George Floyd, the establishment, Harvard’s $41 billion and what makes American politics so frustrating

I never take sides in American politics. Unless when India’s interests are involved. But this post is all about domestic American politics. So this is just a rant.

Right now, America is in turmoil. We have seen heartbreaking visuals all over the place. First, there was a cop who put his knee on the neck of an unarmed black man and literally choked him to death. A human being had his life snuffed out on a busy public street.

Whither America, land of the free? What happened to freedom? To liberty?

Give me your tired, your poor … your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

Liberty Island, New York. Today Lady Liberty can’t breathe. Whither America?

The incident in Minneapolis ignited racial tensions that had been simmering for decades. First of all, this was not about left vs right. Minneapolis is a super liberal city. Minnesota is a super liberal state. The last time a Republican won Minnesota was in the Presidential election of 1972. In the 1984 landslide, the great Ronald Reagan won 49 states out of 50. Which was the one state he lost? That would be Minnesota.

So let us be clear. There were no right wingers in the picture. It was liberal police under a liberal mayor and liberal state troopers under a liberal governor in a super liberal state. Going by the typical voter profiles in America, chances are that the victim George Floyd has voted for liberals his whole life.

Liberals murdered someone who was probably another liberal. And then, for mysterious reasons, liberals blamed the right wing.

This is what makes American politics so frustrating. And the state of its democracy questionable today. The voters are essentially trapped. For decades, African Americans have faced systemic injustice at the hands of police. Who was giving those orders to the police? The liberal mayors those cities elected. Their most loyal voters are the same African Americans that the liberal mayors turn around and oppress.

Miraculously, this creates zero anger among African Americans towards their own liberal representatives. What will be the real outcome of the outrage following the murder of George Floyd? Will the liberal governor of Minnesota lose his support base? Will the liberal mayor of Minneapolis lose his support base? No! On the contrary, he is going to get elected by an even wider margin.

For mysterious reasons, each time a liberal cop puts his knee on the neck of a black man in Minneapolis, African Americans get more and more angry with some Republican voter in rural Texas.

This is not just true for African Americans. Working class white voters are just as trapped in the Republican party, which does nothing for them. But the worse they are treated, the more they seem to like their party.

Meet the ‘establishment.’ They have been rotating power among themselves for over a hundred years. You can’t get in. For the most part, your vote doesn’t matter. Over 95% of sitting members in the House of Congress get re-elected. Nobody ever loses an election.

Then the rioting began. The radical left brought in its storm troopers, confident that nobody would blame them. Nobody who matters, that is… If NY Police Department cannot control the rioters, the voters in NY will blame Trump and rural Texas. If NYPD commits an atrocity, again the blame will go to Trump and rural Texas. So the radical left had nothing to fear as it began rioting away…

These riots will go away, trust me. And literally nothing will change. ZERO. Because the establishment in America has its voters trapped, wearing a ball and chain. Nothing will change, not even a bit.

Why am I being so pessimistic? Because I believe there is no (democratic) country in the world where the ‘establishment’ is as powerful as in America.

So as the peasants riot among themselves in America right now, the establishment watches, calmly and cynically. They have reason to be complacent.

Let me just give you one example of the cussedness of the American establishment in general and liberal hypocrisy in particular. It is no surprise that Harvard is the world’s richest university, having an endowment that was worth $41 billion in 2019.

Okay, why am I suddenly talking about them? Let me explain. If I were to ask you today which is the world’s most prestigious corporation, the answer would likely be among Google, FB or Amazon. Ten years ago, it would likely have been Google or Microsoft. Before that possibly IBM. In the 80s, maybe a car company.

But if I asked you who is the most prestigious university in the world, the answer would be Harvard. Today and also ten years ago. Also twenty years ago. And fifty years ago. American liberal academia is the permanent rent seeker, the hereditary zamindar who never changes. It is the most unchanging of all bricks in the American establishment.

And Harvard uses its prestige, almost exclusively, to cater to liberal causes. Let’s say anti-American causes, especially during the Cold War.

Back to Harvard and its $41 billion. The university is located in the Greater Boston area.

