Raghuram Rajan’s colleague wins the Nobel Prize for Economics

I’m surprised the newspapers go with that headline. Come on lefties, don’t disappoint us. You have spent the last 3 years fawning over Raghuram Rajan, but surely there are more embarrassing depths that you can sink to.

So some random organization called Clarivate something had put Rajan on a list of possible Nobel Laureates. The ecosystem jumped on this piece of junk and went to town with it.


Except the “world” didn’t say nothin’ … the Nobel Prize committee didn’t say nothin’ … it was just some random group on the internet that thought he could be a possible winner. You are just treating it as a huge thing because that random group happens to be based abroad.


See other chamchas :


Again, what list? Whose list?

So it gave me great pleasure when the Nobel Committee handed the liberals their asses on a platter. Suck on this one.

Not only did Rockstar not win, the guy who won happened to have said this.


Can you feel the liberal asses on fire here?

Hey Dhume… guess what? Seems the pro-demonetization guys were on the list, after all? The real list, not the fake one that media clowns were talking about.

I love this. I love this.

Slapped black and blue by the Nobel Prize Committee, some liberals came up with a defense that was beyond hilarious. No really, they think the latter part of what Richard Thaler said on demonetization is helping their case. Here, I quote the graphic Altnews made:



So he didn’t want the Rs 2000 note! Great! So he wasn’t opposing Modi’s move to demonetize Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes. What he opposed was bringing in the Rs 2000 note. In other words, what he wanted was a much harsher form of demonetization : where Modi just sucks out the currency and then leaves everyone to go figure out the digital, cashless transactions.

And how exactly does this help the case of those who complained that the shock of demonetization hit the cash intensive sectors?

Never mind. Chamcha cheerleaders and chamcha outlets like Altnews are hurt badly enough from the disappointment of seeing Rockstar lose out (again… he wasn’t on any list … except perhaps on the liberal’ wishlist …lol!)

See, it’s not like I am saying that a Nobel winner has to be treated like some kind of ultimate authority. Economics isn’t even a science. That’s why you see Dhume and Mihir Sharma giving lectures on it. You wouldn’t find Dhume and Mihir Sharma lecturing on gravitational waves or the Riemann hypothesis or how to design cryogenic engines. 

And for what it’s worth, we have all seen what happens when a Nobel winning economist is asked to actually build something. Instead of  theorizing his ass off at Harvard and/or giving recommendations to Rahul Gandhi for PM post. Then, the Nobel babu uses crores to fund his luxurious travels and hire his cronies and then runs away after building a “university” that looks worse off than a high school.

This is about the PR defeat of the left. They know what they would have done if Rockstar had won. And by needlessly salivating on some sorry ass list put out by some random people, they have brought this mockery on themselves. Can’t complain now.






To the Hindus : This Diwali, light a diya and weep

Dahi Handi, Jallikattu and now Diwali.

Of course.

Don’t question it. Don’t speak against it. Don’t even dare to raise an eyebrow. Better keep your eyes closed and head hanging downwards.

Don’t utter a word of protest.

Be silent. They can ban the sound of our voice, but can they ban silence?

They can ban lights. But can they ban the darkness?

Who knows?

Be silent and light a diya. And remember. Remember the thousand years of Hindus who lived before you on this very land. They were born on this land where their ancestors had lived for thousands of years before them.

But they were told that this land isn’t theirs. For hundreds of years, they paid jizya to live upon it. From Mathura and Kashi to Ayodhya and Somnath, their temples were destroyed. They lived on with only the memories.

Then missionaries came to the impoverished Hindus.

Light your diya and try to feel the inner torment of the Hindu who had to convert for a bag of rice. Hunger is a horrible thing.

Then partition happened. We lost most of Punjab, most of Bengal and all of Sind forever. Another undeclared partition happened in the early 90s in Kashmir when even more Hindus became refugees in their own land. Today, the Hindus of Western Uttar Pradesh, of many parts of Assam, Kerala and Bengal stand one generation away from meeting the same fate.

