4th July : Radical Islamists are stepping into America’s power vacuum

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden has always been a friend of India. A moderate Democrat from Delaware, he has no reason to hate the Indians. Yes, Joe belongs an older generation, one which suffers from absent minded prejudice but no malice. The kind that might not realize that it’s not nice to praise a black man by calling him “clean.” Yeah, Biden said that about Obama himself. And later went on to serve as Obama’s VP for eight years, becoming his close friend.

Biden doesn’t hate Indians. And yet, the other day, Biden’s campaign put out an official policy paper promising to restore “people’s rights in Kashmir.”

How did that happen? Because Biden is now the most irrelevant person in the Biden campaign. And should there be a Biden presidency, he will be the least powerful person in it. At the moment, Joe cannot remember his wife’s name, the day of the week nor which state he is visiting. All these things literally happened: I am not exaggerating. Joe could not even remember if “Super Tuesday” is on a Tuesday or a Thursday.

So who is running the Biden campaign and who will possibly run a Biden presidency? It will be these policy paper writers.

There are people who point out that India need not worry. As China gets more and more scary, US interests and Indian interests are too closely tied for America to become hostile to us.

I laugh at those people. What US interests? What makes you think the policy paper writers of the Biden campaign have US interests at heart? They hate India. But they hate America even more. Much much more.

Those policy paper writers want to destroy America. Destroying India along the way is just gravy.

You might have heard. America is in a state of intense churn. Statues are coming down all across the country: Columbus, Washington, Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt and even Lincoln (!). It is not about the statues but what this represents. Americans have revolted against their own history. They want to remake the fundamental power equations in the country.

Let me say this clearly: I am deeply sympathetic to the goals, the rhetoric and (except for indiscriminate rioting) the methods of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Incidentally, I have been reading, for the last several weeks, a long and detailed history of World War 2 (again). It is difficult to listen, in heartbreaking detail, to the ways of racial segregation in the US Army and Marines even as they advanced against the Nazis and the Japanese in WW2. Black Marines arriving in Italy were told by their officers that they were inferior human beings. When the black divisions rescued white American troops from a difficult situation, the embarrassed white troops would tell the local French that the black guys were just running the supply lines, not working the tanks.

Imagine how heartbreaking. To go to a distant island in the Pacific or the muddy hell of the Italian roads to fight for your country. And then for fellow members of your own army to spit on you. Everything was segregated. Even the blood in military aid stations. Black soldiers bringing captured Germans had to stop at the gate of the POW camps which were “white only”. The captured enemy soldier you brought could go in, but you could not. Just think about that.

America has come a long way since then. And that is why it is heartening to hear the American writer describe these shameful events in heartbreaking detail.

So what am I worried about?

My real worry is that America is being pushed into a power vacuum. They want to topple Washington and Jefferson because they owned slaves? Fine with me. My worry is who is walking in and grabbing power amid the confusion.

There is this word that’s all over America right now and it’s called ‘cancel culture.’ You dig up all the horrible things that someone did, including someone who could have been dead for generations. Then, you ‘cancel’ them, turning them from respectable to disreputable.

So cancel Washington and Lincoln and Jefferson. I don’t care. I care about who is not being canceled.

I will give you a small example. There’s this online liberal show called The Young Turks which is immensely popular among the college liberal crowd. So popular that everyone from Bernie Sanders to Elizabeth Warren has to do interviews with them to reach out to the liberal base. The Young Turks is run by a Turkish immigrant by the name of Cenk Uygur.

And guess what? The liberal Cenk Uygur has named his organization The Young Turks, in honor of the fascist organization by the same name which was responsible for the Armenian genocide during WW1.

Amazingly, nobody has noticed. The college kids who make up TYT’s viewer base know all about obscure priests in California, but they don’t see how offensive it is to call something The Young Turks. It’s like a German immigrant naming his media organization the Hitler Youth.

But the woke crowd can’t see that. Why? Because the Ottoman Turks who carried out the Armenian genocide were Muslims.

And the leaders of America’s wokeness movement are carefully making sure that radical Islamists are not touched in any way.

Take infamous Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. She is among the most outspoken faces of the new radical left spearheading the churn in America right now. And yet, Ilhan Omar refused to support a House resolution condemning the Armenian genocide. She said such things can only be done if there is academic “consensus”, implying of course that there is no consensus. That’s basically holocaust denial.

Observe that Ilhan is not from Turkey, but from Somalia. She has no conceivable emotional reason to support Turkey. Except that they are a Muslim majority state. She is simply going with that. And yes, Ilhan has referred to the US military as “Satan.”

It’s not one or two people but a whole way of thinking. As all of America’s big heroes are removed one by one, who remains? The radical Islamists. Those who are leading the current churn maintain a deliberate silence on Islamism.

You know the Attorney General of Minnesota is Keith Ellison, an associate of Louis Farakkan from the Nation of Islam. These are folks who talk about Jewish people in the same tone that Nazis did. Now, Keith Ellison is a high profile political star, the first Muslim to become a US Congressman, a former co-chair of the Democratic party at the national level. And he’s in Minnesota, where the George Floyd incident happened. And since Day 1, Keith Ellison has presented himself as a huge leader of the wokeness movement. But nobody is interested in the skeletons in his cupboard. They canceled Lincoln, but Keith Ellison is safe.

Take Mehdi Hasan, the Al Jazeera guy who is such a voice for wokeness all over the world. His heart bleeds for the rights of women, religious minorities and homosexuals. Of course, he is also the guy who denounces non-Muslims as ‘animals’ when preaching in private spaces where he didn’t know somebody could leak the recording. In an era of cancel culture, this would have ended his career. Instead, it has only turbocharged his stardom.

