Secular media should know they won’t gain anything from Chandigarh stalking case

First of all, let me express my utmost happiness that the stalking of a woman in Chandigarh has attracted such wide attention. It couldn’t matter less whether the goon is connected to Congress or BJP or RJD or SP or whatever. I can’t be partisan when it comes to crimes against women or pretty much any kind of crime for that matter. There’s women in my own family that I care about and even if there weren’t, crime affects everybody. Especially goons who have top level connections in powerful political parties.

In the Chandigarh case, the accused appears to be prima facie guilty and I hope he is put away in jail for a really long time. The endless perversion is a menace on our streets and it has to go.

Now that said, we all understand that the secular media isn’t bringing this case to headlines out of any genuine concern for anybody’s welfare. As a nation, we are way past the point of media having any moral hangups.

And I’m not even angry or perturbed at anybody in the media for highlighting a “BJP related criminal”. First of all, the guy in this case seems guilty anyway. So why not destroy his reputation? He deserves it. Secondly, I don’t expect the media to have any nuance, any conscience or even intelligence… I am long past the point of expecting such things.

So, I am writing this post with a very cool head, in a very casual manner just letting the secular media know their real purpose isn’t going to be served in the least bit by highlighting the Chandigarh stalking.

No, it’s not gonna happen for you seculars. You’ve tried it before and in much bigger formats and it simply hasn’t worked. Find other ideas.

Yes, people are outraged. Yes, people will abuse political goons with powerful dads when they see this story. But that’s about it. If you think this case is going to change their vote and move it away from BJP to Congress, you couldn’t be more wrong.

The bottomline of the secular media at the end of the day is how many votes they can shift from Modi to Sonia Gandhi using this specific incident. Let me tell you the answer is ZERO and for the secular media that is all that matters.


Because people have become immune to such hatchet jobs against the reputation of BJP. And people are not stupid.

Lalu’s son Tejaswi Yadav does a scam. The same secular media starts crying buckets when he is raided by the CBI. One publication even says this:


Yes, when sons of secular leaders do scams, they become stars.

Does the secular media really believe that the public won’t catch this double standard? Do they really think people are so dumb?

A wife of a powerful union minister makes this statement on Jan 16, 2014.


The very next day, she dies alone in her hotel room, possibly from drinking too much coconut water. And articles are appearing in secular media complaining that Republic TV is being too discourteous in asking the minister questions about this incident.


If secular media thinks people haven’t noticed the double standard, they are living in a fool’s paradise.

People have memories. They know that media is out to “get” the BJP. When people see an incident being covered, they adjust accordingly for this well known bias. People have learned to tune out of the secular media’s faux outrage.

Dear secular media, you think people have forgotten how you cooked up a fake gangrape incident in Murthal to defame the same Haryana BJP?


Media frenzies to defame BJP have been dime a dozen. Media cried relentless tears over the suicide of Rohith Vemula but BJP still walked away with the Dalit vote in Uttar Pradesh. The big loser? Mayawati!

Why? Because people were clever enough to see through the media’s dirty tricks. The reason secular media thought that Rohith Vemula could win them Uttar Pradesh is because they expected Dalits to be stupid.

News flash: Dalits aren’t stupid. They aren’t fond of Communist parties. And being the poorest, most vulnerable section of Hindu society, Dalits face the biggest brunt of the “peaceful community”. They aren’t going to go with secular media on its mission to build an Islamic India.

And I haven’t even mentioned the assorted loose change of secularism : Kanhaiyya Kumar, Hardik Patel, Gurmehar Kaur and other irrelevant people.

How many votes did you successfully move from Modi to Sonia Gandhi? ZERO! And that’s where the needle will remain stuck unless you seculars have a real original idea.

So, dear secular media, understand that Chandigarh stalking won’t get you any votes. If you still want to highlight this incident, please go ahead. It might help create pressure to throw this goon in jail, which is good for everyone.

As for some right wingers who are trying to malign the girl’s character by spreading certain images, your exertions are both unnecessary and pathetic.

I’m more interested in the Rajya Sabha polls today. I don’t think Shah has come this far looking to lose, especially in Gujarat. Let’s see what happens. Fun times ahead.

India should use the “Chinese way” to reclaim its civilizational greatness

This post is not about Doklam. But it’s an emotional, perhaps even irrational post. So you may want to laugh it off. But please hear me out.

As the world watches China’s rise, I think every Indian in his/her heart is asking

Why not India?

Why can’t it be us? Why can’t it be India auditioning for the role of dominant superpower in the world, like China is?

Obviously, India and China are not friends. We’re enemies, really. But I “get” China. I “get” what the Chinese are trying to do. Because I want the same for my India.

There’s a fundamental difference between the way I see an enemy like Pakistan and an enemy like China. We have nothing to learn from Pakistan. There is no aspect of Pakistan that I would like India to adopt.

It’s different with the Chinese. I see what they are doing and I want my India to rise to the same greatness.

The Chinese want to build a China-centric world, with time and space acquiring their highest density around Beijing.

Why not a world that is centered around Delhi? Or better still, centered around ancient Pataliputra or Ujjain?

