Is BJP-Kejriwal relationship turning “frenemical”?

No, definitely not. The headline was just for fun.

But there are some interesting things happening. Ironically, neither Kejriwal nor BJP are playing a big role in this. It is about what is happening around them.

Take this headline.

A personal taunt and a jibe using Hindu icons? This is the template that most liberals use for BJP leaders. Unmistakable.

But Kejriwal is not a BJP leader. So what gives? Especially for a media that is yet to ask “best CM” a single question on his handling of Corona.

It is still early days, but the signs are emerging all around that there are now two distinct camps among liberals when it comes to Kejriwal. And this much predates the Coronavirus pandemic. Liberals were upset with Kejriwal for not speaking out against CAA & NRC. Even though he did speak against them. His “crime” was not speaking loudly enough. Till the Delhi elections, most liberals were still in the mood to cut him slack. But once Delhi election results came out and his political compulsions ended, liberals became more and more fierce against Kejriwal.

Again, it’s not like Kejriwal did something. Or BJP, for that matter.

Kejriwal was already on notice once he recited the Hanuman Chalisa. But that was before elections. After elections, the news of some AAP MLA holding Ramcharitmanas gatherings went viral. And that’s when liberals, already miffed, flew into a rage.

See this.

Golden boy has fallen from grace.

Let me rephrase it like this. Media has not turned against Kejriwal. Yet. But at the moment, media criticizes him more than any other non-BJP leader.

Kejriwal’s crime? Knowing the Hanuman chalisa.

There is a moment of clarity here. Liberal media isn’t just against BJP. They are against Hindus. And anyone who frames his politics in a manner that is even vaguely reminiscent of Hindus. Unless you are actively hostile to Hindus, media will turn against you.

In fact, that’s what BJP supporters are today. A group of people that no other party will take.

This reflects a fundamental change in what Indian ‘secularism’ means. A lot of people think liberals want the old Nehruvian secularism to return. But they don’t. Liberals have gone very far beyond that point. Even the Manmohan Desai style “Amar-Akbar-Anthony secularism” would be unacceptable to liberals today.

If that movie was made today, it would be labelled Hindutva propaganda. It has to be “Akbar-Akbar-Akbar” now. The old Nehruvian secularism has been replaced by hard Islamism. Nehru did not like Hindus, but a lot of people in his party did. He made peace with them. Not today.

Most Congress leaders of the bygone era would find their own party and its ecosystem completely unrecognizable today.

And AAP is breaking this cardinal rule. AAP is trying to play the old Amar-Akbar-Anthony style secularism. And liberals don’t want that any more.

It will be interesting to see how Kejriwal’s relationship with BJP evolves. Till now, neither side has made any overtures. But politics is about possibilities.

What makes Delhi so interesting is that it may be the first instance where BJP finds itself in the same position regionally as Congress in UP or Bihar or Bengal back in the 1990 and early 2000s.

The BJP is nationally dominant. But in Delhi, powerful regional leader has taken over. The BJP has mostly run out of ideas at the state level. The BJP still talks of winning Delhi, but it is beginning to sound more and more like Congress talking of winning back UP some day.

Back then, Congress was faced with a choice in UP or Bihar. Forget state level aspirations. Strike peace with the regional leader and get them on your side at the Lok Sabha level. So at the state level, the Congress became “opposition in name only.”

There is of course one difference. Congress faced this problem when it needed allies to rule the center. The BJP does not. In fact, the BJP could win even bigger in 2024, with Bengal and Odisha throwing in their full weight. So, the BJP can afford to keep fighting Kejriwal at the state level. Even if they keep losing. There’s no immediate downside.

But in the long run, who knows? Some day or other, the BJP’s influence in the Hindi heartland will start to wane. And then it might need allies as well. Nothing ever stays the same. And that day, Kejriwal will probably be one of the people that BJP looks to.

12 thoughts on “Is BJP-Kejriwal relationship turning “frenemical”?

  1. “Some day or other the BJP’S influence in the Hindi heartland will begin to wane”.One of the reasons BJP may never face the decline like Congress is that it is not a dynastic party like Congress but a meritocracy that rewards talent.Advani was not succeeded by his son but by Modi.Modi may be succeeded by Yogi and he in turn will be succeeded by someone unrelated to him.It is not a feudal VIP-Lord culture-set up like Congress, which makes it attractive.


