New secularism of liberals is about wiping Hindus off the earth

A few years ago, Al-Shabab, the radical Islamist group in Somalia, made a decision to put a ban on samosas. The reason? All of a sudden, it was suggested that the triangular shape of the samosa might symbolize the Christian Trinity, making the samosa “un-Islamic.”

This is just an example of the level of foolishness that can result when hatred is taken to extreme levels. You start seeing ghosts everywhere.

How different is Al-Shabab’s 2011 war on samosas from what I call the “new secularism” that is practised by Indian liberals of today?


How is Scroll’s fear of casteist rasam any different from Al-Shabab’s worries over the Christian Trinity Samosa?

Or take the New York Times article from last year about sarees being a symbol of Hindu nationalism. Suddenly, commonplace acts, such as the Government holding Banarasi textile exhibitions or Cabinet Minister Smriti Irani wearing sarees, were under a cloud of liberal suspicion. With much paranoia and horror, the New York Times informs its readers that Banaras is also

“…. one of the holiest cities for Hindus, who consider it the eternal home of Lord Shiva, the Supreme God.

Presumably therefore, the Banarasi saree becomes a symbol of Hindu nationalism. Again, how far from the Christian Trinity Samosa?

Indian secularism has always been built exclusively on the backs of Hindus. But in the last few years, it appears to have become a different beast altogether. This mutant form, which I call “new secularism” is much more aggressive than anything seen in the last few decades. With an Al-Shabab like mentality, this “new secularism” seeks not only to end Hinduism, it also seeks to wipe out every form of art, food, clothing or expression that might be remotely reminiscent of Hindu culture.

A journalist is making a routine trip through Noida when her eyes fall on a couple of guys with an “Angry Hanuman flag.” Her antennae go up instantly. Why is this Hanuman not smiling? Is this Hanuman threatening us? Oh my god! This is the kind of thought that can only occur to somebody with Hinduphobia so acute that she probably stays up at night worrying to herself … The Hindus are coming…. oh dear… The Hindus are coming.

The journalist dashes off an article to warn her fellow liberals about this brand new threat. Although the flags, posters and stickers she refers to have been viral on India’s roads for some years now, the wave of panic spreads quickly through the liberal community. One liberal in Bangalore declares she wont ever step into an Ola or Uber with the Angry Hanuman sticker, for fear of sexual assault. Another liberal who works for one of the new liberal websites declares thus:


It was always just that, a sticker. Then one day a liberal saw it and decided to associate it with Hindu militancy. Another decided to associate it with rape. This one associates it with stupidity.

This is “new secularism,” a radical fundamentalist ideology that is scared of the mere existence of Hindus.

Like fearing the saree or fearing rasam, there is no end to what these fundamentalists fear.  An Indian American writer arrives from New York to talk about her book at a literary fest in India. She gets freaked out because the lamp and the flame in it are too “Hindu-looking.” Fire itself has become suspect.

Someone the other day brought to my attention this gem of an article in The Wire.


Take a note of all the other things that the article decides to demonize besides Bharatanatyam.

Sindoor? Danger!

Ganesh Utsav? Danger!

Greetings of “Jai Shri Krishna”? Danger!

Bhajan Sandhya? Danger!

The thing that distinguishes fundamentalists from mere partisans is that irrational fear. A partisan would be happy as long as his favorite political formation rules the country. A fundamentalist is different. A fundamentalist goes around looking for things to fear : bowls of rasam, Banarasi sarees, Hanuman stickers, Bharatanatyam, lamps with flame in them, Sindoor or Bhajan Sandhyas.

And fundamentalists don’t stop…or rather they can’t stop until they have wiped out the object of their hatred. Hindus beware about his “new secularism”.


Is your college professor a terrorist? Reading the FB timeline of Mohd. Rafi.

Take a look at this young man. This is the Facebook page of Mohammad Rafi, a sharp young man with good looks, well educated, and an Assistant Professor.


“Human being first then a Muslim.”

Hmmm… An enlightened man as well, who puts the cause of being a human being above some sectarian or religious affiliation. Probably popular among his students as well.

Except this man is a terrorist, who was neutralized by Indian security forces yesterday in an encounter with the Hizbul Mujahiddeen.

But he seems so “normal”, doesn’t he? My curiosity led me to dig through his timeline, which wasn’t too hard because he happened to post fairly frequently on Facebook. Let’s find out what a terrorist would post on his timeline.

Untitled (1).png

Barkha Dutt interviewing somebody. Fairly mainstream stuff. Okay, what else?

Untitled (2).png

A hitjob in The Quint against Savarkar. It should not really qualify as mainstream stuff, but such smears against Savarkar and the Sangh are so common that nobody bats an eyelid. What else?

Untitled (3).png

Ah! Ravish Kumar fighting for justice as usual. What else?

Untitled (4).png

Some nondescript social science/humanities conference in Kolkata where intellectuals are expected to be attend. Anything else to see?

Untitled (5).png

Ah! A Hinduphobic article in The Print regarding toilet use habits of Hindus vis-a-vis the Muslims.

Again, it all seems so “normal,” no? This is all garden variety stuff that you will find on the Facebook page of the average Modi-hater.

And that is exactly my point. The terrorists, the anti-nationals, the enemies of India blend very well into the anti-Modi crowd. They use the same language, they watch the same TV news shows and they read and share the same news articles on the internet.

We know that the terrorists are in our midst and they go around dressed as liberals. This one was an academic, with a doctorate in sociology, a young Assistant Professor. This one got exposed because security forces actually got him red handed fighting for Hizbul terrorists.