Like India, China is also a wounded civilization. Throughout the centuries when it was weak, the Chinese were also subject to colonization, conquest and humiliating “agreements” with imperial powers.

That’s all changing now. Xi Jinping even calls it the “China Dream”.

What we need is an “Indian Dream”.

As a nation, we need to set our sights high. Towards building a nation that dominates the world economically, militarily and scientifically.

We have to think BIG.

Right now, we should be living more in the way that Deng Xiaoping recommended to his people in the 80s and 90s : Keep your capabilities hidden and bide your time.

Even as we live small, we have to think BIG.

The Chinese always held on to their “One China” line through the best of times and the worst of times. Today maybe the Chinese are closer to achieving it, but the key is that they always held on to the dream even when they were weak.

Are we holding on to our Indian Dream? I don’t think so.

Do we really think about Akhand Bharat? It’s mostly seen as a joke, even in right wing circles.

But why? Why shouldn’t we think of Akhand Bharat? Isn’t it our ancient land? Then, what is wrong with wanting it back? Today itself I was reading a Swarajya article about the Hindu roots of Kashmir.

The fact is most Hindus today consider Kashmir a “gone case”. And a lot of Kashmir is still within the control of the Republic of India. I wonder if any Hindu thinks seriously about the lands that have been swallowed up by Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Why not? The Chinese are never shy of saying that this or that land belonged to them “since ancient times”. Why are we so shy of thinking beyond our borders?

And so what if there was an “agreement” in 1947? Who cares? The Chinese are very blunt about these things. When they find one of these insulting “agreements” in their history, they just reject them outright. Why? Because they say China was weak back then.


We as a nation were weak and subdued in 1947. So what if some people signed on to an “agreement” giving up our ancient lands? Who cares? We were not strong enough to look out for our interests back in 1947. Because of that, why should give up our claim to our ancient lands not just for ourselves but for all generations of Indians that will be born after us?

I am not saying war. For now.

I am not saying we should snatch a piece of land that is not ours. Quite the opposite of Duryodhana, I am saying we should not take even a needle point of land that does not belong to us.

But we have to take every bit of what is ours. Right now a lot of our ancient land is not in our control. And we can’t stop wanting it back.

I am just saying that we have to dream BIG and NEVER give up on our ancient land. Not even a needle point of it.

And aggressively build up our capabilities with a clear dream of world domination. And keep these capabilities hidden till the time is ripe.

You may laugh at me now…

Sending Jaitley to Kerala indicates that top leadership heard the rumblings on the ground

Narendra Modi never makes a single move without his eye on at least two targets.

Now, this is a sight for sore eyes.

The first target was the rising dissatisfaction among BJP workers (and RSS workers), cadres, supporters about the BJP’s ruling core in Delhi seemingly negligent to the wanton loss of life of party members in political murders in Kerala. Granted that law and order is a state subject, but when you have muscular “Modi sarkar” in the Center and 13 Chief Ministers in state capitals, pretending to be helpless doesn’t go down well with the workers on the ground.

I have been saying this for months : all it takes is one high profile visit to Kerala to put the Communists’ murder culture on the national map. I would have liked it to be Amit Shah or even Modi himself.

But the choice of Arun Jaitley is very very interesting.

It means that Narendra Modi wanted to hit a second target. This was the irritation in right wing ranks against the “Lutyens culture” of Arun Jaitely, a man who is so close to the Prime Minister that he holds both Finance and Defense portfolios.

Clearly, the leadership picked up the voices of disapproval on the ground.

I suggest you to look once again at the tweet quoted above. Arun Jaitley almost looks out of place in the photo. The statement attributed to him even seems fake, because it does not sound like something Arun Jaitley would say.

That’s when you realize that it’s been a long time since Arun Jaitley did something that made him look like a BJP leader. We almost forgot that he is supposed to be a BJP leader, one with roots in the RSS’ student organization ABVP.

He seemed more like a member of the St. Stephens’ debate club, comfortable matching his wits against Shashi Tharoor and Mani Shankar Aiyar in a competition to see who has the biggest English vocabulary. A competition moderated by Karan Thapar perhaps?

Jaitley speaking the language of the worker on the ground? Now that’s refreshing.

I can bet he wasn’t comfortable coming to Kerala on this mission. Somebody sent him because that somebody knew that the BJP’s base was getting increasingly unhappy about his conduct. And that’s a good sign. They are listening.

The Left’s “astroturf dissent” on the web and why the Right should be wary

Remember the early UPA 2 years? Those were the days when nobody in the media dared to open his/her mouth against Sonia Gandhi and the Opposition was numb. The arrogant Chidambarams of the world would condescendingly tell the BJP that it would not come to power for at least another 10 years.

It is around that time that dissent began to surface sporadically on the internet. Without any organization, coordination or planning,  people began to take to whatever medium they could lay their hands upon … Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, etc to express their dissent. The use of the internet as a platform for political expression in India was still new. Narendra Modi was the first to understand its potential and harness it effectively. The liberal media was too fond of itself to notice the sea change happening around it. The Congress was too busy counting its booty.

By the time the liberals realized what was happening, it was already too late. They had been reduced to 44 seats in the Lok Sabha, not even enough for an official opposition.

