Repeated intimidation of Republic TV reporters shows how thin skinned ‘liberals’ are

This happened again yesterday, a group of ‘liberals’ surrounding a Republic TV reporter, chanting slogans, intimidating her.

The journalist in question had gone to cover Jignesh Mevani’s “Yuva Hunkar Rally.” Now, the “yuva” of the country mostly stayed away from the so called rally, possibly because not everyone gets (nor wants) a lifetime scholarship from the government to study Hindu Zionist fascism or something. As such, the handful of career protesters at the venue were left to direct their “hunkaar” at Republic TV reporters.

By standards of Communist violence (mass murder of 400 lakh people), what Shivani Gupta faced is relatively little.

But incidents such as this are mounting in frequency, turning almost into a norm. The reporters of perceived right wing channels such as Republic TV, Times Now and Zee TV are being booed and intimidated and even physically harassed by ‘liberals’, sometimes even by members of the journalist fraternity.

Who can forget Mani Shankar Aiyar last month snatching the Republic TV mike and journalist Mausumi Singh of India Today backing him up.


Incidents such as this have brought to the fore the real truth about the liberals and their much vaunted “tolerance.”

The real truth is that liberals are extremely thin skinned. The mere existence of Republic TV and Times Now is driving them over the edge.

When was the last time you saw Modi supporters intimidate say an NDTV reporter the way Republic’s Shivani Gupta was treated at Jignesh Mevani’s rally yesterday. In case the left wingers haven’t noticed, the crowds at Narendra Modi’s Hunkar Rally in, say Patna in Oct 2013, were slightly bigger than Jignesh Mevani’s Hunkar rally.

I must mention here that I am in no way endorsing or suggesting that BJP supporters should go out and intimidate left wing journalists. I am merely acknowledging the obvious fact that we observe all around us. There are hundreds of BJP rallies drawing lakhs of supporters, but none of them is threatening or intimidating left wing journalists.

It simply doesn’t happen. The closest we have come is ONE instance with Rajdeep Sardesai in New York. And even there, it was Rajdeep who threw the first punch and got violent.

Meanwhile, Republic and Times Now reporters are facing threatening mobs of ‘liberals’ whenever they show up at an event with an opposing view. And this is not just coming from faceless mobs, it is coming right from top Congress leaders and journalists from other channels.

And ‘liberals’ come back home and brazenly celebrate their conduct:

This confirms what I have always suspected. Liberals may harangue you with their discourses on “tolerance” and allowing “dissent”, but there is nobody more thin skinned in the whole world than liberals themselves.

The reasons for this are simple. Contrary to what intellectuals want you to believe, a Hindu right winger learns tolerance as a way of life. As a child, he/she reads textbooks by Romila Thapar that belittle his culture in every way possible. On the 14th of November, all his friends must assemble in school to venerate Prime Minister Nehru, a ritual that would be considered horrifying and North Korea like if it had not become the norm over decades. One day, the child grows up and goes off to college where he/she meets more and more left wing professors.

As part of growing up, the person hears over and over again about the fascism of Hindus. Even though Hindus have never actually ruled India in the last 1000 years. Even though he sees temples all across his land that have been destroyed and desecrated by invaders,  the apparent brutality of Hindu society is the only thing worth talking about. Even though the Professors who tell him that are Communists, fans of Stalin. So what if Stalin murdered 30 lakh people? But, Hindutva is ‘fascism’. Of course!

The key here is that while the right winger may not agree with most of these views of the elite, he/she has no choice but to hear them every single day. Much like the blaring of Azaan from loudspeakers.

And thus, for the right winger, tolerance for opposing views becomes ingrained in their daily life in a way no liberal will ever understand.

Asking a Hindu right winger if he/she can tolerate opposing views is like asking a fish if it can “tolerate” the water it lives in. We grow up in it, we are constantly immersed in it, we have never known any state of existence other than constant immersion in a sea of left wing views.

The liberal leaning person has the exact opposite experience. Every school textbook, every college lecture, every newspaper column and every TV show has always told him that he is correct, that he is nothing but always correct all of the time. That anybody with an opposing view, if they exist at all, is either mentally retarded, of unsound mind or somebody with a diabolical agenda of destroying the world.

That’s why liberals have begun to act so crazy the moment they see a Republic TV guy or girl hanging around. Relax, liberals, it’s just a TV channel and the reporter is just a person. Believe me, he/she breathes in air just like you.

Liberals had gotten used to a monopoly in the intellectual space. Suddenly there is a right wing government with a Lok Sabha majority. With power behind them, suddenly there are all these new guys and girls in the media who have showed up with dissenting views.

It’s making liberal heads explode everywhere! A channel that can actually criticize Sonia Gandhi? WHAT!! No way! They never thought it was possible. And now that it’s become a reality, liberals are going absolutely nuts.

This is why I have always held that the best way to expose liberals in India is to get rid of every single law that restricts freedom of expression. Disband the censor board, repeal the laws against hurting religious sentiments and the like.