For every one that is caught, how many more are going free? Intellectuals have been caught breaking bread with ISI on foreign shores : remember Pakistani agent Ghulam Nabi Fai who was convicted in America and his network in India?  Intellectuals from multiple universities have faced accusations of aiding jihadi terrorists in Kashmir and Communist terrorists in the forests of the heartland. Are you certain all of them were innocent?

Most of them are free today, talking up pretty much the same game as this Mohammad Rafi was. How do you tell the wolves from the mere sympathizers? More importantly, how do you deal with the shades of grey : the ones who are not active terrorists, but help in getting their message across and building favorable public opinion towards them? How about the ones who chase the security forces around, combing through each operation, trying to find the smallest lapses that can show our military in poor light?

How much of it is independent work driven by their own conscience and how much of it is done in active connivance with terrorists?

How do you know? Like you can see on Mohammad Rafi’s FB page, the terrorists sound exactly like the garden variety liberal.

Have the terrorists evolved to seek cover by sounding like liberals or did the liberals evolve to give cover to terrorists?

So far, the liberal establishment has been able to fend off such questions, by throwing the usual accusations of jingoism and anti-intellectualism at the right. I bet Mohammad Rafi would have said the same a day before he went out to fight with the Hizbul Mujahiddeen.

But it is time to ask the liberal establishment some probing questions. It’s not paranoia if they are really out to get us.

Why the Soviet Union needed to exist and why North Korea should too

This might sound strange, coming from someone who hates Communism. In fact, I regard Communism as one of the three Great Evils that the world has seen in the last 100-150 years, along with Nazism and Islamism. I have never made a secret of just how much I despise this vile ideology, the blood soaked red flag with the dreaded hammer and sickle. Give me liberty or give me death.


Two weeks ago, in an event that grabbed eyeballs across the world, North Korean Communist dictator Kim Jong Un stepped across the line to shake hands with the President of South Korea.

As the two Koreas begin a historic process of reconciliation, the inevitable question is at the back of everyone’s mind. Is this the beginning of the end of Communism in North Korea?

Obviously, Kim Jong Un does not want it that way, but he runs the risk of unleashing forces beyond his control. The Communist dictatorship of East Germany didn’t want it that way either; they only meant to ease travel restrictions a little for their subjects to travel to the West. But in that historic moment, the trickle quickly became a torrent and the wall came crashing down. North Korea could go that way too.

So why do I sound so worried? Aren’t the events on the Korean peninsula a net gain for the forces of liberty?

I am afraid not. Right now, we may enjoy the heartburn on the left as they squirm at Trump making Obama and his Nobel Peace prize look more like a joke than it already was. But this joy is transient. One can only imagine how much the lovers of liberty around the world would have celebrated when  eight years of Ronald Reagan followed by four years of George H W Bush brought Soviet Communism to its knees.

I will pause here to include this video of Reagan telling jokes about Communism. For no particular reason. Just listen.

They don’t make ’em like that any more, do they?

Well, but the joy at the fall of Soviet Communism was but transient. Three decades after America crushed Communism, the poison is back and gaining tremendous traction among American youth.

You don’t believe me? Listen here to The Young Turks, the most widely followed internet news shows in the US and the World as they talk about the so called workers movement and Mayday.

Cops like cracking people’s heads. That’s why they are cops. They didn’t randomly pluck cops out of society. Cops join on purpose because they have a certain mentality.

Yeah, urban Naxalism is hardly limited to our country. In fact it originated there and made its way over here.

This is the new media in America and this is what young people over there are getting. Bernie Sanders may have failed to win this time, but the cult of Bernie was palpable among the youth. The man barely stopped short of identifying himself as a Communist. But for how long? In 2020, another chunk of young lefties will join the ranks of the voting population. How long before a self-identified Communist is sitting in the White House, with the leadership of the “free world” in their hands?

How did the young generation go so far left? Because the liberal media and the left wing college professors, the so called ‘tenured radicals,’ bred them to be just that : Communist bots. In 1975, as Pol Pot was overrunning Cambodia, the headline in The New York Times read : “For most, a better life.” Articles in the Harvard Crimson echoed similar sentiments.

This is what Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge, darling of The New York Times and Harvard, left behind in its wake.


This is how elite media and academia have always been, so what’s new now?

Well, as sad as it sounds, there was a lid on these tendencies while the Communists were still heaping up human skulls across the world. Public memory is short. As long as the body bags were coming in, as long as people heard of literally lakhs of people being exterminated by Communists in death camps, they were wary of Communism in their own free lands. No spin from the New York Times or Harvard could do away with the nightmares that Americans would have of life under a brutal Communist regime in Russia or Cambodia or North Korea.

As long as the threat from  thousands of Soviet nuclear warheads was around, the propaganda from the left had no real hope of succeeding.

But once Communism collapsed (almost) everywhere, there was the golden opportunity for the myth-making to begin. The forces of left wing propaganda in media and academia now had a free hand. Just go to the “Soviet Century” section on the website of The Wire to get a taste of what this looks like. Talk of a workers’ paradise, of a flowering of cinema and art in the Soviet Union. No word about the 1000 lakh people crushed to death under the Communist boot. If North Korea goes down, expect left wing propaganda to intensify further.

Listen to student leader Kanhaiyya Kumar say “Communism is the highest form of humanism,” as the interviewer looks on in admiration.

The “highest form” of humanism? Now scroll upwards to the previous photograph to see the real harvest of Communism. Highest mountain of human skulls ever?

This is the poison and it keeps spreading. Open Twitter if you dare and see “humanism” in action in the killing fields of Kerala, or the forests of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Odisha. How long before a “humanist” shows up at your door with orders for you to be sent to die in a gulag?