The Right Wing still has a decisive edge when it comes to the online space. But the worst mistake that the right can make is to fall for the same sense of complacency and self-satisfaction that proved to be the undoing of the left.

Because the sands are shifting in the online playground.

Taking lessons from its bitter 2014 defeat, the Left has invested lots of time and energy into building a string of online fortresses. We can easily reel off the names : Scroll, Wire, Catch, Quint, Newslaundry, the India edition of Huffington Post and so on. One should really add Firstpost and DailyO to the same list because of the overwhelming majority of pro-left articles on both of these websites.

Unlike the right with its humble beginnings on social media around 2009-10, these left wing websites are no amateur operations. The typical person who writes for these websites is a professional journalist with a fat pay package. In contrast, the right wing on the internet still has not moved too far from its origins with common folk spending their spare time after work to indulge their hobby of political writing.

And there are signs that the leftist “string of pearls” is beginning to come together in a concerted effort to choke the right. Today, a sundry JNU student making yet another anti-Modi speech to a handful of comrades at JNU can get an audience of thousands, even hundreds of thousands … and potentially millions, thanks to Newslaundry broadcasting them live.

(Side question to JNUSU : How come your General Secretary is talking about Najeeb’s killers at 4:08? How do you know that Najeeb is dead? Do you folks know something that you are hiding from Delhi police?)

The left’s propaganda team is scouring the length and breadth of this country in the search for “talent”. One  forgotten news anchor, who made most of his name working with Doordarshan in the old days, has been recently been dredged up and rehabilitated on the internet. He now has his own (almost daily) show on the Youtube channel of the Wire, from where he launches bitter diatribes against Modi and calls for “honest, fearless  reporting”. You know … perhaps the kind they would do at Doordarshan during the Congress years.

A leftist comedian in some corner of the country starts something of a “talk show” to further anti-Modi propaganda. Merely two or three youtube episodes later, the “show” gets featured on for a massive publicity boost.


Yeah… that high five with Congress leader Priyanka Chaturvedi seems about right.

And so do these left wing sites go on, aiding and abetting each other. A piece that appears on Altnews one day is carried by Newslaundry the next day. Purely on the basis of Whatsapp forwards and social media posts by people they refuse to name, The Wire puts up a piece that claims the BJP is trying to insult Rabindranath Thakur and to push Bengalis to give up their tradition of fish eating.


Not a single shred of evidence is provided that the Whatsapp forwards even existed, or that they have been endorsed by the BJP. But the “story” catches the attention of the Huffington Post and its contributing editor Sandip Roy now writes another article demanding that the BJP steer clear of “anti-fish propaganda”.

By the way, the original Wire piece went on to get 26000 shares on Facebook. Oh and the reason I am using the internet archive for the above screenshot is to show the original headline of the article. Someone at The Wire must have realized later that the piece is embarrassingly devoid of credible references and slyly changed the headline to “Hindutva goes after two icons… ” in place of “BJP goes after two icons …

Yes … and I say this with considerable joy … those on the right still enjoy a massive edge on the internet. It says something truly remarkable about the amateurs who have managed to hold off a vicious coordinated all round propaganda of left wing websites.

It also says something truly embarrassing about the professional abilities of the keyboard journalists of the left. Despite their 24×7 efforts, their fat pay packages and well heeled media startups, they are still losing to a clutch of amateurs, part-timers and hobbyists. How pathetic is that!

But this does not mean that the current state of affairs is going to last forever. There is bound to be an inflexion point. At some point in the future, a well fed professional army of news propagandists is bound to turn the tide against its ragtag adversaries.

The Left’s so called dissent may be “astroturf” and the online right wing may take pride in being closer to “grassroots”, but the right’s edge is bound to erode. The left’s propaganda team is  well equipped and professional. And growing in resources, organization and experience every single day.

So what is the right supposed to do? The onus here is naturally on the BJP to create its own professional ecosystem. So far, the progress made in this direction in the online space appears to be minimal.

The election of 2019 is drawing near. The one thing that we know for sure is that the number of people using the internet as their source of news is increasing exponentially.


And we can never underestimate how much bigger the paradigm shift could get in the mere 20 months left for the election.

Of late, the BJP has made conspicuous progress in building its ecosystem within cable news, especially English language cable news. This has come as much needed balm to the online right wing, which at one time used to see English language media as Enemy No. 1.

But has the BJP limited itself to neutralizing only the threats of yesteryear, long after the old medium has lost its sting? Online is where the action is and the right wing could pay dearly for being “missing in action”.

Congress loses largest party status in Rajya Sabha for the first time in history

I had to look this up. The Rajya Sabha was constituted on April 3, 1952 and held its first ever sitting on May 3 of the same year. That day, the Congress party was the largest party in the Upper House of Parliament.

From that day until August 3, 2017 … a near unbelievable 65 years at a stretch, the Congress party continued to be the largest political party on the floor of the Rajya Sabha.

It changed yesterday. As of now, the BJP has 58 members in the Lok Sabha and the Congress only 57.

These numbers don’t make me happy as much as they make me worry. You know I have that one friend who is a diehard Congress supporter. Everyone has that one friend, right?

And that one friend is not perturbed even today with the numbers being what they are. He is confident the Congress will come back. Because it always did.