What is there for Hindus to celebrate on Diwali, after all?

Good that they banned it.

Today is not hundreds of years ago. If an 80% majority Hindu population in a democratic country cannot guarantee for themselves the minimum right to cultural existence, whose fault is it?

Stop blaming others. And for god’s sake, don’t go out there on Twitter or Facebook and troll the triumphant seculars in your frustration. They are the only ones with a right to celebrate this Diwali. They have won another famous victory over the non-believers.

Do something meaningful this Diwali. Go out and embrace your Hindu neighbor from another caste or region. Go speak to the Tamil brothers and sisters who can’t celebrate Jallikattu, your Marathi brothers and sisters who can’t celebrate Dahi Handi and your Bengali brothers and sisters who are at the mercy of Muharram to dictate their Durga Puja calendar.

“Your struggle is my struggle.”

Tell them.

Light a lamp and think of why the Hindus have seen the misfortunes they have for a thousand years. And if they ban even that, light a lamp in your heart. Only you can banish your inner darkness  and they cannot take your inner light away.


GST changes show that Modi Shah have their ears on the ground

Most elections are won or lost not because governments made mistakes, but because they didn’t pick up the rumblings and refused to change course in time.

My favorite thing about Modi is that he never loses sight of elections. This is the mistake Vajpayee made for which we paid a ten year price.

Sure BJP would have won Gujarat anyway, but so what? Every vote and every seat matters.

Now, you can’t change the entire tax system of a country without making some people unhappy. Especially when you are telling them to embrace something completely new and unfamiliar. And you can’t get it perfect the first time.

The upshot is that Modi and Shah identified and mapped out the precise anxieties that traders were facing : from jewellers to textile merchants and addressed them. Sure the opponents will try to see it as admission of failure, but that sort of thing generally lasts only for 1 day.

Heck, they changed the GST rules on Oct 6 evening. It’s Oct 8 and people have already stopped saying that. The lasting impact is that traders will remember that the PM listened directly to their concerns and changed course.

Now, “trader anger” was always just another of those hot air balloons launched by the opposition with no hope of success.

Heck! The opposition ran a two year long campaign to turn Dalits and Jats against BJP. These are two caste groups that turned to BJP only in 2014. Net result of their propaganda was a huge zero.

You can imagine then what were the chances of turning traders against BJP. Small traders have not only been voting for BJP for 30 years, they have voted for all of the BJP’s predecessors such as the Jan Sangh. Most have close family ties to the RSS and have BJP functionaries in their own homes.

But Modi and Shah have a strategy of grabbing the last mile and the last vote. The traders were never going to vote for Rahul Gandhi. But some of them might have stayed home on voting day and that is simply unacceptable in the new BJP scheme of things. On Oct 6, Modi sent a direct signal to small traders that the party has not forgotten their decades of association with the BJP.

The BJP has always excelled in this. Holding on to its old voters while acquiring new ones.

Every now and then in this process, it so happens that the old voters may feel neglected. Beginning sometime in mid 2015, Modi sarkar opened a direct line of communication with the poor. The bond has grown so strong in just the last two years that the “suit boot” jibe now feels like ironic and silly, or just plain absurd.

Can you remember the last time someone from the opposition could make a credible “anti-poor” jibe at the BJP, beyond the typical pre-written proforma statements like “anti-farmer” that even the opposition does not take seriously?

By the way, farmers are doing great. August 2017 was the best month for tractor sales ever.

Modi sarkar has destroyed the “anti-poor” ghost. It’s gone forever.

But in this process, the government senses that they have reached a point of inflexion. See something new in Amit Shah’s tweet?

Poor AND Middle Class!!!

So they know.

They know that middle class is restless.

I can confidently predict that the BJP has begun a process of re-consolidating its old votes.

So what does it take to keep the middle class vote glued to the BJP? Some tax cuts and some favorable headline GDP numbers.

