It is time to worry about Bengal

One of the obvious strategic moves made by the Central govt has been that Home Minister Amit Shah has been mostly away from the public gaze. It is not difficult to guess why. We know that the opposition suffers from pathological, chronic hatred towards Narendra Modi. Not much can be done about that. But,  they break into absolute hysteria of hate when they see Amit Shah. After all, he has crushed most of them in elections.

At this moment, we need full cooperation from opposition Chief Ministers. So it is PM Modi who has to be the face of India’s fight against the virus. The one among the duo who is perceived as more “accommodating.” Which is hilarious, because the two act in absolute coordination. But whatever helps the opposition sleep at night…

So far, things have gone okay. Opposition ruled states have been just as responsible and proactive as BJP ruled states. I keep saying this without any reservation: India has done a good job. Every single state.

But now there is an emerging spot of bother. We always knew who was the weak link. Who is going to manage Didi’s temper?


Who will explain to Mamata Banerjee that this is not the time for silly jousts with the Center? This is not Army or CBI that she can do some grandstanding, shore up her political base and throw all sorts of tantrums. The situation in Bengal is serious. Attempts to delay or cover things can literally knock out the nation itself.

The Central government has also sent teams to 3 other states : Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. By the way, while each state has its challenges, I think central teams were sent to 3 other states at least partially to stave off the impression of any specific targeting of Bengal.

Nobody is targeting Bengal. But who will convince Didi? She is obsessed with proving that she is a person of many talents, from the arts to politics. To be fair, she is. But fighting Corona with anger is not one of her talents. The bureaucracy in Bengal has learned to work around her tantrums. But the virus won’t make any accommodations for her.

Videos like these are simply terrifying. Sadly, I know exactly what TMC is going to say. That Modi has planted agents to pose as contacts of Coronavirus patients in quarantine wards. And that all this is a BJP conspiracy. In fact, we will be lucky if Didi doesn’t say that the whole pandemic itself was planned by BJP.

I’ll just give you one example. Bengal’s handling of the situation has been so alarming that even the New York Times wrote an article criticizing it. Imagine how bad things would have to be for the NYT to write an article about India and not blame Modi. A personal friend posted it on Facebook. In the comments, an “intellectual” jumped in and wondered if BJP’s Locket Chatterjee and Dilip Ghosh had got the article published in the New York Times.

In other words, myth is ruling over reality. Who could be this ridiculous as to think that NYT is getting its orders from Dilip Ghosh? Apparently, wild theories like these have lots of takers…

A few days ago, another video went viral in Bengal. A TMC MLA had been distributing food rations to the poor. There were some complaints about the food being rotten when it was distributed. A news channel asked her to explain and she retorted… how do I know if BJP has put frogs or snakes inside the food rations I distributed?

The license to engage in such wild conspiracy theories is coming from the very top, from “Nabanno,” the seat of the government in Kolkata.

Sometimes, playing the blame game is a must. Because Didi isn’t listening. I honestly don’t know what options are available at this moment. Putting Bengal under President’s rule would lead to large scale protests, which is the last thing we can afford at this time. And she is determined not to let Central teams inside Bengal, nor any information to go outside.


7 thoughts on “It is time to worry about Bengal

  1. It is unfortunate, but it is time to treat WB as a foreign country and every state should control every person who comes from WB as the other foreigners are treated. Quarantine and all.


  2. Maybe Didi is employing her own Chanakya Neeti here to cut down infiltration from Bangladesh. If people from Bangladesh learn that lots of people are dying from China virus in Bengal, they might stay put.

    Wonder what the official policy of Indian states would be with infiltrators. Would a bonafide Indian be denied a ventilator because a careless Bangladeshi contracted China virus ? Maybe an RTI is in order to find how many infiltrators from Bangladesh and how many Rohingyas are being treated for Covid and what the impact on regular citizens was.

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  3. Difficult to understand why the central government loves to get repeatedly insulted by Jihadi Momota ? She can do what she wants, and even our SC doesn’t have the guts to say anything against her ! Muzzies account for 30 % population of Bengal, and they are solidly with her – therefore she needs merely 10 % of Dada log to vote for her … and she will continue to retain her throne ! 😒


  4. The cowardly behaviour of Modi Sarkar is no longer any news. There were umpteen number of opportunities to have dismissed the Bengal Govt – when innocent Karyakartas and BJP supporters were getting murdered brazenly, when Mamata staged a dharna to protect the top cop and arrested the CBI team itself, when TMC openly hijacked polling in Panchayat elections as well as the Lok Sabha elections and many more. All the BJP leadership did was to whine and grandly state, the Karyakartas sacrifice would not go in vain – ala “Mahatma” Gandhi who said that Hindus should allow themselves to be killed by Muslims, Jews should have happily accepted their genocide as these “sacrifices would not go in vain and a new world would be ushered”.
    Coming to the nation itself, repeatedly the crimes of Muslim community were ignored, there was no strong message given inspite of a spate of brazen crimes, temple desecration, stone pelting on Eid, etc.
    In both cases – whether the Muslim community or Mamata Banerjee kept getting more and more brazen and Modi Sarkar keeps on capitulating and cowering before these bullies. Bullies are emboldened in front of cowardice.
    The brutal lynching of Sadhus in Palghar elicited no reaction at all from our PM, who had rushed to tweet when Shabana Azmi & Javed Akhtar met with a minor accident. Clearly he holds his voters in contempt and seeks validation from the most vile communists and glamorous Bollywood. Sambit Patra was irritatingly whining and pointing out the silence of liberals and opposition, whereas his own top leadership has maintained pin drop silence, as if BJP were still in opposition.
    Ravinar had once said that PM Modi uses Hindu tragedy like burning of Godhra train, etc as “electoral flesh”. I had thought at the time that it was a distasteful overstatement but as always, I realise that it was an astute analysis from a Gujarat-settled person who has been watching Narendra Modi since the latter first became CM in Gujarat and one who backed Mr Modi to the hilt before anybody else, only to find his faith completely shattered.
    So I don’t have faith that president’s rule would ever be imposed. And I would be very much surprised if Mamata Banerjee doesn’t win Bengal again in 2021 by hook or crook – just like Delhijans voted for Arvind Kejriwal. I also feel that another partition or extinction of Hindus is just a matter of time – which I may unfortunately witness in my old age. I wonder, if I would be asked to “leave, convert or die” in my old age.


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