Congress is insulting voters of Maharashtra

As with many other things, Rahul Gandhi needs a lesson in basic civics. In this case, it happens to be the principle of collective responsibility. In our parliamentary system, the Cabinet is collectively responsible for all decisions they make, whether or not they personally agree with them. This is why the resignation of a Chief Minister is treated as a resignation of the entire Cabinet.

So it is downright absurd for Rahul Gandhi to try to distance the Congress from the functioning of the Maharashtra state government.

The Congress has ten Cabinet ministers in the state government and zero room for shirking responsibility.

I understand that Rahul did not have to work hard in school because he had all his privilege. But now that he has been touted as a possible Prime Minister by so many, he needs to know this stuff.

But there is more.

First of all, let us dissect the mentality behind what Rahul did. Does anyone remember the “Bhilwara model”? After an outbreak of Coronavirus in this small Rajasthan town, local officials, sarpanches and people came together to act swiftly for a common cause. Their method of containment as well as their commitment was praised nationwide.

That’s when someone in Delhi felt that the credit was rightfully theirs.

This should rightfully be called the “dynasty model.” When disaster strikes Maharashtra, the dynasty takes no responsibility. When something good happens in a district in Rajasthan, the dynasty takes the credit. In other words, all glory belongs to them. All our troubles are ours. That’s how feudalism works.

Let us now talk about the Maha Vikas Aghadi government that is ruling Maharashtra. Let us examine this from the point of view of a voter who stood in line and pressed a button on the EVM.

For those who voted NCP+Congress, did they want a Shiv Sena led government? For those who voted BJP+Sena, did they want a Congress supported government? It is impossible to say if even a single voter got the government they voted for.

In a democracy, the voter ultimately takes responsibility for the government they have chosen. But who exactly voted for the MVA? So who takes responsibility for their actions?

The MVA government was formed by making the voter irrelevant in Maharashtra. So who takes responsibility for them?

Now Rahul Gandhi comes along and says even the partners who formed the MVA won’t take responsibility for it! So where do we go now?

The Congress in Maharashtra is neither prepared to play ruling party nor the opposition. In other words, Congress has abandoned the voters of Maharashtra. Where does this leave the 44 Congress MLAs elected by the people?

We don’t know where to ask questions, but we do know who is suffering. That would be the people of Maharashtra. And Rahul Gandhi’s insensitive remark adds insult to injury.

10 thoughts on “Congress is insulting voters of Maharashtra

  1. Its not for nothing that Rahul Gandhi is known by his famous alias ‘Pappu’. He is a Pappu for a reason. When he makes such statements his pappugiri is enhanced. In his defence, he only parrots what his advisers want him to say in front of tv cameras. With so many years in the government, Congress partywallahs pretty well know that when your party is part of the cabinet you are responsible. Yet they want to shy away from responsibility. Why? The answer is very clear and simple. Because of the very poor crisis management in Maharashtra, the perception of congress as a party of has beens is reinforced many times over in the minds of people, not only in Maharashtra but in the entire country. They are afraid that this will affect them going forward. So what do they do? Instead of pulling their ministers up and ensuring that they work to improve the situation in Maharashtra, they want to disown their responsibilities. In this age of social media people are not fooled by such buffoonery. Pappu tum lage raho…

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    1. Pappu has learnt it from Mamma ! During her 10 years as Super PM, whenever things used to go wrong – some sidekick prest*tutes would publish those ‘Sonia Unhappy’ stories 🙄

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  2. It’s not Congi’s who have insulted voters, it’s Uddhav who did that ! After voters gave their verdict in the assembly polls last year, there were 2 Victors and 2 Rejects. The Smaller Victor got greedy, decided to become a Back-stabber and formed a government with the 2 Rejects – called Maha Vinash Aghadi (MVA) ! True to its name and character, MVA unleashed tremendous Vinash with its corrupt and incompetent governance. When it started becoming obvious that they have botched up badly, the Smaller Reject decided to back-stab the Back-stabber … now Back-stabber is pleading with the 2 Rejects not to back-stab him 🙄 Difficult to say who is to blame – the Original back-stabber or the New Back-stabber Pappu …


  3. Recently, a popular newspaper in Maharashtra tried to conduct a poll trying to lick behinds of MVA. When the poll showed more than fifty percent of Maharashtrians prefer the president’s rule they cut the polling off.

    Pappu not only has insulted Maharashtrian voters, but he also has insulted NCP and SS. Why those two parties are silent?

    Then again some people in the Fibral media have started to think aloud. They have started to dream whether Uddhav Thackeray can be a leader of the opposition who can take head-on Narendra Modi?


  4. We need an electoral reform for occurences such as the one in Maharashtra and Karnataka.

    If two (previous) allies win the election and one decides not to partake, post-election, but to go with the 3d, 4th, 5th, etc to cobble together a “majority” government then this should immediately call for a Referendum.

    The Referendum – not a full repeat election, but an electronic vote – should ask a single question:

    Do you agree to a breakup of the winning alliance in the recent election and one of them allowed to ally with the rest of the opposition to form a majority government?

    The above question, of course, should be made much simpler for people to understand.


  5. Success have many fathers, failures have none. Shiv Sena has to realize that not every problem can be solved by sending musclemen and breaking windows and furniture. Shiv Sena failed in governance, gave too much leeway to single source and now Mumbai is staring at the gun barrel.

    Shiv Sena backstabbed the peoples mandate. With the lockdown, its new ‘allies’ have few opportunities for corruption and are deserting it. It signals the end of the political road for the Thakre dynasty, BJP should go to the next polls alone.


  6. It appears just Sabarimala was a huge tourism earner for Kerala and temple tourism accounts for 70% of Kerala’s tourism revenue. This is apart from the temple hundi earnings. In spite of this the Communist Kerala government opposed Sabarimala traditions and sneaked in women.

    Not hard to understand why Yediyurappa wants to open temples starting June 1. Temples play a huge role in sustaining the economy and yet get the raw end of the stick. Temples deserve a better deal and need to be free from government interference. The role of temples is to preserve culture, sustain the local economy and act as a bank for crisis times. Government interference destroys the ability of temples to play this role.


    1. If BJP cannot free temples, then atleast remove the word secular from the constitution. Why insert a lie in the constitution when you cannot honor it ? Someone needs to file a PIL to remove this lie, India is not a secular country


  7. There needs to be a legislation preventing social media and online content companies tampering with user comments or other input


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