As gloomy and pessimistic as this article has been, let me end with a flicker of hope. Like I said, things are going really downhill in the United States, the most powerful nation in the world. But there is no reason free people in a different part of the world cannot carry the light of freedom.


India that is Bharat. We have a robust (and possibly growing!) consensus against Communism. The Communist Party has been swept out electorally and pushed into the forests where they carry out guerilla warfare. Even in the forests, the Communist Party has been put under intense pressure. On the other hand, Communism has become a growing force in our living rooms through TV, newspapers and internet.

As of this moment, Communism in India is still running at a net loss. Being anti-national is not popular … yet. And this shows in the voting booth and even in the TRPs of news networks. So that gives me hope. But the enemy is extremely well-funded, well-heeled and very cozy with experienced leftists in the West. With their ability to drive academic and media discourse, they are even able to cook up incidents right out of the blue to hit at the bedrock of India’s national identity. They are making up the deficit at a furious pace. Unless we seize the moment, it’s going to be all over for us.



Dear Prakash Raj, ‘Hindu Rashtra’ is a struggle for equality

The other day on Times Now, during a debate on Hindutva, actor turned villain Prakash Raj tore into the concept of ‘Hindu Rashtra,’ exhorting the people of India to ‘learn from history.’ Among other things, he presented the following gem:

If the Middle East decides they will send back all Indians … because you want your Hindu rashtra, we want a Muslim rashtra there.”

No seriously, he did say that. Watch from 6:30


What if the Middle East decides tomorrow to become a ‘Muslim rashtra’? Seriously?

What do you suppose Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq and Iran are? Secular states? Are Rahul’s fans deliberately pretending to be ignorant so that Rahul Gandhi’s IQ looks higher by comparison? Serious question.

And why do you say “If Middle Eastern decides they will send back Indians?” Are you glorifying the way Middle Eastern countries are set up today? Are you suggesting that you are fine with the way Hindus are treated in Muslim countries of the Middle East at this very moment?

Let me put this on record, even as someone you would probably consider a ‘communal bigot.’ I am absolutely not fine with a nation where our Indian Muslims are treated the way Middle Eastern countries treat Hindus. In fact, I take extreme offense to you for implicitly suggesting such barbarism.

Let me now address the question of ‘Hindu Rashtra’ and what it means for people like me. It is nonsensical for you to suggest that it has anything to do with asking Muslims to leave the country or treating them as second class citizens.

This nation has seen many movements for justice. For example, political and social movements among so called ‘lower caste’ Hindus for emancipation after centuries of oppression. Many of these movements are still very active. Over the last several decades, the Indian state has moved to enact multiple provisions intended to compensate for historic injustices.

These movements were very much needed. Would you have asked them if they intend to throw all “upper” caste people out of the country? No, that would be silly.

Would you ask the movement for equality of women if they want to throw all men out of the country? Silly again.

Would you ask the movement  for equal treatment of homosexuals, transgenders, etc if they want to kick all heterosexual individuals out of the country?

Ridiculous, I know. Then, why adopt a double standard towards the movement for Hindu Rashtra?

The movement for ‘Hindu Rashtra’ is a struggle for equality and justice. By members of a community who have suffered oppression at the hands of another community for 1000 years.

It is Hindus who lost their homeland in what is now called Pakistan and Bangladesh. That’s a huge chunk of our historic nation where Hindus will never be able to live with their heads held high again. The handful of Hindus who are stuck in these places have been tormented into submission, a vanishing minority.

What has been the fate of Hindus after the Republic of India was formed? There is only one large Indian state where Muslims are a majority. An entire population of Hindus had to flee their homes to save their lives. That was not 1000 years ago. That was barely 25-30 years ago. Many of the people who fled are still alive, with their first hand account of what happens to religious minorities when an area becomes Muslim majority.

Answer my three questions, if you will dare:

(1) How have religious minorities been treated in the 50+ Muslim majority nations across the world?

(2) How have religious minorities been treated in Muslim majority nations of South Asia?

(3) How have religious minorities been treated in Muslim majority states of the Republic of India?

Our fear is real and very justified. So do not tell Hindus they are paranoid. Tell the Muslim community to reform. I say something similar when a woman suffers sexual assault anywhere in the country. Do not tell women that they can’t go out on the street or at night. Tell the men to change their attitude.

I do not ask for anyone to leave the country. I want the Indian state to reform and grant full equality under the law to all Indians irrespective of religion. This means freedom for Hindu temples and Hindu run schools from the yoke of government. This means equal treatment for all Indians under a uniform civil code. This means, for instance, that Aligarh Muslim University cannot be both a public institution and a Muslim institution at the same time.

Tell me which one of my demands is unjust or unfair.

And above all, I call for the Indian Muslim community to reform and change their attitude towards their Hindu fellow citizens. I do not want riots and conflict to build a Ram Temple in Ayodhya. I want my Muslim fellow citizens to recognize the injustices inflicted upon Hindus for centuries, to understand why a Babri Masjid at Ram Janmabhoomi reminds us of the worst crimes of history … and to happily offer the land as a gesture of humility and apology.

I want to address the underlying attitude of Indian Muslims and those who purport to speak for them. For instance, Aligarh Muslim University is run by the government on government funds. Why do you stick to the demand that it should remain a minority institution, despite repeated judgements of the Supreme Court and High Courts? Why do you object? What would happen if AMU became a secular institution tomorrow? Why do you worry? What is wrong with being equal to Hindus?

The reason we celebrate when a woman becomes India’s Defence Minister is not because we hate all men. The reason we celebrate when a Dalit becomes India’s President is not because we hate all “upper” caste people. We celebrate because they become symbols of correcting historical oppression, a sign that the old walls are falling and we are moving towards a better future, with liberty and justice for all.

