Kerala CM heaped praise on a convicted murderer – nobody noticed

Let me sketch a hypothetical scenario for you. Suppose a senior BJP leader commits a terrible crime: a murder of a political opponent. The BJP leader is arrested, found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. However, suppose the state government is run by the BJP and the convicted murderer hardly spends any actual time in jail – because he keeps getting parole.

Then, one day, the murderer dies (of natural causes). The sitting BJP CM, his top Cabinet Ministers, the state party chief, pay rich tributes to him. They call him a martyr and a hero and an example to follow.

Imagine if something so shocking ever happened. At each step of that, imagine the howls from so called civil society. From the murder to the conviction to the parole to the praise, at every step the BJP and its supporters would be crucified in media criticism. They would be called terrorists, Nazis, ISIS and what not. Every newspaper, Indian and foreign, would report obsessively on it. Historians would record the incident so that it could be referenced even decades later.

The Communists just pulled this off. With barely a mention anywhere, nor a whiff of criticism.

CPIM leader P K Kunjanathan had been convicted in 2014 for a political murder and was serving life imprisonment. He had already enjoyed 400 days of parole in the last five years or so. During that time, he freely took part in activities of the party and even became an office bearer.

Here is what sitting Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan had to say about him:

He had won the acceptance as a social worker, and affection of all sections of people in Panur.”

Here is what Kerala’s state CPIM chief had to say about him.

“….He was very dear to the people and a relentless worker who was instrumental in setting up the party in the area. He was dear and acceptable even among the political rivals, too….”

In case you forgot, he is describing a convicted murderer here. Popular even among political rivals? He was convicted for murdering a political opponent.

And here is (now celebrity) Health Minister K K Shailaja of Kerala.

Comrade was the source of energy of the party. He was Kunajanthettan (ettan is an elder brother) to all, cutting across party lines, “

This should have been a media storm. It wasn’t. It didn’t even cause outrage on social media.

It’s not like Kerala gets no coverage. Search for “Kerala model” and Google will give you ten pages of results raving about Kerala’s supposedly amazing governance. In fact, propaganda about Kerala model is at its peak right now. In the last 3 months, Kerala has decisively defeated the Coronavirus at least 3-4 times. Yet, new cases keep propping up, possibly due to a CIA conspiracy.

It’s like the Communists wear some kind of magic armor. The Communist government slips in and out of global consciousness effortlessly. In the morning, K K Shailaja is the icon of good governance who saved the world. In the evening, she is praising a murderer. There is no attempt to hide, no dog whistle, no innuendo. Just straight talk praising a murderer. Her straight talk falls on our ears but we cannot hear it.

The Communist Party carries out murders in broad daylight and celebrates those murders in broad daylight. But we cannot see it. It’s hidden in plain sight.

This magic armor is called “ecosystem.” And it is a sad commentary on the right wing that they cannot extract a political price even when the left does something so outrageous and so openly.

In fact, it appears that Kerala CM makes no effort to exclude murder convicts from his personal social circle. Even as I write this, I discover that another convicted murderer is in the news surrounding the Kerala CM.

This time it is one Mohamad Hashim. He was sentenced to seven years imprisonment by the Supreme Court in 2017.

Well, if he was sentenced in 2017, why is he outside? Because he is on parole – of course he is! How could he not be on parole?

Do you get this now? In practice, the Indian legal system has long ceased to exist in Communist ruled Kerala. The Communists get to make the rules. The Communists have absolute power over life and death. They don’t even worry about getting convicted. They just laugh at the Supreme Court, get parole and walk out of jail in broad daylight.

There were barely 30 people at this wedding ceremony. I suppose that means they only invited close friends and family. And a murder convict still made it to the list.

But when you have BBC eating out of your hands and when everyone loves the Kerala model, who cares about a few murder convictions? Oh and Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan is also a fan of mass murderers like North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. He said it publicly. And yes, he was CM at the time. And speaking at an official party event. And this is from 2018. That is just two years ago. And still nobody noticed. Let that sink in.

I am curious. Was Kim Jong Un also invited to the wedding? It would not surprise me. A visit from Uncle Kim would have made it so much more special. But there’s the Coronavirus and people can’t travel. Blame Modi.

5 thoughts on “Kerala CM heaped praise on a convicted murderer – nobody noticed

  1. Things are getting very hot and nearly going out of control in Ladakh border Galwan area due to provocations by the chinese side. As a result of chinese provocations and their failure to keep their end of the agreement to de-escalate and their violent actions, Indian Army gave a befitting response and there have been casualties on both sides. China is trying to spin the story of provocation by the Indian side but there is no one in the world who is willing to believe their concocted stories. China should heed to sane advice and refrain from further unilateral provocative actions, otherwise events will assume a momentum of their own and hurtle into a war. If china is doing all these shenanigans to divert attention from its domestic problems like it was in 1962, then let them be clear, this is not 1962. This is 2020 and Indian Army is equipped to take the battle to chinese. Unlike in 1962, we have currently have a political leadership in the government that is strong willed and who will not compromise Indian national interests. It would be a grave error by China if they continue with their current tactics of selective provocations.

    Indian Army is ready to take the battle to China should they test the resolve of India. Indian Army is a battle hardened force with leaders who lead from the front.

    Unfortunately, we are seeing the chinese fifth column in media and political space in India are already spinning stories to suit chinese version of events. Chinese Congress Party of India is almost behaving like a rump of the Chinese CCP! The pseudo-experts and self-styled military and strategic experts cultivated by chinese are also getting activated and you can see the slanted reports being planted by them in various media.


    1. Most of the reports in our paid media carried that three of our brave soldiers died but you don’t see that five Chinese soldiers were killed and eleven of them wounded.


    2. India alone in the world has the ability to stand up to the bully China and can match the Chinese army man to man and outmatch it in bravery. On the strength of this alone, India needs to demand a UN seat and take it(for what it is worth). If India stands it ground and forces the Chinese to withdraw, it will send a message to the Chinese pawns like Pakistan.

      If hostilities escalate, India needs to 1) capture strategic territories in China wherever possible 2) fire the attacking salvos in some sectors, otherwise the Chinese will have the advantage of the element of surprise.

      India is no stranger to deaths in war. Let us see how much casualties the Chinese soldiers can take. The Chinese are not a martial race and have run away from the battlefield (recently in Sudan). The one family one child policy has meant that lots of families dont want to loose their descendants.

      Indian weaponry is quite good and well tested unlike the Chinese weapons.This combined with almost all our soldiers coming from martial races should allow us to prevail if matters come to a crunch.We have already exorcised the ghosts of 1962 in Doklam and now is the time to bury them.


  2. India needs to start violence in 1 or 2 places where its soldiers outnumber the Chinese. Being in reactive mode forever will not work


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