The first of these is totally in the hands of the government. And the opposition knows it too. There is a reason the opposition is making such a big hue and cry over fuel taxes right now. Because they know the tax cut is coming, the only question is when.

They know that Modi, as a master of timing, has planned to cut taxes on petrol and diesel (probably bring it under GST) roughly one year before the election for maximum impact. They want to force his hand and make him do it NOW, so that the effect on the minds of the electorate dissipates by April-May 2019.

The same applies to GST really. Again, there is a reason the opposition wanted GST to be postponed by one year. They wanted all the teething problems to play out during the election year. There can be no doubt about two things:

(1) GST is a positive for economy : There’s really unanimity on this, be it the World Bank or even the Opposition parties. For the Congress, GST is very very bad news once the beginning hiccups are sorted out.

(2) GST will create problems for 2 quarters : One quarter (Apr-June) while businesses were destocking and one quarter (July-Sept) while businesses are restocking. We already got the numbers for the 1st quarter, which is 5.7%. The RBI says that things should improve right in the July-Sept quarter, but I am more circumspect and I will give it one more quarter. These two quarters are the only time for the Congress to have fun.

In case you haven’t heard, service sector PMI is back to expansion after two months of contraction (July and Aug) while people were figuring out GST.  And what about industry? Well, core sector growth just raced to a 5 month high in August.

You know what is worse news for Congress? The Oct-Dec quarter is the festival season, when businesses maximize production.

The GDP numbers for Oct-Dec quarter will be released on Feb 28, 2018. That’s when the opposition’s party on economic indicators will come to a full stop.


Kerala : complacency of the leftist ecosystem is laughable (and great for us!)

If there is one thing that separates the BJP from its competition, it is hunger for victory. You can see this first hand on the social media : since 2014, BJP supporters have been in a highly charged frame of mind, diving into hopelessness over every loss … worrying every moment that the BJP’s rising tide might come to an end.

The leftist ecosystem on the other hand, has always been a picture of complacency. Ironically, I have seen the left on social media in a strange celebratory mode right since 2014 : there is always a municipal bypoll, an APMC election, a students union poll or a class monitor election happening somewhere in the country that the Congress has managed to win. And the entire ecosystem jumps on some small win, no matter how irrelevant and takes it as a sign that it’s all over for Modi.

Can you believe this headline is from Financial Express July 2014?


Yeah…they began their “celebrations” in July 2014 itself. And I really recommend reading this Firstpost article posted after a handful of bypolls to Assembly seats in Uttar Pradesh in Sept 2014.


We can laugh at these headlines now and leave it at that, but it shows a fundamental attitude gap between the BJP and its competitors.

The BJP is not willing to leave anything to chance. The Congress and its chamchas on the other hand are convinced everything is already theirs for the taking.

This foolishness has been repeated myriad times by the secular side, but it has never learned. In the recent past, secular media always saw sudden waves of support in favor of secular Chief Ministers who had been struggling with incumbency : Tarun Gogoi, Akhilesh Yadav and Harish Rawat.

(Something tells me similar stuff is happening with Siddharamaiah).

Even a day before the UP results, the media was still drunk on the “Achche Ladke” rhetoric. They were all out there on the ground, but couldn’t sniff the collapse of the Samajwadi/Congress alliance.

The case of Harish Rawat is even more hilarious. We saw numerous tweets from journos about a strong pro-incumbency for Harish Rawat. The guy lost from both his seats!

While secular media ended up getting high on its own supply, the BJP proceeded with caution every step of the way, leaving no stone unturned and walked away with huge wins.

Does anybody think that BJP’s internal pollsters had not told Modi and Shah about the huge majority in UP by the time the 6th and 7th phases of polling came about?  It didn’t matter. Modi still went door to door in Varanasi, trying to convince every last voter.

Meanwhile, Akhilesh was plugged in to ET Politics.

And the same complacency is repeating in Kerala now:


I honestly can’t believe the secular brigade. And in some small way, I have to feel pity for their foolishness.