These struggles for justice, be it the movement for Hindu Rashtra, the movement for women’s rights or the movement against caste oppression, are not in conflict with each other. In each case I take the side of justice.

When a Muslim mob is throwing a Hindu population out of their homes, I am on the side of the Hindus. If those Hindus happen to be from “upper” castes and they are discriminating against a man for belonging to a “lower” caste, I take the side of the “lower” caste man. If that “lower” caste man is deliberately not sending his daughters to school, I take the side of the daughters.

I take the side of equality and justice for all.




Forget Jinnah portrait, let Aligarh Muslim University become subject to Indian laws

The Aligarh Muslim University is in the news, thanks to the local BJP MP demanding that the 80 year old portrait of Jinnah be removed from its position of honor. Outrageous, I know. They already changed the name of Aurangazeb Road. Now they are demanding that Jinnah’s portrait be removed.

It is curious that the Congress – Communist – Islamist axis has come out so strongly in expressing its desire to honor Jinnah. One comrade was so swept with emotion that he  probably did not realize that he was implicitly putting Mahatma Gandhi and Mohammad Ali Jinnah in the same bracket.


Have they all forgotten that Jinnah was the main opponent of their Lord Nehru? Have they all forgotten that in Congress mythology which is taught to us as “official history” in schools and colleges, the blame for Partition is placed entirely on Jinnah, leaving Nehru as pure as driven snow?

Shall we conclude then that the ecosystem is tactically conceding that Nehru is also to blame for Partition of India? They really seem to have tied themselves in knots on this one.

Nobody in their right mind would believe that the ecosystem is supporting Jinnah’s portrait out of some exalted sense of historical significance. Who can forget that within 3 months of coming to power in 2004, the UPA government ordered the removal of a plaque commemorating Vinayak Savarkar from the erstwhile Cellular Jail in the Andamans? Mani Shankar Aiyar, then a minister, issued this instruction personally.

They could not let Savarkar have a small plaque on a remote island. But touch the portrait of the villainous Jinnah in Aligarh and they wince with pain.

Like Mayawati and Akhilesh supporting each other, the ecosystem going to bat for an arch rival of Nehru is a symptom of the Congress – Communist – Islamist axis in modern India, an alliance formed against the resurgent Hindus of this nation.

However, my article is not about this portrait. In fact, I say forget the portrait. With the spotlight on Aligarh Muslim University, the time is ripe to correct a much bigger and much more grievous historical wrong at the heart of this Institution.

First, let us bring the Aligarh Muslim University under the purview of laws of the Sovereign Republic of India. Let the Constitution of India apply to its campus. 

What am I talking about? Let me explain.

Have you ever wondered how Aligarh Muslim University can be a public institution and a minority institution at the same time? How is it possible that in a modern secular democracy with freedom of religion, a public institution can also be a religious institution?

Well, it isn’t. So, how is Aligarh Muslim University possible?

This contradiction was easily noticed soon after the independence of India. In 1967, the Supreme Court ruled (Aziz Basha v Union of India) that AMU could not possibly keep its status as a minority institution, since it was established by an Act of Parliament. Open and shut case really.

Only the Government of India then decided to shut its eyes and pretend like the Constitution does not apply to Aligarh Muslim University.

In 1981, the Government passed an amendment allowing for AMU to keep its special extra constitutional status. There was of course a legal challenge and this dragged on in the courts. Until 2006 when the Allahabad High Court, not surprisingly, found the 1981 act to be ultra vires of the Constitution.

You would hope that the Government of India finally gave up in 2006 after 40 years of trying to stop the Constitution from being applied to a university located on Indian territory. But then you know nothing about the “idea of India.”

The UPA government filed yet another appeal. And can you believe that the case is still pending in the courts? In case you are curious, Modi sarkar has told the Supreme Court that it will withdraw the Government’s appeal against the 2006 decision.

So, before we worry about the portrait, let’s get the Constitution of India to apply to AMU.

Don’t let liberals draw you into a much lighter argument about some guy’s picture gathering dust in some corner of the campus. Ask them how it can be that merely implementing the Constitution, buttressed with not one but two clear cut court judgements, one from the Supreme Court and one from the Allahabad High court, can be seen as “malice.”


Prove where? Before the extra-constitutional trial court of Indian liberalism?

By the way, the intentions don’t even count. The law is the law is the law and it must be implemented.

In fact, if anything, it is AMU that must be put in the dock, along with the governments that supported this unconstitutional demand for decades.

The ongoing minority status of AMU has very real consequences for the running of the institution. The most important of these, of course, is the question of reservation. Until AMU is made compliant with Indian law, SC/ST persons and other weaker sections of Indian society, will not enjoy the constitutionally guaranteed benefits of reservation.

It is AMU that stands accused of malice. What is the prejudice that keeps AMU from throwing open its doors to SC/ST students?

Until the question of AMU is resolved in the evidently constitutional manner, it is secular political parties and the liberal ecosystem that stand accused of malice. What is their pressing need to deny SC/ST students their just representation at AMU? How is this social justice? Beyond all the talk of Dalit-Muslim unity, is there a desire to keep Muslims segregated in minority institutions and a desire to keep Dalits out of education altogether?

Some day I hope these questions will be answered. Some day, I hope that Aligarh Muslim University is brought under the ambit of the Constitution of India. But until then, AMU survives like the Salman Khan of Indian universities. Every few years, we feel that the law has finally caught up with them. But then, they always get bailed out.

