Corona : Why are Indian babas judged differently from Teresa’s miracle cures?

Would you believe what this is?

This is an official celebration for humanity finding a cure for cancer. Luckily for us, the cure is cheap. Close your eyes and pray to one “St. Teresa” who, despite being dead, is apparently sitting in a place called “heaven,” available and listening to us. The method has already worked for two people worldwide. A small sample if you ask me, nevertheless…

What makes science and rationalism such a wonderful thing? Because, in science, only truth matters. The outcome of the experiment is everything. Nothing else is relevant: not the color of your skin, not your religion, your gender, your caste, your country, the language you speak, nothing. That is why science has done amazing things, from antibiotics to fertilizer to editing genes. Science makes it possible for human beings to fly through the sky in metal tubes, or for them to sit at their desks, click a button and speak instantly to someone on the other side of the world.

But this works only as long as we apply the standard equally to everyone. The other day an Indian baba, who wears saffron, said he had something to treat the Coronavirus. Think about the kind of mocking reception it received from our educated elite.

Now, I will not go into the veracity of his claims. I am only talking about how his announcements were received. Remember science only works when the standards are the same for everyone.

But, was it? In fact, the Govt of India sent a Cabinet minister to the celebrations in the Vatican. The Chief Minister of West Bengal was also present to grace the occasion. The Govt of Kerala also sent a couple of ministers to the event. A large contingent of Indian intellectuals also welcomed the event.

At the time, I remember no widespread mocking from either side of the political divide. It was as if our collective scientific temper had taken a break.

When we create a double standard in debunking unscientific claims, we end up projecting our inferiority complex on the global stage. And from there it becomes fodder for the anti-Hindu global network. Take this video from Al Jazeera, the mouthpiece of the Islamic state of Qatar, talking about how Hindu groups “widely circulated” cow urine as a cure for the Coronavirus!

First of all, was it really widely circulated? From what I remember, it was a reality TV star and a couple of his guys doing something to get attention. But this did not matter. The saffron banners used by them activated the anti-Hindu predatory instincts of the Indian and global elite. The Indian elite engaged in loud and over the top condemnations of an irrelevant event organized by a handful of attention seekers. The global elite lapped it up gleefully and now Hindus have been branded as people who drink cow urine in hope of curing Coronavirus. This will now have cultural implications for Hindus worldwide. And possibly economic implications as well, because it affects India’s brand.

We have a billion Hindus in India. A handful of them will believe almost anything. Why do we let others use them to brand us all? In fact, why do Indian elites actively participate in this vilification campaign?

By some counts, there were 300,000 Catholics at the Vatican that day, celebrating Teresa’s miracle cure for cancer. Much more than the number of people who showed up to the cow urine party. But was Christianity’s global brand affected by this organized celebration of superstition? Absolutely not!

Why? Something to think about there.

Take the current pandemic.

That was in the middle of March. Apparently, god has other stuff to do. It’s not easy being god. Meanwhile, we have to manage by ourselves.

But did these antics affect the global brand of Christianity? Absolutely not. In fact, if you think about it, it is simply astonishing what the Church gets away with. The so called Holy Father gets to have his own sovereign nation, recognized by every other country, with diplomats and everything, in the same way as India recognizes the United States. As Supreme Leader of a sovereign nation, he enjoys the status of a Head of State. The Vatican has been accused of everything, from collaborating with Nazis to covering up child abuse, but the “sovereignty” of the Vatican prevents anyone from doing anything about it.

How did they get that sovereign control over the Vatican? Well, it was a gift from Mussolini. Who else?

Imagine if a saffron wearing baba was getting away with all this. Imagine what the Indian and global elite would have said.

I challenge you to give me one reason that makes the claims of the Catholic Church more scientific than those of any saffron clad baba in any corner of India.

Just one. Take your time.

12 thoughts on “Corona : Why are Indian babas judged differently from Teresa’s miracle cures?

  1. The Church and scientific? In the name of Christ…

    This is the institution that, until the 1600s still put out the view that the sun went around the earth. And those who argued otherwise, it put them to the stake!

    This is the instutiion that, to this day, declares that a person who has died is a saint, upon which declaration the person is included in the list of recognized saints, called the “canon”. According to Wikipedia, canonization is a statement of the Church that the person certainly enjoys the Beatific Vision of Heaven. And to be canonized as a saint, ordinarily at least “two miracles” must have been performed through the intercession of the Blessed after their death.

    Oh, yeah, very scientific alright.

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  2. To be fair to thr Baba, he does claim that 280 (or is it 260?) patients were treated with the medicine and that all of them were cured.

    He announced this in the morning and jeering and mocking had started by noon. Needless to say, by nobody who had tried this cure. Schadenfreude is said to be a base emotion but I’ll make an exception in this case; would love to see any of the mockers/jeerers get the virus and see what he or she does.


    1. Personally, I think they should have gone by the book: ie, got the approval to do the clinical trial, documented the design of experiment (protocol, control, sampling, end point success criteria, etc), and published the results. Then they should have announced that they would be seeking government approval in the light of very positive results. Only finally, to have sought to market the product. They have left themselves open to criticisms and for the government to step in and ask questions in full public glare. All of which could have been avoided. At least, that’s how I would have approached it.