See the headlines :


You idiots! You are doing it again. You are refusing to see the BJP as a serious challenge.

As I said before, I cannot but marvel at this complacency of the other side. How dumb do you have to be to think that Modi-Shah are not a credible challenge to you? Is that what the last 3 years have taught you?

Forget the last three years … look at the last 20 years. The Congress and Left have been consistently losing footprint across the nation. The Left is out of the game in West Bengal. The Congress has been buried in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh.  The North East is now a BJP stronghold.

Do you fools on the Congress and Left know how many seats that is? That’s 170 Lok Sabha seats where you have become irrelevant in just the last 20 years.

What makes you fools think that the 20 Lok Sabha seats in Kerala are beyond the reach of BJP? I’ve seen all sorts of nonsense : from Kerala being “most literate state” to being a “multi-faith society.”

Seriously? You think these things can hold the BJP at bay? Tell me which demographic faultline in the last 20 years has been able to stop the BJP (except the Muslim votes the BJP probably doesn’t even want)?

You used to say BJP is an upper caste party. Could your caste politics stop the BJP among Dalits and OBCs? No, Dalits and OBCs went to BJP in droves … and the BJP also managed to keep all its upper caste votes intact.

You used to say BJP is a Hindi belt party. Did that stop BJP in Gujarat, in Maharashtra, in Karnataka, in Assam… in distant Manipur and now increasingly in Bengal and Odisha?

What makes you think you will be magically successful in Kerala?

Nothing but your complacency. We are living in an ironic upside down universe where the party in power is rushing from pillar to post hungry for more and those who are under pressure are chilling out. While Amit Shah and his men struggle on the ground, you the secular left are sitting in Lutyens AC rooms telling each other that there is no threat to you.

Of course, I am not complaining really 🙂 The more complacent the secular fools are, the happier I am. But once in a while you do feel a little bad for the doomed underdog.

Let me explain my feelings by quoting a scene from the comedy Seinfeld :

Jerry: It’s like a spider in the toilet struggling for survival. And even though you know he’s not gonna make it you, you kinda root for him for a second.

Elaine: Then you flush!

Jerry: Well, it’s a spider.




What will it take for media to admit that Yogi Adityanath is doing a stellar job with health in UP?

Yesterday, when Yogi Adityanath threw stats about Kerala’s health situation in the face of the CPI(M), the secular brigade exploded in anger. First the BJP makes the Communist policy of mass murder in Kerala a national issue and now it is trying to rip apart the carefully constructed web of lies around Kerala’s “prosperity” by sympathetic media over the years.

In extreme panic, Scroll published right away this booming headline…


With a headline like this, Scroll must have big stats to back their words up. The left was getting ready to debunk Yogi Adityanath all over the place, with Catch, Wire, Newslaundry and Altnews joining the party.

But you know things aren’t going well when Scroll has to admit this in the article:


This sad admission is hilarious for several reasons. So the way that Scroll is trying to save the CPI(M) government from the BJP’s onslaught is by saying two things:

(1) UP may be doing better this year after BJP coming to power, but things used to be much worse in UP last year under the secular government of Akhilesh Yadav!

(2) Kerala may be doing badly this year under CPI(M), but it did better last year when CPI(M) came to power only in the late summer!

Is Scroll trying to debunk the BJP or its own secular liberal friends?


I’m not kidding. This is still from the Scroll article “debunking” Yogi Adityanath. Is Scroll debunking him or debunking itself? LOL

And watch this :


Would you believe I am still quoting the leftist propaganda blog Scroll?

So, will Scroll graciously admit defeat and congratulate Yogi Adityanath for his stellar performance? You’ll never guess what Scroll does next:


Whoa! What a thing to say!

Who is in charge of public sanitation and control of mosquitoes in Uttar Pradesh? Rahul Gandhi?

So, they discover that Yogi Adityanath lied when he claimed he made the hospitals in Uttar Pradesh better. When in fact Yogi Adityanath only made sure that people didn’t fall sick and have to go to hospital in the first place!