Aligarh Muslim University needs to get it. ‘Being Muslim’ isn’t enough. You have to be constitutional as well.

Sweep in North and Coastal Karnataka will power BJP to Bengaluru

On May 1, when Karnataka’s favorite son came to campaign in the state, the excitement was overflowing.

What? Karnataka’s son? What am I talking about? Well, PM Modi is Karnataka’s favorite son. If you don’t believe me, ask this crowd that gathered to listen to him in Belagavi.


Or ask this crowd in Udupi, which wanted the Kannada translator to stop interrupting so that the people could hear their Prime Minister. This is the moment that will go down as the finest in the Karnataka campaign. A slap on the face of language based chauvinists. Dear Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, try telling these people that Narendra Modi is a “North Indian import.”

Bharata deshalli bere bere bhashe, bhavane ondu!

In the land of Bharat there are many languages, but they have one soul.

Let us look at the numbers game in Karnataka now. I had been searching for a while for the region wise voteshare data and finally Moneycontrol, of all places, gave me the figures I was looking for.


The Congress swept North Karnataka the last time, winning 31 seats out of 50 and the BJP just 13. This is the region where Yeddyurappa contesting separately hit the BJP the hardest.

It doesn’t take much to see that the Congress Party’s lead of 31/50  in Mumbai Karnataka is sitting on quicksand here. The Congress got 31% of the vote, BJP got 27% and Yeddyurappa got 10% last time. If you simply add Yeddyurappa’s numbers back to BJP, the BJP’s number swells to 37% which is already more than enough to sink the Congress. Now add five years of anti-incumbency and Modi factor.

Now for the Coastal region of Karnataka, where the BJP faced complete disaster last time.


Okay, first of all I have a bone to pick with the choice of language in this screenshot from Moneycontrol. Possibly the journo who wrote this mostly writes about economic affairs and does not understand the political map of India. Coastal Karnataka is not a place where BJP “manages to find traction at times,” Coastal Karnataka is an old BJP stronghold where the party has deep roots.

How deep you ask? The Jana Sangh won power in Udupi as far back as 1968. Atal Behari Vajpayee once famously said that the Coastal regions of Karnataka would belong to BJP “forever.”

If the usual flow of elections is any guide and the enthusiasm of Udupi for Modi is any barometer, this stronghold of Coastal Karnataka should safely return to BJP. Recently, the region has seen a veritable massacre of BJP workers at the hands of peaceful forces. The people will reply at the voting booth, no doubt.

Overall, there is one fact about Karnataka that keeps coming back to my mind. In 2013, despite the BJP giving the electorate every possible reason not to vote for them, the people of Karnataka were surprisingly forgiving towards the party. If you add to the BJP’s votes the votes of KJP and BSRC, it would have given the party 87 seats and the Congress only about 94.

This means that despite changing three Chief Ministers in five years, the BJP could probably have formed a government in Karnataka in 2013 with JDS support. Naturally, this means that the floor for BJP in these elections is set at 87 seats. Add in the anti-incumbency of a state that has been rotating governments since 1985 … and I simply don’t see how it could be possible for Modi to lose this election.



Rahul Gandhi as Kalidasa? Pidi media hits new low of sycophancy

There are certain things that you cannot “unsee”, once you have seen them. The following happens to be in that category.


Indeed, now you have seen everything.

Here is modern day Kalidasa, trying to pronounce the name of legendary engineer M. Visvesvaraya.

My first bit of advice is to watch that video before Congress IT cell tries to get it taken down with some nonsensical complaint.

My second suggestion is do not go to read the article from Newslaundry whose headline I have posted in the screenshot above. We all know that among the crop of liberal websites, the deep state has a favorite plant, the one whose poison leaves they use to cook up sinister hitjobs against the BJP. That plant is not Newslaundry. The less favorite websites are trying to get attention through shows of extraordinary sycophancy towards the Dynasty. Do not add to the clicks they desperately seek.

Traditionally speaking, the Congress ecosystem has always set the bar high when it comes to sycophancy.  There was the famous Dev Kanta Barooah, who during his term as Congress President, (in)famously said that “India is Indira and Indira is India.” There was the one who was appointed as President of India shortly after publicly announcing that he would sweep the ground that Indira walked upon. There is also a long tradition of Congress leaders who received big career boosts after publicly carrying shoes and slippers of members of the Dynasty.

But those were different times. In those days, it was still possible for someone to be the President of the Congress Party without being a member of the family.

Despite the huge debacle of 2014, the ecosystem realized that the Congress and Rahul were still their best bet. They had their first task cut out : lift Rahul from the level of a joke and get him to be seen as a real politician in public discourse. The most difficult thing was to rescue the Shehzada from himself, with his penchant for disappearing on vacations whenever the party needed him.

So every time Rahul managed to do anything right, such as read out a speech without fumbling, land a jibe without making a joke of himself, spell his name correctly … anything, they celebrated like there was no tomorrow. The phrase “Has Rahul Gandhi come of age?” was repeated so many times by so many journos that it has become a social media punchline.

But Rahul never learned. And as the Congress party lurched from one defeat to another, Pidis had to get more and more creative in finding reasons to praise Rahul Gandhi. Thus was the concept of “moral victory” tailor-made for Rahul Gandhi. This came in very handy when the sycophancy race intensified in the run up to the Gujarat election, even as Rahul’s elevation to the post of party president became imminent.

Suddenly Rahul was a winner for everything : he was a winner for showing up, he was a winner for holding a rally, then he was a winner for holding more than one rally, then he was a winner for giving “interviews” to journalists who appeared captivated not only by his charisma, but the charisma of his pet dog Pidi.

