Sachin Pilot no longer Deputy CM, is he on way out of Cong?

Yesterday, when Randeep Surjewala spoke to the media on the Rajasthan crisis, he struck a predictable tone. He breathed fire at the BJP for trying to topple the Gehlot government. On Sachin Pilot, he was soft, saying that all sorts of doors are open for him.

This is funny, but expected. The BJP has so far said nothing officially, while Pilot is in open revolt. Why angry with BJP but not with the rebel himself. Political compulsions, of course. Surjewala had to leave the door open for Sachin Pilot to return.

All through the rest of the day, the rumors were of the same kind from Delhi. This or that “formula” for reconciliation being floated. It was said that the Cong royal family was communicating directly with Sachin Pilot, eager for a solution.

But it seemed something else was happening in Jaipur, where Gehlot clearly had the magic number of MLAs. The tone taken in Jaipur was more uncompromising, where his posters were torn down from the Congress office.

And now, this:

Of course, it is unthinkable that a decision so important would not have sanction from the Gandhis. But if you ask me, it looked slightly as if Jaipur has prevailed over Delhi.

The thing is that Gehlot is a skilled player, with a much higher IQ than Rahul Gandhi. It was actually a little surprising that the old warhorse prevailed upon the high command to make him CM after 2018. Now he has pulled off a big win, sending his main opponent out of the party. The path is clear for Gehlot to rule Rajasthan Congress. And for his son to inherit it.

In some ways, this is the bane of the Congress. Too many politicians who know more about shunting out rivals than winning elections.

Yes, Gehlot has won elections. But I would say that is almost incidental. A mere consequence of the fact that Rajasthan has a revolving door policy on incumbents. When Gehlot first became CM, Cong had 153 seats. When he became CM again, it had 95 and now 99. Meanwhile, he has led the party to shattering defeats in 2003 (56 seats) and 2013 (21 seats)! In 2018, people thought the Congress was going to sweep Rajasthan. He barely squeaked out a win. He didn’t get a majority, but quickly managed independents. That’s his skill: managing stuff, not winning elections. Like Ahmed Patel.

Compare to BJP, which has real election winners in charge, like Amit Shah or Himanta Biswa Sharma.

The BJP is even better placed in Rajasthan than it was yesterday. Sachin Pilot is now left absolutely nowhere. He cannot bargain with BJP, because he has nothing to offer them.

This is something of a pity, because Pilot did work hard for the 2018 win and probably deserved the CM chair more than Gehlot did.

The time is ripe for Sachin Pilot to do what so many talented Congressis have done before. Walk out and form his own regional outfit that will finish the Congress in Rajasthan. Then one day Congress will become a junior partner in a government led by Sachin Pilot. One more future UPA constituent. One more state becoming Congress mukt.

6 thoughts on “Sachin Pilot no longer Deputy CM, is he on way out of Cong?

  1. According to it’s own assertion, Sachin Pilot was removed from his posts because, he played into the hands of BJP. Everyone knows that Sachin Pilot is one of the tallest leaders of the Congress, definitely taller than Rahul and Priyanka and disabled Soniya. So, if the tall leaders are falling into BJP, Congress should be an incompetent institution in addition to corrupt, anti national and big time looser.


  2. The root of all electoral problems in India is dynastic politics. Gehlot wants his son to be the future CM and harmed Sachin Pilot’s chances. Uddhav Thakre wants his son to be future CM. Stalin wants his son to be the future CM. Kumaraswamy wants his son be the future CM. KCR wants his son to be the future CM

    By non-mathematical induction, one can infer that every CM wants his son to be the future CM in all parties except BJP.

    The only route for an ambitious politician whose father is not a CM is to join the BJP and do it early. Sachin Pilot made the mistake of staying in the Congress for too long.

    If Indians made a call not to vote for any dynast for the next 20 years, we will see a different kind of politics.


  3. Abhishek I several friends andcontacts in rajasthan and Sachin Pilot is not at all a state wide popular leader as is being made out by Delhi media.Forget pan state appeal he doesnt even have a strong bastion like say Jagan Reddy or Vasan.Even his so called hard work is being amplified by Delhi media atleast 10 times.Pilot keeps hopping from seat to seat and joke in Jaipur is he doesnt touch a seat if it has less than 30% Muslim vote(safe vote bank of Cong).Tonk,Ajmer have 40% Muslim vote and even Dausa which he and his father contested has very high minority population.Gehlot works as much hard.In fact after losing 2013 and 2014 Gehlot would do tours of districsts every 2 months.

    I think Pilot will end up like Apna Dal or Paswan.restricted to just one caste(Gujjars).Wether we like it or not Gehlot played his cards masterfully and has secured state unit for his son.Pilot has got just hot looks.Not much else!


  4. The writing was on the wall for a long time. Sachin Pilot had been taking a position on many issues proposed by Gehlot ever since the government was formed. What is surprising is why it took so long. Could it be that Sachin Pilot was constantly trying to judge which MLA would go with him and when he believed that he is not going to get any more MLAs to go against Gehlot that he made this desperate move? Sachin Pilot himself is also a Dynast, but somewhat a more competent Dynast. His father was also a good politician.

    In the Congress party, it is hard to judge which faction will prevail? Old Guard or Young Turk? In Rajasthan, the Old Guard won, and the Young Turk is slighted while in Gujarat Rahul Gandhi faction had its say with Hardik Patel as Congress party president of Gujarat while slighting Sonia Gandhi confidant Ahmed Patel.


  5. In the congress all talented young grass roots politicians who have a mass following and who can win elections are considered as a threat to RaGa’s unchallenged rise and hold on the party. Rootless wonders like Ahmed Patel and oldies like Gehlot who are bootlickers of the dynasty are preferred over young stars who can win elections.

    The message is very clear. If one is relatively young and have a grass roots following with capability to win elections, congress is not the place for you. The longer one takes to realise this reality the more he/she will suffer the consequence of not leaving the congress early enough to start his/her own political journey.


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