Why? Because if you are an Islamist, the high tide of cancel culture stops at your feet, kisses it gently and respectfully.

So what happens in an America where Keith Ellison can be a hero but not Abraham Lincoln, George Washington or Thomas Jefferson?

You have this power vacuum, into which the left walks in. They have the power and energy of youth behind them, who think they are participating in a historic movement to remake the country. The new power elite will be a mix of radical Islamists and woke liberals.

Now the thing is: as much as woke liberals talk passionately, they don’t have the stomach to rule. They are biologically grown up versions of primary school kids who will cry unless they get a pink ribbon for turning in their homework on time. Bernie Sanders is a crazy communist. But he doesn’t have the brutality of Stalin or Mao in him. Bernie can’t rule. Neither can his woke sheep like followers.

So who will be the ‘alpha males’ in the new regime of wokes and Islamists? It won’t be the wokes. It will the Islamists with real fire in their bellies. It will be the Ilhan Omars, the Rachida Tlaibs, the Keith Ellisons. These are the people whose minions are writing the policy papers today and will make the policies tomorrow.

It’s the Fourth of July. It’s independence day in America, the world’s oldest democracy. Let’s hope America remembers that. Now, there are a lot of things wrong with America. But I assure you that Biden’s policy paper writer isn’t looking to fix any of them.

6 thoughts on “4th July : Radical Islamists are stepping into America’s power vacuum

  1. The global Left no doubt would love to have the prize catch in America. But it will not happen.

    First the Kashmir issue. The USA has been very supportive of India revoking 370 and 35A. We are talking of the China crisis now but the China escalation was predictable. China is scared because it cannot take on the India-USA tango. The US aircraft carriers in the Pacific are not a coincidence.

    Biden can talk about “peoples rights in Kashmir”. But peoples rights are precisely what India restored with the 370/35A revocation. An ISIS caliphate was removed overnight from the face of the earth. And the way things are going, before long the bigger ISIS caliphate of Pakistan will be dismembered.

    A few riots are different from a power vacuum emerging. Rioting momentum is not voting momentum. As we saw with Modi/BJP in 2019, strong policies tend to create strong voter banks that can surpass the previous election result. The average American is quite patriotic and not the Lincoln statue pulling variety. In 2020, again, Trump will triumph.


    1. Abhishek is pointing to a possibility of a medium-term change in the dynamics of power where the Left is intermixed with the (hidden) Islamist groups- where individuals like the celebrated Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) rides to power on the backs of her left-leaning constituency but has to contend with the appropriation of it at the power table by the Keith Ellisons who have a different agenda.

      If and when that happens, the repercussions on India, as elsewhere, would be considerable. For India it would matter more as the frictions and fissures in our society would be leveraged greatly by our left-secular-sectarian forces in collaboration with its compatriots in the US. Our national strategy has to account for these probabilities and device action plans today, proactively, rather than wait for the events to unfold and react to them. I hope our national security folks are able to imagine several scenarios and give probability estimates to each of them and model them in great detail. We need all hands on board who have the expertise to build a “national security real time modeling”. We need a specialized think tank, like RAND in the US but without its great power syndrome to rewrite history in far away places, to undertake these and place them before the political decision makers to discuss.


      1. I got the drift of Abhisheks message but the fact is that US will need to support India to counterbalance China – whichever government is in power. The strategic interests converge to a large extent. Take the counter scenario where Leftists take over India and India starts collaborating with China. That would be a nightmare scenario for the US and the world.

        There are large sections of Americans who are terrified by the prospect of radical Islamists like Ilhan Omar collaborating with the Leftists and coming to power. They need to work and make sure that radical Islamists dont get power there. India does need to make its calculations and game all scenarios.We went through a phase in the 70’s and 80’s where the US, China and Pakistan were all hostile towards us. But our size saved us. And Hinduism saved us from the Leftists.

        Modi’s speech from Leh was loaded with references to Hinduism for the same reason.
        He has cleverly framed the fight against the Chinese as a fight to save our civilization, not just some tracts of land.

        The building of the Ram Mandir will mark the end of the Leftists in India. It will be a visible symbol of Hinduism and will create a resurgence in nationalism. Unlike China which destroyed its cultural inheritance, we have kept ours and will build upon it. And Uttar Pradesh will lead this resurgence.

        For its part the government needs to defund the Leftists in the universities. Already the NCERT syllabus is being revised. The liberal media in India is struggling for existence. The NGO’s are also being choked. Pappu party is finished at the national level. If someone had told us in 2013 that this is what we will have in 2020, we would have gladly taken it.

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  2. Biden’s position on Kashmir/Muslims is and understandably against the position of President Trump, at least until the election. Hence it looks against India. But I am hoping his position will turn around once he is elected. Right now Americans are full of anger against China. Biden cannot go against India. The Modi Sarkar will have to do a better job of explaining the Kashmir issue that most Americans can understand. Such as India’s SC gave a verdict in favor of LGBTQ, but in Kashmir, homosexuals would be killed because as it was, India’s Constitution, SC verdict, would not have applied to J & K. Beside pointing out that in America an autonomous region (with special status) in Seattle did not even last one month. No country in the world can have two flags. India tolerated for seventy years.

    I have confidence Turkey’s Erdogan will make sure there is a continuing enmity between the Muslims and the Christians. This bound to help nullify any pro-Muslim sentiment in America.


  3. I want to add one more point. All Islamists pointed out in this Blog support “De-Funding” of the police department. From day one Biden opposed that. So let us hope any of these Islamists don’t get an influential position in Mr. Biden’s cabinet (assuming he wins) and if any of them does, President Biden over-rules him/her. The Russia’s bounty issue will become an albatross on Donald Trump’s neck.


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