Why China needs ‘Bharat ke tukde’

Something very curious happened after the recent clash in Galwan Valley in Ladakh, where India lost 20 soldiers. The New York Times report that came out the following day did not accuse the Chinese of aggression. Instead, it went the other way and accused India of provoking the conflict.

How? Did the New York Times toe the Chinese official line and accuse India of crossing the LAC?

Not at all. The New York Times went in a different direction. It said the conflict happened because Home Minister Amit Shah provoked the Chinese during his speech in Aug 2019 during the abrogation of Article 370.

Most Indians were probably not even thinking about China when Article 370 was abrogated in August of 2019. And India has consistently claimed Aksai Chin. But this perverse argument is now being made all over the place, by the global elite at the New York Times, leaders of opposition parties, supposedly independent military analysts and their supporting cast of internet trolls. As if China acted in self-defense and India was the provocateur.

Can you give me an example of this argument being made before June 2020? Perhaps in Aug 2019 itself? No!

All these people, acting independently, arrived at the same conclusion at the exact same time. And the timing was perfectly convenient for China, an authoritarian superpower with the means and the motive to influence public opinion in India and abroad. It was all just a coincidence. Let’s believe that.

It’s time to start thinking about the China factor in India’s domestic politics.

How? First, we have to understand what China wants. They appear to have immediate targets, such as salami slicing territory and snatching strategic positions from India in Eastern Ladakh. But what’s the real, long term objective?

China wants to dominate the world. For that, they have to dominate their own backyard first.

For a moment, put yourself in the shoes of a Chinese strategist, trying to come up with a master plan for world domination. What do you see? China’s east coast is dotted with hostile states such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan, with the US Navy constantly patrolling the waters. Think about how infuriating that must be.

Then, you look south and you see India. Of course, India is not as powerful as the United States, but nevertheless it is the world’s fifth largest economy. And India will always be there, located just south of China, because you can’t change geography. Unless India submits to China, the Chinese will never become a true superpower.

But why would India submit to China today or at any time in the future? In ten years, India will be the third largest economy in the world.

This is the problem China faces. All of China’s ambitions are dashed against a single rock: India.

And there is only one solution. It is not enough for China to slice bits of territory. China needs India to be literally atomized, broken into pieces so tiny that they would never be able to challenge Chinese power. In other words, China needs “Bharat ke tukde.”

Do you see the confluence of interests now? China has to find every single faultline in India and tear our country apart. Here it is, over ten years old.

Let me read to you directly from the article.

Posted on April 8 on the website iiss.cn (International Institute for Strategic Studies), the article detailed a roadmap for breaking up India. To split India, China can bring into its fold countries like Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan, support Ulfa in attaining its goal for Assam’s independence, back aspirations of Indian nationalities like Tamils and Nagas, encourage Bangladesh to give a push to the independence of West Bengal and lastly recover the 90,000 sq km territory in southern Tibet, the write-up said.

The article claimed that India as a nation never really existed in history. It was held together by decadent Hinduism which encouraged caste and exploitation.

China in its own interest and the progress of whole Asia, should join forces with different nationalities such as Assamese, Tamils and Kashmiris…

In case you are confused, this is not from some liberal Indian “historian” writing on some news portal that came up after 2014. This is from the Chinese think tank, back in 2009. There was no Modi and no Shah ruling India back then. Even if you are a liberal who is against Modi, wake up. This is not about Modi. This is about my country, which is your country too.

Now tell me honestly. Is this not exactly the roadmap that Indian liberals are following?

Bharat ke tukde.

That slogan is not a joke. It is not something that some left wing campus hothead said in sudden anger. That slogan is a very loud statement of intent. We just have to open our eyes and ears.

Now play through your mind every single protest that India has seen in the last 9 months against CAA, against abrogation of Article 370, etc. Think of every time they compared India to the Nazi state. Were they really just dissenters singing Faiz’s poetry? Or were they deliberately working to a plan?

You heard somebody was pregnant. Did you hear the same person chanting for the blood of Kashmir, Punjab and Delhi? Now read the article from the Chinese think tank again. Do you still feel sorry for her?

The thing is: anti-national elements have human bodies just like us. They can get old and frail. They can get pregnant. Each of them has a father and a mother and one of them may well be a school principal somewhere. Anti-national elements can be well educated. Anti-national elements can also have passions for the arts or sports or video games. Hitler was a painter. Didn’t make him any less evil.

Whenever these anti-national elements are picked up by police, they hide behind these humanizing traits. Do not let them. Keep your eyes and ears out for what they are really saying.

