Dear Nitin Srivastava, I bow down to thee

In my last post, I was just talking about how Modi makes royalty everywhere uncomfortable. Chaiwallah in power and Shehzada in exile! American East Coast royalty at the New York Times are not amused:

Could British royalty be far behind? Now, her Imperial Majesty’s BBC has always had a special dislike for India. Even when 185 innocent people are killed brutally on 26/11, Her Imperial Majesty’s BBC refuses to refer to the killers as “terrorists”:

Because calling them “terrorists” might imply moral judgement on their actions. Be it Jallianwala Bagh or 26/11, the BBC does not like to judge people, especially people who massacre Indians. Except when a gangrape happens in India. Then, the whole country is put on trial.

But today’s post is not about that. This post is a tribute to Her Majesty’s BBC journalist Shri Nitin Srivastava. In the lawless state of secular Uttar Pradesh, a TV journalist was murdered…again… this time in Chandauli. You would think that the media would want to demand some answers from the UP government. No no…you wouldn’t really think that…by now you should know that secular governments are not responsible for any crimes happening within their jurisdiction šŸ™‚ Ā This post is to salute Shri Nitin Srivastava of BBC for finding a way to mention BJP in this context:


I am being sarcastic, but only just. I am also feeling some genuine admiration for his ingenuity. What a fantastic way to associate BJP’s name to this matter šŸ™‚ I must confess that I have never considered “journalists” to be particularly intelligent people. But the creativity of Nitin Srivastava is making me appreciate their IQ.

Of course, some right wingers were stupid enough to engage with him on this and he gave the following clarification regarding place of birth (POB)


This opens up a whole new world of possibilites!!! Next time a terrorist attack happens in Pakistan, Nitin ji should not ignore the factĀ that Pakistan is Advani’s birthplace. And why stop with place of birth of the politician himself? When we look for corruption, do we not look at relatives, business associates and friends of a politician? Check the list of places of birth of all relatives and friends of BJP ministers and MPs. Does Manohar ParrikarĀ have a sister whose cousin’s daughter’s uncle has a son-in-law whose business partner was born in Tallasingaram district of Andhra Pradesh? Henceforth, be sure not to ignore theĀ DefenseĀ Minister whenever there is a crime reported from Tallasingaram district.

I suggest Anand Sharma hold another press conference and say something like: “Modi is ignoring his mother; so, no wonder that Home Minister Rajnath Singh is ignoring his place of birth”.

Go ahead. Please do it Anand Sharma. It can never hurt to remind the people of this country why we reduced to the Dynasty to 44 seats.

And Nitin Srivastava ji, please keep tweeting like this. It is also good to keep reminding people of how thankful we should be that we don’t have to be subjects of Her Imperial Majesty any more.


One thought on “Dear Nitin Srivastava, I bow down to thee

  1. I twice bow to Nitin Srivastava. The logic of Adarsh Liberals can only be compared to Black Holes. I told you some days back our media is well on the way of becoming a Pakistan media. As Pak media doesn’t talk sense so they also. So then they will blame Modi for even somebody gets a bad stomach. LOL


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