I would like to believe my friend is being silly. But is he? Statistically speaking, he appears to be on much more firm ground than I am. We are the ones working on hope … he is the one basing his conclusions on unimpeachable hard evidence from the last 65 years of the Indian Parliament.

He’s not wrong when he tells me that the Congress party is the most successful political party in the history of the world. Can you really argue when you realize they have held on to the No. 1 position in the Rajya Sabha for 65 years running?

I know everybody is psyched about 2019 right now and how Modi is going to make a roaring comeback. I even made a screenshot of Nitish Kumar’s face … while he asks a reporter : “Is there anyone else who can conceivably win?”


But I’ll say this. I’m deeply worried. Underestimating the Congress is about the worst mistake anyone can make.

With the NDA forming a government in Bihar, lots of online RW are proudly sharing this new political map of India with the saffron empire spread all over it.


If you ask me, the lesson we should take from this map is how quickly everything can change again over the next four years!

No time to breathe easy. It is important to realize the historic nature of the task that Modi has set himself to do. He is doing something that has never ever happened in the history of the Republic : replacing the Congress as the dominant party.

GST? Done! Tax collections are soaring. See the reports about the sea change in the middle class, which has abandoned its historic “super safe” approach to savings and is now investing in markets big time. With the taxation system becoming clear and the Income Tax Department pushed to sweep the country clean of dirty money… by 2018-19 the government of India will be sitting on a pile of surplus cash with no parallel in our history.

But, the banks are still burdened by the bad loans made in the Manmohan era, which is why the credit and investment cycle is not picking up. Without investment, we can’t have big job numbers and soaring headline GDP figures.

Imagine handing over this pile of cash into the eager hands of a slimeball like Chidambaram in the summer of 2019. Anybody can see what will happen next : the Congress will open the purse strings and let this accumulated cash flow out in terms of massively populist welfare schemes (along with hefty commissions for its leaders).

As per their scorched earth policy, Chidambaram left Modi a nation of banks drowning in debt. Imagine leaving behind to Chidamabaram a mountain of cash to spend in the name of Sonia Gandhi ABC Yojana in 2019!


The hard work of the Vajpayee government was harnessed into the high growth of the UPA 1 years.

Can the nation afford to let Modi go the same way?

The stakes here are the highest they have ever been. In 2014, the Congress came close to being eliminated from the map of India. Whatever ruthlessness they showed in the UPA years, their revenge will be ten times as much if they get to come back in 2019. The NGO mafia, the conversion mafia and Bangladeshi illegals will be used to flood this country and dissolve its demography once and for all. Last time the UPA made only a sporadic effort to create a ghost of “Hindu terror” by arresting like half a dozen people under false accusations … this time they will do it by the thousands.

Yes, the election of 2019 is coming. Honestly, for the next two years, it does not matter how the Congress ranks are broken through Amit Shah’s political manipulation. Only winning matters. Because there is just too much at stake here.

Amit Shah vs Ahmed Patel is a sight for sore eyes

As I said before, day to day politics is slow. Having waited decades to see the first BJP government at the center, the impatience in the right wing is understandable. Particularly, when the BJP is seen as “softer” than the Machiavellian Congress.

This often leads others to even question if the battle between the BJP and Sonia Gandhi is for real… or just something for cameras and to keep political votebanks engaged?

I’ll admit. I’ve had my doubts too. And why shouldn’t I? I am not a dynasty sycophant that I will never question my views. Everyday I engage with myself and recalibrate my position.

But the Karnataka – Gujarat drama has indeed captivated me much more than any recent political event. For the first time, I see Modi/Shah in a direct battle with Sonia’s right hand man Ahmed Patel.

After all, Ahmed Patel used to be India’s most powerful henchman during the UPA years. For 10 years, Ahmed Patel made sure that not a single news outlet ever dared to criticize the Queen directly. When the Queen made a statement once in a while, the media would stop, reporters would quake in their boots and the nation had to stand to attention and listen.

Even at the height of the election of 2014 … when the demise of Congress was apparent to all… I remember the kind of media impact that Sonia Gandhi’s statement on “Bharatiyata” made.

The man who created that mystique : Ahmed Patel.

Watching Modi/Shah go after him relentlessly is a feast for the eyes.

This is realpolitik at its best. Or worst.

First the BJP offered the 3rd Rajya Sabha seat from Gujarat (which would otherwise have gone to the Congress) to a sitting Congress MLA who agreed to switch sides. It should be noted that the Congress MLA in question is a multi-crorepati.

Then, the Congress legislature party began to fall apart in Gujarat, especially with Vaghela’s exit.

The Congress rushed its few remaining members of the flock to Bengaluru.

You’d think they would be safe there.

Think again.

IT sleuths arrived at the resort where Congress MLAs were staying and at numerous properties of Congress’ strongman D K Shivkumar, who had been financing the whole thing.

The IT team did not go back empty handed : it seized 11 crore in cash!

The BJP knew where to hit the Congress and hit very hard. The cash seized from D K Shivkumar was key because it gave the BJP a clear and simple talking point before the masses. Nobody will grudge a powerful politician losing 11 crores of cash.