And finally, of course, Rahul was a winner for losing. Even if the Congress had lost the state for the sixth time in a row. One editor for a prominent newspaper wrote an article explaining that the most important thing is that Rahul should not change a single thing about himself or about the Congress party. I personally believe that the editor in question could have saved herself some time by putting up something like this on the front page.


Because a picture is worth a thousand words. Anyway.

Not long ago, when Rahul ended up making a fool of himself by calling the Prime Minister a “khoon ka dalal” in the aftermath of surgical strikes, several journalists wrote about the misery of poor Rahul who has all the right thoughts, but fails to express himself in proper language. Approximately 18 months later, Rahul is now Kalidasa. A symptom of how much the bar has been lowered and how quickly.

Two more things. First, if anyone ever tries to call you a Bhakt, remind them of these moments and laugh in their faces outright. Rahul Roushan says it best :


The second thing is that Pidis and their sycophancy is actually standing in the way of the Congress and Rahul Gandhi. Pushed to the wall by the Modi wave that ceases to fade away even 4.5 years after it began in the autumn of 2013, the Congress has tried to make some changes. The party is in the process of revising history to say that it never believed in Hindu terror. The party no longer says that Muslims have the first right to India’s resources. From saying that those who go to temples are the ones who molest women, the Congress is now a party of “Janeudhari Hindus.”

But the trained Pidis, who are trained to rub their noses into the ground at the mere sight of a Gandhi, aren’t helping. Look at an article such as this, which recently appeared in Firstpost.


A “maturing” politician? In his third term as MP, President of India’s longest ruling Party, PM candidate … all of which he has achieved purely by accident of birth or as this Pidi refers to him, because of his status as a “lofty dynast.” And he is still “maturing”?

The Pidis probably don’t realize that their slavish loyalty is rubbing people the wrong way. After all, this is a young country, with a significant chunk of population below 35. Do you know how hard it is to get a seat in a good college? Forget that, do you know how hard it is to get a seat on a local train? This country makes you grow up fast … there are kids as young as 13 who are already slogging for a chance to go to IIT.

How do you suppose people much younger than him feel when we are told to bear the burden of the “maturing” process of this “lofty dynast”? By the way, Rahul ji, best wishes in advance for your 48th birthday, which is next month.

Proud of Zee News for cracking open Kathua case

According to Crime Branch chargesheet:


As per the chargesheet, on Jan 15, 2018, the accused, including Vishal Jangotra disposed off the victim’s body. The chargesheet explicitly notes that the juvenile accused (who is not named for legal reasons) accompanied Vishal Jangotra to Ghagwal Railway Station well after 4 pm on Jan 15 and from there Vishal left for Meerut.

They say Vishal left Jammu after 4 pm on Jan 15. Guess what the CCTV of an SBI ATM saw at 3 pm on Jan 15 in Uttar Pradesh Muzaffarnagar area?


Clearly visible Vishal Jangotra. Clearly visible time stamp of 15:03 hrs on Jan 15, 2018.

Dear J&K Crime Branch, would you care to explain how Vishal Jangotra managed to go back in time?

By the way, Zee News has made available the full CCTV video of the incident.

The distance between Kathua and Muzaffarnagar? According to Google, it’s more than 500 kilometers. Modi’s bullet train isn’t functional yet and in any case, bullet trains do not travel backwards in time.

And yes, the video shows Vishal getting two notes out of the ATM, handing one to a friend and keeping one for himself. And yes, Zee News has also made available the photo of SBI Passbook of Vishal’s sister showing the ATM withdrawal of Rs 1000 on Jan 15.

What Zee News has done yesterday might just be one of the finest pieces of journalism in Indian history. Instead of sitting with candles and getting paid to spread outrage, Zee News hit the ground and went out to determine the facts of the case.

See the tears of the grieving mother and sister of Vishal Jangotra as Zee News presents unassailable evidence of Vishal’s innocence.

You know when my eyes filled up with tears? When I saw the passbook showing the transaction.


See the passbook. See the numbers in the credit column. The bank account did not even have 10,000 rupees.

Now do you see how the police and media managed to torture this family for 3 months despite unassailable evidence of Vishal’s innocence? Because they had only a few thousand rupees in their account. They didn’t have the resources to make themselves heard above the noise from million dollar media houses and the billion dollar establishment.

Remember Hindus. A celebrity journalist makes crores of rupees a month. They went out and found this poor Hindu family, with only a few thousand rupees to their name and falsely implicated them in a heinous crime just so they could increase their crores per month to hundreds of crores per month after 2019.

They went out and found a Hindu who was weak and helpless and couldn’t fight back no matter what. My father says that being poor is the greatest crime on this planet. Congratulations, celebrity journos, you have established this beyond doubt.

Just to recap. There are clear cut records of Vishal’s attendance in his college exams in Uttar Pradesh on the day he was supposedly raping a girl in Kathua. There are CCTV cameras showing him at an ATM in Uttar Pradesh when he was supposedly dumping the body.

This Vishal was an ordinary student from an ordinary family. He did not have the luxury of studying a “vanity course” in JNU. He was studying soil science from an ordinary university.  Not glamorous, but practical stuff. After finishing his graduation, he would be out there with others, fighting for a future.

The ecosystem picked out a target. One helpless Hindu who was to be demonized so as to create a storm of hatred against Hindus.

But there is a saying in Hindi that goes, “Jiska koi nahin hota uska bhagwan hota hai.” In other words, God is there for those who have nobody else.

In Bengali, there is a similar saying that goes, “Dharmer kol batashe node.” It means that evil forces might think that they have stopped all ways of powering the wheel of dharma. But they are wrong. The wheel of dharma can start moving by harnessing the power of thin air. Nobody can stop it.