There’s no downside here for right wingers. What new humiliation can possibly be heaped on Hindus? Our goddesses are drawn naked, they already chant Bharat ki barbaadi. If these laws go away, is there something new that the liberals can do that they haven’t already done before?

But the day we have real freedom of expression in India, I say with confidence that liberals will find it hard to live here. Can liberals live with cartoons of  “….. ” (you know who) ? Can they tolerate a Charlie Hebdo style takedown of their icons?

Of course not! Today a liberal can’t stop crying for a year if some anonymous trolls calls him/her a “presstitute” on Twitter. They rush to the police station to file a complaint. Ha!  These snowflakes will melt under the heat of free expression.

Give us total freedom of expression and watch the fun. In a week, you will have liberals begging in the streets for a return of censorship.


Yogi’s visit to Bangalore shows why Chief Ministers are still the life blood of the BJP

Here is an observation. Going into the 2014 election, the BJP had a lot fewer Chief Ministers than the Congress. The BJP was ruling in just 5 states and the Congress at least twice, maybe thrice as many.

But there was one crucial difference between BJP Chief Ministers and Congress Chief Ministers.

Narendra Modi was into his 4th term as Gujarat CM. Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Raman Singh were in their 3rd term.

What about the Congress? How many 3 term Chief Ministers did they have? Tarun Gogoi in the North East was the last of the big, multiple term Chief Ministers (Delhi is not a state and I might be forgetting some tiny state in the North East).

In fact, when was the last time the Congress won a state for three successive terms? Again, outside Gogoi in Assam, you can’t really find these examples. In fact, if you even look for 2 term Chief Ministers from the Congress anywhere in the country … I can’t think of anyone other than Bhupinder Singh Hooda in Haryana.

The fact is that while the Congress was almost always ruling more states than the BJP, the BJP got very good at *holding* power in a state once captured. The Congress could only run single term governments in state capitals.

This is one area where the BJP scores massively over the Congress. The Congress has its ecosystem that keeps the flag flying even when the Dynasty is out of power. The BJP has its network of Chief Ministers.

We cannot foresee the future. We cannot say who will win 2019. But for the BJP, the abiding legacy of Modi sarkar will be these three new Chief Ministers:

Devendra Fadnavis, Sarbananda Sonowal and Yogi Adityanath

UP and Maharashtra are the two biggest states in the country. In both of these states, the challenge was not only to win. The challenge was also to install Chief Ministers who could hold these states on their own.

Because if something goes wrong in 2019, the next generation of resistance from the BJP will come from the Chief Ministers.

There are other names, too, coming from smaller states. There is Raghubar Das, who has built up a tremendous image in Jharkhand. The BJP would have won Jharkhand handsomely anyway in late 2014. So, the real challenge before Modi-Shah was not to win Jharkhand, but to break the chain of boring old faces in the state and give it a fresh leadership with a clean slate.

If you remember correctly, *every* single man who had ever held the post of Jharkhand CM lost in the 2014 Assembly Election. Arjun Munda of the BJP lost. Babulal Marandi of JVM lost. Madhu Koda lost! It showed the depth of the disgust in Jharkhand with the entire political establishment.

Now, there is a new man in Simla and his name is Jairam Thakur. The BJP would have won Himachal anyway. The real question is whether the BJP would have a chance of winning Himachal again in 2022 or it would again fall prey to the typical incumbency cycle in Himachal Pradesh.  What counts is that Modi-Shah have broken the boring cycle of Dhumal and Virbhadra. With a fresh man at the reins, the BJP at least has a chance of breaking out of cyclical anti-incumbency in 2022.

(This is why I believe Shah had a role in ensuring Dhumal’s defeat. They must have announced him as CM candidate purely to ensure he did not commit mischief)

The BJP’s new Chief Ministers have all been given a golden opportunity and allowed to run with it. Any of them has an opportunity to become the next Narendra Modi.

This is where the life blood of a party comes from.

Right now, Devendra Fadnavis has the most difficult job in the entire country, but he is competing out of his skin to ensure he turns adversity into great success.

Which brings me to Yogi Adityanath, perhaps the man seen as the most “empowered” of the BJP’s Chief Ministers. That Narendra Modi allows him to take so much of the spotlight, without the slightest sense of personal insecurity, is a testament to the political culture of the BJP.

Compare it to the Congress, where everyone is required to show slavish loyalty to the Dynasty, but it is NEVER enough. The Congress CMs are always called upon to make ever more humiliating displays of loyalty and even then a multiple term CM is seen as a threat to the Dynasty.

Yesterday’s Yogi show in Bengaluru was MASSIVE. But above all, it showed a confident Narendra Modi who is not scared to let BJP cadres nationwide shower their adulation on someone else.

That said, I am personally unhappy with Yogi Adityanath spending so much time campaigning outside Uttar Pradesh. He hasn’t finished a whole year as CM and God knows that UP needs major fixing! Above all, Yogi has been given the task of preserving and nurturing the biggest electoral achievement of the Modi years : bringing BJP back in UP that too with a 3/4th majority. This is not the time for Adityanath to be looking beyond Lucknow. Towering ambition must be matched with monumental achievement.


