How little does it take for a modern liberal to call someone a Nazi?

Yesterday, the New York Times was shaken up by the resignation of one opinion editor and columnist, called Barri Weiss.

Her crime. Being someone with very moderate right wing views. Moderate enough to be on the payroll of the New York Times.

Angry over constant bullying at her job, she quit with a spectacularly sharp letter of resignation, which she also posted on her website. I read the letter earlier today, but I can’t access it any more. Her website has probably crashed under a tsunami of hits.

Her letter sparked the now familiar conversation over ‘cancel culture’ sweeping the United States right now. I have discussed this issue in a recent post myself: the right wing outrage is predictable. And so is the fake outrage from some sections of the left wing elite, who are terrified because they have lost control of their own foot soldiers and now fear them.

So I am not going to get into this again. It’s happening far away in America. Why the hell should I care?

For me, the eye-catching part was the lesson for India. Especially the part where Bari Weiss says:

My own forays into Wrongthink have made me the subject of constant bullying by colleagues who disagree with my views. They have called me a Nazi and a racist; I have learned to brush off comments about how I’m ‘writing about the Jews again‘.”

The word “Nazi” caught my attention. Now who does the New York Times – or more precisely the “NYT class” always refer to as Nazi?

The New York Times has been at the forefront of defaming India internationally. That has generally been true for decades. With the BJP coming to power, their hatred for the non-believer has gone up several levels, reaching beyond racist, vicious and obsessive to outright insanity. Their favorite slur against the Hindu right? Nazi!

And now we know. From someone on the inside, how little it takes for a modern liberal to label someone a Nazi. You disagree ever so slightly with Communist groupthink and you are labeled a Nazi. And should you dare to take your accusations all the way up the liberal chain of command : from the feminists, up to the Communists and finally to the top tier which consists of the Islamists, nobody can save you.

For those who may not have noticed, Bari Weiss is Jewish herself. Imagine the nastiness of NYT staffers who would call her a Nazi. Or refer to her slight deviation from orders as similar to a Nazi bashing the Jews. Think about the severity and nastiness that goes into this.

The NYT and its fellow travelers bring this same nastiness when they spew venom against India. No wonder a Hindu struggling to reclaim some space in India feels like a Nazi to them.

Now Americans know Bari Weiss, the NYT and the larger American left and American right. They know that Bari Weiss isn’t really a Nazi. But are they as familiar with Indian politics to know that we are not Nazis?

This is where my concern comes from. The repeated slurs of Nazi have been coming non-stop against our country. The word carries real power. It’s hurting now and it’s going to hurt more.

Of course the Indian elite is getting paid to call us Nazis. They will claim their outrage is against the ruling party and not India.

Almost everything is wrong with that argument. First of all, Nazi is a very serious slur that should not be used lightly. Even if you dislike BJP, you are going too far by trying to stick the Nazi label.

Second, the Indian elite knows that their lies are damaging India. Third, this is deliberate and not incidental. The Indian elite is actively trying to damage India.

And finally, Indian elite is being paid to carry out this propaganda against India. Not just by foreign newspapers but very likely also by foreign powers. This much became completely clear when they tried to blame Chinese aggression on Amit Shah’s speech.

The Indian elite are traitors. I will say it again and again. Do not assume good faith on the part of any intellectual who is crying about CAA or Article 370. They likely belong to one of two types. Those who are getting paid by foreign powers. And those who are toeing the line, hoping to get paid by the foreign powers in the future.

One final remark about why the global elite is so eager to label everyone else as Nazi. You see, it is a form of emotional insurance against their own crimes. Despite all the liberalism in the world, the fact remains that Communist and Nazis were solid allies. Allies and collaborators. They sat down and drew up a detailed plan to divide Europe among Communist and Nazi empires. They were brothers in 1939, invading Poland together from opposite directions. The Communists, as part of their deal with Hitler, occupied all 3 Baltic states as well. Facts. Yeah, later on Hitler betrayed them. Of course he did. Hitler was a horrible person. Liberals are not really against the ideology of Nazism. They are Nazi collaborators who got cheated by the Nazis themselves.

The liberals cannot deny these crimes. They can buy up every historian in the world, but the facts remain.

