Delhi CM takes the easy route : blame the outsider

At the root, Arvind Kejriwal suffers from a deep seated character flaw. He is clever, but he is lazy. Lazy, irresponsible and with a short attention span.

This is who Kejriwal has been his whole life. He is a qualified engineer. He began working as an engineer. He quit and became a civil servant. Okay, lots of people leave their careers and take UPSC exam. Fine, but see his trajectory next. He leaves the civil service because he wants to work with NGOs. Then, he gets sick of NGOs and wants to be a politician. He makes it HUGE and becomes CM of Delhi. He quits in 49 days because he wants to be PM. That fails. So he works his way back to Delhi CM. Within a week of being Delhi CM, he is bored again. He wants to be Punjab CM.

Kejriwal is probably the only CM in India who feels trapped in his job. He is Delhi CM because he simply cannot get anything better. It took him 2014-2017 (three years!) to realize that there isn’t something better out there he can get.

This is the worst kind of person we could have, when dealing with a pandemic. He doesn’t care about work. He doesn’t want to work.

So he wants to change the conversation. He doesn’t want Delhi to discuss why their world famous healthcare system has failed miserably. Rather he wants Delhi to discuss if “outsiders” should be getting care in Delhi.

So, first he makes a video “asking” people if outsiders should get care in Delhi. A week later, he comes back to make the expected announcement : hospitals in Delhi will be reserved for patients from Delhi.

See? No talk of testing. No talk of why Delhi govt app is providing fake info about vacant hospital beds. He wants everyone to debate the issue of outsiders in Delhi.

Did you catch the subtext there? He made it a point to announce that Central hospitals will remain open to all.

Merely by saying that, he is asserting (in a very diplomatic way) that he has some kind of authority over Central govt hospitals. Can you imagine the CM of Tamil Nadu announcing that West Bengal govt hospitals will be open to so and so?

By the way, is there any merit in what he is saying? Of course not. Delhi is a very special case. Why are there so big Central hospitals in Delhi? Because it is the capital. Residents of Delhi have comparatively easy access to Central hospitals located in Delhi. A guy in Bihar has as much of a right to a Central hospital as a guy in Delhi. The Delhi resident has easy access, the Bihar resident does not.

So saying that “Central hospitals are open to all” is just a mirage. So folks in Delhi get reserved access to Delhi govt hospitals and first access to Central govt hospitals. How is that fair? With the advantages of being the national capital, there come the responsibilities of being the national capital.

Oh wait! This is exactly what Kejriwal wanted. He wanted us to point fingers at people of Delhi rather than his performance. Old trick which works every time (sadly).

Sad ji! You told us you have built a great healthcare system. We are not seeing much of it. Get to work, please. Just this once.

7 thoughts on “Delhi CM takes the easy route : blame the outsider

  1. Delhi CMship is a mirage and fraud. Delhi being national capital should be available and accessible to each and every citizen of India. National capital should be extremely ready and should be administered by a central appointed administrator and rather whole India elected light mayor. Delhi’s responsibility should be on whole of India. Delhi CMship is not worth a peonship as Delhi should be whole India’s right and responsibility


  2. So what else is new? Well, Delhites got CM they deserved. These two postings give all the answers we need;

    1) shahid siddiqui on Twitter: “I have decided to campaign for … › shahid_siddiqui › status
    Apr 25, 2019 – I have decided to campaign for AAP in Delhi as AAP & Kejriwal have done a lot for the common people of Delhi. We must vote 7 seats to AAP to …



  3. Starting a month back, Kejriwal cleverly bought off media by routing taxpayer money for ads. Now the media is keeping quiet on the Delhi disaster. China virus havoc started in Delhi with the Markaz event. It may finish by ripping apart Delhi.

    Nevertheless, Kejriwal will continue to win elections because the BJP keeps playing secularism games at the state level. As long as it continues to do that, it will keep losing in most states.


  4. It seems that the Delhi LG has reversed Kejru’s stunt of not allowing outsiders in Delhi hospitals ! Now a frustrated Kejru may incite Amanullah Khan for yet another round of Direct Action 😳 😳 Bach ke rehna re baba … 😒


  5. Kejriwal is always busy plotting diabolical schemes to escape his responsibility and accountability while enjoying the power, pelf and perks of being a CM of a state. Every thing he has done during his term as CM has been to run down to the ground the Delhi government finances and destroy institutions. Corruption is rampant in his administration. By indirectly bribing the MSM with lucrative advertisements at government cost being placed in their medium, he has bought them off and always gets a good press. The electorate that voted him to power for a few pennies thrown their way are now facing the consequences of electing him back to power. There is no way out for the Delhi residents as Kejriwal government is not going to do anything to improve the situation but will spend their energies plotting many more diabolical schemes to throw the blame on others. For the electorate of Delhi, as you sow so you reap is coming true.


  6. Only 3 states have done well.They are undoubtedly Andhra,Karnatak under yedyurappa and UP to some extent given its mammoth population has managed well till now under Yogi.
    This rascal Kejri is PR thing.Nothing more.Delhi is now much worse than under Sheila


  7. Satellite images reveal that China virus outbreak happened earlier

    Wonder if the Indian government can do these kind of assessment in hostile states like West Bengal and Kerala with satellite imagery


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