Folks…this is the battle royale. The message that is being sent to the Dynasty is stronger than any damning electoral verdict. The message is that BJP means business and will stop at nothing to achieve Congress mukt Bharat.

Often times we have seen the ruthlessness of the Congress. On the contrary, the BJP in power generally appeared apologetic, almost insecure about its success. This is the first time since 2014 that I see BJP at its absolute defiant best. Just like Modi promised.

I can’t wait to find out who wins the Rajya Sabha seat on August 9.

At this point, Ahmed Patel must be wondering how life changed so much.



Attack of the Science Rakshaks – II : Indian Liberalism is trying to take over science

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post.

Infusing science with anti-semitism

Looking at the  “Appeal by Scientists” here  on the website of the Breakthrough Science Society that is organizing the march, a telltale fact that emerges is that one of the “scientists” making the appeal is JNU professor Ayesha Kidwai. It is a disturbing fact that Ms. Kidwai is involved with the “Indian Campaign for Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel”.


Those who want to slice up and divide knowledge (including scientific knowledge) based on the race, gender or nationality of who finds that knowledge cannot be seen as anything but enemies of science.

Does a scientific fact become less true if an Israeli person were to discover it? Should such a truth be boycotted? Is it not a foolish endeavor to try to boycott truth? How is this compatible with the spirit of scientific inquiry?

What kind of “scientist” would refuse to engage with a scientific idea because it came from someone in Israel?

Additionally, it must be noted that Ms. Ayesha Kidwai is not even a scientist (see official JNU profile here), but is still included in the list of “scientists” making the appeal. The only possibility that remains is that Ms. Kidwai has been included for purely political reasons, making the motives of the “March for Science” absolutely clear.

It should also be noted that passing off non-scientists in the disguise of scientists is standard operating procedure of  pseudo-scientific and anti-scientific initiatives.

Selective outrage

In keeping with the Left’s agenda of colonizing science, there has been a concerted effort to give widely publicity to superstitious / unscientific views expressed by members of the ruling BJP and its wider ideological parivar. As seen in the case of Pythagoras’ Theorem, the eagerness to drive this agenda has often overshadowed basic fact checking. However, the left generally stays silent when it comes to supporting real science on the ground … such as the time they could have come out and supported the BJP government in Maharashtra in requiring Madrasas to teach Math & Science. But they didn’t. Because votes. Minor children missing out on a chance to learn science be damned.

The left wing’s love for science appears to exist only at the media propaganda level. For instance, Prime Minister Modi’s remarks on Ganesha and plastic surgery have been magnified into some kind of legendary anti-science statement. Leaving aside the established fact that plastic surgery may well have existed in ancient India (as grudgingly conceded later by some liberals), the fact is that political parties and politicians engaging with unscientific thinking is not new.

In early 2013, Shashi Tharoor had launched the “Tiranga bangle” along with fellow Congress MP Navin Jindal.


The “Tiranga bangle” claimed to work wonders for treating everything from arthritis to gout to carpal tunnel syndrome. In keeping with the noblest traditions of pseudo-science, little was disclosed about the scientific mechanism behind the “miracle bangle”, except informing us that it had been designed with “tri-vortex technology from South Africa”. At that time, Shashi Tharoor was even MoS for Human Resource Development, but his participation in propagating pseudo-science did not become an issue.

One could go on and give several other examples, but the grand daddy of unscientific remarks by top Indian politicians would be Pandit Nehru saying that the whole world sleeps at the stroke of the midnight hour in India instead of realizing that many parts of the world experience broad daylight when it is night over here! Again, Pandit Nehru’s famous words are often read with pride, with no admission of the astonishing scientific error contained therein.

When it comes to the Left parties, the situation is even more grim. Based on their reading of Marx, the Communists have long opposed the Big Bang theory, which is the prevailing, well accepted cosmological model for the universe (see here). Here is the official website of the CPI(M)


The “so called Big Bang Theory” an “idealistic and creationist view of the world”? Calling on the “working class” to defend Marxist thinking by proving that black holes do not exist?

This sounds like an extract from the Mad Hatter talking in Alice in Wonderland, but unfortunately this stuff is coming from the website of the CPI(M). Ironically, the same CPI(M) often claims to take the lead in protecting “scientific temper” and the so called Science Rakshaks in the media and intelligentsia generally have little to say about the Communist war on science.

Now, I don’t know if Marx ever said that the Big Bang theory is wrong. Even if he did, it wouldn’t matter because he was not a physicist. But like any religious fundamentalist, the Communist takes a Boko Haram like approach to science, rejecting outright any idea that in his imagination appears to contradict something in his holy book. And calls upon the working class (i.e., the faithful) to defend their faith.

For those interested (and amused) by the silliness of asking the working class to fight black holes, the abstract of this paper written by a historian of science at Aarhus University in Denmark describes lucidly why Communists went nuts opposing the big bang theory.


Maligning the scientific method and individual scientists 

Being the current Vice Chancellor of JNU, Prof. M Jagadesh Kumar (who is also a professor of Electrical Engineering at IIT Delhi) is one of the prime targets for the liberal left. This hilarious hit piece which appeared in the DailyO makes a desperate effort to malign his character.