Yeah some lie they have caught!

So, I decided to go to the website of the National Vector Borne Disease Control Program and take a look at the stats for myself.

Here are the numbers for malaria.


Here are the numbers for Japanese Encephalitis (till Aug 31, 2017):


Here are the numbers for Dengue (till Aug 20, 2017)


And finally, here are the numbers for Chikungunya (till Aug 20, 2017)


If you are an actor or artist who plans to return an award to protest against the “intolerance” of Yogi Adityanath, this would be a good time, now that he seems to be carrying out a genocide in UP … of mosquitoes.

Why CPI(M) alone is responsible for the political violence in Kerala

Finally ceding to a longstanding demand from BJP workers, cadres and sympathizers, party president Amit Shah began a concerted initiative against the Communist reign of terror and death in Kerala.

On the elite left, the reaction to the BJP’s efforts has been very interesting. Often known to (pretend to) oppose whataboutism, the left dug deep into decades old history to somehow prove that the RSS/BJP and the Communists are somehow equally to blame for the political violence.


I really recommend people to watch this video, if only to see Ravish Kumar’s desperation as he complains that the “national” media selectively covers only the killing of RSS workers in Kerala. One wonders if the leftist propaganda outlets would have done so much in depth research into decades old history if a Hindu Muslim flare up had occurred, especially in a BJP ruled state.

Look who’s complaining about the use of the “victim card”. It’s  our friendly propagandists at Scroll.in


These are the same kind of folks who gathered at the Press Club to protest a couple of tasteless tweets after the murder of Gauri Lankesh.

The comical, hypocritical rage of the left at being hit hard on its dark underbelly of violence in Kerala is something to see.

However, the simple truth is that only the Communists are to blame for the violence in Kerala. Here’s why.

The RSS/BJP is not present in just one or two states, unlike the CPI(M). At the moment, the BJP is ruling as many as 13 states. It is the main opposition in several others, such as Karnataka or Himachal Pradesh. The BJP has come and gone in numerous state capitals for the last three decades.

But have we seen any such decades long cycle of political violence between BJP and its competitors in any of these states? Are Congress and BJP workers killing each other in turns in say Gujarat (where BJP has been sort of ruling forever) or Rajasthan (where BJP and Congress rule alternately)? Do we see any such cycle of murder in Madhya Pradesh (where BJP mostly ruled in the recent past) or in Maharashtra (where BJP was mostly in opposition)?

No, of course not. Because none of these other states I mentioned above have any sizeable Communist presence.  But travel out of Kerala in the south to Bengal in the east and what do we see again?


As many as 28000 political murders in Bengal between 1977 and 1996, admitted by Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee himself on the floor of West Bengal assembly.

The only reasonable conclusion here is that the introduction of Communists into the political sphere of a state leads inevitably to political violence.

The RSS/BJP is (nearly) everywhere in the country. But large scale political murders seem to happen only when the Communists are around. 

Who should we blame then for political violence in Kerala? The CPI(M) and only the CPI(M).

Of course, this ties up perfectly with the way Communists have behaved all around the world. The murderous regimes of Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot killed hundreds of lakhs of people. The portraits of some of these mass murderers can be found hanging in CPI(M) offices.


This photo is actually from Scroll itself. See the decorated portrait of their hero Josef Stalin?

I wonder if NDTV and The Wire and Scroll would ever question the Communists for putting up Stalin photos in their offices. Does it amount to the CPI(M) endorsing the slaughter of 30 lakh innocent people under Stalin?

I hear that Indian liberals are much outraged because some people that the Prime Minister follows on Twitter have used some abusive language. My guess is that the same liberals will make excuses for the CPI(M) putting up in its office a decorated portrait of a man who killed 30 lakh people.

The truth is that Communists today are surprised and outraged about their dark underbelly in Kerala being exposed to national attention. With sympathetic leftists controlling most of the flow of information, the Communists thought their killing fields in Kerala would remain hidden forever. Not any more.