8 thoughts on “How little does it take for a modern liberal to call someone a Nazi?

  1. Your last-but-one paragraphs says it all.

    The Nazi party under Hitler was actually called “National Socialists”. They hewed towards a kind of left-wing socialism that was pretty common in Europe. Note that Lenin and, later, Trotsky all hid away in Germany and Switzerland until they found space and time to return to Russia – Lenin when he timed his re-entry to kickstart the Russian revolution, Ttotsky to escape from Stalin (he ultimately paid the price when he was assassinated by Stalin’s hit squad in Switzerland).

    Why this elaboration? Because those of us on the right swallow the accusation thrown lightly (and viciously) our way by the liberals. The left-liberals are the ones holding on to a failed ideology – socialism / communism – that, between them, gave rise to Hitler and his Nazism on the one hand and Stalin and his Gulag and Mao and his cultural revolution on the other. And oh: later still, the henchmen in North Korea and Cambodia. Between them all, they polished off 100+ million people in the 20th century across Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

    So the center-right coalition should, equally lightly and viciously, use the term “commies” or even “Nazis” back at the left-liberals. And publicize the fact again and again that their intellectual prophets killed 100+ million. The millennials don’t know that and we have to spread the word.


    1. Well written. The real Nazis are the commies themselves. The same totalitarian ideology, the hunger for other people’s territory, property. The same death squads. Much like Pappu, they indulge in projection of their own misdeeds on to others.

      One small correction: Trotsky was assassinated in Mexico.


  2. The only ones who are fathers of the Nazis are the Communists and Islamists whose genocides pales what Hitler did. Maybe those who disagree should be called Communists instead.

    What is suprising is how Bari Weiss got recruited and was employed for so long at NYT. These Leftist organizations are pretty incestous and only employ brainwashed or brainwashable idiots. Every Leftist department in the world is testimony to this.

    In India the Congress party similarly uses the word “Fascist” for BJP even though their own president is from a blue blood Fascist lineage. Maybe at some point the dictionary meanings of these words needs to be changed to reflect how they are commonly used these days. The changed entry for Fascist and Nazi would be

    Fascist – Term used by dying political parties to describe opposition parties who dare to win absolute majorities in democratic elections

    Nazi – Anyone who disagrees with the communists,leftists and maoists. Typically, those described as Nazis have never done political killings and cannot ever compete in genocide numbers with the communists.


    1. Kannan,

      You wonder how Weiss was recruited at NYT and that the “Leftist organizations are pretty incestous”. Answer is quite simple.

      The Jews, like Hindus, also have their left-liberal segment, a reason why Israeli politics is often polarized between the right and left wings, the latter represented by socialist peaceniks who believe Israel should aim for peaceful coexistence with Palestine even when the probability of this ever happening is slim.

      As a community, American Jews form three distinct segments in religious and political beliefs: the ultra conservatives (Hasidic), conservative, and secular. NYT was founded by a Jewish family and has historically been the home of the secular Jews who wandered into media. This person may have been a secular Jew who has discovered that the ultra Left-Islamists will not accept someone like her, even if she professes secular credentials, simply because she is Jewish. In India, our own “Hindu” left-secular-liberal class is yet to experience this rejection by Islamists – which will happen at some point because of inherent contradictions between the Left/communist and fundamentalist Islam. But who cares when there are benefits in pulling together in the short run?


      1. Subhasis comment suggests Bari Weiss was also Leftist.Otherwise she would not have got hired in NYT.

        But when the Leftists started attacking Jews perhaps her Jewishness superseded her Leftistness. For Indian Leftists, their Leftism supersedes their Indianness. Perhaps that is where she was a bit different.


  3. Don’t forget Pope also sided with Hitler. This fact is being hidden by all Christians including NY Times.

    All in all, this Weiss episode has hurt NY Times a lot more than Weiss ever damaged its reputation by writing against the paper’s Liberal philosophy.

    I am waiting for a day when some Liberal will accuse and compare a Right Winger government to ISIS or Pol Pot instead of the Nazi.


  4. There is no reason to feel sad for Ms Weiss. She was the queen bee of the “cancel culture”. Just go to Youtube and see how she miss behaved with Tulsi Gabard. Now she is getting a taste of her own medicine. It is called Karma.

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