Who else lives in the Greater Boston area? Well, lots of people. Lots of desperately poor people doing working class jobs (if they can find any) even as Harvard raises the next generation of America’s feudal lords. An article in the Boston Globe brought out the fact that the median net worth of an African American family in the Greater Boston area is just $8.

That’s right. Eight dollars or six hundred rupees. Imagine what your life would look like if you had only six hundred rupees to your name.

And amid this poverty, Harvard stands tall with its stash of $41 billion. Like most of liberal academia, it claims to overflow with the milk of human kindness. Nobody loves social justice as much as they do. But they won’t share one penny from their $41 billion treasure trove. That would be counter productive.

In case you don’t know, Harvard pays no taxes. It is supposed to be a “non profit.” Decades of not making profits has left them with $41 billion. True miracle.

The hypocrisy is not limited to Harvard of course. They are just an example. In 2016, local homeowners in Princeton sued the town’s world famous university saying that its property tax exemption wasn’t fair. Like any slimy corporation, Princeton settled out of court.

Would Harvard take some of its $41 billion and distribute it among its neighbors who have just $8 to their name? Never! However, Harvard is willing to supply them with lots of moral support as they go around demanding a higher minimum wage from the small business owner at the local diner.

So where did Harvard get its money? It came from wealthy donors, most of them alumni. From the most privileged people in the world. Can there be a better case for the world’s richest Communists to distribute this money among those who have nothing? But, that won’t happen. Instead Harvard will provide a social “scientist” who can check the privilege of some poor white guy living in a trailer park in Missouri.

But you might say: wait! If you work hard, you can get into Harvard. It’s a university. True. But your path depends on who you are rather than how smart you are.

If you apply to Harvard on merit, your chance of acceptance is around 6%.

But what if you have family who went to Harvard? Well, apparently Harvard can add your family’s merit to your merit. Your chance of acceptance jumps considerably from 6% to 33%!

No points for guessing who this helps the most. The richest, most privileged people in the land. And often the whitest. But Harvard doesn’t check their privilege. When a rich white person applies to Harvard, the privilege magically converts to merit. Call it privilege laundering, if you will.

But how come nobody calls out Harvard? Even the right wing politicians who wield considerable power?

Does Harvard bribe them? Of course not! It just so happens that kids of powerful politicians across parties get into Harvard.

Don’t forget : the political system is closed as well. You can’t become a powerful politician. The powerful circulate the privilege among themselves.

Meet the establishment.

5 thoughts on “George Floyd, the establishment, Harvard’s $41 billion and what makes American politics so frustrating

  1. Instead of the fight between the Liberals versus Right-Wingers, this fight seems to be between powerful versus powerless people. The police have power regardless of the Liberal states or conservative states. The police union in America is very powerful. The public prosecutors are in the pockets of the police department. If a public prosecutor dares to go against the police, his career is doomed. The police will not give him necessary proofs for him to win a case and for any lawyer, the score of win/lose cases is more important than even his credit score. Hence the situation in America is as described in this site;


  2. This is similar to how politicians in India across party lines loot temples. Or how politicians across party lines are involved in grabbing the Rs 13000 crore rupees that companies have to shell as PSR. When the interests of those in power converge, morality goes out of the window.

    A lot of our establishments (including the judiciary) are similarly inbred. Generation after generation holding on to the greased wheel of life. The apex of this is the dynasty politicians and their parties.


  3. This comment is a bit late, concerning JL Nehru’s little 2 week holiday in a jail of “His Highness” the Maharaja of Nabha. Poor guy had to endure a dusty floor and indifferent warders.

    And here’s a link on what prisoners had to endure in the Cellular Jail, Port Blair.

    In this article you can read about the brutal torture, medical experiments and work which literally killed you. The jail doctors were good-for-nothing sods who were unfit for the post of bedpan cleaner. All they did was to order force feeding of hunger strikers – too frequently forcing the liquids into the lungs and drowning the prisoners, or to give a certificate: This prisoner is physically fit for flogging.

    The jail Superintendents and doctors were sadist POSs scoured from the dregs of the Raj. One notorious Supdt was used to welcoming every shipload of new arrivals with a charming little speech, something to the effect that:
    There is no God here for 13 miles. Only I am your God here and I get angry very easily etc etc.

    Too bad Savarkar didn’t have a family member who was on pally terms with the Viceroy to get him off.


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