Do you know that there was a jihadi terror attack in France yesterday?

Back in the day, most of us Indians had a huge inferiority complex about our position vis-a-vis the “developed” West. For the most part, we still do, but at least some of the rough edges have been smoothened out. For example, these days, I don’t think that anyone coming from abroad would bring “foreign chocolates” for friends and neighbors 🙂 Or at least not “foreign chocolates” from the airport gift shop…

Speaking of serious stuff, one of the things that we thought made us “inferior” to the West is that we seemed not to care so much about human life. Every few days there would be a terrorist attack in India and dozens would lose their lives. We would have headlines for maybe three days at most, the pre-formatted condemnation from top politicians and move on. Of course, we never even expected the international media to know about our tragedies.

However, if there was a terror attack in the West, things would be radically different. Our front pages would be splashed for days with images of the tragedy, the mourning and the details of the suspects and their motives. This one sided flow of information underscored our subordinate position in the world : Western lives matter, ours don’t.

And the one thing we knew was that the West never takes things lying down. “White people” were supposed to pursue their tormentors to every corner of the world to bring justice upon them. Yet another way they were “above” us, because terrorists would walk all over our helpless country.

No wonder then that I hoped for the day when terror attacks in India would receive worldwide attention. It would be a status marker for our nation, a sign that we had arrived and that the loss of life of an Indian is just as important to the  world community as the loss of a life in the West.

Well, I guess that has finally happened, but not in the way I hoped. How many people know that a terrorist in Marseille in France yesterday murdered two innocent people?


Those nasty Gau Rakshaks at it again, eh?

Two years ago, this would have got coverage everywhere. At least it would have trended on Twitter. People all over the world would have expressed their grief.  That no longer happens now.

Two years ago, an event like this would have sent the liberals hurrying for cover for at least one day as they looked for excuses. It would have stretched out their whataboutery muscles as they tried to explain the religion of peace.

That’s no longer necessary.

That’s not what I wanted. I wanted the rest of the world to value innocent Indian lives. I didn’t want the rest of the world to stop respecting their own lives!

In this horrific, morbid manner, Islam has levelled the world. Because it has subjugated us all.

We are now like the deer in the forest. We go about our lives. Any time it wants, the predator jumps out of the bushes and drags some of us away by the throat. The rest of us run away, happy to survive another day.

Islam is now at the top of the food chain. It’s at the top of the global ecosystem. We all accept our status as prey.

Never forgive Dr. Manmohan Singh

Of all the tricks that the secular ecosystem is trying to play on the Indian public, by far the most evil one is the attempted rehabilitation of Dr. Manmohan Singh as a credible authority in public discourse. Actually, if you really think about it, the reason the Nehru Dynasty keeps coming back to power is that we were too quick to “forgive and forget” the past.

The ecosystem has done it before … in 1991 and they are doing it again.

The man held top positions in controlling India’s economic affairs all through the deep socialist years of Indira and Rajiv Gandhi. He started as an Economic Adviser to the Finance Ministry in 1971 and a year later was quickly promoted to Chief Economic Adviser in 1972. By 1976, he had become a Director of the Reserve Bank and by 1982 he became RBI Governor.

He held the post of RBI Governor for 3 years until 1985, when he was made Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission!

Imagine those decades of lost economic opportunity for India. Imagine a 97% top income tax rate … and imagine how it naturally led to the piling up of black money and build up of institutionalized corruption. Imagine how the license quota permit raj entrenched poverty, nepotism and favoritism.

And imagine just how silent Dr. Singh stayed all those years : he could not speak a word as Chief Economic Adviser to the Finance Ministry, he could not speak a word as Director of Reserve Bank, he took a vow of silence as RBI Governor and had his eyes wide shut as Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission.

If he had dared to open those eyes, would he have got all those promotions? Of course not.