I don’t think I believe in God; I believe in people helping people. And today, I believe Zee News has done God’s work. Maybe there was something about the unfairness of it all … a helpless Hindu from a poor family picked out in the Indian state where Hindus are most marginalized … the millionaire celebrities piling on with placards about “Devisthan”, the incredible mean-spiritedness and wickedness of it all … maybe there is a God after all.

Every village in India now has electric power

A headline that was over 30 years past due. But on April 28, 2018, it finally became a reality.

Of course media coverage of this historic moment is muted, if news channels are covering it at all. It’s not like something big has happened … like Taimur getting potty trained or like Rahul Gandhi managing to spell his own name.

You know when India wins, these are supposed to be moments when we come together and congratulate each other. They are moments when we are supposed to forget partisanship and embrace everyone no matter what their political creed.

Here is my reaction:

Thoo. Aak Thoo!

Yeah, that’s right. My reaction is a load of spit. Because this moment, achieved on Apr 28, 2018 makes me want to spit on the face of the Congress Party and its Bharat Ratna Prime Ministers who have milked this country for 55 years but couldn’t give us 100% rural electrification. They eagerly took their Bharat Ratnas but didn’t care to give us electricity, clean water, schools or sanitation.

Aak Thoo! That’s what those scumbags deserve.

Because the only thing they ever focused on was making sure their sons and daughters would become Prime Minister after them.

In 1950, India became a Republic. Jawaharlal Nehru assumed power as Prime Minister of India. In the elections that followed, the Congress won three-fourths of the seats in the Lok Sabha. They formed the government in every state. The whole country was at their feet. Every form of power was theirs.

In 1950, another thing happened, an event that quite literally no historian, no journalist would have recorded at that time. A little baby boy was born in an ordinary family in Vadnagar in Mehsana district of erstwhile Bombay state. He grew up around the Railway platform in Vadnagar, helping to sell tea.

Who would have thought that Jawaharlal Nehru, that all powerful Prime Minister, and all his children and grandchildren after him would leave the job of 100% electrification unfinished? That it’s the little boy who would grow up to become Prime Minister and finally bring electric power to every village in this country?

Well, for that matter, who could have imagined a lot of the things that happened after 1950? Who could have imagined that newly independent India would spend the next four decades chasing the mirage of Communism and end up as a basket case by 1990? Who could have imagined that all the other countries of East and South East Asia would turn out to be tiger economies while India would remain stuck in the mud?

The Japanese had two nuclear bombs dropped on them. The Germans had their country literally turned to rubble, then carved up and divided between two hostile superpowers. The Israelis got a thin strip of desert to defend and like 4-5 large powerful Arab neighbors determined to wipe them out. The Japanese, the Germans and the Israelis all did fine. In 2014, India still had 18000 villages without electricity.

Who should we thank for this? Which Bharat Ratna winning Prime Minister?

Right now, there is a lively debate in the media about how to “debunk” PM Modi’s achievement. The favorite topic among experts is the official definition of “electrifying” a village.


A village is considered electrified  if just 10% of its households are connected to the grid.

Ridiculous? You bet.

You know what’s even more ridiculous? The fact that even this much could not be achieved in 70 years.

Imagine someone taking 70 years to learn A,B,C,…. It’s ridiculous. I agree. Even Rahul Gandhi could have learned the alphabet in 20-30 years. But knowing A,B,C,…  is better than not knowing anything at all. It is now that we begin the process of learning words by putting letters next to each other.

But you know what is the most ridiculous thing of all? That all these knowledgeable experts who are dissecting the definition of “electrification” today were missing in action until May 26, 2014. The energy they have spent in “debunking” Modi … if 10% of that had been used for due diligence and auditing the performance of Bharat Ratna Prime Ministers, India would have been a much more advanced nation today.

One more thing. When myself and others began talking about this milestone on Twitter, we were faced by a small flock of Pidi trolls. They accuse me (and others on the Hindu right) of deliberately ignoring the work that UPA did towards electrifying villages.


So let me make this clear. There is a huge difference between UPA electrifying a village and Modi sarkar electrifying a village. When UPA brings electricity to a village, it is merely compensating, some 30 years too late, for the work that their own leaders Nehru, Indira and Rajiv failed to do!

When Modi sarkar brings electricity to a village, it is picking up the slack for what three generations of the ruling Nehru clan could not do.

So, UPA gets no credit for bringing electricity to a village. Zero. Zilch. Why was there even one village in India that did not have electricity by, say, the year 1990? The only reason UPA has the opportunity to connect a village to the grid is because their own leaders were too lazy and incompetent to do it decades ago. You can’t encash the incompetence of your own leaders into political capital.

But then the Congress is no stranger to this form of argument, in effect taking advantage of its own incompetence. In 1950, the Congress Party set the nation on a disastrous socialist/communist track that ultimately blew up in our faces in 1990. From the early 70s, Dr. Manmohan Singh was embedded in this socialist/communist system and became one of its prime beneficiaries, holding a series of powerful positions. When India’s economy collapsed in 1991 under the weight of Congress policies, the same Congress Party took credit for coming up with economic reforms 40 years late. After supporting Nehruvian socialism and benefitting immensely from it for 20 years, Honorable Dr. Singh decided to take credit for bringing “economic reforms.”

I am glad that Narendra Modi made rural electrification a priority and finished the task. Otherwise, the Nehru Dynasty, 2-3 more generations down the line, would probably have been taking credit the day India finally achieved this milestone.




Why Rahul could be worse than Sonia and why India cannot afford UPA3

This is Nandini Sundar, a professor at Delhi University.


