Dear woke people, see the connect between Chinese aggression and liberal anger on Art 370

This is the report from the New York Times, the spokesperson of the global establishment.

They are clearly putting the blame on India for aggravating China! And what is the basis for their claim? Amit Shah’s speech on Art 370 in Parliament, where he asserted India’s position that PoK and Aksai Chin belong to India.

And just like that, you can now see the straight line that connects Chinese aggression and liberal anger over CAA and abrogation of Article 370.

Did the connection drawn by the New York Times surprise you?

And with this, the real fangs of the anti-CAA campaign and the liberal anger over Art 370 have emerged. They made it look like an internal political tussle. It was a propaganda trick. Did you fall for it?

Think about it. As China gets more aggressive, India is pushed closer to Western powers. Every editorial in China’s state run Global Times warns India not to get close to America. It’s China’s biggest fear.

The West may have no particular love for India, but they do understand one simple thing. A democratic India is better than authoritarian China. They may not be thrilled about India’s rise, but they do not fear it.

So what does China need here? They need the world to start believing that India is also an authoritarian state. They want the world to think that India is ruled by a tyrannical Prime Minister, inspired by Nazism.

And who was serving this poison to Western audiences? Now you can make sense of the vicious anti-India campaign that swept across global newspapers, think tanks and campuses in the last 6-9 months. Now you see who was *really* pulling the strings. Now you see why they morphed the “Om” symbol into a Nazi hooked cross.

Maybe you got caught up in this rhetoric. After all, the liberal celebrities talked about all things nice: sensitivity, inclusion, human rights. They sang revolutionary poems and offered flowers to uniformed policemen. As and when the violent elements pelted stones at policemen or doctors, the stories were quickly buried by media.

Maybe you thought these people were fighting for justice after all. If they weren’t, why would big name newspapers and college campuses across the world be so sympathetic to them? Why would photos of the protesters receive big name international prizes?

Sadly, the world is a bad place. Big media and big prizes can be bought and sold for a handful of $$$. There are billionaires who pledged special funds to take down Modi. These billionaires made their fortune taking down economies from the UK to South America. India was just another target for them. And as for big name US universities, sometimes they ‘forget’ to disclose billions of $$$ in ‘gifts’ from Saudi Arabia and China. Sometimes, their top ranked academics have secret agreements with the Chinese military, receiving thousands of dollars a month to run secret labs in China. Sometimes in the same city where the Coronavirus emerged.

People can be much more evil than you think. Dear woke people, it is time to wake up.

This is not to talk down to you. Many generations of young people have been taken in by this rhetoric. In the early 70s, young students across Bengal were fired up with dreams of a Communist revolution. When the Communists came to power, there were 28000 political murders in the next 20 years. This is the official figure given by the Communist Home Minister on the floor of Bengal Assembly. Imagine what the real number was.

Let me break down that number of 28,000 for you. Spread over 20 years, that works out to four murders a day. Still think this rhetoric is about offering roses to armed policemen or singing Faiz’s poetry?

It sounds romantic but is always soaked in blood of innocents. That’s the truth.

On April 13, 1975, the New York Times reported from Phnom Penh as Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia. The headline read: “For most, a better life.” At Harvard University campus, students were overjoyed. An editorial in the Harvard Crimson put it thus:

The capture of Phnom Penh last week by the Khmer Rouge is a victory for the Cambodian people over the corrupt Lon Nol regime and the imperialist American policies that supported it.

How much of these sentiments were due to foolishness and how much was due to corruption? We will never know. What we do know is that the Khmer Rouge went on to slaughter 20 lakh people.

So don’t feel bad if you were swept up by the anti-CAA rhetoric or the cries against the abrogation of Article 370. Instead, go back and carefully analyze the incentives of the media, intellectual and Instagram celebrities who led you there. Ask yourself : is there one among them who wouldn’t sell out their country for a million dollars?

Did you notice: leaving behind their foot soldiers in the freezing cold of Shaheen Bagh, their media champions went to vacation in Europe, America and Australia in December of last year? Do you think they were sincere in their commitment to the supposed cause of the protests? Didn’t they say the Indian nation was in mortal danger? Do you think Chandrasekhar Azad ever said to people: you hold the line against the British Raj while I go on a five star tour of Paris? No, because real patriots like Azad sacrificed everything, including their lives.

Now look at the media, intellectual and Instagram celebrities who are asking you to join in the movement against CAA or abrogation of Article 370. While babies die in the cold of Shaheen Bagh, these people are making a fortune.

Who is paying for it?

Think about it. If they did care about human rights, would they be so against the persecuted Hindus of Pakistan? They talk about caste all the time and how committed they are to addressing caste injustices. Good. But how many backward caste faces do you see in the ranks of media intellectuals? Not that India is unjust to its religious minorities, but if these people cared about religious minorities, wouldn’t they speak out against real injustices in Pakistan? How many articles have you read in foreign media on the problem of Hinduphobia in Pakistan or Bangladesh?

The anger over CAA and abrogation of Art 370 was a set up. The strings were being pulled from somewhere else. The aim was to turn the world … and the Indian youth against India. So that India looks just as bad as the authoritarian aggressor.

If they care so much about India, why did they not shed one tear for our jawans in Pulwama? Instead, do you remember how they tinkled champagne glasses, made jokes about “56 inch” and raised slogans of “Hows the Jaish?” On the odd occasion, their cup of wine flowed over and spilled on to Facebook, where everyone could see it. Then, their employers saved face by sending them on a few weeks leave. Ha!