Dear Lalua, where are you and where is BJP today?

In politics, as in life, new challenges crop up all the time. With the passage of time, every memory slowly gets washed away. A challenge that was overcome 10 years ago might not seem like such a big thing today. Think about the time you took your 10th standard examination. At the time, it might have seemed like the biggest thing in the universe, but tell me how often you have thought about it in the last one year? In all probability, you didn’t think about it at all. Because you were preoccupied with your career, your husband or wife, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your ageing parents, paying taxes, EMIs for house and car, going after that next big promotion or interview.

Maybe the challenge has gone so far away that it has vanished from your rearview mirror. But that does not mean that the credit you deserve for overcoming the challenge has diminished over time.

Like I said, this applies to life just as much as it applies to politics. Today BJP may seem so big and powerful that Lalu Yadav is a pygmy by comparison. But you can’t forget where it all started. You can’t forget that Lalu Yadav was once the tallest leader of “secularism” who stopped the Rath Yatra and arrested Lal Krishna Advani.

Today the BJP-JDU government in Bihar may be in its third term, today the BJP may have the largest number of votes in Bihar. But still there was a time when Lalu used to be the “Raja of Bihar” and young upstarts like Sushil Modi dared to file complaints against him in the fodder scam.

Those were the days when Lalu’s followers would sing with conviction in the streets about how Samosa mein aalu and Bihar mein Lalu can never change.

By the way, did you know that Lalu’s daughter Misa Bharti is a medical college topper from Patna? I throw an open challenge to Lalu ji : if Misa Bharti is really a doctor, ask her to give medical treatment to even one member of your family.

That is what Bihar used to be like in those days…

Those were the days when RJD goons would go around, pick up any girl who caught their fancy and a day or so later, her dead body would be found in a car somewhere after a brutal gangrape.

Do not forget. Do not forgive.

And especially do not forgive India’s secular establishment for aiding and abetting the crimes of Lalu Yadav and gang by giving the sorry excuse of “secularism.”

For me the abiding image of Lalu Yadav will be that of him looking out of an open vehicle, exhorting his supporters with slogans of “Bhajpa Hatao … Bhajpa Hatao!”

Tell me Lalu ji? Did BJP go? Does Samosa still have aalu in it?

From that fateful day when Lalu Yadav put a stop to Advani’s Rath Yatra, the BJP has only soared from strength to strength. Where is Lalu?

You know Lalu used to go around telling people how he would be Prime Minister one day. Today, this convicted criminal is disqualified from even contesting an election. Forget Prime Minister, his party is in no position to project its own as the Chief Minister of Bihar.

By the way, Lalu Yadav had also famously said that the state of Jharkhand would be formed “over his dead body.”


Jharkhand has been around for 18 years now and BJP has been ruling it for the longest time.

Take that!

Today Lalu Yadav seems to be in the dustbin. He may seem irrelevant. But you cannot let that be an excuse for forgetting how difficult it was to shove Lalu Yadav to this dustbin.  The hard work of lakhs of BJP workers over decades has reduced Lalu to this state.

Lalu’s jungle raaj represented the absolute worst of what casteism and minority appeasement politics can do in this country. There are many other casteist monsters trying to raise their heads in the country today. Remember that every single one of them wants to turn back the clock and take India to jungle raaj.

It’s 2018 today. We as a nation have seen grand dreams. We nurse great aspirations of superpower status. Can we afford to let Rahul Gandhi’s casteist goons take us back to the era of jungle raaj?

Dear Quint, tell me why we shouldn’t call you anti-national

An Indian Navy officer abducted by Pakistan and faces the death penalty there. An Indian Navy officer is called a terrorist and mass murderer. For over a year, we don’t know whether he is even dead or alive. Then, Pakistan allows his wife and mother to come over. His wife’s sindoor is forcefully removed, his wife and mother are publicly humiliated by the Pakistani government and media and they are allowed to speak to the man through thick glass via telephone.

Following the event, the man is further humiliated and forced to bash his own country in a video released by the Pakistani government.

And what do you do, Raghav Bahl? The Quint releases a “story” quoting two unnamed RAW officers who say that Kulbhushan Jadhav was indeed an Indian spy.


I am still coming to grips with the fact that an Indian publication could have written this:


What is worse, you publish all sorts of aspersions on him, calling him an incompetent spy who violated standard operating procedures.


I really hope you are very very proud, dear Quint. Hope you can show your wonderful article to Kulbhushan Jadhav’s wife and mother.

Let me ask you this, dear Quint. At any stage during the writing of this “article”, did you feel something tugging at your conscience? Did you feel that maybe…just maybe, you should not give a boost to the propaganda of the Pakistani enemies trying to kill an Indian Navy officer?

Let me ask you this. Can you tell me what this is?


It’s called salt.

For desi bumpkin right wingers like us, salt has emotional value. Just like the sindoor that the Pakistanis rubbed out from the forehead of Kulbhushan Jadhav’s wife.

