After taking life of a baby at Shaheen Bagh, liberals using unborn child for propaganda

One of the tricks of the liberal trade is to have a tailor made excuse for every occasion. So and so cannot be arrested because he is a ‘believer’ and the holy month is on. So and so is just a headmaster’s son. So and so is too pure of heart to molest women and so on. When all else fails, those who pelt stones on doctors are hailed as struggling against oppressive state power!

In other words, no crime is ever serious enough when it comes to believers. On the flip side, if liberals had their way, the jails would be full of Hindus arrested for everything from Hanuman stickers to saffron flags on their carts. The jails for women would be full as well, with those arrested for wearing sarees.

In the last few days, you must have come across this image of one Safoora Zargar, who has been arrested under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA).


Who is Safoora Zargar and why do Indian laws not apply to her?

Apparently, because she happens to be pregnant. In this instance, this turned out to be the go to excuse for liberals. She’s pregnant — so the law is supposed to take a backseat for some reason.

The rhetoric of victimhood got turbocharged when some internet trolls got into discussing her marital status.

I have zero curiosity about her personal life and choices. However, I am eminently curious to know why people are saying that Indian laws do not apply to her.

She has been arrested under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). A quick search on Wikipedia informs me that the law was passed in 1967 by the grandmother of you know who. The law has been on the books for over 50 years now and numerous arrests have been made under it. And it is established practice that the law operates on the principle of precedence. That’s the legal term for “whataboutism,” a cornerstone of every legal system in every democratic country in the world.

So if anyone has a problem with UAPA, they know exactly who to ask. Some people are still doing politics in the name of their illustrious grandmother. Go ask them.

And if anyone thinks a law is good in the hands of a government you like but bad in the hands of a government you don’t like, then you understand nothing about constitutional democracy. And for those who have suddenly discovered the virtues of free speech after their favorite party stopped winning elections, your hypocrisy will be called out.

Who can forget how propaganda was carried out at Shaheen Bagh using babies as props in front of world media? Little kids, barely old enough to write their names, marched to high voltage political protests. Their innocent minds pumped with hatred towards unfortunate Hindus from Pakistan and Bangladesh.

And some of those kids were just infants..


Think about what was done at Shaheen Bagh. Night after night, in Delhi’s biting cold, the mother brought her newborn child to the propaganda site. The other people at the so called protest couldn’t care less. The organizers couldn’t care less. Media from all over India and the world gathered to cheer this awful spectacle. Little by little, the life was dragged out of the child.  Reports say his mother didn’t even realize when the life finally ebbed away from him. He didn’t struggle. He was too young.

What happened at Shaheen Bagh was a blot on humanity. It was an example of how far liberals were driven in their vicious hatred towards Hindus and their mindless anger against PM Modi.

And now liberals want to use an unborn child as yet another prop for their media show. Imagine the cold calculation, the deviousness and the evil that goes into this propaganda machine, where babies, born and unborn, are routinely used as props.

I know Safoora Zargar is in police custody. I am happy and I am sure she is safe. Our security personnel have always jumped in front of bullets and grenades to protect the innocent. Only the other day in Handwara, they gave five lives trying to save a family home they believed had been taken hostage by terrorists.

The ones who gave their lives in Handwara were grown up sons of India who had gone to serve their country. They ended up having to make the ultimate sacrifice. The little baby whose life was dragged out at Shaheen Bagh did not sign up to hate India. But liberals took his life anyway to use for propaganda.

In Munshi Premchand’s famous novel ‘Vardaan,’ the goddess appears before a woman and tells her she can have anything she wants. The woman in turn asks for the “greatest gift in the world,” a child who will do something for the nation.

So I have a request for the liberal crowd. Leave the unborn child alone. Let him or her grow up healthy, happy and free of hate.

10 thoughts on “After taking life of a baby at Shaheen Bagh, liberals using unborn child for propaganda

  1. Some people take a bunch of stones and convert them to a Hampi, Belur or Ajanta. Some people take stones and pelt them at police and army men. Similarly, one can string words together and produce a Ramayana. Or one can become “word pelters” like the liberals to stir unrest. The fight Indian civilization is engaged in now is one between the temple creators and stone pelters, between Ramayana creators and word pelters.

    Word pelters have cleverer tactics like inventing an excuse for every crime when liberals commit it. After Safoora was arrested, some word pelter tweeters had tweets like “Release Safoora NOW”. As if capitalizing the last letter of a tweet is enough to make the police, the judicial system and society to overlook the crimes of these criminals. Havent heard of any government on earth which released criminals because of the last word of a tweet being in capital letters.

    If a murder is committed, the punishment is the same irrespective of the instrument used for the crime. The word pelters and the stone pelters are guilty of the same crime – creating violence and unrest – but with different instruments. The punishment should be the same.

    The word pelters have created among themselves lots of artificial prizes which go to the most vicious word pelter (like the Pulitzer prize or the Magsaysay award). But that does not make them respectable. And that should not obfuscate the fact that at the end of the day, they are criminals like the stone pelters.

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  2. The Liberal world was full of noise when the Indian police used sticks on the Lockdown violators but now has gone silent when American police are doing much worse to protesters against the Lockdown in America.

    All those Indian Liberals who defend the stone pelters and criticize police should be brought at the sites of stone-pelting events and held in front of police line and be given the honor to order police what action the police should take.


  3. The BJP government needs to make a provision in the law for avoiding fake FIR’s

    If FIR’s are for harassment, the person who filed the FIR should be given the same quantum of punishment that a guilty person would have got


    1. The other thing the government to do is declare that those violating the government order of Shelter In Place without valid reasons will not be given hospital beds if infected with Coronavirus.


  4. Not very hard if BJP has the will but it is the will that is often lacking. Especially if the LOC is occupied by Hindus (with guns), Pakistans game will be over


  5. And but for the UP wallahs, states that import labour would be infested with illegal Banladeshis with all the attendant problems


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