After Bengal, Jharkhand CM opposes migrants being sent home

So the other day, Mamata Banerjee was angry with the Railway ministry for sending trains from Maharashtra to Bengal. She couldn’t blame Maharashtra because it has a secular government. She couldn’t even blame any of the two intermediate states through which the train passes: Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh.

So whose fault? Railway of course.

And now Mamata Banerjee is being joined by another voice : Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren.

Be more specific, Honorable Mukhyamantri ji! What plan do you expect from the Center?

For the last month, seculars have been crying hoarse that migrants must be sent “home.” Now the Central govt brings them home and you suddenly realize how that can lead to a spike in cases? Why didn’t you speak out one month ago and tell liberal media that?

Speak up Mr. Soren. After all, you are Chief Minister. You won the second largest vote share in Jharkhand. If you won’t speak up for Jharkhand, who will?

Secular media wanted migrants to be sent home. They created intense media pressure around it. Now migrants are coming home and again secular politicians have a problem with it?

I am also a migrant from “Jharkhand”, by the way. And no, you and your government are in no way responsible for my welfare. I reside in Karnataka, which has its own functioning government.

Indian citizens anywhere are Indian citizens everywhere. That is how it is supposed to work.

Until a few weeks ago, media and liberals forgot this and introduced a brand new principle. Apparently, you are only entitled to state government services in your state of “origin.”

So for instance, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra showed the way when she arranged a fleet of buses to carry suffering people from Rajasthan to Uttar Pradesh. In other words, if you are hungry in Rajasthan, the govt of Rajasthan will showcase its “good governance” by putting you on a bus to Uttar Pradesh. That’s the new normal.

I don’t think anything has made me more angry with the ecosystem in the last 10 years than the way the migrant worker crisis has been shown.

The entire media game was invented to save face for Maharashtra and to target UP CM Yogi Adityanath. And to a lesser extent, Bihar, where elections are scheduled later this year.

This is a lockdown. People are safest staying where they are. That’s the whole point. If you promote mobility at this time, you are causing grave danger to national security.

So what about migrant workers? They are poor and facing hardship. So the local state government should provide for them. What is so difficult to understand here?

And no, they did not start walking because they “wanted” to go home. They started walking because they had no money, no job and the local state government had failed them. They were not going home because they “want” summer vacation. They were going home because they were desperate. Why were they desperate and hungry? Should the local state government not answer the question?

But the media just had to create an uproar with Yogi Adityanath as the main target. And they ended up throwing Bengal and Jharkhand under the bus.

Now both Bengal and Jharkhand CM are angry. They can’t blame the secular governments and the secular media that created this absurd demand that Indian citizens are only entitled to state govt services in states where they or their families were born. So they end up blaming the Center.

What is the Center supposed to do? Move everyone to the union territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli?

And again, I will say this. Let’s be grateful that this group of regional parties backed by Congress came nowhere close to winning the Lok Sabha election. Otherwise, imagine the horror…

8 thoughts on “After Bengal, Jharkhand CM opposes migrants being sent home

  1. Here is a little back of the envelope calculation. Assume there are 1 lakh migrant workers in a state. Assume the state government provides Rs 3000 per month to each. That is Rupees 30 crore. Multiply by 12 and it is Rs 360 crores.

    Kejriwal spent Rs 600 crores on ads at the beginning of his first tenure. Fadnavis took Rs 500 crores from Shirdi temple. It would have been possible for states to sustain migrants for few months. But the liberal media started eyeing that amount and wanted to transfer migrants from richer states like Maharashtra to the poorer states.

    Now it will boomerang on the secular states. The BJP states are doing quite nicely. Secular states dont have the governance model to handle a pandemic as we are witnessing in Mumbai and Delhi. Moral of the story is that voters in states with metros like Mumbai and Delhi should never hand over power to seculars. If they do then there is a cost to pay.


    1. To be fair, voters of Mumbai did not hand over power to the Sickulars – they had comprehensively rejected both the Sickular parties … but alas, that greedy back-stabber Uddhav went and sat on their laps 😓


  2. Anti-Modi/Anti-BJP groups have no plan for anything except criticizing what Modi/BJP plans with second-guessing. That is why Rahul Gandhi is constantly asking Narendra Modi what is your plan for this or for that?


  3. Good idea to have the real freedom fighters on our currency notes, will remind the nation of sacrifices they made. Also maybe put Aurobindo, Swami Vivekananda, Ramana Maharishi etc.


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  5. I completely agree with you that had the local state governments looked after the migrant workers, they would not have wanted to return home. Unfortunately, by the same token, Gujarat government also failed them. Here was a chance for a BJP government to show to Maharashtra, Delhi, Telengana and other states how a state government should have functioned. It did not happen.


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