And once we eat the salt, the salt of this nation, we don’t betray it.

This salt. I know you have eaten it too.

This salt was within you even before you were born. It came from your mother who nourished you in her womb. And it was from that moment that you became indebted to your mother and to the land that nourished you.

But today the Pakistani beef steak in your mouth tastes so good that you have betrayed this salt.

You have not just betrayed this country, you have betrayed your own mother as well. I know you don’t believe in Bharat Mata, but go face your own mother if you dare. In her eyes, you will see the pain of the betrayal that you have given her.

But Quint has done us a favor, actually. The people of this country needed to see an explicit example to know that you Lutyens class will not stand with us even when it comes to the life of an Indian Navy officer.

You and your class seemingly make jokes about “nationalism” and how “anti-national” you are in your tastes, your opinions and your worldviews. But it was never a joke. I don’t think enough people understood that. At least they know now.

Yeah, you know exactly what you have done. If the Government of India comes after you for this article, you will go to your Pakistani friends and yell from the rooftops about how you are being punished for telling the “truth.” If the Government of India does nothing, you still win.

Well done.

Thank you for putting India in a lose-lose situation and Pakistan in a win-win situation.

Like the JNU guys said : Bharat ki barbaadi tak jung rahegi…


Jignesh Mevani is a New Year Gift for the BJP

In a light hearted speech sometime in Jan 2015 (?), Narendra Modi had said : “My critics say that whatever good things happen under me is due to my luck. Ok, maybe you are right. But, mitron, then what is the need to bring in a badnaseeb government?”

I don’t believe in luck. Or at least, in my luck. But Modi certainly is a lucky man. The Opposition has given him a wonderful gift to begin 2018 with and his name is Jignesh Mevani.

Jignesh is a man who loves the sound of his voice, thinks he has all the answers and is incredibly full of himself. Winning one little MLA seat has sent his arrogance to high heaven and the media frenzy around him is fuelling his desire to speak more and more and more.


Had it not been for the abrasive persona of Jignesh Mevani, the media would have doubtlessly put the blame on BJP for the violence in Mumbai and Pune. But Jignesh is exactly the kind of guy who can turn himself into a focal point for public disgust.

Old time slaves of the Dynasty were left numb with the coverage of the Bhima Koregaon incident and how the entire narrative came to be around the sinister personality of Jignesh Mevani.

No wonder Saba Naqvi is so distressed at the “biased coverage” and “fake narratives” :


(Side note to Hardik Patel : Dude, you totally got your ass handed to you by this Jignesh guy when it comes to stardom. Kangress used you and dumped you like a soiled tissue, man! Get some Burnol.)

In fact, Saba didi is still in shock 2-3 days later:


You bet Saba Naqvi, you bet they are still discussing him. Because you know what? People LOVE to hate the no good JNU Commies.

You know the ordinary people of this country who work day and night to make ends meet for their family? They are bored with the daily grind of their lives. They *need* a bakra to take out all their frustration on. And who better to take their frustrations out on than a bunch of lazy JNU Commies who leech off the government for a living, pretending to be “students” well into their fifties, going around all day producing nothing and raising slogans of “revolution”?

You know what? These are the ideal targets for public anger. Because bashing these no good losers makes everyone feel good about their lives. That is why the channels do it … they set up nightly thrashings of JNU Commies in their studios. It’s the best entertainment TV can offer.

Go ask your Rahul Gandhi why he gave so much space to these losers. In fact, he offered these people the entire machinery of the Congress party on a platter. And now these loser leeches like Jignesh and Umar Khalid will ride your Congress party to oblivion.

I must say I love Jignesh as a TV person. Because there is something absolutely spectacular in the way he is able to get under the skin of the viewer. He is a wonderful magnet for public hatred. Remember the Renuka Chowdhury types? Everytime she would open her mouth, I’ll bet another 1000 people swore never to vote for the Congress party in their lives.

I wish there were 10 more like Jignesh on the Congress side. Just watch him praising Communism as the only way of life that offers justice and then going on to bash Ambedkar, Kanshi Ram and Mayawati.

What? On one hand, he batted for Communism, which is the most unpopular idea in the country. And on the other hand, he went on to attack the biggest Dalit icons from Ambedkar to Kanshi Ram and even bashed Mayawati?

Yeah, that’s right. Jignesh knows only the art of making enemies 🙂 And he has successfully made an enemy out of every single person who will see this on TV.

With channels like Republic and Times Now, these videos are going viral in no time.

Excellent. And even better, this:

I hear that Jignesh has done a press conference today and that he intends to intensify his “movement” against Modi ji by physically going to PMO and what not!

This is going to be so awesome. The man is itching for the tag of “certified troublemaker.”

Politics is ultimately the art of winning friends. I am so glad that Jignesh does not understand that.

Why am I so interested in Jignesh Mevani? Because he provides an avenue for projecting Rahul Gandhi as exactly the opposite of what Rahul wants people to see in him.

