Dynastycrooks are still hating on India to spite Modi

Today’s post is a short one. Here is the lead story from Singapore’s largest newspaper The Straits Times:

And while the world was appreciating Modi’s scheme of smart cities, our media was focusing on “scams”. Here is the latest “scam”

Can you believe Shivraj Singh Chouhan would promise a party worker a promotion in the party if he works hard during the election? That kind of thing NEVER happens in either the Congress or the media; so their anger was understandable. In the media, promotions come based on how many suitcases full of money you can bring from the dynasty. In the Congress, all promotions are prohibited: you can only inherit a post from your father or mother. Where does Shivraj get the courage to start promoting people based on performance? This is outrageous! Shivraj’s promise is an insult to our proud Indian family traditions.


One thought on “Dynastycrooks are still hating on India to spite Modi

  1. Lol this one is too funny!! Chouhan telling his party worker to perform and expect a promotion!! And lo we have a scam!!!


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