When is it ever going to be Uddhav Thackeray’s fault?

There is a lockdown in progress and Maharashtra Police is responsible for maintaining it. In the midst of this, a crowd of thousands of people gathers in Bandra. Who should be held responsible?

If you want to believe liberal media, it is the fault of anyone but the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. The blame was laid variously on the Railway Ministry, on some private news channels and even the government of Gujarat was dragged into the situation for some reason.

Why stop there? At this point, I am surprised they haven’t asked why BJP ruled Karnataka or Goa are not taking responsibility for workers in Maharashtra. Or why Yogi Adityanath has not arranged special trains to take people back to Uttar Pradesh?

After all, when a large crowd gathered in Delhi a few weeks ago, everyone was asking why Uttar Pradesh government has not arranged for buses to take them to their villages. The workers were fleeing from Delhi towards Uttar Pradesh. You’d think somebody would ask the government of Delhi to explain why people had to flee their state.

But no! By the strange logic of liberalism, the onus was on Uttar Pradesh to rescue people from Delhi. And why stop with Uttar Pradesh? Delhi hosts migrant workers from many other states such as Bihar and Jharkhand. I guess it is also up to the Chief Ministers of Bihar and Jharkhand to arrange for people to be picked up all the way from Delhi.

First, let us clarify something about so called “migrant workers.” The term essentially means nothing. So called migrant workers are not foreigners. They are Indians who are exercising their fundamental right to reside and settle in any part of India. Someone from Uttar Pradesh who lives and works in Maharashtra or Delhi or Karnataka or Gujarat is as much an integral part of the state as anyone else.  To even suggest that the state government of Delhi or Maharashtra can abdicate responsibility for their welfare, that too on ethnic basis, is deeply offensive and deeply unconstitutional.

But who will explain this to our seven star socialists?


Yes, at a time of crisis, let us all find a way for richer states to send the poor back to their states of origin.

The other day, when a group of privileged persons was given a special letter allowing them to flout the lockdown in Maharashtra, the blame went to a bureaucrat, not the politicians in charge. Later it was even pointed out that the particular bureaucrat had been put in charge by the previous government of Devendra Fadnavis!

This is quite frankly, comical. Not least for the fact that the Shiv Sena was actually a coalition partner in Fadnavis’ government! In fact, why stop with blaming Fadnavis? I hear the bureaucrat was a 1992 batch officer. Let us blame every political boss under whom he has received any appointment since 1992. Instead of asking the sitting Chief Minister to take responsibility.

Or take this incident.


I cannot help wondering. What if patients had to stay under a flyover in say Uttar Pradesh? A few days back, a visual of people in UP being made to squat and sprayed with chemical became a story of national importance. Is it any more dignified when patients are huddled under a bridge?

Right now, Maharashtra is in a difficult situation and Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has a difficult job on his hands. As Indians, we all stand with him and wish him the very best in this difficult mission. The least he can do in return is assure us that he takes responsibility for what happens within his state.

13 thoughts on “When is it ever going to be Uddhav Thackeray’s fault?

  1. Warren Buffet used to say – You only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out. China virus is the tide of safety going back and we are finding which emperors who are ruling our states have no clothes.

    Shiv Sena and UT does not have experience in running a large state. They ran BMC very corruptly. In normal times, inexperience and inefficiencies get hidden, it is magnified by a crisis.

    Now they are trying to shift the blame to others using the cut-pasting media as support. It is backfiring big time. People have lost lots of money due to this crisis and it wont be business as usual. When there is large hole in your pocket, you are not going to believe when a Leftist says UT is doing a fantastic job. It just rubs it in and makes you more angry.

    This is a lesson to the Hindus. Take elections seriously. Dont vote in wrong people, especially dont vote in dynasts. And if you do, then take whatever they dish out.


  2. Yesterday’s Mega villain has become today’s darling for the Liberals.

    I must add I have read an extreme criticism of Maharashtra handling COVID-19 from the Liberal Press. The heading read, “Why Maharashtra is not doing as good as Kerala?”


  3. On a separate note: We read that some 24-25 percent of Coronavirus patients are from the Taghlaki Jamaat attendees or who they infected in their own community. Do we know what percentage of them among the dead by this virus? If a high percentage are dead among them, we might be able to convince them of their folly. And if a very small percentage of them among dead, we may conclude that their strong belief that Allah will not let them die must be helping them. A good psychology study for us.


    1. Why waste time on convincing ‘them’ ? Spend time instead on convincing Hindus to maintain a safe distance from Muzzies – let there be complete segregation between Muzzies & mankind 🤗

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      1. I know. I would love that they are left to their fate, but sooner or later they will succeed in infecting Hindus, especially unsuspecting Hindus with spit included plastic bags or spit layered ten Rupee notes.

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  4. What has been whitewashed is that the Bandra incident was the standard communal tantrum, NOT a migrant issue. Nothing to do with the railways either – Bandra is not an intercity station and the mob was NOT at the station but at a place of worship. Situation was controlled only through invocation of religious logic or rather the lack of logic.
    Not right to call it a migrant issue.


  5. The Bandra Masjid Jihadis are already old news – today there have been dastardly attacks on doctors and health workers by Muzzies in Moradabad and some other places across India 😳 😳 😳 No one should have any doubts now that Muzzies have launched a synchronized Corona Jihad against India – whether it is the Jamaatis of Nizamuddin, the so-called migrant Muzzies of Bandra, or the countless stone-pelters or splitters in different parts of the country ! Keeping our eyes closed due to votebank greed is no longer an option ! Difficult to say what is more disgusting – the barbaric behavior of the skullcaps and their families, or the impotent silence of Modi government towards this open declaration of hostilities by Muzzie Traitors 😒

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  6. This sounds reasonable. Our health care workers cannot operate under the dual challenge of saving the victims and saving themselves from the victims


  7. UT probably, unlike most, did not have to take responsibility for his actions. Must have hardly executed any managerial function. Thought that he could sail thru being CM.
    As luck wd hv it, the Dhimmi media is quick to exonerate him
    Somehow, I keep thinking of Duryodhan in all of this


  8. Have personally gone beyond donating to temples and have started directly donating to worthy causes while scaling my donation to alpha times of what I used to donate to temples (where alpha is a large number). The IndicCollective and ReclaimTemples are worthy causes and deserving of donations.

    But sharing this important thread nevertheless

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  9. It’s not Uddhav s fault .
    It was and is , Arrogance infested pokie grandeur syndrome of Mr & Ms Fadnavis .

    BJP leadership chose to let Maharashtra go for the Fadanvis duo & dreamt off Uddhav s Failure as CM. They underestimate the strength of Uddhav as amicable , well cultured person , affable language & reasonable administration skills. Masses still see him as Dharmik leader & clearly are aware of Uddhav s limitations with Cong-NCP alliance.

    Loose The Fadanvises now , or Congress-NCP in Uddhav s leadership façade will route BJP .

    (BTW ,One whatsapp forward can gather hundreds of Moslems in a jiffy, Yogi wonderland is witnessing enough violence on daily basis , if to be compared so .)


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