In case you haven’t noticed, the spotlight is totally off Rahul Gandhi in recent days. Rahul’s new pitch to the Indian voter, copying the style of Justin Trudeau, was to come across as the nice likeable guy.

Jignesh is anything but the “nice, likeable guy”. I am so hoping that Jignesh gets to keep the spotlight for months. Abrasive, communist and virulently anti-national. Rahul Gandhi must be seen as the man who facilitates the Jignesh Mevani types.

Thanks Jiggy. Keep it up man.  This Modi-Shah have no “dum”. You are the real deal. I think you’re gonna be PM in 2019, yaar. Supermodels are going to fall at your feet begging to have sex with you. Just keep telling everyone how brilliant you are and how stupid they are. This is totally working, trust me!

Maharashtra caste conflict : Ecosystem strategy is simply not working

Boy! I have rarely seen the right wing ecosystem so charged up as it has been in the last two days. Ever since violence in Koregaon became the No. 1 story nationwide.

For what it’s worth, here are my two cents. It’s simply not working for the Congress and its ecosystem.

Why do I say this? Because the enemy camp has been giving out signals aplenty.


First of all, let it not go by unnoticed that the “leader” who is fighting the caste system has inherited his alleged leadership role of Dalits from his illustrious grandfather.

What do you suppose the caste system is, Prakash Ambedkar? The caste system is about keeping privilege based on family name. EXACTLY what you have done, Prakash Ambedkar.

And if you Mr. Prakash Ambedkar think that Dalits today have not noticed that, you are heavily mistaken.

Why withdraw the bandh? Because the puppetmaster in Delhi, who also inherited power from Mummy/Daddy has finally been briefed by his advisers that the script in Maharashtra has gone horribly wrong.

The Shiv Sena has been criticizing the BJP government for everything, big or small. Now watch as they scurry away, suddenly singing praises of Devendra Fadnavis.


Yes, they know it. Script has gone totally wrong.

It was supposed to be a distortion of history to show a battle between Dalits and Brahmins, the subtext being the fact that Fadnavis is a Brahmin CM.

Instead it turned into a conflict between Marathas and Dalits. The Marathas comprise 37% of Maharashtra and what is worse, the NCP gang is totally dependent on their votes.

A couple of years ago, the ecosystem had mustered massive “Maratha morcha” protests against Brahmin CM Fadnavis. If you remember, the supposed trigger for Maratha morcha protests (the real trigger was the bloody hand of course) was the demand for repeal of the SC/ST atrocities act after a rape of a Maratha woman in Kopardi by Dalit men.

The Maratha morchas were massive, with millions of people marching on the cities of Maharashtra, terrifying the BJP government. Luckily, the protests were handled very well and they petered out.

Right now, Pawar Sahib must be shaking in his boots because he realizes that those same millions of proud Marathas are asking today why Congress is celebrating defeat of the Marathas before the British and supposedly by an army of Dalits. Remember that the Marathas started out with the demand of repealing the SC/ST atrocities act!

What a richly deserved slap for the evil Pawar. And it is Rahul Gandhi who has done it for him by jumping the gun and supporting the celebration of Maratha defeat.

And what about the Dalits?

Relax. Many such efforts have been made since 2014 to turn Dalits against BJP. Remember Rohith Vemula? He got six months of saturation coverage. Not a single Dalit who had voted for BJP in 2014 changed his/her preference in 2017 in Uttar Pradesh.

If anything, BJP supporters should stop being so nervous about BJP’s new Dalit supporters. They are here to stay. Dalits are not fools. They see clearly that the events in Maharashtra are a drama manufactured by Congress.

Since 2014, there isn’t a single real example of BJP government showing slightest disregard to Dalits. The icon Baba Saheb Ambedkar has been celebrated by Modi government in every way possible. A Dalit has been appointed as President of India.

It’s taken decades, but Dalits today have all the confidence in the world. They know they are at the TOP of the electoral pyramid and every party bows to them. The Congress can’t go back 30-40 years in time and stoke fears of “upper caste domination.” Not going to happen.

And because Dalits have that confidence, you can’t get them to outrage over absolutely nothing.

That is why the Congress called the bandh. They were hoping for a police crackdown and some dead bodies of poor Dalits on which Jignesh Mevani could do his politics. They got nothing.

Zero. Zilch.

For the Congress, the game was lost from the very moment that Commies were sent out to bat. The ecosystem has still not realized that Commies are the most unpopular people in the country. And that includes Dalits.

Who did Congress send out to bat? Umar Khalid, the son of a SIMI terrorist and Commie from JNU? And Jignesh Mevani, the Islamist PFI funded scumbag?

Their only chance was with the Maharashtra government screwing up and giving them some dead bodies in police firing.

Which hasn’t happened.

What has happened, however, is that urban voters are now even more furious with Congress. After 3.5 years of Modi, some incumbency might have built up and there was a possibility of some urban voters seeing Rahul as the underdog. Or thinking that he has been mocked “enough.”