Take them at their word. When they say they want the blood of Kashmir or Assam, accept that they are either terrorists or cheerleaders for terrorists. In principle, this should be easy: taking people at their word. But our liberal media makes it surprisingly hard.

Do not look for hidden meanings in what they say. When they call on XYZ people to take up arms, accept that they are inciting a violent overthrow of the Indian state. Do not look for excuses, do not put it down to youthful indiscretions. Do not fool yourself. Remember that India has very powerful enemies.

Why now? Good question. Because this coming decade is perhaps the most crucial for India’s survival. We all have a mind block regarding 1962 and sometimes we don’t realize how powerful India is. We are already the fifth largest economy. If we survive the next ten years, we will be the third largest and simply too powerful for China to do anything. For the Chinese, the window closes in ten years. For them, it is now or never.

Don’t ignore the propaganda battle that is taking place inside our minds. Every time we fall for even a bit of propaganda, we are yielding a slice of ourselves. They advance to the next finger point and set up patrol parties to penetrate our minds even further. The so called headmasters’ sons, whether pregnant or otherwise, have made up their minds. Have you?

11 thoughts on “Why China needs ‘Bharat ke tukde’

  1. In 2009 China was already plotting Bharat ke tukde. Mother Corruption was comfortably looting the country; just a few years previously she had watched her *brilliant* son sign some sort of deal with Xi. How could she not have known what was cooking. Considering her extra Constitutional NAc was full of Manders, Drezes and other urban Naxals.

    Besided, Siachin was all but gifted to Pak by the self serving puppet PM under “intense pressure”.

    Which brings me to my point: Scammia and her corrupt family are very much a part of the tukde tukde enterprise.

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  2. India “lost” to China in 1962 because India fielded only 12000 men against 80000 Chinese. That is not a formula for winning.

    But Chacha Nehru could not care less. Chacha had already given away land to Pakistan and now Bangladesh. Chacha gifted territory to Myanmar (Cocos Islands) and to Sri Lanka(Kachatheevu). So loss of territory per se did not affect him.

    Nor does it affect Sonia and Pappu who wanted gift away Siachen to Pakistan. Why waste money on Siachen when the money spent there could go into (you know where).

    BJP did the right thing by revoking Article 370. Article 370 was allowing terror and terrorists to flourish while denying basic human rights to others. No self respecting country can allow this state to continue forever.

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  3. When you have a definition of the importance of a piece of land only as to whether a blade of grass grows on that land or no, what else can we expect?

    India needs to hold on to our status for ten maybe fifteen years. By then some seventy percent of the Chinese population will be of retirement age. China will have to hire soldiers from other countries. China knows that and in the minds of the Chinese leaders, the time is now or never. China is spreading millions of dollars to buy influential media outlets like NY Times, WaPo, BBC, Guardians, PTI, etc. Also, it does not shy away from buying Arundhati Roys, Barkha Dutts of India. Congress is the way it is, BJP should not have any problem keeping India’s status as it is, but in reality, our status will be more solidified in the world. Philippines and Vietnam are already complaining against China.


  4. We are now telling all about Sonia, Rahul & puppet PM. But what is still fresh in my mind is the outcome of 2004 elections. On one side we have Vajpayee &on the other side it is Sonia group on. But our great voters selected the anti nationals over nationalists. Then they repeated the mistake again in 2014. Chinese just took advantage.

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  5. An Indian soldier who dies is treated like a God by his town or village.

    Chinese soldiers die in anonymity. Why would any soldier want to fight when his own countrymen disown him after death ? What kind of army do the Chinese have ? Or did they learn the trick of disowning their fallen men from the Pakistanis ?



  6. Galwan conspiracy by china was well planned one. There are chinese fifth column inside India in media, so called military analysts, political parties etc. who were very much the part of the conspiracy. The plan was for china to quickly occupy small Indian territory by a shallow thrust at a location in LAC and wage a propaganda war that also included propaganda waged through its proxies in India in media, political parties etc. The purpose was to show China as bossing around India which also included proxies using the incident to wage a propaganda to show the Modi led government as a weak government that is unable to face the bully china. China thought two very crucial gains would be made by doing so. However, china’s conspiracy was foiled due to the bravery and ferocious fight back of 16 Bihar and other regiments (3 Medium Sikh regiment and Punjab regiment) who taught the chinese PLA a lesson that they will never forget for a long time to come. Now China and its proxies in India are caught in a bind as their well planned conspiracy failed. China does not want to be seen as moving back after such debacle as it would be a loss of face for them and therefore is moving more troops and equipment to the border which is more than matched by the Indian armed forces. Now the ball is in china’s court whether it wants to escalate or go back to restoring status quo ante and let matters go back to what they were before their evil designs were foiled.

