Can you believe that two of Sheikh Mujib’s killers were hiding in West Bengal?

This is a very crucial piece of news that has escaped notice among all the reporting around Wuhan Coronavirus.

Quick refresher for whom the name “Sheikh Mujib” may not ring a bell. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (known most commonly as Sheikh Mujib) is the founder of Bangladesh. He was the leading light in the struggle against the Yahya Khan regime in Pakistan. When India liberated Bangladesh in 1971, Sheikh Mujib became Prime Minister.

However, Sheikh Mujib did not last very long as Prime Minister. About three years into his term, he was assassinated by a group of conspirators, among them members of his own party as well as the Bangladeshi military.

Suffice to say that a coup like this does not occur naturally, especially during Cold War times. Suffice to say that this was a huge blow to India’s interests in the region. And it is probably not hard to guess which superpower would have wanted to hurt India at the time.

Following the assassination, utter confusion prevailed in Bangladesh for a while. Coup and counter coup. Some assassins were exiled, but some were actually promoted in army rank as a reward. However, after various twists and turns, the assassination came to be finally recognized as a crime. And several of the assassins were convicted “in absentia” (because they were missing) and sentenced to death.

So why are we talking about this today?

Because two very significant developments have happened in the last one month. The first is the hanging of Abdul Majeed in Dhaka on April 12.


The chilling part of the article is this:

A prosecution lawyer said Majed told the court that he returned to Bangladesh on March 15 or 16. The convict, he said, claimed he managed to live secretly in Kolkata for the past 23 years.

23 years! An assassin from Bangladesh had been living comfortably in Kolkata. He didn’t even flee to a distant country. He assassinated India’s big ally and then fled to India itself! He didn’t even go to Pakistan which would probably have welcomed him, as per their stated national policy of welcoming all terrorists.

Can you imagine how humiliating this is for India? He has made our borders look like a joke. He has made a mockery of our enforcement systems and ID cards. If he lived 23 years in Kolkata, chances are he helped himself to everything from bank account, to phone connection to Aadhar card.

By the way, when I first became aware of this story, I scanned news reports carefully to understand how he managed to be in Bangladesh again. Did our government arrest and hand him over? Did he go of his own accord? What could he possibly want to do in Bangladesh again?

Interestingly, this part seems shrouded in mystery. Nobody is clearly explaining what happened. As you can see, Bangladesh was in great hurry to execute him as soon as caught. They say they got their hands on him on March 16 and they have already hanged him on April 12. You may now come up with whatever fun conspiracy theory catches your fancy.

More is known about the case of Risaldar Moshleuddin, another of the killers.


India handed him over to Bangladesh a few days ago. As per reports, he had been running a medicine shop in Bongaon in West Bengal for over two decades!

Caught in the space of one month. Two “most wanted” fugitives who had been living a quiet life in West Bengal for over twenty years.

Well, this is embarrassing.

Obviously, not every infiltrator from Bangladesh is a most wanted fugitive. But this episode surely does show how easy it is to break Indian laws and sneak into our country. And worse, how it is to stay in our country illegally. In the last 15 years, India has tightened so many regulations. Beginning with the simple KYC for opening and operating bank accounts. Then, there were stringent ID requirements for obtaining phone connections. And then came Aadhar, which was linked to pretty much everything. And yet none of these people were caught in the net.

Swarajya reports that the men even had voter cards and passports. Disaster!

The episode underscores both the difficulty and the importance of the NRC exercise. These people had documents! There are likely lakhs of Bangladeshi infiltrators who have managed to do the same. How are we going to design an NRC requirement that catches these folks while not bothering genuine Indians?

On the other hand, we absolutely need to get this done. Otherwise, whatever little of Bengal remains on the Indian side will be gone as well. We will end up with a national anthem written by someone who will become a foreign author in what will become a foreign language. Like Sind, our kids will wonder where is this “Banga” that the song talks about. Imagine that.

8 thoughts on “Can you believe that two of Sheikh Mujib’s killers were hiding in West Bengal?

  1. The Leftist and Anarchist Mamata Governments in WB and the Congress at Centre were not interested in doing anything about the illegal infiltration from Bangladesh. They were in fact facilitating them by providing ration cards, Aadhar, and all other ID documents to enrol them as a bankable voter base for their parties. For these parties only their personal interests matter. Beyond their personal interests there are no other considerations. They can sacrifice national interests for satisfying their own personal interests. OK I will make an exception for Leftists as they are openly anti-national in their pursuits and clever in masquerading it as ideology. Not that Congress and Anarchist Mamata are any better but they are in politics solely for money and power. Its a business for them. In pursuing their business interests of money and power, they willingly sacrifice national interests and can join hands with anti-nationals.

    So is it any wonder that such overseas criminals who have a red corner interpol notice issued against their names lived comfortably in Kolkata for over two decades. Credit must go to NSA for catching these criminals and deporting them to Bangladesh.

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  2. Mamata Bannerjee is very angry with Modi because both these guys were picked up from WB by central agencies without any information/clue to state agencies.

    2. NRC can come later, what is urgently required to be done is to tighten the borders with Bangladesh. This is well within the right of the central government of the day without needing any legislation.

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  3. We should be grateful that these killers didn’t become MLA’s in Bengal – both Jihadi Momota & Lefties would have been more than eager to ‘bhelcome’ them and give them tickets 😳


  4. I must add that before Mujibur Rehman became a founding father of Bangladesh, he was elected to be a PM of entire Pakistan, both East and West. The West Pakistani Punjabis did not approve that a Bengali person rules over them. That is what precipitated the Bangladesh War. We must not forget these fugitives spent their larger part in India under the Commie regime.


  5. First, I would like to thank Abhishek ji for this article. I feel very strongly about Bengal even if I am not a Bengali. We owe so much to it – our freedom fighters, the national anthem and song, reforms of Hindu samaj, Swami Vivekanand, cultural renaissance…. We can’t just let it go and give up on it!

    “The episode underscores both the difficulty and the importance of the NRC exercise. These people had documents! There are likely lakhs of Bangladeshi infiltrators who have managed to do the same. How are we going to design an NRC requirement that catches these folks while not bothering genuine Indians?”

    Since it is true that those assassins had all the requisite IDs and documents, is there really a need to go for an official NRC exercise? It looks like they can only be weeded out via covert operations only anyway. With an overt NRC operation, we just risk more riots and nothing productive (if they have all the requisite documents)- because let’s face it, BJP has been and will remain a disaster at communication.
    Can somebody enlighten me on this?


  6. It is good that India returned Mujib killers to Bangladesh. It would be even better if India returned all Bangladeshi citizens back to Bangladesh. We dont want anyone from Bangladesh staying illegally in India.


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