That’s all gone. In this manufactured violence in Mumbai and Pune, the Congress has come across as the sinister riot instigator like never before. For this, the BJP owes a debt of gratitude towards channels like Republic that widely publicized Jignesh Mevani’s “war on streets” call.

I began this post by mentioning how I felt the RW amazingly energized over the last 2-3 days. The images of Jignesh Mevani and Umar Khalid as anti-nationals instigating caste riots seem to be everywhere.

Like I said, the Commies from JNU are the most unpopular people in the country and possibly the ones the youth dislikes most.

And by tweeting in their favor, Rahul Gandhi has come across as a true villain for urban voters. The Congress policy of divide and rule was way too obvious to the social media generation.

Meanwhile, I would say BJP supporters have done extremely well for themselves. They have kept relentless focus on how Congress is igniting caste wars, mentioning Patel agitation, Jat agitation, Gujjar agitation and what not. They have kept relentless focus on Umar Khalid’s anti-national posturing and his father’s background in the terrorist organization SIMI. And they have relentlessly beat the drum of Hindu unity.

The only images around are those of Commie goons destroying property and bullying people in Mumbai and Pune.

It’s actually a long time since I felt that BJP was decisively winning  a narrative war.

The issue of Koregaon caste riots has not completely died out yet, so there is still possibility of BJP screwing up somewhere. But as yet, the bandh went by peacefully, nobody could find a single instance of police brutality.

Now, the Congress must answer the people why it tried its best to stoke a riot in Mumbai.

We have the high ground here, folks. We have to press the advantage going forward. Over the next several weeks, we need to squeeze the Congress and make it answer for trying to break Hindus. Why was the Congress openly celebrating a British victory and using it to divide Hindus? We have to make sure maximum eyeballs see the sinister image of SIMI alumnus Umar Khalid and SDPI funded Jignesh Mevani calling for “street wars.” This must be accompanied by stoking memories of the “Bharat ki barbaadi” slogans from JNU.

We have to make sure that Umar Khalid and Rahul Gandhi are always mentioned in the same sentence.

Meanwhile, I am sure that ground cadres of BJP will fan out and ask Maratha youth to give a fitting punishment to Rahul Gandhi’s party for celebrating a defeat of the Maratha Army.

Congress is trapped. Can’t let this moment go.



Back by Jan 4

Folks, obviously I am dying to write about the violence in Mumbai and Pune. But I am traveling internationally and I can’t do justice to the issue amid all the distractions at the airport and in my sleep deprived state. Will be back to writing by Jan 4.

Rajnikanth : Finally a glimmer of hope for BJP in TN

Happy New Year folks.

Longtime readers of this blog must have noticed that while a lot has been happening in the politics of Tamil Nadu, I have been dead silent on the state. Perhaps you have wondered what is going on.

Am I being a “typical Northie” (more like “typical Eastie” in my case) who does not think about Tamil Nadu?

Quite the opposite. I have been watching TN politics very keenly. The reason I didn’t say a word is that I was struggling to find even a single positive for BJP/NDA from the state. With Jayalalitha’s passing, the BJP seemed to have lost its only friend in Tamil Nadu. The EPS-OPS group (which obviously has BJP’s backing) had been blundering along, unable to inspire confidence from Tamil Nadu. In such a political climate, it may be guessed easily that governance had to suffer.

Then, they got absolutely thrashed in R K Nagar.

I was beginning to worry that not even 1 out of Tamil Nadu’s 39 seats would go in Modi’s favor in 2019.

Good thing that the New Year has finally brought some cheer and some new hope. With Rajnikanth entering politics, finally there is chance of a shake up. And the BJP desperately needs one in Tamil Nadu.

A lot depends on the amount of energy that Rajnikanth brings to his political outing. If he is able to become a political superstar like in his movies, the vacuum left by Jayalalitha’s passing will finally be filled.

The good news here is that Rajni Sir has a widespread fan base and instant brand recognition, not just in Tamil Nadu but possibly in every village in India. The bad news is that Rajni has just made an entry and politics is a long and hard path. While his Dec 31 speech was high on rhetoric, it was low on details and gave out very little in terms of explaining what form his party would take. The Lok Sabha elections are only 18 months away. So, it is possible that what Rajni really cares about is the 2021 elections in the state.

Luckily, the DMK hasn’t been doing too well. In the R K Nagar bypolls, the party lost its deposit. This is a welcome sign, because I was beginning to worry that the split in ADMK would have given way to a massive DMK wave. At least that does not seem to be happening yet. If there is anyone who can stop that wave, it is Rajnikanth the superstar.

It’s Jan 1, a day of hope and wonder. Hope the joy lasts throughout the year.

Already the BJP government has done something wonderful in Assam by releasing the National Register of Citizens. The Rudaali brigade was late to pick up on this because the North East is totally neglected, but I’d say you can sit back, relax and enjoy as they begin their whining for all the foreigners that have flooded into Assam since 1971.

Enjoy 🙂

2017 is a year every BJP supporter should remember

Farewell 2017. We didn’t know how wonderful you would be to us.