What? Prof. M Jagadesh Kumar boasts on his blog about lying to his students? What is the author talking about? I guess we are supposed to take the accuser seriously because it happens to be Ashok Swain, a professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at Uppsala University in Sweden.

However, clicking on the link to Prof. M Jagadesh Kumar’s blog reveals this hitjob to be an example of shocking scientific illiteracy on the part of the liberal author who tried to malign him. Prof. Jagadesh Kumar was talking in the context of physical equations which often contain an approximation along with an error term. The word “lies” was just a cute term he was using to describe approximations and to emphasize their importance in science. Anyone who has taken high school calculus should be able to understand this concept.

However, in the world of left liberals, maligning individual scientists as well as scientific method is not an ethical concern when it comes to advancing a political agenda.

In earlier cases, we have seen that even the most eminent scientists haven’t been spared the sword of the liberal agenda. For instance, a 2002 article by Sagarika Ghose written at the time Dr. Kalam was nominated for President, claims to have discovered a connection between atomic scientists, Hindu chauvinism, sexism and even casteism. Other gems include the finding that “science is particularly compatible with religious fundamentalism” (you read that right!) and that Osama bin Laden becoming a terrorist may have something to do with his engineering background in college.

Is calculus a rape manual?

Since both science and liberalism are global in their outlook, it forces us to take a wider view to understand how the left has tried to impose its worldview of science.  Extreme examples include left wing animal rights groups going  to the extent of bombing homes of scientists who are accused of cruelty to anything from lab mice to insects. Often, these are scientists carrying out vital researches into boosting agricultural productivity or developing life saving medicines.  This University of California  scientist got his house firebombed for being cruel … to fruitflies!

On the other hand, the environmental lobby, a pet darling of the international left, has often provided a safe home to all kinds of anti-scientific thinking. Mixing science with politics, the 9/11 attacks were another situation when major elements of the left aggressively pushed for science denial. By the way, here is a video of youth icon Kanhaiyya Kumar pushing for 9/11 conspiracy theories on the basis of fake science documentaries he watched on Youtube :

This may be a bitter pill for leftists to swallow, but scientific truth once established leaves no scope for “dissent”, least of all for “counterarguments” based on politics. No Azaadi from truth. Sorry.

However, one of the most outrageous yet least reported forms of anti-science propaganda comes from within the feminist movement. Is it possible for the human mind to become so muddled by ideology that high school mathematics looks like it is related to rape? Please hear out top feminist thinker Sandra Harding explain how calculus can be seen as a “rape manual”.


For this and other brilliant insights, Ms. Sandra Harding received a coveted position at UCLA! Can you imagine how left wing intelligentsia would have reacted if someone associated with RSS had drawn a connection between mathematics and rape and was then legitimized with a professorship at a major Indian university?

Within the belly of feminism, there are several other such anti-scientific gems. For instance, did you know that Einstein’s E=mc^2 is a “sexed equation” (click here to find out why) ?


We have to understand the basic modus operandi of liberalism. It identifies a group of people and hijacks their narrative, claiming to speak for all of them. The target group is then put within the left ideological cage and any attempt to break free is met with harshest kind of intimidation. 

How did the women’s movement worldwide or Dalit politics in India get straitjacketed into a socialist, quasi-communist movement? Was Ambedkar a Communist? He vehemently was not! How come “Ambedkarite” today most commonly means someone with Communist leanings? Because liberalism imprisoned these movements in its ideological cage.

Science is not and cannot become a political party. Science cannot live in a cage. A left wing ideological “March for Science” denigrates science and the scientific method.

Finally, to non-scientist Ms. Ayesha Kidwai who is part of the “appeal by scientists” for this “March for Science”, I have this to say: You can boycott a scientific truth and/or bully others into boycotting a scientific truth because it may have been found by someone from Israel or wherever, but you won’t win. Because :

E pur si muove (And yet it moves)

It’s attributed to Galileo when he was coerced by the Church to officially take back his view that the Earth moves around the sun.

Attack of the “Science Rakshaks” : Indian liberalism is trying to take over science

Back in January 2015, the Indian liberal ecosystem on social media erupted in loud jeers against Science and Technology minister Dr. Harshvardhan for stating the well established fact that Pythagoras Theorem had been known in India long before Pythagoras.


The vast majority of fake news aims to turn lies into truth. The Left pulled off a veritable coup that day. It managed to spin truth into a lie.

Propagandists always have their eyes on science. Because science occupies such an exalted place in our collective psyche, we must forever be watchful of attempts by political lobbies to seize and control what is put out before the public in the name of science.

It is thus with extreme alarm that one must take note of the so called “March for Science” scheduled for August 9 in various Indian cities; a program that outlines its aims as follows :


Article 51 A : a diabolical spin on Science 

That the aim of this march is political  is immediate from the appeal to the spirit of Article 51A, i.e., the Fundamental Duties listed in the Constitution. This article was not part of the original Constitution, but was added by Indira/India Gandhi in the 42nd Amendment of 1976 at the height of the Emergency.

The democratic Constitution was supposed to empower the citizen with Fundamental Rights. These rights were gutted during the Emergency. Instead, Article 51A became the intellectual core of the Emergency, because it shifted the onus to the citizen, who must submit to the almighty state by means of Fundamental Duties.