  2. Kejriwal is a out and out leftist and is just paying token service to Hindus. He realized that BJP often pulls a fast one on its Hindu voters and decided why not he also do it ? As it is Hindus are satisfied with getting very little having got nothing at all since independence

    The challenge to Kejriwal will come not from BJP but from China virus. He will have to curtail his freebies or go bankrupt. Looks like he has chosen the latter going by his spree of parking Delhi taxpayer money with news channels under the guise of advertisements. After that he will blame the center for not providing him money to hand out as freebies. China virus will also prevent Shaheen Bagh kind of incidents.

    Kejriwal also won on the back of the migrant voter votes and ditched them when crisis came. Hope the migrant workers will remember that the next time they go to the voting booth – it was Yogi Adityanath who helped them and local BJP leaders like Tejinder Bagga, Kejriwal was too eager to get rid of them.


  3. Even Amar Akbar Anthony type secularism has fooled Indians big time. It is arm twisting and sleight of hand to shortchange 80% population by 33% share, and 15% getting away with 33% share. To accept this arrangement is suicidal for Hindus, which is prevalent in everything when we accepted narrative of avaidic secularism


  4. I wonder how today’s Fibrals would have treated Gandhiji singing Ishwar-Allah Tero Naam bhajan? The Muslims of that era did not object to this Gandhiji’s bhajan but I am sure they would ridicule Gandhiji today.

    Taking a clue from Kejriwal and our anti-Hindu media, Uddhav who went to Ayodhya for Ram Mandir Darshan has started to distance himself going against the construction of Ram Mandir. I have strong feelings that if the anti-Hindu Liberal media abandons Kejriwal, he will lose block Muzzie votes, and advantage will be with BJP.


  5. Kejriwal definitely has national ambitions. It remains to be seen whose vote bank will be effected if he attempts national expansion. As of now, it seems he can pull mainly from Congress vote bank, which is why we may soon see character assassination attempts from the libtard camp anytime. That’s not a bad thing for 2024, it will further divide the opposition vote bank and help BJP achieve even larger number of seats.


  6. Off topic: The first decision by the Chinese pupper chairman of the WHO Dr. Tedros after Dr. Harsh Vardhan took charge as chairman of the Executive Board of the WHO is to stopped clinical trials of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment solution for Wuhan covid-19 treatment. India is the largest produced of the medicine and supplied to the many countries of the world. So there is an agenda backed by big pharma to discredit this drug as they want to promote their branded drugs and with the CHinese agenda coinciding with it Dr. Tedros has done what the Chinese asked him to do.

    Let us see how capable Dr. Harsh Vardhan is in setting the agenda of WHO as chairman of the Executive Board. Frankly, I am skeptical whether he has what it takes to effectively chair the board and set the agenda of a world body. I will be very happy to be proved wrong. With this first decision of WHO to suspend clinical trials it seems its a direct challenge to him immediately to see how he reacts and lays down the rules. If he yields now, he will become irrelevant even before he has started! He has to lay down the rules and read the riot act to Dr. Tedros and make him accountable to the Executive Board and get clearance from the board before he makes big announcements.


      1. Update: ICMR has come out and stated clearly that hydroxychloroquine is effective in fighting / preventing infection as seen in Indian context. Its clear WHO is being used by vested interests to do a hit job on selected medicines to promote their hidden agenda.


    1. Apparently Bill Gates and few other big names have made lots of investment in Covid vaccine and dont want to see that going down the drain because of HCQ.

      India must run the largest trials and make sure we dont end up paying big pharma unnecessarily


  7. Hanuman chalisa faker is a chhota janeiudhari trying to fool Hindus to serve fake secularism. But the greatest faker is Ms. Vadra, who has nothing common with Hindus in 4 generations.


  8. Are there no state governors in the USA who park taxpayer money in media like Kejriwal does ? Why is the media floundering there ?

    Great news nonetheless, Atlantic is an anti-Hindu,anti-Indian media house.


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