Politics is always in the present, my friends. Well, for that matter, nothing lasts forever. But the sands of politics are so transient that political success is extra fickle.

Seems like just yesterday when Modi won Gujarat and began his victory march to Delhi. That was just FIVE years ago. Who knows how things will be FIVE years from now? I have said this before : I love it when people show me the map of India, with the saffron empire spread across 19 states. But to me, that map really represents how much hard work it took to get there … and how quickly it could all go away.

Time never stops, but at moments like this, when we leave behind the old year and ring in the new, we feel like time has come to a standstill ever so slightly.

It’s the moment when we look back and realize that 2017 was the greatest ever year for the Indian right.

If 2014 was the moment when the right took control of the country, it was 2017 that cemented it.

First of all, Uttar Pradesh. When the BJP lost power there in 2002, it left behind a huge gaping hole in the heart of every Hindu nationalist. Because this was the original ” Ram lahar” state, the state where Ayodhya is situated. To watch the BJP wither away from Uttar Pradesh was the most painful thing for Hindu nationalists. Losing an election is one thing, but BJP didn’t simply lose in Uttar Pradesh. The lotus dried up and died there. The politics of Uttar Pradesh became a BSP vs SP affair.

The BJP was built by a yatra from Somnath to Ayodhya. Without Ayodhya, the saffron soul was empty.

Until… 2013.  Who knew that by 2014, two sons of India from the land of Somnath would revive the lotus in the fertile ground of Ayodhya?

I’ll tell you : the joy of winning back Uttar Pradesh was no less than the joy of 2014.

And if circumstances go our way, as they appear to be, the BJP will have returned to Uttar Pradesh right in time to finally build the Grand Ram Temple at Ayodhya.

Then, there was Gujarat. I know there are people who complain about the size of the victory there, but I am not one of them. How touching : how touching that people of Gujarat would elect the BJP as many as SIX times in a row.

I am not so well informed about the smaller states in the North East, but I don’t think there is a state which Congress has won for even the THIRD time in a row in recent period. I think the last one would be Assam in 2011.

No, Maharashtra 2009 doesn’t count for the Congress, because the Congress didn’t get a majority over there. The majority mark in Maharashtra is 145 seats and the Congress has got only 65-80 seats in all three “wins” in 1999, 2004 and 2009.

In fact, the last time the Congress got a majority in Maharashtra was 1985!

Here we are talking SIX back to back full majority governments for the BJP  in Gujarat. A rare feat indeed.

All in all, the BJP has won SIX state elections  in 2017 : UP, Gujarat, Manipur, Goa, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.

A historic revival in the first state, a straight sixth term in the second and a first time CM for the BJP in Manipur.

Now wait: You can’t leave out the fact that 2017 was the year of GST. Even decades from now, people are going to remember the biggest tax overhaul in India’s history after independence.

Two other things happened in the middle of 2017 that cemented the BJP’s pre-eminent position in Indian politics.

The first, indeed the first time ever, that a member of the Sangh assumed the office of the President of India. 

The second is that the Congress was surpassed as the largest party in the Rajya Sabha for the first time since independence. 

That’s the year it has been. That is how many words it took to list out everything that the BJP has achieved this year. Winning is a habit.

Who knows what 2018 will bring? But this is not a moment to worry about what’s coming, it is a moment to celebrate what was achieved.

Here’s a little laugh: see who this media Pidi mentioned as Candidate No. 1 for Person of the Year?


So what if he has literally nothing to show for 2017? So what if he has absolutely nothing to show for his entire political career despite being born with the highest possible privilege an Indian could have?

In the minds of these media Pidis, he is always candidate no. 1. Gotta feel sorry for them.

By the way, a lot of BJP supporters might say that 2017 was also the year when the successor to Narendra Modi was appointed. You know exactly who I am talking about … But all that is only for the future to tell us…

Happy New Year!!!!

Does the right wing react too much?

It is the end of the year and it is time to reflect. And few articles have made me think as much as something wonderful I read on Opindia yesterday.


In fact I am surprised that I had not been reading from this author before. You know, you read lots of pieces, some you agree with and some you disagree with. For me, I actually enjoy reading the ones I disagree with just to get mad at them 🙂

But then, the best ones are those that make me think.

In this article, the author has gone off chasing the word “ecosystem” and frequent laments about how the right has failed to create one. I suppose I am one of those who lament.

And then the author talks about the complaints of how the right actually “creates” left wing stars by obsessively going after them. Best example would be that Bharat ki barbaadi guy from JNU. And we all know that fake claims of online victimhood are a short ladder to stardom on the intellectual circuit. Just ask that “Next Generation Leader” girl or that admin of a popular FB page that recently got deleted by Facebook.

So, is right wing rage counterproductive? Is it creating more left wing stars and defeating the right wing cause? I suppose Jaggi would be someone who worries about this a lot and I have both mocked him for it (and partially agreed with him later on).