  3. CW ji,
    Hindus must understand what there term superstition means. It doesn’t merely refer to beliefs that are not backed by science. It is a word that is used by Christian Theologians to refer to Pagan Beliefs. This sort of attitude towards Non-Abrahamics beliefs as inferior to Abrahamic beliefs is still highly prevalent. It recieves further sanction because Hindus themselves use such terms.
    I am not against criticism of religious practices, but the mindless attack on even harmless beliefs is because Atheism in certain forms is itself an iconoclastic religion.
    Now about why the Church (Particularly the Catholic church) gets a clean chit. It’s became they control a lot of wealth and can poor money into scholarship and PR. Sure, they are losing members because of disillusionment, bust having property and the ability to control it has proven important.


    1. P.S. This vilification of Gau Mutra must stop. It is a substance which is used in Allopathic medicines as well as for deriving various chemicals.(Japan uses it for fertilizers, if I remember correctly). Far more useful than Praying to Saint Teresa for cancer, instead of going go the hospital

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  4. In this the age of Kali, debased societal values are the norm. Therefore, morality takes a back seat and only money talks. People are even ready to set aside their power of reasoning when enough money exchanges hands. The largely christian western societies are relatively prosperous since the last few centuries primarily due to conquest and colonialism. Since they are driving the christian agenda throughout the world backed by large amounts of money, their agenda is carried through without much scrutiny, even if such agenda is a contradiction of science. Hinduism’s cultural and civilisational existence and their profound knowledge based values that are in consonance with science have been under attack for close to a 1000 years. Much of their wealth has been looted and carted away until recently. As India becomes prosperous and Hindus rediscover themselves and reconnect with their long history of wealth generation the world will take note and respect for their values will be increasingly evident. After all, in the whole of planet earth there is only one oldest living civilisation that of sanatana dharma. All other old civilisations have perished when faced with existential crisis. Only Sanatana Dharma followers could have survived such a long and sustained onslaught on their civilisational values as their value systems are centered on eternal cosmic truth.

    Coming to the issue of Baba Ramdev and his organisation’s cure for wuhan virus called ‘Coronil’, everyone says that there should be clinical trials based on international practices etc. This in itself is a false argument to make. By requiring Ayurvedic medicine discoveries to follow procedures that are applicable for allopathic medicinal discovery procedures in the name of “international practices” is wrong at so many levels.

    Firstly, Ayurveda is a separate and distinct science and practices applicable and should be evaluated in its own merits based on ayurvedic principle and not be subjected to allopathic principles of evaluation.

    Secondly, most if not all of the international best practices of Ayurveda have their origins in India as Ayurveda as a science in its advanced form currently only exists in India.

    Thirdly, extended clinical trials in allopathy is necessary due to the nature of medicinal discoveries which is mostly chemical based and can have severe unintended harmful effects on humans. Whereas, Ayurvedic medicines are all plant based extracts that do not have severe side effects like allopathic medicines. So subjecting Ayurvedic medicine discovery to allopathic medicine discovery process of extended clinical trials does not do justice to Ayurvedic science. Approvals for Ayurvedic medicines should be a far quicker process.

    Fourthly, most of the government approving agencies are filled with allopathy practitioners who have an inherent bias against Ayurveda and therefore they are more than likely to not believe the results of Ayurveda medicine discovery process and raise hurdles even when such medicine is effective.

    Lastly, there is a large pool deracinated elites in India who cannot come to terms with anything good in India. These deracinated elites are well entrenched across all branches of Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary who combine to put hurdes in the growth of Ayurveda in India.

    Government of India should therefore constitute a separate board for Ayurvedic medicines that consists of leading Ayurvedic scholars and professionals who should be entrusted with the job of approving Ayurvedic medicines. Such a Board should study and prescribe its own process for conducting trials of ayurvedic medicines and follow a separate process that is distinct and different to the allopathic drug approval process.

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  5. “I challenge you to give me one reason that makes the claims of the Catholic Church more scientific than those of any saffron clad baba in any corner of India.”

    Answer: SECULARISM

    BTW, Patanjali has also given the composition of their medicine. The combination is Tulsi, Giloy, Ashwagandha, Shawasari (Mulethi) & Anu Tel (this has to be used like nasal drops, if needed). They have no side effects & helps to build immunity.

    Not sure how many hurdles Patanjali is going to face. But, these medicines are available at almost all Siddha & Ayurveda shops. If you are in Tamil Nadu, I prefer to buy IMPCOPS brand. Their quality of medicines are the best.

    Also, along with these use Ginger, Turmeric, Lemon Juice and Honey daily as part of your food.

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  6. All government communications should call it Indo-Tibet border going forward. China is a occupying force in Tibet and they need to be reminded every single time. At the least this message that we share the border with Tibet should be spread throughout Indian population till it is etched in collective memories of all Indians. There will come a time when Tibet will be liberated from chinese occupation.


    1. We are ready for the Chinese with some of the best weapons in the world. Their supply lines are very vulnerable and more Chinese soldiers might die of starvation than bullets if war breaks out.

      There are rumors that the US is shifting some weapons to India including THAAD (which might be for protecting our key cities). If the war goes nuclear, Chinese cities wont have this protection

      If China loses this war, it will disintegrate and Tibet will be free. Having taken it this far, if China disengages after built up, it will be a loss of face for them and will signal the arrival of India on the world stage. None of the options are looking good for the Chinese.


  7. Forget about Ramdev Baba’s medicine for COVID-19 illness or St. Teresa’s cancer cures. The major difference between them is, the government officials can “Lathi-chrged” one while even thought of doing the same thing on other would create world war III.

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  8. Why World War Three?I believe we should have declared Hindu Rashtra long ago and secured our country from external influence in our internal affairs.For example the Abrahamic influence in a large State like China is zero and the capacity of foreign countries to interfere in its internal matters is also nil.


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