    As China is caught in a bind they want to wage a propaganda war by inventing excuses for their conspiracy and trying to place the blame on India with support from its proxies in India and international press, politicians etc. who are in their payroll. Many erstwhile storied publications around what are now in chinese payroll are willing to act as china’s bi**ches. Many politicians around the world are also on chinese payroll. Australia has proceeded against one such politician recently. There are many reputed politicians from prominent democracies whose family members have been ‘well looked after’ by china and/or have contributed generously to their ‘foundations’ which are private trusts professedly created for charitable causes. In the world of finance everyone knows that the new open way for powerful people to be corrupt (without the stigma) is to create “foundations” or private trusts ostensibly for charitable purposes and control funds to the tune of millions of dollars.

    If anyone were to track the donations by CCP and/or chinese business entities to such private trusts or foundations of powerful politicians around the world, one would not be surprised to see large contributions by China or chinese business entities. I see do difference between CCP or any chinese business entity. ALL BIG BUSINESS IN CHINA IS OWNED AND CONTROLLED BY CCP. PERIOD. Anyone thinking otherwise is kidding themselves about the truth about China. These Jack Ma’s, Ren Zhengfei as owners / founders of Alibaba, Huawei etc. are all facades erected by china to gain access to capital markets in the west. One can write a whole series of articles of how china created the fiction of private enterprise and accessed cheap financing by accessing western capital markets, of course generous donations to foundations will open doors wouldn’t it? Again the financial statements of chinese entities are unreliable due to very poor regulatory oversight of auditors.


  7. Tackling chinese threat requires a fundamental change in mindset of political leadership, bureaucracy more particularly that of IFS and MEA, and generally at large Indian population. Due to a long history of incompetent political leadership, and brainwashed generations who are products of a curriculum designed by communists in India, china has been projected as a mighty nation and at the same time deliberately India’s power has been under projected. Indian Army leadership has long conducted SWOT analysis of china but unfortunately, so far there is no formal mechanism inside the MEA and the government to consider armed forces inputs in shaping diplomacy. Consequently, our diplomatic efforts come across as wimpish to china and many others as it lacks the bite.

    Diplomatic corps in India are again the end products of an education system designed to brainwash students into believing exaggerated chinese strengths and deliberately under projects Indian strengths. India is a mighty nation in its own right. There are any number of chinese weak points that can be exploited in the same way china is exploiting indian weaknesses. But then our diplomats are brainwashed into this ‘non-interference in other country affairs’, bhai-bhai, panchsheel, BS syndrome that they do not even see the opportunities to exploit the chinese weak points. This has to change immediately.

    India should free its education system from the stranglehold of communists who are no less than card carrying members of the CCP China. Now is the time to do it, not tomorrow. Re-educate the current generation with reality that includes projecting china as an enemy nation, a nation that cannot be trusted in anyway.

    Reshape policies and process and rewire the thinking across government in India to recognise china as a enemy and a threat.

    Make institutional changes that requires inputs from the armed forces to be formally considered while evolving diplomatic policies and solutions.

    Rewire the mindsets of MEA and its diplomatic corps from being a dhimmi to a mindset that considers coercive diplomacy where talks leads to nowhere. Give it back to the adversary in the same coin. Afterall, what is the point of talking for the sake of talking when the adversary is just not interested in solving the problem. Our diplomatic corps should cure itself of this disease of incessant talks in the hope of arriving at solutions when it is clear one has reached the dead end. When it becomes clear that talks are leading to nowhere, consequences should follow which should also include military option. Only when the adversary knows that we mean business, it will respect talks. For too long Indian diplomats have been kidding themselves into believing that they can solve problems with unplacatable adversaries by just chatting away. In the real world strength respects strength.

    Last but not the least, for heavens sake, adequately fund the military capital purchases. For too long FM sitting in the comforts of their corner offices have ignored the urgent need for increasing allocations to military purchases. There will always be economic priorities that the budget needs to cater to, however, that should not come at the expense of defence budget. The political leadership should educate itself that a strong military is the guarantor of peace that enable economic activity to proceed unhindered. There are plenty of Yojanas for everything, so create a ‘Defence Capital Purchase Yojana’ which is one that will definitely yield bountiful returns if the political leadership and the diplomatic corps know how to reap it.


  8. Dear Abhishek Chinese may well have funded the months longs protests which rocked Delhi.Although most Indians feel Pakistan may be behind them it is unlikely Pakistan can afford such money


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