Varavara Rao is an anti-national and possibly a terrorist

Don’t let liberal media tell you otherwise. This past week you might have seen a clutch of news articles, tweets, reports, etc, crying over some “revolutionary poet” named Varavara Rao.

This guy.

All variations of the same and now very stale theme song. He is old, he is a poet, he is headmaster’s son, he is pregnant, whatever. And Big Bad Modi has put him in jail.

Let me show you who Varavara Rao really is. Here he is, in an old interview to Tehelka.

There are five points he makes in that interview.

(1) He says that India is an invader which has occupied Hyderabad state of the erstwhile Nizam.

(2) He says that India is an occupier in Kashmir

(3) He says that the states in the North East are separate nationalities and he wants them to break away from India.

(4) He supports the Naxals in India.

(5) He believes that Kashmir, Hyderabad, North East and Naxals have a “common enemy” in the government that sits in Delhi.

Yeah, that’s gentle Varavara Rao, the apostle of peace, harmony and virtue that we are all supposed to feel sorry for.

Okay, let us assume for a moment that all those liberals beating chests on Varavara Rao right now just happen to be the staunchest supporters of free speech. That they take some kind of high principled stand that democratic India cannot put someone in jail for speech, no matter how outrageous.

Okay, but if they do take this principled stand, why do their articles and tweets and open letters try to hide who Varavara Rao really is? Why do you hide his doings behind calling him “poet” and “activist”? Lay out before the Indian public the reality of what he has said and the causes he supports. And then make a bold moral argument that this anti-national element should be let out of jail on a matter of high principle.

But his cheerleaders don’t do that. They are trying to make an emotional appeal by projecting him as some kind of dear old poet. Why? Tell us who he really is and ask for support. That way people will know the reality of Varavara Rao and the reality of those who support him.

And here is something else his cheerleaders don’t talk about.

Yes, Varavara Rao is not just an anti-national, it is also possible that he is a left wing terrorist. In fact, he is a suspect in a 2005 left wing terror attack on CRPF jawans in Tumkur in Karnataka.

Do you know that 8 CRPF jawans lost their lives in that terror attack? Yeah, Mr. Varavara Rao may well be a prior version of Adil Ahmad Dar, the terrorist who carried out the Pulwama attack.

And the great intellectuals of our country want this anti-national and suspected terrorist to be out of jail.

Again, why are his intellectual cheerleaders being so dodgy in their emotional appeals to the public? Tell us that he is a man who supports breaking India into pieces, that he is a suspect in a terror attack that killed 8 jawans and then ask for him to be freed.

It is tiresome that we even need to keep repeating this. Terrorists have human bodies just like we do. They have a father and a mother, they get old, they can get pregnant, they can catch Coronavirus, anything. None of this is an excuse to forgive them for their anti-national and/or terrorist activities. And there is no excuse for Indian elite to hide the past of Varavara Rao as they make an emotional case for his release before the Indian public.

7 thoughts on “Varavara Rao is an anti-national and possibly a terrorist

  1. Maoists and urban naxals in India always create a double persona such as poet, scholar, painter, actor, historian, economist, activist, NGO worker, musician etc. None of these titles reflect a person who is productive and contributes to the economy. Rather they reflect people who leech off the economy and live a life of waging war against the state and the against the very people whom they claim to fight for. All the Maoists are terrorists first and poet etc later.

    The worst affected by Maoism are the poor whose right to livelihood and often life is snuffed out by the Maoists.India has been too soft on these Maoists because of this fake double persona that Maoists carry. In any other country they would have been tried and executed. In India, many of them have got awards, free housing and other such perks from the government.

    While a gangster like Vikas Dubey is “encountered”, these Maoists are not. They must be having and nurturing deep political connections in all the political parties to get away like this. India needs to start treating these Maoists as the terrorists they are and dealing with them like terrorists.

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  2. Off topic: Shiv Sena has become fully integrated into the BIF lobby. There is no coming back for the SS. The transformation is complete now. Witness the latest tonsure stunt they recently pulled which had serious potential to damage India’s ties with Nepal in the midst of the ongoing issues with the current PM Oil (Oli and Oil bus zara sa fark hai!). Oli the chinese snake oil salesman of Nepal.

    The MH government will fall on its own, due to weight of its internal contradictions as its three partners have different set of agendas. But one thing is clear. Only NCP will come out winner from this alliance. SS will be finished as its core voters will desert them in droves in the next elections due to its 180 degree turn from what they stood for all these years. Congress is any way a fading force with no new leaders to lead and by the time of next elections, it would have further lost many of its young leaders in MH. Pawar is the wily fox who will emerge stronger from this coalition.

    BJP should have nothing to do with the SS going forward as they back stabbed the electoral verdict for personal greed of the Thackerays. BJP and NCP will ensure that the SS becomes the TDP of MH in much the same way CBN’s TDP has become now in AP. All dressed up and no where to go.


  3. Interesting article about misinformation spread. One of the suggestions by the authors is pre-emptive inoculation.

    To quote from the article

    ” One promising approach, derived from inoculation theory [13,14], is to prepare people for potential misinformation by exposing some of the logical fallacies inherent in misleading communications a priori. The rationale of this pre-exposure is that by “inoculating” people in this manner, they will subsequently recognize flawed arguments and dismiss them as deceptive ”

    As a concrete example, now that the Ram Mandir inauguration seems close, the liberals will start spreading misinformation and try to delay it. If the BJP can guess what they will say and preempt that with their own messages, the effects of the misinformation can be reduced. For example, the BJP could say there are no plans to make any “all faith” structure in Ayodhya.

    With the China border issue dragging on, liberals will also start their next campaign on maligning the government. This is another instance where pre-emption might help.


  4. A picture for the ages – USS Nimitz (foreground) with the INS Vikramaditya (background)

    Here is a quiz – Why does the USS Nimitz not have a take off ramp like the INS Vikramaditya ?


    1. US Aircraft Carriers are Nuclear Powered and have a Catapult system whereas Vikramaditya is conventional powered carrier and is based on STOBAR system i.e. Short Take Off But Assisted Recovery System. For a Catapult system which is different technology.


      1. You are right. The Catapult on US Carriers is steam powered (steam is generated using the nuclear plant).

        Here is a good explanation


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