But then, the author Mayur wrote something absolutely brilliant, something that spoke to my heart in a way a piece of writing has rarely done:

One reason why more mainstream journalists don’t understand this reaction business is that there is a very important difference between career journalists or columnists who cut their teeth in the environment of conventional media, and many social media writers of today who started off in completely different fields but came to politics because they felt the way of life as they saw it, was under attack. So for a lot of us (I too belong to the latter category), reacting to a contrary opinion was how we started off. My first article carried by OpIndia was in reaction to a Sunday Times column by Aakar Patel. My first article to cross 10,000 shares was a rebuttal of journalist Ravish Kumar’s open letter to union minister M J Akbar. Over a period of time, I have learnt to resist the impulse of going after every contrary opinion expressed out there, but the fact remains that it was the act of reacting that taught me how to construct an argument. I am sure a lot of writers who grew up in social media age would share my experience.

Every word there is a piece of gold. So genuine. So real. That line got me emotional because I recognized myself on the spot.

Mayur might just as well be telling my story, which I am sure is also the story of hundreds of other right wingers out there.

I was never groomed to be a right wing writer. I had my own career dreams and I am still following them. I didn’t spend any time in college with parasitic intellectuals who would train me to be another parasite like them. The left wing commenters on the other hand went to these Stephens and Doon school and JNU where they were systematically taught about bootlicking the dynasty as a lucrative career choice.

In my college hallways, we thought the way to a good life was a simple one : work super hard, get admission to a top US university and then work hard again. Then, you struggle on the lower rungs for a few more years and maybe you will make something of yourself. This was roughly the same as the conversations in our school hallways.

That’s probably not the conversation that happens in journalism and political science departments. They have a completely different model for success. Their celebrity professors like Irfan Habib and Romila Thapar led by example. They made hating India, hating Hindus and hating BJP into a way of life.

Perhaps without the right wing, Kanhaiyya Kumar would not have been a star. But so what? He would still have lived the good life as an India hater. Take Imtiaz Jaleel, who was embedded in NDTV for years before he decided to openly join MIM like a month before the Maharashtra election and become an MLA. Was Imtiaz Jaleel less dangerous when he was working unnoticed at NDTV? Would Kanhaiyya have been less dangerous as a young professor poisoning students minds against India?

Most social media writers are simply people who were going about their lives, chasing their dreams on the straight and simple path. Along the way, they could not help notice the bias of the Lutyens class. At first they felt powerless to strike back. But then, they noticed the internet was an open forum. They began fighting back, in some way, in any way … first through comments sections left open by media websites, then Facebook and Twitter and Blogger and Whatsapp.

It’s true. If the right wing hadn’t started “reacting”, there would be no right wing at all.

Me? I spent a decade silently fuming at Barkha Dutt and Rajdeep Sardesai before I started writing my blog. I like to think I have gotten better and less charged up as time progressed. But the fact remains that without my emotional outbursts in the beginning, I wouldn’t have been writing at all today.

Then, Mayur goes on with these golden words:

The communication channels are dominated by one side, the distribution is cartelized in the hands of one side and the centres of academic and intellectual discourse are ruled with an iron-fist by one side. In war parlance, this is the enemy occupying elevated position.”

Yes, yes … a thousand times yes! It is out of this sense of helplessness that most of the online right wing was born.

Building own narrative is not going to work for those below as long as the elevated position would allow the enemy to destroy them. In that context, going after the enemy’s guns might sound like a suicidal pursuit but ultimately if there is one tactic that even has a chance of win, it lies in destroying the guns occupying the elevated position.”

Say what you will, but social media was the first to create the space for an alternate view to be expressed in this country. And it gave ordinary people the confidence to stand up to the bullying by “intellectuals.” And while outrage on the right is often used by lefties to claim victimhood, it is also true that this outrage has in fact managed to move the coin a bit … just a little bit … but a bit nevertheless.

When the NGT verdict banning puja at Amarnath came out earlier this month, there was already a constituency of people who were speaking out against the relentless assault on Hindus by the judiciary. Result is that the NGT rushed to “clarify” its verdict. On issues like Love Jihad, the dominant intellectual narrative has had to bend. And campaigns like Award Wapsi and “intolerance” have been wrestled to the ground.

In an earlier era, Award Wapsi would have become a beacon of Indian leftism. Today, no liberal worth his/her salt dares mention Award Wapsi. Because the targeted mockery from the right wing worked.

These victories are not insignificant if you consider that the vast majority of left wingers are attacking the right as part of their full time day job, while vast majority of right wingers are fighting back as part of their evening hobby.

And here are the words that really shook me:

If you consider yourself as a soldier defending a lonely outpost in this civilizational battle, you have to acknowledge that we don’t choose our battles, our battles choose us and sometimes not engaging an enemy is the same as surrendering the post.

We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.”

There is despair in those words, but there is also a belief in ultimate victory. Whether the Ayatollahs of JNU like it or not, we are the first Indian right wingers in 70 years who actually have a voice. And that represents progress from the stranglehold of the Nehruvian years.

We shall never surrender. Especially now that we have come this far.