She is “deeply saddened” by the deaths of Communist terrorists.

But only “saddened” by the deaths of Indian jawans.

Not satisfied with equating the martyrdom of an Indian jawan with a terrorist being neutralized, she goes the extra mile, delivers that extra kick in the teeth to rub it in all our faces.

This is not about one citizen, this is about the fact that she is a professor at Delhi University.  Presumably, she plays a role in nurturing young minds in the classroom. Beyond the classroom, in her role as an academic, she would also play a role in shaping future scholars who will record, analyze and interpret the story of the Indian nation.

Nandini’s husband Siddharth Varadarajan is the mind behind The Wire, whose articles are frequently plugged by Rahul Gandhi himself. In case you have never noticed, between all those Modi bashing articles, The Wire has a separate tag for “The Soviet Century” where writers post their tributes recounting the ‘glory’ of the fallen Soviet Union. Apparently, nobody at The Wire is saddened, let alone “deeply saddened” by 30 lakh people murdered under Stalin, nor by the 300 lakh people (at least) who perished under the Communist boot worldwide.

These are just two members of a much larger class that the people of India have had to carry on their shoulders for decades. They keep pumping their poison into young minds on college campuses. Journalists who are bred in this college environment then push this poison everyday into our living rooms through TV screens, through newspapers stuck under our doors early in the morning, through the computers on our desks and the smartphones in our hands.

In the so called scholarly world, Ram is now referred to as a “pig.” Aurangazeb is being resurrected as a secular and generous ruler, while Swami Vivekananda’s “masculine posture” has been marked out as an inspiration for gangrape. For Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, who wrote Vande Mataram, the situation is even more dire. Everything that we believe in, anything that we hold dear, anything that we cherish is reviled. Our festivals are smeared with fabricated stories of “semen filled balloons.” The slightest form of Hindu self-expression, such as a Hanuman sticker on a car, becomes a target for Hinduphobia.

How much more poison can we Hindus take? At what point does the poison become so much that our civilization finally drops dead.

I fear that the point could be fast approaching. There is a reason Bollywood celebrities rushed in with placards of “Devisthan” and “temple” and “Hindustan” after the Kathua incident. Why would an industry which makes a consumer product that is sold directly to the masses be willing to take such a risk? Because they sense that the poison in our system has finally risen to the level we as Hindus are paralyzed, unable to even recognize our enemies, let alone act.

For India, this form of “rule by the few” is not a new phenomenon. When Nehru opposed the reconstruction of Somnath Temple on grounds that it would be an embarrassment for a so called secular nation, he had nothing but contempt for ordinary Hindus and their sentiments. As the Dynasty tightened its grip on “independent India” that had their colonial masters had gifted to them, they collected around themselves a class of people who ate out of their hands. This was a group that was inherently quite disparate. While some of them fancied themselves as reborn Englishmen, others occupied themselves with a fascination for the Soviet Union. On the well-tended lawns of Lutyens’ Delhi, they absorbed themselves with ideological debates on matters from Guatemala to Vietnam.

There were only two things they agreed upon : hating Hindus and living off the land. In a sense that is almost medieval and pre-French revolution, these people were the “nobles” of India.

The election of 2014 was a revolt by the little Hindu against the ‘nobles’ of Lutyens’ Delhi. The ecosytem suffered a setback. But with nowhere else to go, they decided to stay invested in the Dynasty, considering that the Congress Party had been giving them stable returns for nearly 70 years. In 2019, relying on various Mahagathbandhans and counting on caste based voters to be useful idiots, they are getting ready for a recapture of power.

Here is the difference between Rahul and earlier generations of Gandhis that have ruled India. For autocrats like Indira or Sonia, the ecosystem was a force multiplier, but it was always came secondary to the interests of the Congress Party itself. But Rahul is different. Due to his spectacular lack of leadership skills, he will have to compensate by letting the ecosystem off the leash.

We have seen a trailer of this in Gujarat, where the incompetent Congress had to take a backseat. The lead was taken by forces that were ready, quite literally, to tear the country apart.

Whatever its other faults, it was always in the interest of the Dynasty to at least keep India in one piece, if only to keep its own empire intact. Once the wolves of the ecosystem are off the leash, they will quite literally rip this nation to shreds.

Nobody ever rules alone. Every ruler sits on top of a power hierarchy. When the various chieftains sense that the king is weak and incompetent, that the hand of the ruler is weak, they will pounce upon the opportunity.

The other day I read that JNU’s celebrity “students” Shehla Rashid and Kanhaiyya Kumar are eyeing the next Lok Sabha polls. There is no doubt that they see the opportunity and they are salivating. Rahul is weak and incompetent, dependent on making any number of compromises to merely stay in the game against Narendra Modi. This is their opportunity to grab for themselves much bigger pieces of the power pie.

They will demand a much bigger pound of flesh. Which in this case would be the dismantling of our nation brick by brick. Bharat ke tukde.

And what will be the fate of this nation in the hands of the Shehlas and Kanhaiyas? Speaking to Hindustan Times, Kanhaiyya beamed with pride explaining how his hometown is known as “mini-Leningrad.” There you have it folks, this is the vision of the supposed “youth icons.” They want to take us back, one hundred years into the past, to the days of a nation that collapsed into failure decades ago. They want to uproot us from our land and transport us to “mini-Leningrad.” The Hanuman sticker is anathema to them, but they speak fondly of “mini-Moscow.”

The question is whether we can take it as a nation. The wounded civilization of Hindus is still standing despite one thousand years of assault. Who’s to say there can’t be some final death blow out there that will make this much wounded civilization meet its end? Can we afford to lose 2019? I think not.