So, for 20 years, Dr. Singh happily toed the Dynasty line on Nehruvian socialism, watching the Indian nation ruin its future. These were the same years when the Chinese shook off the foolishness of socialism and began their march towards superpower status.

By 1991 the inevitable happened. The Soviet Union collapsed. Roughly, coinciding with the spectacular fall of global communism, socialist India found itself in the throes of a Balance of Payments crisis.

The net result on India’s balance sheet after embracing 4 decades of Nehrunomics? A forex reserve of $1 billion, not even enough to cover 2 weeks of imports.

NOW Dr. Singh spoke up. After colluding with Congress socialism for 20 years (and reaping huge personal benefits as a result), Dr. Singh spoke up.

The “eminent economist” hadn’t seen the disaster coming at any point in the last 20 years. Or maybe he suddenly changed his mind in 1991. That’s what the media wants us to believe. Born in 1932, Dr. Singh would be almost 60 years old in 1991. Apparently, that’s when the “eminent economist”  finally realized that socialism is a disaster … and that the moon isn’t made of cheese.

When Sonia Gandhi needed someone to be Prime Minister in 2004, the choice fell, of course, on old loyalist Dr. Manmohan Singh. Who would be better at staying silent throughout the decade of loot that was to follow?

Dr. Singh has always benefitted immensely from his strategic silences. In fact, his life is the ultimate representation of Congress culture. Stay faithful to your feudal masters and never ever rock the boat … and they will keep showering rewards on you.

Dr. Singh is over 85 years old now. He can look back with immense joy and satisfaction at the numerous important positions he has held all his life. And every single one of them came not because he was the best at what he did, but precisely because he was #1 at showing his loyalty to the feudal lords in the system.

Every ambitious young student entering college wishes to “change the world” and to “question everything.” It is this indomitable spirit that drives nations to greatness. America is the greatest nation on earth because kids in America dream of changing the world from their college dorm rooms. Obviously, only one in a million succeeds in that … but it is the relentless energy of innovation that drives America forward.

Dr. Singh’s life presents an alternative model. It is a cruel joke on every young person who starts out wanting to succeed in life. Question nothing and accept everything for what it is.

Yes, this model works too for some people. But at the very least, let us recognize that it is a model that makes us poorer as a society.

When it comes to Dr. Manmohan Singh, never forget and never forgive.

This Dussehra, remember the ecosystem with many heads

Vijaya Dashami has a special significance for all of us. The vanquishing of Ravana and bringing back Sita Mata. This also means that I am supposed to write something of a “Dussehra special” post and I don’t tend to perform well under a sense of pressure. But I will try my best to share how I feel.

It does not take too much imagination to see what is the modern version of Vijaya Dashami  playing out in our midst. The ten headed rakshasa is the ecosystem that controls the flow of information… so that people are happy to bow down to the rulers who have kept our nation in poverty for 70 years.

In 2017, the “big” promise of “change” is that we will have toilets and electricity for all. Has anyone stopped to think how pathetic that sounds to people living in any developed nation in the world?

And yet, these ARE the big changes that we are all looking towards, because the “Bharat Ratnas” who ruled the country for decades could not give the people these basics.

And how did these Bharat Ratnas manage to rule for all these years? Because the ten headed Rakshasa was controlling the flow of information, allowing him to keep our Bharat Mata imprisoned.

Who is this Rakshasa? You would probably start by saying that it is outlets like The Hindu or the Indian Express. But it’s not limited to that. In fact, I would argue that these outlets are the least significant of all the ways in which the Rakshasa rules. The real problem lies with the crooks who have been planted at every single level of the bureaucracy and academia.

And what are the weapons that we may use against this Rakshasa? The weapon that we can use is the force of our dissent, the willpower to stand up against propaganda.

And like I always say, we have two big Brahmastras with which to fight the enemy:

(1) We have free speech, which is guaranteed by our democracy : The ten headed Rakshasa has the power to shout louder than us (because they have the money to shout louder than us). But what they do not have is the power to silence us. They can’t stop us from speaking. They have grafted a dynasty on top of our democracy, but they can’t take our democracy away. So let us not be silenced when faced with their propaganda.

