Latest columnist in The Indian Express once threatened to murder Modi and decapitate his followers

Imagine my surprise when I discovered in The Indian Express today their new columnist, Mr. Amaresh Misra.


Amaresh Misra? Seriously?

Those of us who remember social media from 2013 and 2014 are going to sit up at the mention of that name.

Amaresh Misra! Perhaps the most infamous of all pro-Congress trolls back in the day.

Yes, Misra was severely abusive. But that’s not the memorable part. This Amaresh Misra was known for making extremely violent threats. Please find here some golden nectar from the newest columnist for the Indian Express.


Obviously, it did not take Opindia much time to dig out these tweets.

Threatening to make blood flow like water? Threatening to kill Modi himself and his supporters. This must be the new style manual of The Indian Express. I bet Amaresh Misra has a job lined up for him at The Wire.

Sample these direct violent threats:


Of course! Threatening to shoot people dead is kind of what Amaresh Misra did on a near daily basis.

This is not free speech. This is not dissent. These are direct threats of violence. And obviously, he was arrested too for threatening to kill Modi himself.


Obviously a prize catch for The Indian Express. This is the face of the man who they present to their readers as a rational opinionator.

As I have been saying for a while, liberals want to impose on this country a form of apartheid. Things have advanced very far beyond garden variety hypocrisy. This now seems to be a very conscious choice that liberals are making.

For instance, after raising so much hell about online abuse, liberals are making a very conscious choice to approve of characters such as Amaresh Misra who threaten to decapitate BJP supporters.


This is apartheid, folks. What liberals are saying is that our lives simply don’t matter.

Till now the online right wing has actually taken the left wing mood very lightly.  We joke about the “hypocrisy” of the left. But it is not a laughing matter. The liberals are not just going selectively silent out of embarrassment or as a matter of convenience.

I believe that liberals have reached the point where they actively approve and want to encourage a form of apartheid in this country. A nation where Hindus will be certified second class citizens.

Take the case of Gurmehar Kaur. She claimed to have received threats (I tried, but I didn’t see any evidence of that beyond her word that these threats actually existed). The entire liberal ecosystem went nuts.

But the same Gurmehar Kaur actually tried to coerce a bunch of 18-19 year olds on Facebook for running a meme mocking her. This time liberals said nothing.

I don’t think liberals were silent because it would embarrass them. Liberals were silent because they had an apartheid like view of the situation : liberals have free speech rights, while right wingers simply don’t. What was there to talk about?

They don’t see “right wing”  as a political position. They don’t see right wingers as human beings. It’s like America in the days of slavery. Whites have rights. Black slaves don’t.

Take the case of the RSS leader who was murdered in Ludhiana today. Or the techie who was lynched by a mob in Bengaluru for trying to complain against illegal cow slaughter mafia. She was a woman, attacked by an entire mob of men. But feminists couldn’t care less.

Ludhiana and Bengaluru. Two large cities. They didn’t make headlines. The remote village of Dadri did … for more than a month.

It’s simple. Liberals have made it clear that certain lives matter and certain others don’t.  Liberal policy towards Hindus has changed from ordinary hypocrisy to outright apartheid.



8 thoughts on “Latest columnist in The Indian Express once threatened to murder Modi and decapitate his followers

  1. The good thing is that the only place where there pro-apartheid fiberals are actually in power is the mass media, which is becoming less “mass” as social media takes over. I can’t remember the last time I read a newspaper (and when I did, it was the Telugu newspaper Eenadu), and nowadays I get my news from Twitter. So they are essentially de-fanged cobras. They do have nuisance value in feeding foreign media (e.g. the story in the anti-Hindu about the dying woman in the Mumbai stampede being “molested”). However, economic growth will trump everything so far as foreign businessmen are concerned.

    But these pro-apartheid fiberals serve a useful function in reminding us what awaits us if we ever allow the BJP to lose an election. So not only must we make sure that the BJP wins at the national level, but also, is in power in every state. It is not a coincidence that Ludhiana is in Punjab and Bengaluru is in Karnataka, the last two large states where Khangress is ruling (not governing, but ruling). I am disappointed that Capt. Amarinder Singh would allow such a thing — I had expected better of him, but not of Siddu in Karnataka of course.

    All these guys will go on “mute” for a few days after the Gujarat elections are declared. Praveen Patil hasn’t quantified his predictions other than saying it is a “near virtual cakewalk” for the BJP, but I will stick my neck out and say that Congress with not cross 35 seats (20% of the total of 182).

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    1. How about Himachal Pradesh? I have not seen any opinion polls on this. Unlike Gujarat, I don’t think BJP has declared any CM candidate.


      1. No need for any opinion polls on Himachal Pradesh. Cong will struggle to reach even double digits. Virbhadra’s condition is pathetic. Cong probably looking forward to polls in HP so that their misery can come to an end.


  2. This barking dog Amrish Mishra is back in main stream media? I am expecting one more jerk by name Prashanth pandey to join! That completes the lowest lows of journalism.

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  3. Amaresh Misra looks like Stalin and Mao rolled into one. He is the typical Leftie – doesnt care about humans or human rights yet pontificates to the world. The RSS should take his threat seriously, the Stalin/Mao types have left millions of people dead in their respective countries.


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