They are doing the same right now even as we face aggression on the LAC. The same jokes about 56 inch, the same barely concealed glee. People of India rejected them. Pakistan could not help them. Now they look to China to humiliate Modi.

Woke people need to wake up and smell the anti-India cauldron. Because it stinks so bad.

9 thoughts on “Dear woke people, see the connect between Chinese aggression and liberal anger on Art 370

  1. There is no doubt now that China is an enemy country. To people who say if you name an enemy you will make one, I say open your eyes and see the enemy is already there only your failure to recognise it and deal with it accordingly is the problem. India has been kicking the can down the road in recognising this reality of china as the enemy of India for far too long 70+ years and counting. Now a line should be drawn and the message should go to the babus and more particularly the IFS that its not business as usual with china. If it is not stated openly its all right, but it should be ingrained in every department of government of India and the State governments to ensure while making any policy decisions this aspect is factored in prominently.


  2. India should mandate by law that all ecommerce portals should disclose the country of manufacture and/or country of origin of the products being sold online. This will give the customer the right to choose not to buy chinese origin products. Amazon and Flipkarts etc. usually dump the cheaper but poor quality chinese products in India through their online portals. Amazon in particular is known for sourcing mostly chinese products. Amazon killed the american market place by sourcing most of their products from china who dumped the products at below cost price (funded by chinese government which subsidised the products) to drive away american origin products form the market place, with loss of jobs to go with it. Now in some products 80% – 90% sold there is of chinese origin.


    1. The economic war will be the war to bring China to its knees. Our labour costs 1/6 of the Chinese labour cost. We should have been the worlds factory long back.

      But our bureaucracy is stifling and still stuck in license raj. Laws need to be amended to automatically give permissions on web portals and allow the babus to only come into the picture if there is something grossly wrong. Opening a new company is a maze of approvals and almost impossible unless politicians are bribed.

      We cannot take on China with these kind of politicians and babus. This has to drastically change


  3. A very hard-hitting Blog. Superb. Wasn’t there a news report about China giving millions of dollars in support to the NY Times, WaPo, etc.?

    We tolerated for almost 70 years of “Temporary” special status to J & K. Now let us see how long America tolerates the special status region in Seattle?

    Our Liberals and the world’s Liberals attacked India for excluding persecuted Muslims from coming to India from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh, but liberals did not even say a word against these persecuting countries. For them, India is discriminating against the Muslim minority, yet they wanted India to bring in more Muslims !! China takes away Ramazan, takes away the Quran even takes away Muslim young men, and forces Muslim women to have sex with Communist guys and the Liberal world stays silent.


  4. More than 20 years back, George Fernandes had said China is our enemy #1. We should have planned and prepared, raised our defence spending. Maybe we are still in good shape to handle this.

    Wars with China are inevitable, now and in the future. Article 370 has nothing to do with it. We need a state of constant preparedness. We also need to get on the offensive sometimes, our political mindset is very very defensive and that gives Pakistan and China the advantage. We have to be unpredictable, do a Kargil on Pak and China sometimes.

    We should stop worrying about the global liberal network. if with a 3 trillion economy, we are still complaining, there is something wrong. Either fix the problem or live with it.

    Modi has done some fixes and harmed the liberal livelihood here. But we need to get to a stage where these liberals will starve if they dont contribute to the economy. Money is still leaking to these liberals. And until the liberals are able to game the system and keep the money flowing, they will continue in the current vein.


  5. Interesting tweet – the world needs to take back bio warfare to the Chinese doorstep


  6. While on the subject of china we need to also have a relook at the use of PILs by NGOs and other busybodies financed by china in hurting India’s economic progress. A good example in this regard is the Sterilite Copper plan in TN. This plant was providing jobs and livelihood to around one lakh people in TN. A string of PILs were filed by NGO and busybodies and agitations started by well funded NGOs to close down the plant. Now due to its closure India is forced to import copper from Chinese sources. There are many such instances, ex: POSCO plant in Orissa, etc.

    Government should enact a specific law that if any matter involves economic interests and loss of jobs or job creating potential, PILs cannot be filed in any court of law in India. It would require the normal legal process to be followed. For far too long PILs have been used to stymie India’s economic progress and time has come to pass a legislation to prevent misuse of PILs.


  7. Laaton Ke Bhoot Baaton Se Nahi Maante is a saying that fits perfectly for China. They do not understand the language of diplomacy and will not honour any international pacts they have signed. So its just a waste of time and effort in trying to persuade the Chinese just by diplomacy alone. They are the very definition of slimy character. History is littered with several recorded instances of backstabbing behaviour of chinese. So our IFS babus should not be under the illusion that whatever they discuss and agree with China will be followed by them. They will expect India to follow everything but they themselves will violate the agreement when it suits them. So while negotiating and agreeing with chinese there should always be well defined ‘red lines’ and the actions that will automatically be triggered by India if such red lines are breached.

    The west was lured by greed and promise of a huge market but were taken for a big ride by the chinese who while gaining immensely by free trade with them prevented the west from accessing chinese market by erecting several non-tariff barriers. They only allowed technology companies to set up their branches in china and perfected the art of stealing and copying technology from tech companies. This is the latest example of their sliminess.


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