(2) We have technology, which has empowered us all : The miracle of science and technology has put in our hands a weapon that the ruling establishment always sought to deny : a means to respond to propaganda. Today a lie generated by a dynastycrook outlet can be taken apart in a matter of seconds.

So this Vijaya Dashami, let us resolve to use these twin Brahmastras against the enemy.

Happy Dussehra.

Untold story : How Modi’s demonetization and GST ruined China’s economy

We’ve all heard by now how the disaster of demonetization has pushed India’s economy into a tailspin. To add to the woes, there was the “hasty GST”, which started out as yet another Rajiv Gandhi dream,  and then was put in place on July 1, 2017, merely 7 years after Dr. Manmohan Singh’s government set April 1, 2010 as the deadline for implementing it.

As Modi has found out the hard way, you can’t rush big things. You have to space them out like the Gareebi Hatao promise from 1971. Or the Sardar Sarovar dam, for which Nehru laid the foundation stone in 1961, but work didn’t even begin until 1987.

Among the many disasters caused by Modi, I thought I would set the record straight by writing about a topic that has been discussed very little : the adverse impact of demonetization and GST outside our borders, specifically on China.

The following event went largely unnoticed, although it came so close on the heels of Modi’s now infamous decision to demonetize Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes on Nov 8, 2016.


I feel it is my national duty to speak up now, albeit a few months late. Or else all Indians and Chinese will have to again see Gareebi from close quarters … something they have never done since Indira/India Gandhi removed it in 1971.

As you can see in this Bloomberg video, the exports of India’s peers have sadly been in sync with India’s, showing the depth of the pain caused by Modi’s surprise move.


While China was still reeling under the impact of demonetization, the second blow came in the form of “hasty GST”. Within a few months, the mounting economic and financial risks became too much and the Chinese had to face an insulting downgrade for international rating agencies.


For the Chinese, it was most likely the Modi-Xi meeting at the BRICS summit that became the straw that broke the camel’s back, leading to the downgrade.

One more ominous sign was when the difficult economic situation forced the Chinese government to abandon development projects, such as a road in Doklam.

As a result of this demonetization induced slowdown, the Chinese government has had to undertake several diversionary measures to take public attention away from the economic situation.


For those who might be interested in participating, the Popular Front of India (PFI) and the CPI(M) will be organizing tonight a #NotInMyName candlelight march from JNU to Xinjiang. An eminent ex-Vice President is expected to join as well on a journey to go back to his roots.

This outrage is only the latest in a series of measures that the Chinese government has had to take to focus majority anger away from the economy towards a perceived internal enemy. When the real story, of course, is that Modi sarkar is turning a blind eye to the suffering of young job seekers.


For the Chinese, the need for finding an internal enemy in Uyghur Muslims is further increased by the fact that Modi sarkar is failing both on the domestic and the international front. Pro-BJP outlets such as Global Times are now reduced to begging the Chinese public to “properly understand” disputes and remain “cool minded” when dealing with neighbors instead of reacting emotionally.


Just read the dovish words… almost mocking the Chinese public for demanding a “tougher stance”, asking them to observe “patience” and “somber judgement” instead.

Compare it to the fire breathing Global Times from 2 months ago and you know how deeply the hurt of demonetization has crippled the dragon.

We must stand up NOW and demand that there be an end to this organized loot and legalized plunder by the government. For this, we have to put back in place the 97.5% top income tax rate that the wise Dr. Manmohan Singh put in place during the 70s when he was Chief Economic Adviser to the Finance Ministry. You can look around on Youtube for his remarkably prescient speech where he explained how a 97.5% income tax rate has the potential to add as much as 2% to India’s GDP growth.

I don’t want to sound too nationalist for fear of being seen as intolerant, but I must say that if you do not speak up now, you will be failing your national duty. And for what it’s worth, you will be failing your international duty as well.