Rajiv Gandhi Foundation : Scary part is that they didn’t hide a thing

Let’s go through this quickly.

Rajiv Gandhi foundation.

Chair : Sonia Gandhi

Trustees: Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, P Chidambaram.


(1) Public: PMNRF, Home Ministry, SBI, ONGC, SAIL

(2) Foreign Embassies: China

(3) Big corporates: Deutsche Bank

Me: Wow! Or should I say

Now, people have gone on and on about how unseemly this is. The UPA was running the government. The Rajiv Gandhi foundation is headed by the top leadership of Congress. And it has donors/partners in the big global corporates and even foreign powers like China. And that money from PMNRF would be going to this foundation. Or money from our PSUs.

This is the kind of thing that makes you wonder if India is even a democracy. Who really has the power in this country? Are we fooling ourselves?

To me the even more scary part was that the Rajiv Gandhi foundation didn’t even try to hide anything. These donations/partnerships are from early UPA years and the annual reports appear to have been public on their website for a while.

Now think about it. Millions of people can use the internet. Any one of them could have gone to their website and raised a hue and cry. The Congress top leadership was not bothered in the slightest about this.

There are hundreds of newspapers and hundreds of news channels in India. There are thousands of reporters crawling all over the place. Anyone could have found this public information and created an extremely embarrassing situation for the Congress.

But the Congress was not worried. Why?

Let’s not even worry about the legality of these transactions. In fact, let us suppose they did everything legally. But there is no doubt that it looks bad politically.

But it seems the Congress didn’t worry about any political embarrassment arising from this. Why?

Perhaps the answer to this question will lead you to understand what power is and how absolute it can be. Every journalist understands the ecosystem. They know which lines they can never cross. And this goes for all journalists, even the handful who are sympathetic to the right.

And this comes out six years after Modi came to power. Even six years into Modi sarkar, no journalist dared to talk about these documents. Think about the kind of control the ecosystem has.

Even now! Even now! Did you notice something curious : no media dared to say Rajiv Gandhi foundation got X. They all said “BJP alleges that Rajiv Gandhi foundation got X.” There was no doubt. BJP President was quoting directly from the foundation’s own report. The Congress did not deny these accusations either. But media was still terrified. They played it so safe that it was almost funny. Now you see where the “crawled when asked to bend” mentality comes from.

In contrast, see the kind of courage that media has when asking questions to the BJP. Even with 303 Lok Sabha MPs, nobody in the media fears them even a little. Think about the kind of vicious and probing questions that the govt has faced about PMCARES.

Ok, let’s accept that fundamentally this is a good thing. Who would want a democracy in which the media is scared of asking questions to the govt? I don’t want it myself. I am a common person too. I also need a climate where it is easy to question the government.

It is the disparity of power between BJP and Congress that amazes me. One party has been in power for the last six years with a single party majority. The other doesn’t even have enough seats to win Leader of Opposition. But media is scared to pose questions to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. Media is not scared to ask questions about PMCARES.

Imagine … just imagine… if the media could find a trust that was run by BJP’s top leadership and was getting money from PMNRF! Imagine how that story would be reported in our country.

The disparity of power blows my mind.

I have said this before in other spheres too. It’s not just media. Political parties behave the same way. When BJP had 90 seats in Bihar in 2013, Nitish Kumar dismissed them as if they were nothing. In fact, the alliance broke down because Nitish could not accept Narendra Modi as a bigger leader than he was. The Congress had just 4 seats in Bihar, but the Mahagathbandhan bowed down to Sonia Gandhi as Supreme Leader.

Somehow … be it Shiv Sena or JDU or JMM, they find it much easier to accept Sonia Gandhi as the leader. When it comes to BJP, they suddenly get all egoistic. Why? Some kind of deep seated inferiority complex that is impossible to describe in words. The Congress understands this and acts accordingly. The Gandhis carry about them an air of royalty. And somehow, the power elites keep feeling a sense of awe towards them.

One last thing. Stung by the revelations, the Congress hit back yesterday after 3 days of trying. They came up with a list of 10 questions, apparently aimed to expose the links between China and RSS/BJP. I burst into laughter when I saw the questions. All the questions are about why X or Y went to China.


Millions of people go to China. That doesn’t establish a “link” with China. Suffice to say that Congress failed to find any suspicious transactions. They must have tried very very hard. So it seems there aren’t any. And that is good to know. There is indeed a difference between the two parties.

16 thoughts on “Rajiv Gandhi Foundation : Scary part is that they didn’t hide a thing

  1. “Communalism is worse than corruption”-Rajdeep Sardesai.Anti-Hindu,anti-BJP mindset of media, judiciary,”world opinion”etc. is responsible for this.


  2. The Congress has been the principal beneficiary (or intended beneficiary) of the SLUM mainstream and other fake news media. Now why would a senior congressman want the media’s freedoms to be curtailed – quite apart from their general propensity to curtail democracy as evidenced from the Emergency and the UPA’s NAC days?

    Unless they have something to hide and want these to stay hidden from the non-SLUM media snoops.



  3. All this description of power and the media bowing down to Sonia Gandhi took me back to my memory of watching Godfather movie where everybody comes and kisses the hand of the Godfather. Of course, the Italian background has nothing to do with it. (I am just kidding).

