight.


  5. Central Government should not take over the administration of Delhi. Instead it should only take over the Wuhan virus management from Delhi and simultaneously announce clearly that they are doing this as the situation is grave and the Delhi government has failed in its task to manage the Wuhan virus fight. At every instance keep reminding people that this is what they deserve if they elect a nincompoop, pathological liar and diabolical schemer to govern them. Keep hammering the message Tumhare Kejriwal Jisko Tum ne Vote Diya, Kya Kar Raha Hai? Jhak Mar Raha Hai Kya? Tum Logon Ko Bachane Ke Liye Hum Aaye Hai, Kyon Ki Tumara Delhi Sarkar So Raha Hai.


  6. Well Delhi govt spokesperson has already said that by july we would be having 5lakh cases in delhi.
    Central govt has given helping hand in managing the situation. By july if anything below 5lakh is observed thwn it would be achievement for central govt.


  7. I think Amit Shah needs to step in (which he already has) and take over the controls in his hand (which he probably has not, even if simply for optics, to CW’s point). Delhi is not just our national capital but also an economic powerhouse in its own right, being flanked by Gurgaon and Noida which are withing striking distance – we simply cannot allow Delhi to spin out of control to make a political leader look bad. I already believe it is going to be difficult to pull it out of the ditch given the lockdown has already been lifted and in a couple of weeks, even inter-state train travel will be back.

    I trust Mota Bhai’s organizational skills though, they were probably never tested to this degree before though (even including UP 2014)! At the end of the day, that was about an election, this is about saving lives…


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