How a ground level BJP karyakarta rattled Shashi Tharoor

Sometimes, it is the little things that tell you the most about a person and how he thinks. We will find out what led Shashi Tharoor to spit out this fiery tweet.

It must be a matter of great import for the formidable Shashi Tharoor to speak thus. Like I said, we shall find out.

First let us meet Mr. Mahesh. This is Twitter profile.

Honestly, I do not know very much about him. I do not expect you to know much about him either. From his Twitter bio, he appears to be a common citizen of India, with an honest day job. Just like you and me and anyone else in the crowd. And he appears to be one of numerous BJP supporters on social media.

The other day, Mr. Mahesh took to Twitter to share some happy news with his followers.

Congratulations, Mr. Mahesh. Wish you success in your endeavor. That’s what a normal human being would have said on seeing this tweet. And you would expect the same bare minimum grace from a distinguished former Union Minister, if at all the tweet came to his notice.

Welcome to the timeline of Shashi Tharoor.

Yes, this is a three term Lok Sabha MP, former Union Minister and former Under Secretary General at the United Nations. Bullying a ground level BJP karyakarta who has been appointed as a humble office bearer in the party. Seizing upon the slightly odd sounding English word “propaganda cell” to throw Nazi comparisons.

Already, Mr. Mahesh had taken to Twitter to explain the name of cell in Tamil and Hindi, along with English.

Mr. Mahesh is the Vice President of one cell of a state BJP unit, one among dozens such as “Fishermen cell,” “Weavers cell,” “Intellectual cell,” “Legal cell” and so on. And this is the BJP state unit in Tamil Nadu, one of the least powerful units of BJP, with all of zero MPs and zero MLAs.

And the president, sorry … vice president of this cell in TN BJP is being bullied with Nazi comparisons. By none other than a former Union Minister. And for what? For an odd sounding rendering in English.

Dear Shashi Tharoor, you can acquire an outdated foreign accent by copying others. A sense of grace has to come from the inside.

But perhaps I am being too harsh on Shashi here. Maybe Shashi is scared. After all, the ground level BJP worker has been delivering knockout punches to the lazy Congress establishment for a while now.

Ten years ago, who would have thought that the BJP could win not one, but two successive Lok Sabha majorities? While Congress leadership has been stewing in its privilege, the BJP worker has raised the party flag over Uttar Pradesh, the entire North East and stormed the secular fortress of Bengal.

What has Shashi Tharoor done during this time? Sharpened his accent and acquired ever bigger, ever more useless English words.

If Fortress Bengal can be under siege from BJP, could Kerala really be so safe? So maybe Shashi is scared of the fiery spirit of a ground level BJP worker. When Kerala was hit by floods, Shashi had to fly to Geneva, but only to get help for the state of course. Presumably because he doesn’t know how to use a phone, email or any form of voice/video calling over the internet.

The ground level BJP worker is everything that Shashi can never become.

You keep going, Mr. Mahesh. Wish you best of luck with your ground level work. Never mind the troll cum former minister who is after you. Let Shashi be on Twitter, checking your English.

7 thoughts on “How a ground level BJP karyakarta rattled Shashi Tharoor

  1. After reading this article, I took a look at Mahesh’s Twitter timeline. He has done phenomenal work in Salem during this Covid situation. Mahesh has tremendous energy, organizational capability and dedication. And above all he is a dharmic leader with a very large and generous heart.All the Congress leaders put together would not have done a fraction of the work Mahesh has done single handedly.

    And it is evident why a union minister like Tharoor has to fear him. Congress is good at spotting future CM’s and PM’s. And Mahesh is definitely a future BJP CM candidate in Tamil Nadu. He should be given higher responsibilities in TN by BJP and put on fast track for being the BJP president in TN.

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  2. Oh, not just Tharoor “ji”, another Lutyens type, Rupa Subramanya, chimed in with her giggles as well, and I think Abhishek Singhvi also.
    Maaaan, for an humble karyakarta that’s a lot of “hifi footfalls” !!!! Amazing, either these guys are jobless, or really getting skitty !!! 🙂


  3. Dynasts and Durabaris like Shashi Tharoor are easily threatened by honest hardworking self made people. It is because these dynasts and durbaris do no do anything in particular to deserve what they enjoy as it has accrued to them due to their connections and entitlements for doing nothing. So when they see a hardworking guy challenging them even if it is on twitter, they feel threatened that their entitlement days are coming to an end. In the pre-socialmedia world, the durbaris and dynasts had absolute control over the narratives as all media was under their thumb. Now that new narratives are emerging freely and one that they cannot control, they are losing their heads. Its also a common feature of all entitled as well as the left commie mob that they are always first to accuse others of what they themselves practice. This is their way of first strike to prevent others from labelling them for who they are. So when they call any one fascist, it is clear that they themselves are the fascists but by being the first to label others as fascist, they want to set the agenda and put others on the defensive. It is therefore necessary to show a mirror to them and call them out for who they really are, what they stand for, and their track record in suppressing the freedom of expression of others who do not share same views as theirs.

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