And for good measure, Article 51A starts out by demanding that the citizen show respect to symbols of the state such as the Flag and the Anthem (wonder how leftists would feel about that today?). And by requiring every citizen to strive for excellence so as to keep raising the nation as a whole to higher levels. As for the specific line that the “March for Science” folks are referring to, here it is in full:

“…. to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform

And now listen to Leon Trotsky describe the New Soviet Man that the Communists wanted to engineer :

Man will make it his purpose to master his own feelings, to raise his instincts to the heights of consciousness, to make them transparent, to extend the wires of his will into hidden recesses, and thereby to raise himself to a new plane, to create a higher social biologic type, or, if you please, a superman.”

Suffice to say that science cannot flourish in the spirit of Article 51A, which was intended to emphasize obedience to the state rather than freedom of the individual. That a “March for Science” would make this relic of the Emergency the centerpiece of their thinking suggests that it is little more than a show of yearning for the return of the absolute power of the old Nehru Gandhi establishment.

China celebrates its past, India denigrates 

When the Left stood their ground on the lie regarding Pythagoras theorem, it was obviously banking on their years of groundwork in the education system, sowing an inferiority complex deep into the minds of Indians. To the point that they were reasonably confident that the majority of educated Indians would reflexively reject any possibility of their own ancestors having produced anything of slightest value.

The Chinese on the other hand, have learned from the disaster of Mao’s “Great Leap Forward” 1958-1962, when the Communist Party tried to “modernize” the nation by cutting it off from its ancient roots. Among other things, it led to the death of an estimated 200-500 lakh people (no typo there!) Today, the Chinese take great pride in their ancient culture and achievements.

In 2015, Chinese scientist Tu Youyou received the Nobel Prize in medicine for her treatment of malaria that has saved millions of lives across the world. The key chemical involved was Artemisinin, which was discovered when Tu Youyou and her colleagues delved into medicinal herbs used by the Chinese for thousands of years.

Who’s to say that there aren’t similar gems hiding in the treasure trove of ancient India? We’ll probably never know because ancient Indian science has been stigmatized by liberal discourse to the point that our best minds will automatically be discouraged from investigating it.

And for the record, the Chinese knew about Pythagoras theorem as well much before Pythagoras. The Chinese boldly proclaim this to the world, as seen in this logo on the website of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


I suppose there is no Huffington Post in China to turn their history into lies. Anyway…


Folks, this is a “maxi post”. It contains a lot of thoughts that I wanted to express for a long time. For sake of time constraints, I have to stop here for today. This post is going to go on tomorrow. If it takes me too much time to collect all the references, I  might even have to go into a 3rd Day. But I want to document systematically the war on science being waged by the Indian left and the worldwide left in general. Tomorrow, I will show you startling stuff … right from the official website of the CPI(M) …. showing the most laughable kind of science denial. You will find out from liberal sources that mathematics teaches rape (not kidding!) Just that when lefties deny science, nobody mocks them. I’m going to do that tomorrow. Please stay tuned. 

Another RSS worker killed in Kerala : Did he have a name?

Well, here’s a good one for the #NotInMyName crowd :


Rajesh. Age 34. RSS worker returning home from the shakha office. Slaughtered. His left hand was cut off. More than 20 wounds on his body.

Hey there #NotInMyName : Can you tell me if Rajesh had a name?

Of course not. Because Rajesh’s name was not Junaid Khan or Pehlu Khan nor Mohammad Akhlaque.

Now, it is a distasteful thing to pit one murder victim against another, like pawns on a chessboard. No person deserves to be murdered, least of all for his/her political affiliations in our proudly free country. This isn’t Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, North Korea or any of the dozens of Commie/Islamist nations around the globe.

But here’s the even more distasteful truth. More and more Hindus today are losing faith in India’s secular brigade … and perhaps even more with the political system altogether. Because the obvious facts are there for everyone to see. In popular discourse, the life of a Hindu is simply not seen to be as valuable as the life of a Commie or a Muslim.

Here, for instance, are two articles published on the same news website within 2 weeks or so of each other.


They are even authored by the same person… one Amit Bhardwaj. The first article overflows with emotion at the murder of Junaid Khan. The second article is a horrifying piece of work … asking whether the death of Kartik Ghosh in Basirhat should be seen as a serious matter.

What was the difference between Junaid Khan and Kartik Ghosh? Was one life more valuable than the other?

The truth is that Hindu victims of communal violence in India have no names. You’ve heard of Junaid Khan, of Pehlu Khan and Mohammad Akhlaque. You remember the face of the crouching Muslim man from the Gujarat riots of 2002:


Now see if you remember the face of a single traumatized Hindu from 2002. Here’s the only Hindu face you probably remember from that period.


There were 254 Hindus who died in communal violence in Gujarat in 2002. You probably can’t even name one. You probably don’t even know the name of a single person who perished in the S-6 coach at Signal Falia near Godhra.

In fact, an “accusation” is spread against Narendra Modi that he allowed the charred bodies of Godhra victims to be put on display in Amdavad. Yeah… liberal India  wanted them buried secretly, out of sight and out of mind, right?