    What pleases me is, Narendra Modi has reduced Gandhi family scion into constantly playing out drama to prove that he is not afraid of Narendra Modi, and in doing such drama he ends up proving he is not afraid to give an impression of being anti-national.


    1. No. It’s no kidding.

      The godfather anology is absolutely spot on. Till a few years ago media was terrified of even naming Antonia/Sonia/ Whatever when mentioning (alleged, of course) scams, of which she was undoubtedly the linchpin.


  4. Arre man ! That is an ecosystem that has been operational for decades. Obviously, it is entrenched.
    The BJP is just about beginning to find its feet in the field of Big Power.
    And there is a difference in both when it comes to power.
    Congress is a declining power force. And BJP is the rising power force.

    Why not elaborate on that sometime…


  5. The problem is that Congress is actually a more dangerous version of Communists. In fact every dynastic party imbibes the worst of communism and much more. This is why dynastic parties are so dangerous for any country

    In China, even Xi Jinping has some accountability to CCP, there are various factions in CCP which questions him, even the border incidents seem to be a result of Xi trying to show some “results”. After Xi’s tenure, it is not going to be his kid but some CCP leader who will head CCP.

    Now imagine if there was no end to Xi’s tenure, his son and then his grandson etc will rule. You can imagine the terror it will create because nothing will ever get closed. Vengeance is always guaranteed in dynastic rule – which is more dangerous than communism or fascism where atleast the person at the helm can get replaced.

    The foundation did not hide a thing because they thought they will never go out of power. Or they knew they will never go out of power. Which is right to a degree because even though BJP has been in power for 2 terms with a majority, it does not seem to be able to exercise that power.


    1. Yeh to Abhi Shuru Hai, Aage Aage Dekho Kya Hota Hai.

      The deluded megalomaniac emperor Xitler by his actions will successfully bring ruin to the middle kingdom. Vinash Kale Vipreet Buddhi.

      So here are are few china predictions that are likely to happen over the next five years:

      1. Within the next 5 years, china’s economic growth would have stalled to a large extent which will set in motion a people’s movement in China against the CCP.

      2. Due to tightening of technology controls by west in general and US in particular, china will find it increasingly difficult to steal technology for copying. Currently, china has created a web of companies that circumvent technology controls by importing dual use items through Hong Kong route. This will be closed down due to chinese actions in Hong Kong. Coupled with this, chinese technology would be kept away from key economies due to security concerns. These actions would definitely kill growth of chinese home grown ‘stolen technology’ firms who now are trying to scale up into genuine contenders for high end technology like 5G, AI etc.

      3. The sham of chinese financial markets kept alive by investments by western fund managers who are ‘well taken care of’ by the chinese will be busted as more and more chinese firms with unsustainable leverage get exposed to the world. Financial Statements of chinese firms are not reliable due to lax financial reporting standards and weak regulatory controls.

      4. Hong Kong will lose its international financial status and lustre due to chinese mainland controls being imposed on Hong Kong. This will have a big impact on china’s connectivity to international financial markets as the special provisions for Hong Kong financial markets are likely to be discontinued by US and other western governments.

      5. The quad would have become a much more formalised grouping with joint military coordination and operations in SCS. Asean + Quad group coordination would also have become a reality.

      6. When faced with financial pressures, stalling economy and restless population Xitler will try to divert attention by launching his by now open playbook of military actions in neighbouring countries. This will lead to disastrous results for china who will be left with more than a bloodied nose. That will set in motion the fall of chinese dominos. Chinese people will become free from the oppression of CCP.


      1. China has played it very stupid here. Destroyed its tech access to US and market access to India in one stroke. China does not need tech, it does not need markets, all it needs is more barren land in the desert and the ocean.

        India must de-recognize Tibet as part of China. A free Tibet is the only way to solve the border problem with China


        1. Sorry to irritate P. B. Josh but I would guess Xi is counting on a Biden victory so that things get back to “normal” from China’s standpoint. That may well happen and will spell the end of the USA as we know it.


      2. You forgot to mention the repercussion of China’s iron-handed policy of population control some twenty years ago which will pretty soon bring down the population of working-age Chinese.


  6. Nothing surprising. Don’t you see every debate on television, they easily divert the subject, shouts down even few neutral anchors, puts on defensive any BJP or NDA spokespersons? It is the extension of this tactics in politics. They have acquired this skill due to natural longest period of coalition of evil and corrupt advantage over simple minded aam people. To catch up fast, nationalists first of all should establish the rule of rewards and punishment with scorching precision. Sam, daam, bhed, dand should be equally and effectively mastered. Should have strategy to tame loud mouth Gaurabh vallabh type polished lyers and week anchors from diverting the issues, distractions and manipulations. That can come naturally in 60-70 years, but we don’t have that much time, so we should acquire it with awareness, analysis, strategy, planning and precise execution in the broader fields.


  7. I just wonder why the CAG the apex auditing agency has not reported the illegal transfer of money from various miniseries and public sector undertakings to the privately owned RGF. Why no action has been taken against MMS, Sonia and others for the fraudulent transfer. Why should not the EC question the Congress party for its shady deal with a hostile country and call for the details of the mou?


    1. Let me remind readers that Naidu launched Hyderabad as a serious rival to blr in 1998 by enticing MS to set up a 2,000 seat facility. Yes, it is 22 years later, but this is a 4,000 seat facility. Kudos to Yogi!


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