Here’s a simple quiz:

(1) Can you name a single Hindu who died in the Godhra carnage?

(2) Can you name a single Kashmiri Hindu who was thrown out of his home or killed by Muslims in the early 90s?

(3) Can you name a single Hindu who was killed in a terror attack by Muslims anywhere on this planet?

(4) Can you name an RSS worker who has been slaughtered by Commies? (other than the example just above)

No! Because Hindu victims of Commie/Islamic terror have no names.

But even if a Communist accidentally stubs his toe, the elite media makes sure that everyone hears about it, that everyone cries about it and that Hindus are blamed for it.

And why just blame the liberal elite when the alleged Hindu party itself is mostly quiet on violence against Hindus? Why blame the liberal elite when the BJP itself does the barest minimum possible to keep the Hindus interested?

The problem is that Hindus aren’t good crybabies. As pathetic as it sounds, being a crybaby works in the modern world.

The Israeli military, for instance, stands in front of Israeli kids, the sick and infirm and the disabled to protect them from Islamic terrorists. On the other hand, the Hamas terrorists stand behind Palestinian children, hiding in their schools and nurseries. Inevitably when an Israeli bomb or missile lands on the kindergarten in which Hamas terrorists are hiding, Muslims get to show the world pictures of dead kids and garner all the sympathy.

Shame accrues to Israel. Sympathy goes to Palestine.

Amazing, no?

Because Muslims have perfected the art of playing crybaby. Dozens of Muslim men went berserk in Germany’s Cologne, participating in mass molestation. Who was the real victim? Not the women who got raped/molested… the victims were Muslims!

They play crybaby even when they are the ones committing the crimes. We Hindus have been slaves in our own country for 1000 years … and yet we can’t play crybaby!

Hindus need to learn the art of playing crybaby. When one of their own is hurt, Hindus need to learn the art of closing ranks and joining together and raise a chorus for justice. Till then, nobody will heed the Hindus … not the seculars, not the elites and not even the allegedly Hindu Party.

In 2002, there were 59 Hindus who were burned alive in a train. But these two contrasting faces give the basic narrative of what the world remembers about 2002.


Now think for a moment about this helpless man on the left begging for mercy with tears in his eyes. From whom exactly is he begging mercy, by the way? Obviously from the rioters who are standing right behind the dude with the camera, right? Or was the photographer himself one of the rioters?

See what I said about playing crybaby. It always works.


Gujarat : A relentless Modi offers hope beyond 2019

So far, it has been a tale of two Modis. There is one Modi who is soft on his enemies, calls them part of “Team India”, offers Padma Vibhushans to Sharad Pawar and the like. There is the other Modi who crushes his opponents brutally, with opposition forces crumbling at the mere sight of Amit Shah’s long shadow.

It’s a contradiction.

There is one Modi who speaks of the greatness of “peaceful, Sufi Islam”, which is anything but. There is another Modi who used to talk of “Aalia, Malia, Jamalia… “. Long time observers of politics will know what I am referring to. Mysteriously, that original speech doesn’t seem to be around anywhere these days … it seems to exist only in the memories of those who became fans of Modi back in 2002. Like me, you know…

And three years into Modi sarkar, the right wing is impatient for Modi to turn into what I like to call “Modi classic”.

What one needs to realize is that there is one and only one Modi behind both faces. Modi, the politician… who knows when to bide his time and when to strike.

Because the BJP is at different stages of power in each of the states where it is ruling or is a major player.

In Gujarat, you can see what Modi can be like. The wounds of Gujarat Congress … reeling under serial resignations of its own MLAs and leaders … bear testament to Modi’s ruthless instinct.


This is the “Eagleton Resort” about 50 km outside Bengaluru. This is where the Congress has moved its remaining flock of 44 MLAs (they used to have 59!) until the Rajya Sabha elections on August 8. Some reports say there might be just 40 Congress MLAs there.

They can run but they cannot hide. Modi has decreed that Ahmed Patel will not get elected to the Rajya Sabha this time. And he is going to follow through on his decision.

Think about that for a second : Ahmed Patel… or “Ahmedmian Patel” as Modi used to call him … was Sonia Gandhi’s right hand man. Five years ago, he was basically the guy who decided every square inch of media coverage. Today he is scurrying to be a mere MP in the Rajya Sabha. That’s how ruthless Modi can get…. in Gujarat.

Compare  it to neighboring Maharashtra, where Modi is Mr. Nice Guy No. 1. Daily he faces the worst provocative insults from Shiv Sena’s Uddhav Thakre, but Modi keeps a Buddha like calm. The NCP is ever conspiring with this or that caste group to overthrow the BJP. But Sharad Pawar gets a Padma Vibhushan!

The difference of course is that BJP is vulnerable in Maharashtra, at least till it can start a second term in 2019.

The logical conclusion is that Modi’s iron fist is sure to fall on the Pawars and even the Dynasty. But, for that the BJP has to consolidate his power over India.

Modi saw Lalu’s vulnerability and finished him. He saw that Gujarat Congress and Ahmed Patel were vulnerable and finished them too. He’s going to do the same to the Dynasty when the time comes.

That unfortunately can happen only after 2019. Till then, we have to wait.